Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BC - Mon, 12/27/10

Okay, you medical and law enforcement types -- how busy are hospitals and police personnel on Christmas Eve? Do they typically run on skeleton crews?

Kendall describes her dream to Erica and Jack. She talks about how the light she saw outside was so warm and hopeful and how it made her feel good. Well, I guess there goes my brief theory that she was about to be abducted by an alien.

Cara stayed on at PVH past the end of her shift so that the doctors with families could go home. On whose authority did she tell them to leave? She's the NEW doctor. Then her brother talks her into going to the Martin Christmas Eve party after all. If she told the other doctors to go home because she'll stay and cover, and now she's leaving, who's going to be there at the hospital?

There's not a spec of color on the Chandler family Christmas tree. How ... tasteful. I'm sure every 6-yr-old appreciates a dull, but tasteful tree. In fact none of the trees show any hint of participation by a child when it comes to decoration.

I had missed a moment so I backed up my Tivo. Just as it backed up, Annie asked JAR how it went, and JAR said: "Marissa offered me a joint--". I was like, WHAT? I definitely missed SOMETHING. He was, of course, referring to joint CUSTODY.

Annnnndd there's Father Clarence at Kendall's door.

Robin "apparently Angie's going to have to be blind for a while longer unless Father C can pull TWO miracles out of his collar" Coutellier

Friday, December 24, 2010

BC - Wed, 12/23/10

Kendall having mental problems at Christmastime (or any other time of the year, for that matter)? Say it isn't so!

Who will Father Clarence visit this year? We all know that Angie needs to miraculously regain her eyesight, but she also needs to have a late-in-life baby with jeopardy attached or at least some challenges. So will Angie go another year blind and catch Father Clarence during Christmas 2011. Will Kendall get some sort of healing visit from him this time? She seems to be the one who needs a miracle the most.

OMG, I just had an AWFUL thought! Is Kendall going to try to have grief sex with Father Clarence??? You know how she gets. OTOH, maybe he just sent the two new hunks (oops, at first I typed "hungs") her way so that she can have a selection.

I'm glad Madison at least protested that Greenlee COMPLETELY invaded her privacy by looking at her hospital records (after Greenlee had the gall to say "Might as well just be honest with me". Greenlee, of course, just shrugs it off by saying: "What's done is done," and then moving on to her own agenda. Madison should sue Greenlee's rich, self-entitled ass!

Jake says he just talked to the little boy's mom in the waiting area. WTF? I'm used to regulars just dropping their kids off at doctor appointments so that they can further their storylines by running into other people, but this is ridiculous. The mom is just sitting in the waiting room waiting for her child to trot out? Does PVH have a rule that parents are not ALLOWED to be in the exam room with children? If nothing else, the opportunity for the child to be abused in one manner or another is wide open. Parents in Pine Valley get an F.

Angie hired someone she's never met before on the spur of the moment because PVH was DESPERATE for more doctors. Amanda shows up later in Jake's shift and he pulls rank to go off with her, since there's not much going on there, leaving Cara, on her first day, to take up any slack. After all, it's not like there is any increased chance of an influx of people coming into the Emergency Room due to, say, people attending Christmas parties and then driving drunk and causing massive pileups on the icy roads, or perhaps a food court collapsing at the mall because it can't hold the weight of all the onlookers when a flash mob suddenly starts singing Hallelujah.

Robin "I'm just sayin'" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 12/22/10

JAR sent a sexy text message to Annie while they were at BJ's, and she zipped over to their trysting room at the Yacht Club. He followed shortly thereafter. Wouldn't he have had messages and phone calls about the SEC decision that should have gotten his attention? I guess he ignored everything but Annie. Tsk, tsk.

Ryan arranges for a doctor to give Madison a complete and thorough medical exam tomorrow morning (re her shoulder gunshot wound), without even asking Madison. The doctor then informs her of that fact and doesn't even stick around to find out if Madison will be there, let alone if Madison gave Ryan permission to speak for her in a medical capacity or otherwise. No HIPAA violations there, no sir.

Okay, Madison? Sweetie? Let's have a talk. Here's the thing -- the next time Ryan insists on getting all up in your business, and pleads with you to EXPLAIN how you are feeling about him breaking up with you, you need to kick/knee him in the nads, because telling him in no uncertain terms (and "what about stay out of my life" was unclear IS no uncertain terms, as was the earlier part when you told him to stay the f**k out of your life) . Of course, most of Ryan's body is made of titanium, so even that might not have any effect. He's been known to bounce off cliffs, after all. Hmmmm. Well, short of cyanide (which would probably only make him burp and smell like almonds), I guess there really isn't much you CAN do. Just know that we feel your pain and would like to punch him in the face and/or kick/knee him in the nads as much as (and probably more than) YOU do.

Have you ever had a boyfriend/lover dump YOU and then have him keep pestering you to let him know how you feel about it, no matter how many times you tell him to go away and that you are very, very hurt by him? Me neither. Try to be friends, yeah; stick around after you tell him he doesn't have to and, indeed, to stay away? Nope.

You know that door slam was edited in when JAR took Melissa's hand, because neither one of them jumped when it happened. They just turned their heads to look.

Is Spike going to run away to look for Daddy Zach?

Okay, Madison. Sweeeetieeee ... Here's the thing. STOP GOING TO CONFUSION! Hanging out in a place where you will be almost guaranteed to run into Greenlee and/or Ryan on a regular basis is injecting yourself into THEIR lives. What part of "get the f**k out of my life" did YOU not understand? What are you, a masochist?

The Pine Valley Bulletin missed a prime opportunity when they left off "... AGAIN" from their headline of:


Robin "PA has a Three Strikes law; I think Erica may have or is about to exceed her quota of convictions" Coutellier

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

BC - Mon, 12/20/10

Marissa tells JAR that AJ is going to be very excited about his presents, a fort and a swingset. AJ is 6 years old and the child and grandchild of very rich people -- he doesn't already have a swingset? You'd think he'd have an entire playground on the grounds and dozens of forts. Maybe these are newer ones with superheroes stickers all over them.

If Spike is taking a nap, why is Kendall about to take a hammer/mallet to a table to try to put it together?

How long will it be before Ryan tries to get full custody of Spike because Kendall is sad, doesn't want him to come over unless it's to see Spike, and doesn't want Greenlee to come over to the house? There are a lot of things that are indications that Kendall is a loon, but not wanting Ryan and/or Greenlee in her own house is a 100% SANE line of thought.

OH PUH-LEEZE! David's wallet, complete with credit cards and cash, is located in a bedside drawer in his hospital room, even though he's in a coma and anyone at all can come into the room at any time (if the guard is still there, he's not visible). David's advocates clearly aren't protecting him from cash, credit or identity theft.

What kind of card does David have that starts with "Dr David"? Oh, a hospital security card of some kind. Wouldn't even a hospital card would most likely show him to be "David Hayward, MD", and possibly some other letters?

How many of you guffawed when the nurse mentioned HIPAA laws? HIPAA laws? At Pine Valley Hospital? Stop! Yer killin' me!

Ryan is hurting women left and right, yet he insists on intruding upon their pain and privacy as often as possible. First Kendall, then Madison. Zach just died on or about Thanksgiving. A long time ago I lost someone in early December, and that Christmas was HELL for me! I could hardly stand everyone else celebrating and singing songs like "Tis the season to be jolly". No it wasn't -- Twas the season to mourn, at least for ME. Grief takes time to ease. It's one thing to go over to the Slater house to see Spike, but he a) should call first, and b) should STFU and stop pressuring Kendall to forgive him and Greenlee! She's made it crystal clear that their presence, together or separately, HURTS her. She has her family to help her cope; she doesn't need Ryan or Greenlee forcing themselves on her time and again to demand her love and forgiveness. Then he butts in on Madison while she's having a beverage at ConFusion and tries to talk her out of leaving town. She has ALSO made it crystal clear that his mere presence HURTS her, but there he is, zooming in on her, yet again.

Why IS Madison at ConFusion having a beverage? If she can't stand to work at Fusion because of Greenlee and Ryan, why would she keep coming back to the ConFusion bar downstairs?

Robin "the cost of the drinks alone should be keeping her away" Coutellier

Monday, December 20, 2010

So now Madison is going to "take a trip" someplace far from Pine Valley so she can clear her head. If she can barely make ends meet WITH a job, how is she going to pay for a trip? She probably secretly means she's going to leave town to get off of Ryan and Greenlee's radar, but it's still pretty stupid.

Speaking of Madison, brooklynbird commented on my blog saying that she thinks Madison (portrayed by Stephanie Gatschet is the spitting image of Ginger Rogers. What do YOU think?

Robin "she should have danced all night" Coutellier

BC - Wed-Thu, 12/15-16/10

Why did Tad walk out of the living room and leave Annie there (after telling her she wasn't invited and to use the front door next time)? He knows she's capable of just about anything. She could be planting a bomb for all he knows. Some detective.

Further proof that security at Ryan's penthouse is ludicrous: Greenlee walks over and turns the THUMB lock on the door handle. That's it. There's no deadbolt. Then Ryan asks Greenlee what she did that for. Apparently he never locks his doors if he's at home. Given how many people have burst in on him, that's not a surprise, of course. Even so, it just boggles my mind that anyone, let alone someone RICH doesn't lock their front door.

Well, those of you who know me know that MY answer to whether or not Griffin's cologne was too strong was YES! ANY cologne is too strong as far as I'm concerned, and the same goes for perfume. My favorite response to someone asking the question "I got on enough cologne?" on the Sopranos was (said by Christopher): "You smell like Paco Raban crawled up your ass and died."

If Madison is keeping the pregnancy to herself for now, why is she bringing the "What To Expect When You're Expecting" book to the Fusion bar? Dumb question, 100% plot point, I'm sure, but I had to say it. That's like Kendall with her pregnancy test that she took out of her purse every few minutes to stare at or Robert Gardner (the guy who kept trying to kill Jesse) and his gun that he took out to caress every few minutes.

How do Krystal's patrons keep their food down with Greenlee and Ryan cooing at each other and kissing? I know *I* threw up a little.

If Madison can barely afford her apt, why did she quit her job?

Kudos to those of you who guessed that Griffin is Cara's brother, not her former lover.

Robin "not that the two are mutually exclusive" Coutellier

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BC - Tue, 12/14/10

I'm glad they explained why Tad's hand was bandaged, because I was wracking my brain trying to remember who he must have just punched, given that David, his customary punching bag, is in a coma. He apparently cut himself in the kitchen. Cara patched it up. Personally, I prefer the episode where Tad's ass got stung several times by bees and he met Nurse Gloria when she had to remove the stingers.

I notice that I was partially wrong about Palmer's portrait. It is not leaning against the frame of another picture. It is, however, leaning against some sort of empty wooden frame/wall decoration. So it STILL doesn't have it's "own" place of honor.

Robin "where are pictures of his beloved dobermans?" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 12/13/10

Greenlee on Kendall's answering machine: "I feel like everything I do is wrong." You are absolutely correct. And?

Am I the only one who dislikes Greenlee's ruffly coat? Maybe they aren't ruffles, but shirring. All I know is that it reminds me of a dress that my friend had when we were in the fifth or sixth grade. It was yellow and had horizontal, tube-like rolls down the front of it. Kids teased her and called it her "toilet paper dress".

Cara really reminds me a little of the 2nd Raquel Dion Santos (Celi Ara) from back in 1999.

Well, that was a kind of breach of ettiquette. The nurse tells Madison that Dr. Kantor, THE OB/GYN, will be with you in a few minutes. Isn't that kind of like announcing that the doctor who will be telling you to slide down to the end of the table just before sticking a lubed speculum up your vagina will be with you in a few minutes? I think a simple "Dr. Kantor will be with you in a few minutes" would have been sufficient. It's a common waiting area, and not like she's in a women's clinic. Of course, considering the massive amount of HIPAA violations the hospital routinely commits, that's pretty small on the scale. It's rude, though.

Greenlee complains to David that she's still getting blamed for all of his bad behavior. Well, yeah, it IS a little fresh in people's minds, you self-centered TWIT.

Robin "a Christmas miracle would be for Ryan and Greenlee to go over a cliff (yet again) and STAY there" Coutellier

Monday, December 13, 2010

BC - Fri, 12/10/10

How did Greenlee fit all those shoes into the lockers at Fusion? Those lockers must be like portals to another dimension like on Doctor Who (so far I've seen the first and second episodes from 1963 -- you'd think that if they were from the 49th century they would have figured out a way to muffle that godawful ear-splitting noise coming from the TARDIS when it gets busy. Even in 1980 we had rugs on the walls in our (impact) printer area at work. A little insulation and padding to absorb vibrations can go a long way).

Greenlee informs Kendall that she's moved in with Ryan and they'd love to have her over. I can just hear little Emma at dinner now. "Hi Kendall! Are you going to sleep in Daddy's bed with him and Greenlee tonight? Greenlee sleeps on the side of the bed near the bathroom, but Madison slept on the other side, and Daddy didn't like that, but he pretended he did. You slept in the middle of the bed, right? You can do that AGAIN! Mommy did that too. She slept on all sides of it. Sometimes she even slept UNDER it. She was kind of all over the place. I think I saw her on the ceiling one time. I think Daddy's bed must be lumpy or something because lots of times he and pretty ladies sleep on the floor in front of the fireplace or out on the balcony. It gets hot in front of the fireplace, though, so they always take their clothes off. Mommy got married lots of times; sometimes she sleeps in JAR's bed and sometimes she sleeps in Daddy Scott's bed or AJ's Grampa's bed. I don't think she can find a bed she likes, because she keeps trying new ones and every time she does she moves around a lot and yells and hollers. She's like Goldilocks. Erica let me use her perfume. Can I use your perfume, too? Hey, wait a minute. Isn't Erica your Mommy? And she's Spike and Ian's Grandma! Is she MY Grandma, too? And she's getting married to Greenlee's Daddy. So maybe she IS my Grandma! That's so funny! Are you going to marry Daddy, too? Don't tell Daddy, but I was watching HBO On-Demand and there was the show called Big Love. I thought it sounded real nice to have big, BIG love, so I watched it, and lots of ladies were married to the daddy at the same time and ..." and so on and so on.

Isn't it time for either Spike or Ian to be kidnapped? The last time that happened Greenlee temporarily took Spike (and promptly drove over a cliff). Yup, they are definitely overdue, although I'm guessing it's more likely that soon AJ will get his turn at bat ... again. Then again, little Trevor hasn't been kidnapped yet (you can't really call what Randi did a kidnapping since she FOUND him abandoned). Jenny hasn't been kidnapped since she was a tiny baby. Gabrielle hasn't been kidnapped at all yet. Yup, the show is definitely overdue for a child/baby kidnapping (the adults get kidnapped on a regular basis, so they don't count). AJ was sort of kidnapped by Asher, but JAR made paid off a judge and made it legal by the time it was found out. Besides, he's been kidnapped lots of times; it's someone else's turn.

Robin "the adult kidnappings aren't even reported to the police more than half the time" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 12/9/10

Does Annie know that Amanda has had sex with JAR?

Okay, they are rewriting show history with more than just hair color and va-va-voom-itude. Jake did not meet Cara as part of his Doctor's Without Borders stint -- he met her prior to that at the hospital and was having sex with her (when she was blond) in a supply closet. He made also it very clear at the time that it was "just sex". He ran away to the DWB and she went, too.

Ah, so Amanda is NOT working at the Miranda Center out of the goodness of her heart -- she wants to cozy up to Dr. Hardbody to find out more about him and Cara. She's not only an idiot, but a hypocritical idiot.

Does Amanda know that Jake's first wife, Gillian, also cheated on him (with Ryan) and ultimately left him for Ryan (she only married Jake to either get back at or because she couldn't have Ryan)? Jake may have some deep-seated issues of trust when it comes to wives.

Jake does a lot of rocking from side to side when he talks. Give him some sunglasses and a little (ok a LOT) more rhythm and he could work his way into Ray Charles territory.

Oh PUH-LEEZE! Natalia is a cop (detective) in Pennsylvania in mid-December. She's supposed to be no-nonsense and gets very agitated if anyone suggests that she's girly in any way. So why is she wearing that ridiculous leather not-quite-half of a jacket? It's little more than a leather halter-top with 3/4 sleeves. That has everything to do with making a fashion statement and nothing whatsoever to do with keeping warm.

Robin "she's probably wearing strappy, flimsy high heels, too" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 12/8/10

Was that bench/settee always there near the Slater front door?

Why would they have a memorial in the Slater living room? It was cozy and all, but now Kendall will have to remember the living room as forever associated with the memorial service. Not that it will stop her from having sex on the couch with someone else, but still.

How long are they going to leave Palmer's portrait sitting on the mantelpiece leaning up against another framed something-or-other. Give him his own place on the wall FGS!

The character of Ian is three years old now. Why is he being portrayed by a toddler sucking on a pacifier? He should be running around asking his mommy "Why?" about everything in his line of sight, building rickety furniture towers to get to things like cookies on top of the fridge, singing songs at the top of his lungs, fighting with his big brother, writing on the walls, etc. He's certainly old enough to be asking detailed questions about things. We need to introduce another syndrome to the list of common PV ailments: Soap Opera Rapid DE-Aging Syndrome, aka SORDS.

Another reason for me to hate Ryan and Greenlee: I can't understand them half the time when they speak. First, I have to say that I have some speakers near my chair (separate from the TV speakers) that are not working optimally, so they do tend to distort/muffle some things slightly. But I don't usually have that much trouble with other characters on the show, mostly just Ryan and Greenlee. They sound like the grown-ups in a Charlie Brown special. Ryan because, let's face, he talks funny (and not in a ha-ha way), whether he's speaking in a whisper-shout or his usual voice. Greenlee -- I don't know what the problem is -- not projecting, perhaps? A consistently dull and lifeless delivery? Whatever it is I can barely understand ANYTHING she says anymore without reading the closed-captioning. When Ryan and Greenlee have a scene together, I have to stop whatever else I might be doing just to read what they are saying. That does nothing to endear these two carnage-inducing characters to me.

Kendall: "Goodbye, Zach. Always only you."

Robin "except when it's someone else -- let the grief sex BEGIN!" Coutellier

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

BC - Tue, 12/7/10

Um, how many times is Kendall going to try to kill people that she thinks killed or almost killed her loved ones? Geez, that's her go-to solution for EVERYTHING.

Uh, Cara was a BLOND, with the pale complexion that usually goes along with that. This Cara most definitely does not look like the original. I don't even remember what the original looked like, other than that she WAS very blond. And dull. She was so dull that she's not even listed in the credits, although I'm pretty sure she was on the show right before Jake left.

So Madison is pregnant. Yay.

Robin "yet another child for Ryan to neglect" Coutellier

Friday, December 3, 2010

BC - Fri, 12/3/10

I notice they've stopped using the park for every other scene. Apparently they've finally had to concede that it's December and it gets COLD and/or overcast, even in California.

Does Erica have a special bank account just for criminal defense funds? My Mom always has a Christmas Club account every year and she has another one she uses just to put money aside for a chiropractor. I'm thinking Erica has a Get-Out/Keep-Out-Of-Prison account, perhaps at her local Wells Fargo. Oh what am I saying? It would be at the Pine Valley National Bank, of course.

Asher tells Bianca that her computer has frozen because her memory is overloaded. She apparently downloaded several hundred pictures. He says he told her to put them on an external hard drive. Uh, unless she has several hundred pictures OPENED at the same time, having several hundred photos residing on her hard drive isn't going to slow the computer down (let alone FREEZE it). If all of them are in the same folder, it might slow it down slightly to list them all.

Ah, I see they finally got a guard outside of David's room. He might have been there all along, but he sure as hell wasn't keeping anyone out.

Robin "he probably has a 'kick me' sign on his back & wonders why people keep putting their feet in his ass" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 12/2/10

Annie comments (upon seeing the headline about Erica shooting David), that Erica always makes it interesting. This from the homicidal maniac.

Zach just died and Kendall wants to up and leave the boys so she can go to the beach where it happened. What a FINE mother she is! She wants Greenlee to go with her to show her where everything went down (so to speak). If I were Greenlee, I'd wear a life vest a parachute for the entire flight.

David yanks the tube out of his mouth (within a fantasy). What was that tube FOR? It didn't go down his throat into his stomach or lungs. It didn't do ANYTHING. If they wanted to give him extra oxygen, there would have been a canula going into his nose. Maybe it was just to suck spit out of his mouth, although we should have heard the suction if that was the case, like when you are at the dentist.

Robin "Not that I WANT to hear David's spit along its travels" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 12/1/10

Bianca tells Kendall that Spike and Miranda are at school. WTF? It's the day after Thanksgiving -- why would they be at school? Their school has a play ON Thanksgiving and they don't get Friday off, either. Man, what a sucky school!

Why is David breathing so hard and fast while in a coma? Does he have a fever?

Caleb starts off his speech in the courtroom by saying Erica is NOT a runner and has never run from anyone or anything in her LIFE! BZZZZZZT!!! She's run on several occasions. For instance, before Bianca was born, Erica was on the run (for the murder of Lars Bogard, I think) for several months before she was caught and thrown in prison with Kathy Bates. She ran away with Bianca when Bianca was a baby and renamed her to Betsy. She wore jeans. She started Enchantment as a pseudo-Avon company, marketing it as good makeup for people who couldn't afford the expensive stuff (she was hiding out from Travis at the time). She tried to break Jeremy out of prison and take off with him in a helicopter. And who can forget her sojourn as Desiree of the Desert? And those are just SOME of the well-known instances that come to mind. She is a recovering drug addict with the means to flee whenever and wherever she wants. That doesn't necessarily mean she shouldn't get bail, but please spare us the blarney about her not being a runner.

David is in critical condition. He's in a coma. Everyone in town hates his guts. He's also a prisoner. Yet there is no guard to keep him in or anyone else out of his room.

Robin "people will soon be lined up, snaking out of his room, like the line of people waiting to beat up the hysterical woman in Airplane!" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 11/30/10

Tidbit: The penthouse is located at 450 Old Cedar Lane in Pine Valley. That's a quaint name for a place that's located in a busy downtown area.

Why didn't Jesse already know that David had escaped by the time David was shot?

Well, I guess now we know where the stray bullet went. Isn't this the second time Madison has been shot, or am I confusing her with so many others on the show who have been shot?

Robin "PV, a town of bullet-ridden, yet scarless people (except Dixie, who's dead, but not from a bullet wound)" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 11/29/10

Liza is the DA. Why does SHE have to work on papers to transfer David to lockup? Isn't that the PVPD's job? At first I thought she might still be his attorney, which makes me want to vomit, but then Jack managed to get in to see David by pretending to be his lawyer mere moments after Liza walked out of the room, with the same guard standing right there. Then again, members of the PVPD aren't known for their massive brainpower or quick-wittedness.

When the Thanksgiving play started, all I could think of was Wednesday Addams in the Addams Family Values movie where she played a Native American princess who then proceeded to mastermind a massacre of the pilgrims as payback for what was done to the Native Americans.

I can't believe Tad just said to Krystal: "All right, now you make sure you get Jenny and our little SQUAW back to the restaurant" I can't believe they put that in the script! That's like using the N-word! There's some controversy about the origins of the word or it's actual meaning, but it's widely considered to be a derogatory and racist slur nowadays.

Jack tells Greenlee and Ryan that David is on a bus on his way to prison now. For WHAT? They just glossed right over that part! No trial, no nothing -- just off you go. I was wondering why they were making a big deal about him being transferred to "lockup" and how lockup might be different than being in a cell downstairs.

And there's David, lurking outside the penthouse. He must have escaped. Gee, what a surprise.

Did it ever occur to Tad to simply ask to BUY a turkey from the Yacht Club or have THEM prepare a meal for them? Are we supposed to root for him and Jake STEALING one from them?

Okay, I have to admit that I did NOT expect to see Erica holding the gun that shot David. Notice I didn't say she SHOT him, but she is holding the gun (I'm guessing that Kendall or someone else shot him; if it was Kendall, she doesn't remember it). I DID expect something bad to happen to David, but not quite so soon. As I said, he's now known to me as "Twice Cooked Pork".

Robin "I was kind of hoping the stray bullet would shoot the glass out of Tad's hand" Coutellier

Friday, November 26, 2010

BC - Wed, 11/24/10

Greenlee says David will have to spend the rest of his life behind bars. Why? I'm not even sure what they are charging him with in order to arrest him in the first place. Yeah, he faked his own death. He bribed someone to file a false death certificate, etc. He made it look like Ryan had murdered him. If he left the country, he may have used a false passport (and likewise upon re-entry). But I doubt any of those things would get him much time, if any, behind bars. He may have to pay a fine to cover the costs of the police and DA investigation. He may have to pay for Greenlee's legal fees. What else? He didn't actually MURDER anyone.

Spike sure was having a tough time pretending to be asleep, given that his eyelids fluttering like crazy

OT: A family member gave birth to a baby on Monday and they came over here for Thanksgiving, where there was no shortage of women eager to hold the not-quite 3-day-old bundle of joy. As a woman of a certain age, I mused later that when you are younger and you hold a newborn, you are afraid you might break it; when you are older and you hold a newborn, you are afraid it might break YOU!

Robin "creaky" Coutellier

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BC - Tue, 11/23/10

Good to see that those PV Courthouse bailiffs are right on top of things and that the safety of everyone in the courtroom is paramount on their minds. Marissa stormed in and smacked David across the face and no one did a thing to stop her. WTF do they do when someone comes in with a knife or gun (I doubt anyone has to go through a metal detector) or simply starts assaulting people? Oh THERE he is (singular). The bailiff doesn't make a move until the judge TELLS him to, though. What if the judge were being attacked? Would the bailiff act of his own volition then, or would she have to play charades with him while she's being choked or shot or whatever like in "Young Frankenstein" when he's trying to get his assistants to give the creature a sedagive (aka sedative).

After David goes on and on about how he loved Greenlee and how Ryan was supposed to take the fall for his death because he was trying to steal Greenlee, blah, blah, blah, and Marissa goes on a tirade against David, and David starts to lambaste the onlookers in the courtroom for drinking to his demise, etc., THEN the judge says he's only supposed to stick to the facts. How did she get appointed as a judge? Did she win the seat on the judge's bench via a box of Cracker Jacks?

Jesse says that they are waiting at the courthouse for a ride to the station. Aren't the PVPD, the Mayor's office and the Courthouse all in the same building? I know that the Mayor's office and the PVPD are.

Robin "are they going to show a flashback and explain David's autopsy Y-incision stitches?" Coutellier

Monday, November 22, 2010

BC - Mon, 11/22/10

Is Spike's school having a Thanksgiving Day pageant? Why would they do that ON Thanksgiving when most people have other things to do that don't involve bringing their little ones to school?

EXCUSE ME??? After the verdict, Jack states for the record that he wants the jury polled. After a snotty outburst between Jack and Liza, the Judge gets in a snit and says SHE is satisfied with the jury's verdict and they are free to go. WTF? She can't do that! The verdict could be overturned on a technicality, I think, if the Defense asks for the jury to be polled and the judge DENIES it. Also, the jury didn't even fill out any forms about the verdict. The forms not only have to be filled out, but the judge has to give them the once-over before the verdict is read to make sure all the T's are crossed and I's are dotted and the forms are signed. I call BOGUS!

Okay, I'll have to chime in and say I didn't see THAT coming, either. Oh, I had strong suspicions that David might not really be dead, but I figured it would be a long while before we found out -- unless this is someone's imagination, in which case he's still "dead". If he IS alive, then, all things considered, someone's probably going to turn around and off him again.

Robin "then he would be known as Twice Cooked Pork" Coutellier

Sunday, November 21, 2010

BC - Fri, 11/19/10

I'm about to start watching Friday's show. The Tivo description for it states "Griffin is introduced to Kendall". I can only assume that he'll be her grief sex partner for this go-around.

How far away is the island from civilization that the plane crashed at night, Greenlee called for help right away, but the Coast Guard didn't arrive until the next morning?

Not that I would mind for a second that Greenlee would be going to prison, but how is she supposed to "be there for Kendall, even if it's in handcuffs" if she's incarcerated? In what way is that "being there" for Kendall?

WTF is the MATTER with Amanda? Does her head have ANYTHING but air in it? Her husband obviously has a MAJOR problem with Griffin, so she invites Griffin to lunch with her to make up for Jake punching him? In what possible universe is this a "good" thing?

If the Coast Guard knows about Zach's plane going down, why hasn't anyone notified Kendall yet, even though enough time has gone by for Greenlee and Ryan to be immediately flown back to Pine Valley (via the Pine Valley Transporter, no doubt) from somewhere off the coast of California?

Robin "Kendall can't commence to have grief sex until she knows Zach is dead, after all" Coutellier

BC - Wed-Thu, 11/17-18/10

Ryan secretly recorded the sleazy guy admitting that David had him plant the vial, etc. Greenlee calls Jack to tell him what had happened and how Ryan cleverly recorded it. Jack: "Smart guy!" Really? I seriously doubt that the recording would be allowed in any court.

Kendall catches her breath about the time Zach's plane crashes (on the opposite coast). Annie asks if she's okay and Kendall says she's probably just excited -- she's got some big days ahead. Yeah, she should pencil in some grief sex as long as she's already doing seating charts.

Was Zach flying the plane? I ask because neither Ryan nor Greenlee seem to think about or care that someone besides Zach might have died in the plane crash.

Robin "Pilot: Helloooo??? Is anyone there??? What am I, chopped liver?" Coutellier

Friday, November 19, 2010

BC - Mon-Tue, 11/15-16/10

Was the costume dept out of blouses in Annie's size? I only ask because that silky olive-green one she was wearing was way too tight, and not in a sexy way.

When Krystal found out that Greenlee had flown the coop, she said that it didn't take a paralegal to know that that was wrong. Are we supposed to take that to mean that Krystal is now a paralegal? Oh Puh-leeze!

Why would Amanda go out to the parking lot with a total stranger (who happened to be hitting on her pretty hard) when he offers to look at her husband's disabled car? She had never seen him before, bumped into him in the hallway at the hospital, and didn't even know his name.

Why was Frankie using euphemisms such as Dr Hayward is "no longer with us" when telling the new guy that David was dead? He's a DOCTOR speaking to another DOCTOR. They've worked on cadavers. They've attended and perhaps even assisted at autopsies. They see death on a semi-regular basis. They could have said he's dead, he's deceased, he kicked the bucket, he's pushing up daisies, he's six feet under, he met his maker, he's burning in hell, he was murdered, he was killed, his ashes were flushed down the toilet, or any number of things to indicate that he's dead, but "he's no longer with us"? That's pretty lame.

When Ryan and Greenlee said their heartfelt vows to each other, was I the only one who heard "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah" ad nauseam? I think that's what the closed-captioning showed, too.

Do Ryan and/or Greenlee have any birth control with them on the island? Mustn't forget her hostile womb.

Robin "okay, I admit it -- I FF'd through much of the G/R scenes" Coutellier

Monday, November 15, 2010

BC - Fri, 11/12/10

Well, they certainly were telegraphing that Zach will be gone for a long time. I haven't been reading spoilers, but when they go through scrapbooks and show a lot of flashbacks and then someone goes on a sudden trip, we don't usually see them again for a long time, if ever. I'm guessing that hangup call Kendall got at the end of the show doesn't bode well for either of them.

Robin "the kids have been the source of a lot of ad-libbing by the adults in the last couple of days" Coutellier

BC - Tue-Thu, 11/9-11/10

Greenlee and Ryan decide (at first separately) to go after the sleazy guy who testified about losing his job. Greenlee says she should be the one to do it. Ryan says HE should be the one to do it. Greenlee: "Why? Because you're a man?" How about because THE JURY IS DELIBERATING IN YOUR MURDER TRIAL AND COULD COME BACK WITH A VERDICT AT ANY MOMENT SO YOU SHOULDN'T BE LEAVING TOWN, LET ALONE THE STATE. Just a thought.

There's no way in HELL a room that is THAT nice that's in a hotel does not have a keycard lock. No. Way.

Why did Greenlee pass out? Her head didn't even hit the gravel, and if it had -- it's GRAVEL, which at least has some give. What a wuss! She landed with her arm out for her head to conveniently land on, though, so a shoulder dislocation or rotator cuff tear wouldn't be out of the question. Ryan later said that she had the wind knocked out of her. No she didn't -- she would have been struggling for air if that were the case, rather than falling in a pretty pose and staying motionless in that position for quite some time.

Ryan proceeds to "lose" the phone he used to call Kendall. He does so by hitting it a few times with Greenlee's shoe, breaking the glass and plastic on it. I notice that he did not, however, remove the battery (although the battery compartment door had popped off). Idiot.

Robin "I hate Greenlee/Ryan-centric days" Coutellier

Thursday, November 11, 2010

BC - Mon, 11/8/10

Greenlee is wearing really heavy, black makeup on her eyes. You'd think she'd want the jury to be seeing someone who looks at least non-threatening and confident in her own looks, not someone who looks like an ancient Egyptian siren open for business or someone who fell for looking through novelty binoculars. I'm tellin' ya, she has NO concept of the "natural look" cosmetic line that SHE spent so much time launching. She reminds me of someone I used to work with a long time ago. People made fun of her behind her back because she always looked like she slept without washing off the eyeliner and mascara and then just piled more on top of the leftovers the next day. Every now and then this "look" comes into fashion, and when it does, I always think the women succumbing to it look like they have dirty eyes.

Speaking of inappropriate appearances, that is an EXTREMELY inappropriate red dress Erica is almost wearing. I know the press conference was impromptu, but GEEZE, cover UP, woman! She's supposed to be running a corporation, not a Frederick's of Hollywood franchise! But nooooo, there she is, standing by Caleb's side (Caleb is covered from neck to toe) looking like she's about to make an appearance at the Playboy Club. Imagine she was wearing bunny ears on her head and a collar around her neck and you'll see what I mean.

I'm still confused about the sale of Cortlandt to Chandler. Yes, there was a dummy corporation in place to buy it, but Caleb WAS selling it. He didn't WANT to have anything to do with it, other than to sell it. There is, of course, the issue of Scott stealing the Cortlandt nanotech ideas, so that part is certainly an issue, but the fact that Caleb sold the company to an entity that then transferred the ownership to Chandler doesn't seem like a LEGAL swindle. Yes, the other "entity" was deliberately set up to buy the company for Chandler, so there is some fraud as far as intent goes, but unless Caleb had some specific legal reasons for not selling to them, I don't understand it. Caleb didn't want the Chandlers to get it because JAR and Adam Chandler are assholes, and Palmer never would have wanted Chandlers to own his company. Those aren't legal reasons to void a sale. The key is Scott's theft of technology, and that's what they should focus on.

If Caleb didn't know about the baby until Sonia went to the mine to tell him about it (at which time he delivered the baby), and he knew Sonia had been "stolen" by Adam, how would he have any authority to "give Asher away"? Wait he and Sonia were still married then, weren't they?

Robin "for a lawyer, he's not too bright" Coutellier

Sunday, November 7, 2010

BC - Thu-Fri, 11/4-5/10

JAR says the beach house has a "good energy". Really? Then how come the only stuff we've seen going on there has been BAD energy? Every time eBabe goes there it is or ends up being a bad energy situation. And really, given all the bad energy that emanates from both JAR and Annie on any given day, even without the beach house factor, that place practically vibrates with bad energy.
BZZZZTT!!! Liza cannot enter surveillance footage into evidence like it's a Perry Mason moment. That has to vetted OUTSIDE of the presence of the jury. The Defense may want to have its own experts verify the authenticity of the tape, for instance, and both sides have to argue its merit or lack thereof so that the judge can decide if its probative/inculpatory/exculpatory value outweighs the predujicial/inflammatory influence, etc., in the interest of the defendant getting a fair trial.

OBJECTION! Liza is editorializing, testifying and leading the witness. She's just off on her own rant. Jack doesn't even object. Greatest lawyer in the world, huh? I don't THINK so.

I can't fathom why, in this day and age, some parents to opt to not want to know the sex of their baby until it's born. You're going to find out eventually, after all, so why not be prepared with names, color-themed items, etc.? It seems to me that not knowing it ahead of time just means you have more to do and decide upon at exactly the time that you need to devote almost ALL of your time to the baby. Nostalgia can be nice, but people didn't know the sex of their baby ahead of time in the past because there was no way TO know.

Robin "grandmas want to know, too" Coutellier

Friday, November 5, 2010

BC - Tue, 11/2/10

It's so amazing that people in Pine Valley think NOTHING of chaining people up.

I liked Amanda's Groucho mask. I've always been a sucker for those, though. I have a picture somewhere of a bunch of us at work (circa 1983-84) wearing them one day. Jake with the tiara -- eh.

How is anyone going to prove kidnapping of AJ when no one has called the police? Nope, everyone is just running all over the place on the QT and talking about how bad this will be for JAR as far as custody goes.

Ah, that's Erica's COAT that had been draped over the chair (thank you Aisling)! No wonder it looked so narrow -- I was looking at the sleeves.

Well it's about damn TIME someone called the police in on the kidnapping! It was foiled since JAR bought a judge off to overturn the custody. Ah, but was it timestamped before or after AJ went missing? I guess by the time they brought the police in, it was AFTER. It was probably a date-only stamp, in any case.

Robin "do I have to do ALL their legal legwork for them?" Coutellier

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BC - Mon, 11/1/10

Given how often he's been kidnapped in his short life, AJ should really have a LoJack installed.

Erica to Jack: "Jack, you are a BRILLIANT lawyer -- of COURSE you're prepared! And besides, you've got a VERY cute butt." Well, that IS how cases are won. Of course, Liza has a cute butt, too.

What is that black and silver thing draped over the chair on the right in Erica's living room? I'd almost say it's a dress, but it's straight up and down. Straight up and down is Greenlee's style, but not Erica's. It's also extremely narrow, even for La Lucci. Is it a wrap or decoration?

Why are people (and particularly witnesses and murder defendants) allowed to wander into courtrooms after hours? They could be planting bombs or peeing in the corners or putting thumbtacks on the prosecution chairs or just plain snooping into things they should not be seeing.

Robin "not that they couldn't have gotten in via a simple credit card swipe between the doorjamb and a courthouse-strength deadbolt" Coutellier

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wait a sec -- are those DISCO BALLS over Erica's table in the background (to the left of the painting on the wall)?

Am I getting deja vu with that monster mask? Didn't Ryan get accused of raping That Kit Fisher Person (Jack's sister, aka TKFP) while wearing a similar mask, which was found in Ryan's room? The rapist turned out to be Braden (aka Just Braden), Ryan's brother. The DNA matched 50%, so naturally Ryan was arrested and tried for it, given such compelling DNA evidence .

Why is Jack telling Krystal that Erica surprised him last night by admitting that she thought Greenlee was guilty. It's STILL last night. It's STILL Halloween. That happened only a few minutes ago and then Erica went to Wildwind, alone, to celebrate Halloween with her family. Jack, who didn't want to be interrupted on his daughter's murder case, then went to Krystal's instead of staying home and working on the case. Later he went to Wildwind to spend the ultra-important holiday of Halloween with Erica. Apparently he's going to let Greenlee fry.

The thunderstorm doesn't seem to be making Erica nervous.

The doorbell had not finished ringing for even a full second before Bianca came into the living room and asked if she was the ONLY one who hears the doorbell. No, but you have the patience of a newborn, only you express it more quickly.

Robin "is that scorched squirrel I smell?" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 10/28/10

I know Liza is on a fishing expedition, but aren't they just on a break in the courtroom? If so, wouldn't she be concerned that someone will see the DA drinking, even if she's just pretending to drink to cozy up to the sleazy witness. BTW, she's now TAMPERING WITH a witness.

Krystal commiserates with eBabe, telling her that she's been sitting in on Greenlee's trial and it's hard to take and how lives are laid open about personal matters, etc. She conveniently leaves out the times SHE'S been in the courtroom and how she ended up going to prison for a while.

The way Annie reached out and grabbed JAR's forearm to keep him from leaving made me chuckle. One of our cats, Sassy, does that sometimes when I've been petting her for a little while, and then I make a move to leave before SHE has decided it's okay for me to stop petting her. Yes, I am still allergic to cats, but it turns out that I can at least pet them as long as I wash my hands right away.

Ryan reading the letter means NOTHING. Liza has to put the sleazy guy and the people who wrote his termination letter on the stand and have them read their own damn letters or at least stipulate to having written them. Having Ryan read it means nothing whatsoever. She needs proof that the man was actually fired and that Ryan had anything to do with that firing. She got the story out of Ryan, in any case, but it was not done by proper procedure.

With all that said, it's nice to see Ryan and/or Greenlee FINALLY get a little karmic payback for their thoughtless and totally unnecessary lark of conning a hotel room (and a lavish meal, I think) purely for their own selfish entertainment. Most of us here were appalled by it at the time. They were so smug and self-satisfied at having pulled one over on the hotel, despite the fact that they were both (I think) millionaires.

Robin "did they pull off any light-hearted (but off-screen) diamond heists while they were at it?" Coutellier

Friday, October 29, 2010

BC - Mon-Tue, 10/25-26/10

JAR is talking to Annie in the living room. We hear a door slam. Not quite three seconds later Madison knocks on the open door to the living room to let them know she's there. She says his housekeeper let her in. Earlier Caleb had said one of the household help let him in. Who are all these mysterious house workers that keep letting people into the Chandler mansion, no questions asked, and why don't they TELL anyone that they've let anyone and everyone into the house? They rarely escort people to the living room or announce them in any way. In fact, they're invisible, mute and silent except for slamming doors.

How long is Ian going to remain a baby?

Annie made it sound like she had a child WITH Ryan. BZZZZT! Neither Annie nor Ryan even had an inkling that he was Emma's biological father -- they didn't even meet until Emma was 5 years old. Emma is the product of a sperm bank deposit and anonymous withdrawal while Annie was married to her first husband. For that matter, Ryan's first wife, Gillian, insisted that his sperm samples (which he made in an effort to earn $90K (because his sperm is THAT valuable)) be destroyed. They even went TO THE CLINIC and made a big point of it, so there was never supposed to be any samples left to make either Emma or Spike. Both of those sperm samples were part of a retconned storyline.

The article Asher had stated that his mother had been found dead at the mine. Colby mentioned that he had told her that his mother died giving birth to him, which meant that Halloween is his birthday. Well, which is it? Did she die giving birth or did she die in a mine explosion? Since it's a soap, she probably died during childbirth WHILE the mine was exploding. Asher must have been propelled into a cabbage patch by the force of the blast.

Robin "now that's what I call an explosive entrance" Coutellier

Monday, October 25, 2010

BC - Thu-Fri, 10/21-22/10

Jack is concerned that Greenlee didn't get any sleep the night before. He says he would have offered to come over and watch a movie with her. Is he freaking KIDDING me? Most lawyers in the middle of a MURDER trial get very little sleep and have no time to watch movies with their families and/or clients. Jackson has been handling this by the seat of his pants from the get-go.

Is is UP with eBabe? She goes to the Chandler mansion practically every single day to get something for AJ, confronts either JAR, Annie or both of them in the living room, then becomes outraged and storms out. She almost NEVER accomplishes the ostensible goal of why she's going over there in the first place. She getting to be quite a hag about it. I think she WANTS to find a way to start a fight for the sole purpose of storming off in a self-righteous huff over, of all things, all the drama. I'm beginning to think she may be just a tad hypocritical.

As a patient, I know I would feel SOOO much better know that Kendall Hart Slater had cleaned my room at PVH. I'm sure the room is quite sanitary once she's done with it and picks up all the stuff she's thrown on the floor (and reused), and my sense of personal safety is bound to be uplifted knowing that I'm surrounded by criminal elements with hearts of gold working off their community service in and around my room, the food preparation area, the Morgue, the Pathology Lab, the Maternity ward, the Cardiac Unit, Intensive Care and, of course, the Level 4 Infectious Diseases wing.

Robin "wash those hands!" Coutellier

Friday, October 22, 2010

BC - Mon-Wed, 10/18-20/10

Erica always makes a speech when she's a witness in a trial, whether it's someone else's trial or her own. And she always gets away with it.

Annie is an employee of Chandler Enterprises. She's the head of PR. Wouldn't she have a salary to fall back on, or can they freeze that, too?

Angie is worried about Jesse's blood pressure. Jesse tries to ignore her about it. Long-time watchers of AMC remember that his very own Uncle Frank, after whom whom Frankie is named, died from a stroke after an ongoing storyline of HIM having high blood pressure. I still remember when he died -- it shocked the shit out of me! He died very suddenly on a TUESDAY. Who (on a soap) dies on a TUESDAY?

If Liza doesn't want anyone to know she's in the hospital, why doesn't she insist they draw the privacy curtain around her bed?

I was stunned for a moment when Caleb was talking to Palmer's portrait -- I thought he had his dog's head stuffed and sitting on the mantelpiece. Turns out it was a photo. Wow, that is a VIVID photo! And I don't even have HD TV.

Liza is supposed to be rehydrated. So why doesn't she have an IV in. There's an IV there, but it's not connected, unless it's stuck somewhere where the sun don't shine. Maybe she's just absorbing it through the air, like it's a vaporizor with a really tiny outlet for the steam.

Liza tells Damon that when Jenny came along in high school and became her competition, THAT is probably when she started to fight. Oh please! Liza has been a feisty bitch from day one. Of course, I think we didn't know Liza existed until Jenny came along, but you don't get to be the way Liza was back then without a LOT of fighting/domination. She wasn't popular for her personality -- the rest of the girls were probably scared scrunchy-less to oppose her in any way. She definitely fell into the category of "Mean Girls".

Flub of the day: Liza referred to Jenny as "Jeanie".

Robin "I miss Marcy Walker" Coutellier

Monday, October 18, 2010

BC - Wed-Thu, 10/13-14/10

Jesse begs Jack NOT to call Angie as a witness (who also had a motive to kill David) in Greenlee's trial. He says that he can't DO this to Angie now -- not if Jackson is the decent, honorable, and ethical lawyer that Jesse knows him to be. Hello??? Jesse, Jackson is a LAWYER. He could be disbarred for not vigorously defending his client, and he has a duty to create reasonable doubt. The fact that everyone in town wanted to kill David means that there are PLENTY of other possible suspects and reasonable doubt. As a doctor and Chief Of Staff, Angie would also have easy access to Digitalis.

Why is it that Scott is already in an orange uniform, but Greenlee had to wear her own clothes day after day while in jail? He's even in the same cell she was in (#4).

OT/TAN: Am I the only one who HATES that commercial about the mom who borrows her daughter's green shirt? It gives me the creeps. While I'm on the subject, that commercial with the cardboard cutout of an angry leprechaun gives me the creeps, too.

Did you notice that Jesse doesn't know how to pronounce "amnio"? He said "ammio".

Robin "it's only a syllable away from ammonio" Coutellier

Friday, October 15, 2010

BC - Tue, 10/12/10

Liza mentions that Greenlee's trial starts tomorrow morning. BWAHAHAHAAAAA!! Stop, yer killin' me! Isn't this her first night out of jail? David's only been dead for a little over a month, and Greenlee was arrested for murdering David (after they arrested and released Ryan for murdering David) only a couple of weeks ago, if that. I know they play fast and loose with trials in PV, but this is utterly ABSURD! That's not even enough time to dispute a phone bill!

Natalia worries that she and/or Brot could be transferred if they get romantically involved. Transferred WHERE? To the other side of the park?

Robin "how many precincts does PV have?" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 10/11/10

Ah, NOW I see Susan Lucci's new cheek implants. Yup, summer "refreshment". She said Jack had made her BLISSFULLY happy in the last few months. Apparently he's been stuffing her ... cheeks.

Was Kendall's dress packaged in a plastic Egg casing before she put it on?

Why would anyone want to buy from or invest in a company that is CONSTANTLY in dire straits? Fusion has had it's top executives murdered, kidnapped, on trial, in jail, in prison, on the run after escaping from prison, they had all of their computer data completely wiped out, one of their former top employees is a whackjob multiple murderer (Annie), the co-founders keep disappearing for a months or even years on end, they've sold tainted products that made a lot of people sick, they've been shut down by the SEC, and their products are needlessly expensive.

Jackson tells Greenlee that the papers are calling her the "Green Widow". BWAHAHAHAHAA! That's a good one!

Something looks odd about that bench. Oh, I know -- it's not tagged! I guess Pine Valley doesn't have much of a gang problem, other than that nasty Fusionista gang.

I can't help it. I just can't take Scott seriously. Adam Mayfield, the actor playing him, is just so HAMMY all the time. He's constantly striking a pose, even if it's just with his face. It takes me completely out of the story every time I see him.

Annie makes it clear to Colby that her daughter is her priority in all this, and she doesn't want her getting hurt. Really? Annie's number one priority is ANNIE. If Emma was REALLY her priority, she would never insist upon continuing to live at the Chandler mansion and she would not have had sex -- again -- with JAR. For that matter, she wouldn't have married Scott so soon after her breakup with Adam.

Erica points out that Greenlee went RIGHT for the good sheets. That's Erica Kane's residence -- aren't ALL the sheets "the good sheets"?

Robin "will she hog the 'good' toilet paper, too?" Coutellier

Saturday, October 9, 2010

BC - Fri, 10/8/10

I see Erica FINALLY got her new digs finished and furnished. Unless those are Jack's new digs. I like the set, in any case.

Tidbit: Greenlee is in cell number 4.

Are we really supposed to feel warm and fuzzy because Ryan gave a key to Madison? How many times have we seen him symbolically give a key to the multitudes of women in his life? Not that any of them NEED a key since he conveniently leaves one under the planter in the hall.

Jack argues that Greenlee has family and friends and a business to run in Pine Valley and she's not about to leave all that. Oh really? She's done it before, more than once, and WITHOUT being in a coma. I don't know how he can say that with a straight face -- oh wait, yes I can. He's a lawyer.

Chandler Enterprises has already had a big press release about the nanotech project. You'd think Caleb, if not Erica, would have instantly figured out that THAT was at the crux of the whole "stealing from a dead man" thing.

I HATE it when men on soaps manhandle women! JAR has grabbed Annie's arm over and over in the last few days. Considering her own track record for mayhem and all she has lost, he should really think twice about how he treats her. Then again, if anyone on a soap ever thought twice about something, there would be no storylines.

Robin "is Annie the only women Ryan has ever been with that can cook?" Coutellier

BC - Tue-Wed, 10/5-6/10

So Scott went to Europe and back in the course of one day?

Oh look -- Erica is afraid of thunderstorms again. How convenient.

WOW! There's something you don't see every day (M-F)! Annie's makeup actually SMEARED. Not from the rain, but from crying. Yeah, it happens every once in ten blue moons, and this is apparently one of them.

How many days does Greenlee have to wear the same clothes? Does she even have a change of thong? Since she's been to jail Scott has gone to Europe, then back to Florida and now home to Pine Valley and she's STILL wearing the clothes she was wearing when they arrested her.

Scott managed to fly to Europe and back to Florida and then get to Pine Valley, yet he was unable to get to the top of the stairs in time to catch JAR and Annie having sex, even though they still had much of their clothing on as he started to ascend the stairs. For someone with such long legs, you'd think he'd get there faster. By the time he burst into the room, they were naked and done. It doesn't say much for JAR's stamina in the sack, either.

Robin "carrying Annie up the stairs must have tuckered him out" Coutellier

Friday, October 8, 2010

BC - Fri-Mon, 10/1-4/10

I liked the little nod to history when Annie said she thought she would invite the Ramseys to their party because it would probably bring a little more class. Juanita Ramsey was one of Phoebe's best friends; I don't think we ever saw Juanita in person (although we might have -- I have a vague image of a woman in a really wide hat), but Juanita was almost always mentioned when it came to Phoebe's talking about her social circle, which tended to consist mostly of the Daughters Of Fine Lineage.

Much like Erica's phobia about thunderstorms, Greenlee's claustrophobia conveniently comes and goes.

I know Kendall is a spoiled rich girl now, but she grew up in Florida (frequently referring to it as swampland), with ordinary parents. She yearned for the glamorous life, but she didn't HAVE it. Although her parents thought she was a princess, they did not have servants. Kendall has had to do her share of the work over the years, including going back to Florida to help her mother when her father was dying. So this helpless rich girl who's never had to wipe anything but her own pristine butt doesn't fly.

Oh puh-LEEZE! Since when does an employment agency recruiter meet with 19-yr-old prospective employees for interviews at a BISTRO unless they are rich and have connections? She hasn't even looked at his application yet!

Given their track records of being arrested, incarcerated and escaping, not to mention their own LENGTHY records of outlandish behavior when together, why on earth would Jesse agree to assign Kendall to clean up the cell area where Greenlee is being held? Is their sister act supposed to endear either one of them to us? Pssst! BOTH of you, listen and listen good: "BUTCH UP!"

AMC is VERY fond of using their new park set, which is nice for them because they don't have to go to a warehouse, haul it all to a studio, unpack it, pack it up at the end of the day and haul it back to a warehouse. But what are they going to do when the weather turns cold and/or rainy? Contrary to what people might think, it is NOT always warm and sunny in California; it rains, leaves fall and it gets downright frosty. On really rare occasions (outside of mountains where it's not so rare), it even snows. In any case, PV is still supposed to be in Pennsylvania. They might still use the park, but they're going to have to start putting on coats in another month.

Robin "Is the D.A. allowed to hire someone with a record?" Coutellier

Sunday, October 3, 2010

AMC - Thu, 9/30/10

I about threw up when Annie told JAR what a wonderful person he is. No he's not. I remember, back in the day on R.A.T.S.A. (USENET, as opposed to the Rochester Area Transportation Supervisors Association), when JAR was a boy and we were laying odds on how soon it would be before he turned into the town serial killer. Or was that Timmy Dillon (Amanda's brother/cousin)? Probably both, considering their traumatic childhoods.

Okay, I think the speculation that Zach is going to dump Kendall is probably accurate. Remember back when Kendall hooked up with and moved in with Ryan after Greenlee died. Erica made a point of warning that Kendall CANNOT be without a man in her life. She can't stand it. She's gotta have it and that's all there is to it. So how long will it be before Kendall, yet again, hooks up with Ryan? Or JAR? Or a new guy? Not that there was ever any doubt about Kendall, Ryan and Greenlee being in a "love" triangle. It was ever thus and ever WILL be, one way or another.

Robin "I wish they'd all go to Red Rock and play all day " Coutellier

BC, Tue-Wed, 9/28-29/10

Has Greenlee been Botoxed into oblivion? She rarely changes her expression. Granted, she has not been happy (downright depressed, in fact) since she came out of her coma, but Geez Louise, make SOME kind of expression! All she ever does these days is stare while looking guarded or vaguely sad.

Randi told Madison that she will cut any woman who tried to start anything up with her man. Really. For an ex-hooker, she didn't put much into it to back up her words. She said it with all the feeling, menace and warning of someone who ... um ... I just realized that no matter what I think of to compare it to, there ISN'T really anything, because most people put more emotion into choosing paper over plastic or what flavor of pudding they prefer or if someone cuts in line in front of them at the supermarket or someone sends their husband spam advertising Russian "girls" with live webcams. For someone "from the streets", she's got all the street skills of a ... um ... again, nothing to compare her to other than inanimate objects. I had to back the DVR up to hear it again because I needed to make sure she said what I thought I heard; they were just words coming out of her mouth, and nothing more.

Annie tells Scott (who hands her a key to look at a house to buy) that if they leave the Chandler mansion now, JAR wins. No he doesn't. How does he win? By not being all up in her face 24/24? By not eavesdropping on their every word? By not being able to listen outside their door when they have sex (we haven't seen it, but I wouldn't put it past him)? By not churning up everyone's stomach acid simply by breathing the same air space? By upsetting all the children? Oh yeah, JAR wins BIG TIME! She should think about she and Scott and their marriage winning and not giving a flying f**k about JAR outside of the office. I was glad to hear Scott say pretty much the same thing.

Are they doing something with JAR's eyes or makeup or something? Colby was right -- he IS looking like Adam. Is that on purpose? Maybe it's just the way JY is portraying him now with certain facial expressions. He's just sliding on into the rich asshole mogul slot vacated by Adam. Not that he didn't have the "rich asshole" part down pat long before now. It's kind of sobering to think of the characters that we saw being children or teens now stepping into the shoes of characters that have moved on. Tad has been (badly) slipping into Joe's shoes, playing the good guy "Father Knows Best" character for a while now. We didn't see her as a child or teen, but Krystal seems to be slipping into the Ruth/Myrtle role as the woman everyone in town has a cup of tea with as they pour their hearts out to her and she dispenses wise advice based on her years of experience or she just offers sympathy and a hug.

WOW! Someone (aside from an angry resident) actually ~ANSWERED THE DOOR~ at the Chandler mansion!!! Caleb didn't just walk/barge on in through an unlocked door -- he told whoever answered the door to tell JAR that he wanted to see him! I'm STUNNED! How ironic that the gruff mountain man is the only one in town with enough manners to actually knock on a door or ring a bell. THEN he barged on into the living room (barged as in slamming the door open).

Robin "at least he was polite about it" Coutellier

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BC - Mon, 9/27/10

Why would Bianca hire Asher to teach Miranda to do computer stuff and leave her ALONE with him? She has no idea who Asher is. You'd think someone in her position would have a background check done on someone before giving him access to her child/children and unsupervised access to a computer with Cortlandt business files on its hard drive.

eBabe is going to sue for custody of AJ. Gee, what a surpri-- oh, I can't even type it ...

Obviously Erica is about to make a reappearance. I haven't look at her Twitters, but when they mentioned how many people follow her, I had to wonder how many of those followers (on their real-life Twitter account) are fake.

I suspect Ryan was talking on the phone to Jack about Greenlee's legal situation, since Jack and Erica are about to return to town anyway.

Robin "looking refreshed, I'm sure" Coutellier

BC - Fri, 9/24/10

Tad reminds Greenlee that it's all well and good to protect the people you love, but there's this pesky thing called "Obstruction Of Justice". WTF? That's rich coming from TAD! Does even a MONTH ever go by when Tad hasn't broken the law in that regard?

Who's putting on Angie's makeup now that she can't see?

See, not even an hour goes by and Tad's already trying to persuade Jesse to just let it go as far as the suicide letters being a forgery because, after all, one of their very good friends might go to prison otherwise.

Robin "Tad is as SantiMartinous (tm) as ever" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 9/23/10

Well, Asher is a nasty piece of work, isn't he?

Greenlee sure does like those shoes, doesn't she? OTOH, I can see where she would not have any extras given her current nomadic existence. Damn, that's a helluva pair of shoes to be stuck with as your only pair.

Greenlee is going to store her stuff (one suitcase for a very rich woman) at the office (and probably bunk there on the Pop 'N Fresh Rolls couch) because she's tired of the Yacht Club? What happened to the Valley Inn? Did it get blown away in the tornado and not get rebuilt? I gather her grandparents died at some point. What happened to the Greenlee estate? She could also stay at Kendall and Zach's place since they didn't rent it out or sell it -- Kendall has to stay at Wildwind for now.

Greenlee tells Kendall that David wrote the letters to people who he wanted to remember him fondly. Why would he write to Amanda, but not Anna? He loved Anna, they just couldn't stay married.

Tad tells Ryan: "Listen, I talked to Jesse -- the police investigation was VERY thorough." BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! ROTFLMAO!!! Stop, yer killin' me!

Kendall is such a self-entitled BITCH! Liza cuts her a deal (against her will) and all Kendall can do is whine about it, taunt Liza and basically be a spoiled brat about it. I LOVED it when Liza reminded Kendall that the town of Pine Valley has forgiven her again and again and again :-)

Considering that someone knocked Caleb out cold at the front door, none of the women in the house seem particularly worried about an attacker being on the loose. Oh, sure, they wanted to call the police, but Caleb said no, so they went with it without another thought to the attacker other than how it affected the traumatized AJ.

When Kendall and Bianca were discussing Kendall telling Zach about why she has to stay in PV instead of being on their yacht for another 3 weeks, Kendall points out that they were moving back to PV because Zach basically wanted her to be happy. And how does she repay him? She gets criminal charges. She did not INCUR criminal charges, she did not commit a crime, she simply "got" criminal charges. I just want to slap her!

Robin "she's definitely Erica's daughter" Coutellier

Friday, September 24, 2010

BC - Wed, 9/22/10

Uh, never mind the criminal investigation aspect of it; why is it okay for anyone at all to walk into the room David and Greenlee shared? Even their stuff is still in there! Are reporters and photographers allowed to just walk on in and do whatever they want, too? These were rich and famous people involved, after all. Yeah, Marissa is David's daughter, but it doesn't look like she went through any channels to get into the room. Then Kendall and Bianca come in and encourage Marissa to trash the room as a form of therapy. The security in Pine Valley is pathetic!

The Tivo description for Wednesday's show says "Asher is attacked". Really? 'Cause at the end of the show CALEB was the one who collapsed after touching the package on the doorstep.

Robin "does Homeland Security know about that package?" Coutellier

BC - Mon-Tue, 9/20-21/10

I'm not impressed with the shrink hypnotizing Ryan. She brings him back to being in the room with David and says he's confronting him. She asks "Are you ANGRY?" Uh, that's leading/planting. She should ask how he feels, not pick a feeling and ask him to verify it.

Greenlee tells Jake that she heard Ryan remember that he loves her. And hearing him say that, she realizes she still loves him, too. Gee, what a shocker. She must be REELING from not one but TWO such profound realizations. Geez, you two, get a room! And lock yourself in it without any cameras and never come out again. Then we'll ALL be happy.

Greenlee tells Jesse that she told David that their whole relationship was a lie. Uh, it was a lie from the moment DAVID starting banking blackmail points and then using them against her. Of course, he DID find out that her faking giving it a try after that all came to light was a lie, but WTF did he EXPECT?

Why are Jesse and Greenlee sitting on the terrace at the Yacht Club reading



So is that park part of a studio back lot or a private estate or do they just keep shutting down parts of a public park to film AMC episodes?

Why would Kendall need a kitchen tour of the penthouse? She used to LIVE there and has contributed on many occasions to the big stain on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Why would Jesse give Greenlee any letters from David to be delivered to ANYONE? That makes no sense whatsoEVER! Not only would the letters need to remain in the chain of custody, but they'd have to be checked for prints, trace-DNA and other forensic and authentication testing. If the police suspect David was murdered, there's no way in HELL those letters would be anywhere but in an evidence locker (LOCK being the operative word) until after a trial. Besides, aren't those letters ~printed~, as opposed to handwritten? How does Jesse know that they weren't planted after the fact? The only handwriting I saw was David's scrawled signature.

In a later scene, Jesse says the lab is still working on the letters. Huh? Then how did Greenlee get the letter to give to Amanda? A copy? Putting it in a copier would also compromise the forensic integrity (snort!) of it. What did she do, take a photo with a phone and then print it?

Why hasn't Jackson come back to support his daughter? He was mad at her, but this kind of thing should trump that. I understand why MARY didn't come back; I'm not sure it would even occur to her to do so.

Robin "did Erica twitter about THAT?" Coutellier

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashion Is NOT Their Friend

Earlier I had mentioned Greenlees fetish shoes and the mess of a blouse that Bianca was wearing. Here are some screencaps of those fashion dos (they ARE apparently in fashion) and don'ts (just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD do it).

Here are three views of Bianca's very long blouse*. Almost full length from a slightly side view, it's busy, but not TOO bad:

A closer look shows how busy and asymmetrical it is: one shoulder up, one shoulder down, ruffles going under the arm, ruffles and odd draping on the front, ruffles and odd draping down on the belly, etc. Hidden by the box and arm is a belt with either a buckle and/or bow-like protrusion on her left. The colors aren't quite right here -- the blouse is a little too rosy-yellow in these screencaps -- the blouse was more beige on TV.

And then there is the number one reason NOT to wear this blouse:

'Nuff said.

*previously referred to as a dress

Robin "a fashion don't" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 9/16/10

The show started with Ryan remembering/dreaming about the fight preceding David's presumed death. Ryan was being tortured by David saying "Greenlee is mine, Greenlee is mine, Greenlee is mine", ad nauseam. I kept thinking that what SHOULD have been said and repeated was "What the hell kind of name is GREENlee??" [Yes, I know that Greenlee is the surname of Greenlee's maternal grandparents]

In a new role, the biggest since it portrayed Kendall's home pregnancy test, we have a character-prop labeled "Digitalis", making new appearances as often as possible when it really ought to stay hidden, especially when Greenlee, herself, says that her possessions are being searched for evidence.

That is one extremely unflattering top Bianca is wearing. Actually, it kind of looks like TWO unattractive (not to mention bland) tops, ripped up and loosely basted/glued to each other. What did the wardrobe dept do, tell her to twirl around the set while they threw tops at her, vowing to go with however they landed?

Tad says he can't imagine Ryan poisoning David, and he doesn't think Ryan can imagine it, either. Really? This from the man who buried someone alive and tortured him for, what, weeks, before he died in an "oopsy!" moment? Ryan has tied people up plenty of times, and wasn't he part of the group that strung up Richie with a noose and a chair (just to scare him)? Ryan was raised by a man who routinely beat his wife and children. He was a con-man. He's a man who drives motorcycles off of cliffs and callously lets people think he's dead. He was also the man who went to Fight Clubs and almost punched his wife with his clenched FIST! Being a soap hunk/"hero", he has moved from one violent storyline to another for years on end. Hell, he was beating the SHIT out of David minutes before David died! Ryan is a man of impulsive AND planned violence. He's lost his memory on several occasions and had a brain aneurysm. His brain is obviously f**ked up, probably in part due to all the blows to his head (fists, feet, bullets, rocks, pavement, boards and various handy instruments). Even titanium will break eventually. Poisoning should be a piece of cake (so to speak) for him, especially when it comes to protecting his lady-love (the aforementioned near-punchee).

Kendall says Ryan couldn't possibly have used Digitalis to poison David -- how would he even know what the drug would do? Uh, one word: I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T. Oh, looks like she figured that out by the end of the show (via his phone search history). Now the vial of "D" has fingerprints from, at a minimum, Greenlee and Kendall, both of whom are obvious potential suspects.

AJ got into a fight with another kid, who required 11 stitches. The principal discusses it with JAR who bribed him to let it go via an offer of new playground equipment, which makes me wonder why they are sending their precious little heir to a school that's so cash-strapped it can't even afford decent playground equipment. In today's politically correct, zero tolerance atmosphere, I'm surprised Jesse wasn't there arresting AJ.

Okay, THAT much invocation of Leo's name is a pretty good indication that Leo may show up again. And they aren't just showing LEO's photo -- it's a photo of Josh Duhamel playing Leo. I would LOVE to see him on the show again, but I have my doubts he'll return; they couldn't afford him anymore, and he's busy making several movies. However, I could easily see them pulling a JaNut and have him return after extensive plastic surgery, looking like a "new" man. If he does, that would make TWO of her husbands that have returned from the dead (THREE if we assume that David is not really dead and will eventually come back). Greenlee, herself, has returned from the dead. She's not a Black Widow so much as an out-of-control dead/not-dead remote control, not unlike a malfunctioning garage door opener.

Robin "whatever happened to her 'natural look' makeup campaign?" Coutellier

Thursday, September 16, 2010

BC - Wed, 9/15/10

Jesse ponders photos of the main suspects (in his mind) of David's murder. Uh, he left out a few key photos; for instance, he should have included an extended-FAMILY photo of his own family. Of course, it could be something as simple as David berating a waiter at the Yacht Club.

I've long thought that the Pine Valley Bulletin was a rag. Don't you just love how they put a close-up of David lying dead on the floor and the photo takes up almost an entire page? We should be glad he wasn't disemboweled or we'd be seeing entrails roped all over the Yacht Club floor. OTOH, if we'd seen THAT we might be slightly more inclined to believe he's REALLY dead. Notice I said more inclined, not CERTAIN.

Greenlee chose to wear THOSE fetish shoes to David's funeral? They made ME think of how she was virtually shackled/bound to him. You'd think she would never want to wear anything at all that would remind her of that.

Is Angie going to pray out loud every day that she's on the show?

Robin "the location of the impromptu wake WAS really thoughtless and tacky" Coutellier

BC - Mon-Tue, 9/13-14/10

Kendall accused Greenlee of intending to send Erica to prison. Greenlee, who was "coming clean" about everything to Kendall and Bianca, said: "No!" Uh, YES. She absolutely, unequivocally intended for Erica to go to prison; I remember she and David discussing it and chortling gleefully over the prospect.

Amanda, Jake and Tad go over papers David filed in an effort to get rid of Angie. Tad says that it's too bad she chose to continue to practice medicine even though she was losing her sight. Jake: "She should lose her CAREER over this?" Uh, YES. I don't have a hate-on for Angie -- I like her a lot, in fact, but she DID screw up.

If someone is about to be fired for practicing medicine while blind, why would having all her friends there to testify as to what a good person she is make a difference? Why would they all be allowed in the ROOM, even? It's not like it's a public court hearing. If they are going to speak on her behalf, it should be one person at a time with the others waiting in a different room. And Greenlee SHOULD be there, considering that she is on the Board (or a proxy should be there for her; she WAS widowed only the night before, so I imagine they could cut her some slack). Does the Hospital Board consist of only three people?

Now all Angie's friends and family are clapping for her after she defends herself. Angie stands there, noble in her refusal to accept being "handicapped". It was a nice speech, but is that really the place for her own entourage to be applauding her as if she just gave a rousing valedictorian speech? And her being handicapped is not the issue. She didn't fess up to it and put the hospital and patients at risk. She also, most likely, put others at risk of catching whatever she has. They made a point after a LONG time to say it was not contagious from HER, but they made a HUGE point of the fact that it was EXTREMELY contagious from the patient from whom she caught it. As she stood there looking noble and self-righteous, I thought of the speech Otter gave in Animal House and how all his frat brothers stood up and hummed the national anthem as they marched out in a self-righteous huff of American pride, which had nothing whatsoever to do with the issue at hand.

Why aren't a bunch of OTHER doctors and medical personnel in the peanut gallery? Yes, there are letters, but the presence of someone other than her friends and family might indicate that someone cares enough to do more than write a letter or sign a petition.

Why didn't JAR call eBabe when he realized AJ was missing, if only to find out if AJ went to HER?

Ryan bursts into the penthouse and informs Madison that he didn't do it -- he's FREE! Hold on there, Ryan -- you didn't BEAT him to death, but there's nothing to indicate yet that you didn't manage to get a lethal dose of Digitalis into him.

If Ryan was arrested for murder, wouldn't they have gotten a search warrant to search his place immediately?

Madison must have left the hearing the second she finished praising Angie, because the hearing was still going on when Madison was at Ryan's place.

Why did the Board make JAKE read the letter from David? That's just plain STUPID and totally unexplained. Was it so that the actors playing board members wouldn't have to be paid for the number of lines that needed to be spoken?

A vial (an empty vial) of Digitalis was in Ryan's coat pocket. You KNOW it was planted.

I wonder if Mayor Blanco had anything to do with dosing David. Yes, she was pugnaciously in David's corner in all things, but what if he had something on HER, too? Maybe she was sick and tired of doing his bidding, politically speaking. So why would she plant the vial in Ryan's pocket? Why not? At least it's not HER pocket.

Then again, the medical access to liquid Digitalis steers it back toward Nurse Gayle. Of course, ANYONE in town can get access to ANYTHING they want, one way or another, so that puts the Digitalis ball back in everyone's court.

In an AMC historical note, Digitalis was used to kill off David Thornton back around 1978. David Thornton was also a doctor (and cardiologist at that, I think). He tried to kill Edna Thornton by putting Digitalis in her wine. He was treating her for heart problems and he thought he could get away with it because the Digitalis would be untraceable (apparently they've figured out how to trace it since then) and it would mimic (or cause) a heart attack . He and Edna were distracted by something and little Dottie Thornton (6) playing around, almost drank from it, then quickly put the glass back, inadvertently trading the places of the wineglasses. David died from a heart attack brought on by massive dose of Digitalis.

Robin "in Pine Valley heart doctors named 'David' are doth destined to die due to dreaded Digitalis" Coutellier