Thursday, July 29, 2010

BC - Tue, 7/27/10

There is speculation that David is being set up to be murdered. Eh. We've been speculating that for YEARS.

I think David has done WAY more despicable things than this. Yeah, he's setting up Greenlee to go to jail for a VERY long time if she doesn't stay with him, but that's kind of small potatoes compared to keeping Maria from everyone who knew her for YEARS (he never WOULD have told her the truth), drugging an entire boatload of people, drugging Adam to the point of near death just so he could be a hero and "save" him, trying to kill Adam with a gun, etc., etc. The list of David's sins is VERY long.

That said, it was definitely surprising that he set Greenlee up from the very beginning of their marriage, or at least the very beginning of the whole airplane/framing Erica situation. Then again, it IS David we're talking about.

It's certainly unexpected, though. I sure didn't see it coming. There truly IS no redeeming this asshole. I don't like Greenlee, but she doesn't deserve this. Aside from marrying the jerk just to spite Ryan and for emotional security (locking her heart away), she's actually been relatively mature since her return. Of course, that may just be the Botox talking, but she hasn't been the super-schemer she used to be. She's been pretty dull, IOW.

The issue here was that she TRUSTED him not to hurt her. Their entire relationship is based on that trust that goes way back. She saw him as a big brother through her marriage to Leo, and she let herself think that she loved him after they got married, although it was not a passionate love. She knew he kept doing nasty things, but for the most part, he was doing a lot of it FOR her and WITH her (taking over the hospital, for instance), so that made it more palatable and she enjoyed a lot of it. She certainly benefited from a lot of it.

And now she's a bird in a cage. Given David's access to surgical instruments, his surgical skill, etc., Greenlee must be having visions of Boxing Helena at this point. With good reason. You'd think David would just drug her all the time, though; that IS his forte', after all. This way, though, she is a "willing" wife, Ryan can't rescue her and she can still pretend to have a marriage to anyone who might question it. She could kill him, of course, or hire someone to do it, but I'm sure he has other safeguards in place to keep that from happening.

Robin "the Green Butterfly has been pinned" Coutellier

BC - Mon-7/26/10

Tad asks Jesse if he thinks Liza would lie about something like THAT (Damon kissing her). Uh, Jesse might not be the most unbiased person to ask that question, considering that Liza accused him of trying to rape her (or actually raping her?) way back in the day. Uh, yeah, she WOULD lie about something like that.

How did Colby's dress manage to survive the trip to NYC completely unwrinkled from the moment she whipped it out of her suitcase? It must be one of those Harry Potteresque suitcases where it looks like a suitcase on the outside, but on the inside there is actually an entire closet with hangers, shelves, shoe compartments, valets and tea-towel-clad house elves laboring over little tiny steam irons.

Well it's about TIME they let us in on the fact that Liza has been replacing Damon's pills with something else. I couldn't figure out how it was that Damon could not notice that the pills were GONE. At least she's giving him placebos and not some other drug. Then again, since she's getting them from David, God KNOWS what they might contain.

Colby and Damon have already been in one car accident -- hasn't it ever occurred to Liza that Damon's impulsivity could cause any number of bad situations to be inflicted upon her daughter? Apparently not.

Oh PLEASE! That is SO not a month's supply of pills David gave to Liza. If they were LITTLE pills that might be the case, but those are pretty good-sized pills and they don't take up much space in the bottle. How hard would it have been for them to fill it up to a believable volume?

Why is Tad so high and mighty about Damon and Colby being in a hotel room in NYC in a state of undress? They ARE both adults, after all. Yeah, they shouldn't have taken off without telling anyone, but showing up at the door is sooooo tacky! Oh well, at least, for once, people didn't just burst into what would normally be an automatically locked door, although I'm sure they WOULD do that, rather than knocking, if it were not unlocked.

Ah, Tad is pissed off that Damon kissed Liza. Really? THAT is why they drove to New York to break up the young lovers? They had to interrupt the kids in BED for that? Damon had to be dragged out shirtless for THAT? Don't these people have ANY dignity at ALL?

Why is ANYONE allowed to see Ryan if he just got out of surgery after having a brain aneurysm operated on? He should be in ICU or, at the VERY least, have his visitors controlled. David should not be allowed ANYWHERE near him. Neither should Greenlee, for that matter. Even Madison is questionable. ALL of these people could stress Ryan out.

I LOVED how Tad glared at Liza and the way he showed her the photos on the phone.

Did the Joe and Ruth sell their house? I'm surprise David didn't snap it up just to spite Tad and Jake. It would be too tacky (in his view) to live in for long, but you would think he would buy it just to deface it and then tear it down because he's just THAT petty.

I was glad to see Ryan wince after yelling (good naturedly) after Madison. Just before he winced I was thinking that must hurt to yell like that in his condition.

Robin "Let me just test your reflexes, Ryan--oops! Was that your head I hit with the hammer? I meant to bonk the knee. My bad." Coutellier

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BC - Fri, 7/23/10

I admire the ability of the actors to stroll through the park and not frantically try to shoo away the multitude of bugs that seem to be flying around. I hope none of them inhaled any.

Don't board members on both sides (Cortlandt and Chandler) have some say in a purchase/takeover? Aren't there regulations and forms to be filled out and official approvals to be made? Does JAR's flunky have a receipt written on a napkin?

Line Of The Day (LOD):
Bianca tells Caleb that her mother and Jack are on the "windy Riviera". CaLeb: "Poor Uncle Jack's hair."

Bianca says she can't wait until the kids see Wildwind (she's planning to rent it from Caleb). Caleb tells her to just wait until he clears out and Bianca gets snippy about him not liking kids. Hello? WTH would she move in before HE moves out?

Jake was a little handsy with the nurse when he told her to take Ryan to Radiology. He ended up saying "Let's GO" and familiarly put his hand on her back in a combination of encouragement and urging her to skedaddle like a good little girl. It was very unprofessional and I did NOT like it.

Angie should have stepped down way BEFORE this. She tells Jake it's time to do it now and he tries to convince her not to do that. WTF? She keeps going BLIND and won't let anyone else know about it. She should NOT be treating patients and she should NOT even BE at the hospital if she can't own up to that and caves when she's pressured to treat patients.

Bianca tells Miranda (over the phone) that she and her little sister are going to have SO much fun there! Checking out the stables (where people keep having sex and frightening the horses and where a paralyzed Edmund burned to death), wandering through the garden, playing hide and go seek til they drop ... I continued the verbal tour for her: Seeing where the turret burned down after/as Gillian was shot in the head, rendering her braindead, the mausoleum where Marian was held captive in a crypt and multitudes of people hid out and/or were imprisoned, the well where JaNut-From-Another-Planet tossed her sister so that she could impersonate her and marry Trevor Dillon, resulting in the conception of Amanda, the mine shaft where Laurel and Jack dumped Denny's dead, rug-encased body, the Hunting Lodge where Erica stabbed Dimitri with a letter opener and where, further back in time, Alf Gresham regularly beat the shit out of the little boy, Edmund. Oh, and there's the chapel where SOOO many temporary marriages and interrupted funerals took place. On the plus side, Wildwind was where Timmy first encountered Harold, the Wonder Dog.

Robin "Ahhh, GOOD TIMES!" Coutellier

Monday, July 26, 2010

BC - Thu, 7/22/10

I went to the recorded programs on my Tivo to choose Thursday's show and saw the very brief description: "Ryan experiences intense pain". O-KAY! Now THAT is a show to which I can look forward! I'm going to be disappointed, aren't I? Yup. It wasn't until the last moments of the show and he fainted before it got too bad.

Robin "please tell me he at least pooped his pants as he collapsed" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 7/21/10

Scott and Annie went all night and well into the next morning without him answering her about getting married? I find it hard to believe that Annie was willing to wait that long. Actually, I find it hard to believe that ANYONE would wait that long without at least DISCUSSING why they were waiting to answer.

I also find it hard to believe that eBabe didn't realize that it was morning and she had been up studying all night (apparently everyone in the house was up all night for one reason or another). Is she that oblivious to AJ?

Wait a second -- it's theoretically morning in PV -- so why is everyone gathered for a party (with cake) for Damon when they should be thinking about breakfast? IS it morning? Is it in the evening of the next day and neither Scott nor JAR was home all night or all of the day? What the hell TIME is it? Okay, FINALLY Damon mentions that it's lunchtime. So that means eBabe still hasn't checked on AJ since the night before. And since there was no peep from them and everyone else, including Krystal, left the house, Kathy and Jenny were apparently not even invited to the Welcome-To-The-Family party for Damon. Nor was Opal. If I were Damon, I'd consider blowing off the lame-ass party, too.

Scott gets a ring and proposes to Annie at the yacht club in front of JAR and eBabe and, at the last moment, Colby. Scott says doing it in front of family makes it even MORE special. WTF? The Chandler family is TOXIC! Would YOU want family members like them around when you proposed to someone, even if you knew what the answer would be? JAR, especially, is likely to sneer and say something really nasty to ruin the moment. At least eBabe has a touch of class, even though she's probably pricing guns and/or divorce lawyers at this point.

As part of his proposal, Scott tells Annie that she's all fight and fire and that when she wants something, NOTHING stands in her way. Uh, YEAH, she kidnaps, stabs and MURDERS people (that's PLURAL persons) that get in her way. I'd hardly call that an ADMIRABLE trait. All things considered, Scott looked like a total imbecile (to me) proposing to her with his face all glowing with love and sincerity. I think I'm going to HURL!

Liza is clearly obsessed about how Tad hurt her by having sex with her mother when Liza was a teenager. It keeps coming up between them. She is NEVER going to let that go, so why is Tad staying with her? If she can't get past that, then their marriage is going to be miserable. Well, given how much of a stone cold bitch Liza is and how Sanctimartinous (tm) Tad can be, not to mention the fact that they live in Pine Valley, it will be miserable in any case.

Okay, so now the adoption papers were signed "weeks ago" (when Damon kissed Liza) as opposed to "last night". I think AMC is on the wrong channel -- it should be on a science fiction channel.

Robin "Pine Valley, PA, where there IS no space-time continuum" Coutellier

Thursday, July 22, 2010

BC - Mon-Tue, 7/19-20/10

Why would home services show up to inspect a home at NIGHT for a routine adoption check? And it IS night, in July and it's been dark for a while now, which means it's probably after 9pm (and Trevor should be in bed, not playing with the toddler 4 floors down). Do they really do surprise visits at NIGHT? If Damon really WERE 9 years old, he'd probably be in bed and the social worker would be disrupting their routine.

As I mentioned previously, Trevor has been reverse SORAS'd. Although he should be about 13 months old, there's no way the baby portraying him is walking yet although Amanda made it sound like he was.

Okay, Damon is all scattered, almost stood her up and he's not dressed for a party, but Colby has been bitchy and emotionally demanding to him for a while now. This couple is DOOMED.

If the social worker JUST left the house after her surprise night inspection, how did the adoption papers magically arrive? Wouldn't she have to do some paperwork and have the papers filed with the court, etc.? Apparently not in Pine Valley! She must have filled them out and put the Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Seal on it in her car at the curb, called an all-night messenger service, had them come to the car in front Tad's house and then deliver the papers to him (even though they probably weren't even COPIED unless she also has a copier in her car plugged into the cigarette lighter). Lame, lame, lame.

How often does Damon have to take those pills? Didn't Liza take his pills away earlier the same evening? Does Damon have to take them every couple of hours or he goes off the rails? Liza is still wearing the same clothes and even the same bracelet (and you know soap divas never wear the same outfit twice), but Colby is talking like Damon's been behaving erratically over the course of at least several days if not longer. I HATE it when they timewarp everything! It gives me a headache.

Damon KNOWS he's supposed to be taking his pills, so if it's been more than just a couple of hours that they've been missing, he knows enough to try to get them replaced, even if he IS being scattered right now.

Jamie Luner is fabulous shape, but the wardrobe dept should really consider putting her back into more Liza-like clothes (i.e., not sprayed on). All those tight skirts in profile aren't as flattering is they might be on someone a little younger.

Is Liza carrying Damon's pills around in her purse? If so, not only would it be easy for Tad to find them inadvertently, but they'd be rattling around every time she moved her purse.

JAR tells Colby that eBabe, AJ and Colby are his FAMILY and they will ALWAYS come FIRST with him. BULLSHIT! The only thing that comes first with him is his dick. I can't believe he said that right after Colby catches him making out with Annie. Way to put your family first, ASSHOLE!

Robin "JAR and Annie make me sick" Coutellier

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BC - Wed-Fri, 7/14-16/10

Why did Ryan walk away from a falling-down-drunk Greenlee to make a quick phone call? He HAS a cellphone.

Tidbit: Frankie and Randi live in apartment 2G.

Angie said: "Nothing makes me happier than making meals for my menszez." Except the closed-captioning said "menses". I guess there really isn't a way to spell men-zez, considering it's not really a word.

Damn, Bianca must have developed teleporting powers when she was back in France. Between her weekend roundtrip jaunts to Paris and her lightning fast response to Erica's request that she deliver a message to Caleb, I'm surprised she isn't causing sonic booms. Not that PV didn't ALREADY have a transporter, but Bianca seems to have improved the technology.

Pine Valley is a "small town". How does its numbered streets go anywhere near have 54 of them?

How was Madison able to open Ryan's hotel room door so that she could burst in on him and Greenlee? Her posture made it obvious she did NOT use a key, and they've already demonstrated that they need problematic keycards to get in.

Why doesn't JAR just come out and tell Annie and/or Scott WHY this special client needs "special handling"? It was only at the yacht club that he even TRIED.

Obviously the client hasn't done any homework on Annie and HER talents -- the batshit-crazy homicidal ones, I mean.

JAR bursts into the client's room to rescue Annie. He strikes the time-tested pose of all soap heroes who burst into a room to save someone -- and he makes sure we get a good look at his heroic pose, rather than actually rescuing Annie immediately.

Robin "It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a ... oh, it's JAR" Coutellier

Sunday, July 18, 2010

BC - Tue, 7/13/10

Greenlee says she has to go pick up some artwork from the shop before it closes. Doesn't she have flunkies-- er, employees to do that?

Given the revolving door of women who get involved with her daddy on a continuous basis, you'd think that, at this point, Emma would be standoffish, if not downright HOSTILE to Madison. Every time another woman comes into her father's life, chaos ensues, her mother goes even further batshit crazy, and the flavor-of-the-week disappears.

What's with the sudden terror talk? Bianca's name gets put on a no-fly list (okay, so they can keep her here longer, but sheesh, she just flew to Paris and back the DAY before (2 days, MAX)). Then she and Jack casually throw around the word "Guantanamo". WTF? Why would they DO that?

Ryan tells David he has better things to do with his time than to eavesdrop on David's calls. Then what is he doing in the park? Doesn't he have better things to do with his time than go for a stroll in the park?

When David told Ryan "I'm sure you'll be there to comfort Greenlee in the end," was I the only one who wondered about which of her "ends" he would be comforting first?

Did you notice the waitress in the background at Krystal's just before Greenlee became falling-down drunk? She was making the most of her walk-on part, twisting back and forth while holding a menu (or possibly the bill), then dipping down dramatically to place it on the table as if it were a big birthday cake, and then doing a cute pose before departing. She and her friends probably had a party to watch the episode so they could all applaud her performance and drink to it

Robin "It was kind of cute!" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 7/12/10

OT/TAN: Have you seen the new tampon commercial that ends with the tagline "same great protection, only cuter!" ROTFLMAO!!! Isn't that like saying "like a regular-sized medicated hemorrhoidal wipe, only cuter!"

Why is eBabe at Krystal's looking for coffee after JAR dismissed her from the room while he, Annie and Scott were meeting with Caleb in the living room? She's supposed to be making a fort with AJ. Speaking of that, I kept trying to spin it that he wanted AJ out of the room, and he probably did, but his dismissal of eBabe was VERY condescending and downright belittling of her in my point of view. Then again, I suppose my continuing to call her eBabe instead of Marissa is condescending and downright belittling of her, too. But come on -- it's a CLASSIC nickname since she's Babe's sister and her mother split up the twins and sold her when she was a baby (keeping the glittery one), and she came onto the show after Babe died, like some sort of consolation prize.

I hope Erica is using a lot of Fusion sunscreen, because she is spending a hell of a lot of time in that park. And why does Caleb go there when he has acres of woodland to roam upon in solitude right there at Wildwind? For that matter, it was established when Maria first came back to town with amnesia that Wildwind is up on a hill, visible from the park. He should appreciate the fact that he's at least on a MINI-mountain. Maybe what appears to be a public park IS Wildwind and everyone else keeps trespassing on it. Lord knows no one in town has any sense of personal or property boundaries. Caleb should go after them on a power-mower.

Liza: "What woman can resist flowers?" ME. I was bombarded with flowers by an abusive boyfriend back in 1985. To me it screams insincere and manipulative. I was as much of a prop as the roses were in the constant drama he staged. The roses meant nothing, and neither did I, and he ruined getting flowers from guys for me. So many guys think flowers fix EVERYTHING, no matter how heinously they've behaved. How stupid do they think we ARE?

I had a very loving boyfriend in the 1970s who would occasionally give me flowers. Every now and then, out of the blue, I would find one or two roses or daisies or some other pretty flower on my doorstep when I opened my door in the morning. THAT was loving and spontaneous and sweet. It wasn't on a schedule and there were no ulterior motives. He did not do it as a prop to make himself look romantic. He WAS romantic.

Robin "spontaneous" Coutellier

Thursday, July 15, 2010

BC - Fri, 7/9/10

I know it's totally Erica, but I REALLY think Jack and Erica should slink off to Las Vegas or wherever they can to just quietly get married again. Not only is this wedding #11, but it's to the same guy she married the last time, so what's the point of a big reception? Not that they'll actually GET married this time.

It was supposed to be funny when Caleb sniffed his shoes, but I couldn't help but think he was wondering if they might smell odd because they smelled so NEW, not because he had stinky feet, the shoes were moldy or he had stepped in dogshit.

Have you noticed that AMC now deems it acceptable to use the word "piss" and "pissed"? That used to be a taboo word on AMC.

Liza'a being a total BITCH to Caleb! Not that he's amiable in ANY way, but she should keep in mind that she and Tad are the ones who showed up on Caleb's doorstep unannounced. They are intruding on HIS privacy and he doesn't know them. I wouldn't want to talk to Liza, either, and I sure as hell wouldn't invite her in. Of course, given her intense animosity toward him, she'll probably end up in a love triangle with him and Krystal.

WTH is wrong with Liza and Tad that they are incapable of having (or at least attempting to have) sex in the privacy of a bedroom? Two little girls, Tad's mother, Tad's ex-wife and now his grown son all live in that house, yet he and Liza INSIST on disrobing, making out and attempting to have sex in the living room over and over again, no matter how many times they get interrupted there. Idiots.

Caleb shoos out all of Krystal's customers at the restaurant, telling them that there's a gas leak. The people all get up and quietly leave without a word or even any expressions on their faces as Krystal yells at him for doing it. WTF? What are they, Stepford patrons?

Robin "why doesn't Caleb have an accent?" Coutellier

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BC - Thu, 7/8/10

NOTE: I'm just now picking up where I left off on Sunday with this episode. Sorry about that! Some of my observations/questions have probably been answered, but I don't know about it yet.

Is Erica launching her new perfume in Italy before she launches it in the U.S.? That's the only reason I can think of to send Amanda there when she hasn't done anything so far but photo shoots in [snort] the Fusion office.

Angie still hasn't told anyone but Jake about her intermittent blindness. Does that mean she's still driving?

I KNOW I'm not the only one who thought of Erica and the word "Grandmother" when Frankie said something to Madison about the dreaded "g-word" (Greenlee) not coming up

Angie tells Jake that her vision disappeared, but came back after she banged her leg into a table. Where THERE is her solution! She just needs to keep a hammer handy and whack herself with it whenever she feels her vision start to blur. She could wear it around her neck like a stethoscope. In lieu of that, I'm sure David would be willing to smack her anytime she asks.

Oh, Angie IS taking meds? It's about TIME they let us in on that little tidbit.

Amanda says she's going to pass on the Italy shoot if Jake can't go with her. Doesn't she have a contract that REQUIRES her to go? Contract? Oh, they didn't REALLY mean it. I mean, going to the zoo with her husband and baby is MUCH more important than the thousands of dollars it's going to cost the company for her to back out of it NOW. I thought she has already been identified as THE model/face of the company, at least for Erica's glamor side of things. The web is all atwitter about it (Twitter, too). She has a fanbase. She's already been announced and touted in the press. She acts like it's a vacation instead of a working, contractual obligation. Italy-schmitaly, my ASS! I hope Fusion takes her to court over it.

Why is Madison buck nekkid in the Hubbard living room? Yeah, I know it was so Frankie could catch her, but how stupid was THAT? Talk about making yourself at home!

Randi's top is nice, but that bolero/jacket/jacklette/whatever-the-hell it's called is BUTT UGLY! Whoever decided that it would be a good look should be FIRED!

How long was Jesse in WV that days would go by without him telling her he loved her? He and Bianca must have been in the same time warp. And, like Bianca, I don't remember him even leaving. And being in another state is hardly an excuse -- he DOES have a cellphone, after all.

So now they're going to send Randi to Milan instead of Amanda? Excuse me? Haven't we been down this road before? Randi was a H-O-O-K-E-R. There are videos of her having sex out on the internet. She WAS going to be the face of Fusion, but they had to scrap that campaign when the videos surfaced. Nope, looks like they've ALL -- including Randi -- completely forgotten about it.

Madison and Frankie have an mutual admiration fest. I had to LOL when Frankie told Madison that Ryan was a lucky guy and he just didn't know it yet. Uh, Madison MURDERED her husband and was a gambling addict, alcoholic (they seem to have completely dropped those two storylines) and blackmailer. Yeah, Ryan is a lucky, lucky guy! Not that Ryan is a prize. I wouldn't blame Madison for murdering husband #2 if said husband turned out to be Ryan.

I'm curious -- who's the blond child in the photo behind Jake and Amanda's couch? The child is too old to be Trevor. It looks more like AJ.

Robin "late to the party" Coutellier

Saturday, July 10, 2010

BC - Wed, 7/7/10

Ah, NOW I see why Erica had bedhead. She went to Caleb's with the express intention of visually seducing him into getting his (hopefully) undivided attention and cooperating with her. She's also tried to get him drunk. Ah, she has papers for him to sign. This is vintage Erica.

Michael Nouri (Caleb) has surprisingly few wrinkles for someone who is going on 65 years old. Susan Lucci isn't the only one with some reconstruction going on. His lack of wrinkles is also what clangs with me as far as his character goes. They are portraying him as a hardcore mountain man, but not only his his cabin ridiculously clean and new looking, but so is HE. It's a hard life and it tends makes people look OLDER than other people of the same age, not younger. I guarantee you that Caleb is NEVER without three essential things in his pockets, even if a plane DOES fall on his house:
  • An all-in-one tool (you know, the kind with cutting tools, screwdrivers, can openers, etc., all in one compact, fold-up utility)
  • Sunscreen
  • Moisturizer and LOTS of it
Not necessarily in that order. It WAS pretty rough for Caleb to sleep out under the stars, considering it meant being without his ENTIRE Clinique For Men collection.

I thought AJ went WITH JAR, even though eBabe was going to stay home to study. Apparently not. Why didn't JAR do a favor for his wife and take the kid out of her hair while she crammed for the bar exam? When I made the earlier comment about AJ drowning while JAR drooled and dallied, I said it in the frame of context that AJ was already on the beach and JAR was going to join him when Annie showed up.

I like the little kid playing AJ better than the original one. That's probably mostly because the new one looks a LOT like my own son when he was little Well that and the previous kid always made me think of a face you might see on a poster for the H____r Youth campaign. Just the way he looked, not anything he said or did. I'm sure he's a very sweet little boy.

Madison works for Ryan -- did he really NOT have her in his contacts already, and vice-versa? Not that anyone in PV NEEDS speed-dial -- No one ever had to look up a number or dial all 7 digits even back when they did rotary dialing, although I DO remember one time where someone actually DID dial all 7 numbers. I think it might have been in the 1990s. Of course, that one shining bit of realism was vastly negated by the fact that everyone had faux-wood-paneled answering machines from the 1970s up until just a few years ago. Really, I think they were still using them as recently as 2005, and that was at WORK! Every now and Erica would use voicemail at Enchantment, but then she'd turn around and use a vintage answering machine again. To be fair, answering machines are MUCH better soap plot devices for eavesdropping and accidental recording purposes.

Annie talks about being destitute and on the run with Emma while hiding from her first husband. She says they were in San Francisco and were kicked out of the shelters eventually, so she broke into a cottage ON THE WHARF to keep off the streets. On the WHARF? Oh PUH-LEEZE! The wharf doesn't have "cottages". It's a W-H-A-R-F in a major city, not Cape Cod. It has docks, warehouses, a plethora of tourist shops and (until recently) loud, aggressive and stinky sea lions.

Erica forgot to take her shawl when she left Wildwind.

Robin "will Caleb pick it up and sniff it?" Coutellier

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BC - Tue, 7/6/10

Why doesn't AMC have an audio library of babies/children crying that are appropriate to the ages of said babies/children? That always bugs me when they get it wrong. Today was one of the worst misfires. Jenny was upstairs and started to cry, so Opal left Liza in the entryway to go to Jenny. That "cry" sounded like it was coming from a 1-month-old! Jenny is over THREE years old now! I just googled Colby having to help deliver her and discovered Jenny was born in early April 2007.

When JAR was telling eBabe about the cottage that Uncle Palmer had left him, it sounded like he said that Al Capone had left him the cottage

Erica gushes over Bianca being back so soon from Paris. I didn't realize she had LEFT. I vaguely remember her saying something about getting back to the girls, but this is ridiculous.

If Kendall isn't up to running her company and can't even be bothered to KNOW about ANYTHING having to do with it, then why doesn't she just shit or get off the pot? Sell it and move on!

Annie tells JAR that the sooner she is not his drug of choice, the better it will be for both of them. She's right up in his face as she says it, though.

That's a pretty ineffective security alarm if Caleb can make it stop simply by hitting the wall three times.

Erica to Caleb: "Oh, go back and eat your damn squirrel, then."

Robin "will AJ drown while JAR drools and dallies?" Coutellier

Sunday, July 4, 2010

BC - Thu, 7/02/10

When Madison said she was distracted by a squirrel, how many of you looked around to see if Greenlee was nearby?

I thought it was funny when Tad told Damon that there was a reason they made it (it being the phone) cordless. It occurred to me that Damon has never lived in a world where a CORDED phone was the norm. The most old-fashioned phone he has probably ever seen in a home was probably big clunky cordless receivers with antennae that you had to pull out when you were on the phone. Cell phones, while not as prevalent as they are now, were becoming much more mainstream by the time he was 7-years old. I feel old.

Why didn't Amanda and Jake bring Trevor over to Tad's? You'd think that would be their first stop on the way back from New York.

Amanda tells Damon that she can't believe that Liza would stoop that low to try to seduce Damon (or at least set it up to look like they were having sex) so that Colby would find out and break up with him. Hello? Liza is the one who BLACKMAILED you guys (or at least Jake) into giving HER your baby when you gave him away, and faked a pregnancy. Uh, yeah, it's VERY believable that she would stoop that low.

Ryan said he was playing hooky so he could go running in the park because he couldn't let a day like "today" go to waste. Yeah, running in 100 degree heat and high humidity is MY idea of a perfect day -- NOT!

Gee, what are the odds Greenlee and David will stroll into a scene with Madison and Ryan in the park? Oh look there they are NOW!

Those were really large letters on Damon's cellphone. Wouldn't his buddies call him an old man if they saw letters that large? My cheapo Virgin Mobile phone has a pretty small display and I WISH I could get large letters on it, but then, I *AM* an old lady now. I hold things away from me to read, but I've pretty much run out of (short) arm. Hmmm, that's a question for you tall ones out there who are over 40: Do you get to go longer before HAVING to resort to reading glasses to read things, simply because your arms are longer?

When Greenlee and David work on building a house, will she have any flashbacks to Aidan building a house for her? Whatever happened with that? I know she was unhappy that he did it without consulting her, but as I recall, the building DID start on it. Maybe it was sold.

If Erica is going to take over Cortlandt Electronics (along with Caleb), will posters for electronics suddenly come out with alluring photos of Erica EVERYWHERE? Are they going to make pink and/or scented computers?

Robin "something tells me she doesn't know how to market to the nerd crowd" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 6/30/10

Marissa wants to go shopping. Is she going to slut herself up? Wow, while I was typing that question, Marissa tells Krystal that Annie told her that she wasn't sexy enough to hold onto JAR, so she wants Krystal to help her shop for sexier clothes. Well, if she wants to slut herself up, Krystal WOULD be the go to person for it.

Oh PUH-LEEZE! You can't just padlock someone out of their home on a whim, even if it IS in someone's will. You can EVICT them, but unless there's some crime taking place, it would be illegal to abruptly padlock people out of their home while they are elsewhere. You ESPECIALLY cannot, without any notice whatsoever, padlock someone out of their abode for the purpose of moving someone else IN. What about all their stuff? They'll "send" it to them? That means strangers and others are going to go through their very private belongings and not giving them access to so much as their own toothbrush. What about prescription medications that might be there? What about a safe?

This is utterly LUDICROUS!

Oh, and David has been lying about Wildwind -- I distinctly remember him saying that he BOUGHT Wildwind.

Wildwind isn't THAT bad for Caleb. They DO have lots of grounds to ride horses on, etc., and space between Wildwind and other abodes. There's also an abandoned well that's been boarded up and unboarded again for no apparent reason. There are acres of forest on the Wildwind estate. Of course, there's really no such thing as space in PV, where anyone at all can walk right past armed guards for the sole purpose of just walking onto into rich people's houses, unannounced, and taunting them.

Robin "maybe he can live in Lily's treehouse" Coutellier

Thursday, July 1, 2010

BC - Tue, 6/19/10

On Monday Angie fretted about her impending blindness as she cuddled a sleeping Jesse's arm after they made love. All I could think of was how close her presumably infected and contagious eyes were to his skin. Then I thought about how close her eyes had probably been to other parts of his body. I can just hear Jesse now: "OMG, I've got contagious fungal endophthalmitis dickitis with an added trace of some sort of ocular involvement!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! How the hell did I get THAT??? It's only GOT one eye, you know!" Angie: "Oops."

Is that a giant diaper pin holding Krystal's dress together? For you young'uns, a "diaper pin" is a quaint term to describe what was basically an extremely large safety pin that was used in the olden days to hold CLOTH diapers together. And yes, we DID sometimes inadvertently stick the poor little babies with the pins (along with ourselves). Ah, the good old days.

Annie's mourning "hat" with the spotted veil was HILARIOUS! Big black spots on her face kind of suit her -- it makes her look like she has malignant moles. Did she already HAVE that strappy veil holder/hat? If not, where did she get it on such short notice? Do they sell them in the lobby at the Pine Valley Mortuary?

Why do Scott, JAR and Annie keep talking about The Nanotech Project? Most projects that are still in development have a code name, sometimes with a sly reference to what the product actually is. I once worked on a project called Harem. It had to do with a Unix operating system in the 1980s. It was called Harem because "you'll always find eunichs in harems". Okay, so it was nerd humor -- maybe you actually had to be there So what should the code name for the Chandler nanotech project be? We could call it Mork since Mork was always saying "Nanoo, nanoo!" Or possibly Orson. Or, in keeping with the spirit of the project: hot stuff or booty since it's basically stolen goods or perhaps some sort of up-yours reference to Steve Jobs (actually the booty reference would also work if you've ever seen the TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. Any suggestions?

TAN/OT: One of my favorite, but old nerdy jokes was someone saying that he likes to name at least one computer/server elvis, because then if he used the command "ping elvis", it would come back and say "elvis is alive" [IMG][/IMG]

Krystal has a new restaurant now -- why is she still working for Jack?

That's an amazingly flimsy memorial to Palmer! What's it made out of, potato chips?

Why would they have a reading of a will at a yacht club outdoor restaurant? Don't the other yacht club members ever get tired of the same snobby, self-entitled people taking over the place on a pretty much daily basis?

If this is the newest version of the will that Jack hasn't even read yet, then why were Nina, Lanie, Bobby, Ross, etc., already taken care of? For all he knew, Palmer wrote them out of it in the Pigeon Hollow version. And shouldn't Adam be there? You'd think Palmer would leave something extra special in his will for Adam, like a sailboat paperweight ( a long time ago Palmer caressed and admired a sailboat figurine or paperweight as he taunted Adam while Adam was lying helpless on the floor of the boathouse after suffering a stroke).

JAR left the will reading while it was still going on, but after his own part was read. How RUDE!

How is it that neither Scott nor JAR knew of who or what owned HALF the stock in Chandler Enterprises all this time or that there even WAS this giant block of stocks? How could Palmer own HALF of it? There's never been any clue that Palmer did that, and Adam has ALWAYS had controlling interest. If Adam had only HALF interest in the company, a) someone would have had to represent the other half, and b) who were all those OTHER mysterious stockholders to whom they always had to answer? Talk about creative accounting!

If Palmer had all those shares of Chandler, why didn't he cash them in when he lost his own fortune, or, better yet, go into THAT business and continue to make Adam's life hell while making money, too?

Well, now we know Caleb's connection to PV -- he's Palmer's nephew. Why didn't the West Virginia relatives (i.e., Dixie, Will, Lanie, Di or even Del) know about him? We knew he had to have (or, in this case, WOULD have) money one way or another to even the playing field in PV. Caleb had better keep a chastity belt over his kidneys at all times lest he wake up in the morning in a bathtub full of ice and Del's fingerprints all over the place.

Robin "maybe NOW Krystal will get laid before the end of the year" Coutellier