Friday, October 29, 2010

BC - Mon-Tue, 10/25-26/10

JAR is talking to Annie in the living room. We hear a door slam. Not quite three seconds later Madison knocks on the open door to the living room to let them know she's there. She says his housekeeper let her in. Earlier Caleb had said one of the household help let him in. Who are all these mysterious house workers that keep letting people into the Chandler mansion, no questions asked, and why don't they TELL anyone that they've let anyone and everyone into the house? They rarely escort people to the living room or announce them in any way. In fact, they're invisible, mute and silent except for slamming doors.

How long is Ian going to remain a baby?

Annie made it sound like she had a child WITH Ryan. BZZZZT! Neither Annie nor Ryan even had an inkling that he was Emma's biological father -- they didn't even meet until Emma was 5 years old. Emma is the product of a sperm bank deposit and anonymous withdrawal while Annie was married to her first husband. For that matter, Ryan's first wife, Gillian, insisted that his sperm samples (which he made in an effort to earn $90K (because his sperm is THAT valuable)) be destroyed. They even went TO THE CLINIC and made a big point of it, so there was never supposed to be any samples left to make either Emma or Spike. Both of those sperm samples were part of a retconned storyline.

The article Asher had stated that his mother had been found dead at the mine. Colby mentioned that he had told her that his mother died giving birth to him, which meant that Halloween is his birthday. Well, which is it? Did she die giving birth or did she die in a mine explosion? Since it's a soap, she probably died during childbirth WHILE the mine was exploding. Asher must have been propelled into a cabbage patch by the force of the blast.

Robin "now that's what I call an explosive entrance" Coutellier

Monday, October 25, 2010

BC - Thu-Fri, 10/21-22/10

Jack is concerned that Greenlee didn't get any sleep the night before. He says he would have offered to come over and watch a movie with her. Is he freaking KIDDING me? Most lawyers in the middle of a MURDER trial get very little sleep and have no time to watch movies with their families and/or clients. Jackson has been handling this by the seat of his pants from the get-go.

Is is UP with eBabe? She goes to the Chandler mansion practically every single day to get something for AJ, confronts either JAR, Annie or both of them in the living room, then becomes outraged and storms out. She almost NEVER accomplishes the ostensible goal of why she's going over there in the first place. She getting to be quite a hag about it. I think she WANTS to find a way to start a fight for the sole purpose of storming off in a self-righteous huff over, of all things, all the drama. I'm beginning to think she may be just a tad hypocritical.

As a patient, I know I would feel SOOO much better know that Kendall Hart Slater had cleaned my room at PVH. I'm sure the room is quite sanitary once she's done with it and picks up all the stuff she's thrown on the floor (and reused), and my sense of personal safety is bound to be uplifted knowing that I'm surrounded by criminal elements with hearts of gold working off their community service in and around my room, the food preparation area, the Morgue, the Pathology Lab, the Maternity ward, the Cardiac Unit, Intensive Care and, of course, the Level 4 Infectious Diseases wing.

Robin "wash those hands!" Coutellier

Friday, October 22, 2010

BC - Mon-Wed, 10/18-20/10

Erica always makes a speech when she's a witness in a trial, whether it's someone else's trial or her own. And she always gets away with it.

Annie is an employee of Chandler Enterprises. She's the head of PR. Wouldn't she have a salary to fall back on, or can they freeze that, too?

Angie is worried about Jesse's blood pressure. Jesse tries to ignore her about it. Long-time watchers of AMC remember that his very own Uncle Frank, after whom whom Frankie is named, died from a stroke after an ongoing storyline of HIM having high blood pressure. I still remember when he died -- it shocked the shit out of me! He died very suddenly on a TUESDAY. Who (on a soap) dies on a TUESDAY?

If Liza doesn't want anyone to know she's in the hospital, why doesn't she insist they draw the privacy curtain around her bed?

I was stunned for a moment when Caleb was talking to Palmer's portrait -- I thought he had his dog's head stuffed and sitting on the mantelpiece. Turns out it was a photo. Wow, that is a VIVID photo! And I don't even have HD TV.

Liza is supposed to be rehydrated. So why doesn't she have an IV in. There's an IV there, but it's not connected, unless it's stuck somewhere where the sun don't shine. Maybe she's just absorbing it through the air, like it's a vaporizor with a really tiny outlet for the steam.

Liza tells Damon that when Jenny came along in high school and became her competition, THAT is probably when she started to fight. Oh please! Liza has been a feisty bitch from day one. Of course, I think we didn't know Liza existed until Jenny came along, but you don't get to be the way Liza was back then without a LOT of fighting/domination. She wasn't popular for her personality -- the rest of the girls were probably scared scrunchy-less to oppose her in any way. She definitely fell into the category of "Mean Girls".

Flub of the day: Liza referred to Jenny as "Jeanie".

Robin "I miss Marcy Walker" Coutellier

Monday, October 18, 2010

BC - Wed-Thu, 10/13-14/10

Jesse begs Jack NOT to call Angie as a witness (who also had a motive to kill David) in Greenlee's trial. He says that he can't DO this to Angie now -- not if Jackson is the decent, honorable, and ethical lawyer that Jesse knows him to be. Hello??? Jesse, Jackson is a LAWYER. He could be disbarred for not vigorously defending his client, and he has a duty to create reasonable doubt. The fact that everyone in town wanted to kill David means that there are PLENTY of other possible suspects and reasonable doubt. As a doctor and Chief Of Staff, Angie would also have easy access to Digitalis.

Why is it that Scott is already in an orange uniform, but Greenlee had to wear her own clothes day after day while in jail? He's even in the same cell she was in (#4).

OT/TAN: Am I the only one who HATES that commercial about the mom who borrows her daughter's green shirt? It gives me the creeps. While I'm on the subject, that commercial with the cardboard cutout of an angry leprechaun gives me the creeps, too.

Did you notice that Jesse doesn't know how to pronounce "amnio"? He said "ammio".

Robin "it's only a syllable away from ammonio" Coutellier

Friday, October 15, 2010

BC - Tue, 10/12/10

Liza mentions that Greenlee's trial starts tomorrow morning. BWAHAHAHAAAAA!! Stop, yer killin' me! Isn't this her first night out of jail? David's only been dead for a little over a month, and Greenlee was arrested for murdering David (after they arrested and released Ryan for murdering David) only a couple of weeks ago, if that. I know they play fast and loose with trials in PV, but this is utterly ABSURD! That's not even enough time to dispute a phone bill!

Natalia worries that she and/or Brot could be transferred if they get romantically involved. Transferred WHERE? To the other side of the park?

Robin "how many precincts does PV have?" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 10/11/10

Ah, NOW I see Susan Lucci's new cheek implants. Yup, summer "refreshment". She said Jack had made her BLISSFULLY happy in the last few months. Apparently he's been stuffing her ... cheeks.

Was Kendall's dress packaged in a plastic Egg casing before she put it on?

Why would anyone want to buy from or invest in a company that is CONSTANTLY in dire straits? Fusion has had it's top executives murdered, kidnapped, on trial, in jail, in prison, on the run after escaping from prison, they had all of their computer data completely wiped out, one of their former top employees is a whackjob multiple murderer (Annie), the co-founders keep disappearing for a months or even years on end, they've sold tainted products that made a lot of people sick, they've been shut down by the SEC, and their products are needlessly expensive.

Jackson tells Greenlee that the papers are calling her the "Green Widow". BWAHAHAHAHAA! That's a good one!

Something looks odd about that bench. Oh, I know -- it's not tagged! I guess Pine Valley doesn't have much of a gang problem, other than that nasty Fusionista gang.

I can't help it. I just can't take Scott seriously. Adam Mayfield, the actor playing him, is just so HAMMY all the time. He's constantly striking a pose, even if it's just with his face. It takes me completely out of the story every time I see him.

Annie makes it clear to Colby that her daughter is her priority in all this, and she doesn't want her getting hurt. Really? Annie's number one priority is ANNIE. If Emma was REALLY her priority, she would never insist upon continuing to live at the Chandler mansion and she would not have had sex -- again -- with JAR. For that matter, she wouldn't have married Scott so soon after her breakup with Adam.

Erica points out that Greenlee went RIGHT for the good sheets. That's Erica Kane's residence -- aren't ALL the sheets "the good sheets"?

Robin "will she hog the 'good' toilet paper, too?" Coutellier

Saturday, October 9, 2010

BC - Fri, 10/8/10

I see Erica FINALLY got her new digs finished and furnished. Unless those are Jack's new digs. I like the set, in any case.

Tidbit: Greenlee is in cell number 4.

Are we really supposed to feel warm and fuzzy because Ryan gave a key to Madison? How many times have we seen him symbolically give a key to the multitudes of women in his life? Not that any of them NEED a key since he conveniently leaves one under the planter in the hall.

Jack argues that Greenlee has family and friends and a business to run in Pine Valley and she's not about to leave all that. Oh really? She's done it before, more than once, and WITHOUT being in a coma. I don't know how he can say that with a straight face -- oh wait, yes I can. He's a lawyer.

Chandler Enterprises has already had a big press release about the nanotech project. You'd think Caleb, if not Erica, would have instantly figured out that THAT was at the crux of the whole "stealing from a dead man" thing.

I HATE it when men on soaps manhandle women! JAR has grabbed Annie's arm over and over in the last few days. Considering her own track record for mayhem and all she has lost, he should really think twice about how he treats her. Then again, if anyone on a soap ever thought twice about something, there would be no storylines.

Robin "is Annie the only women Ryan has ever been with that can cook?" Coutellier

BC - Tue-Wed, 10/5-6/10

So Scott went to Europe and back in the course of one day?

Oh look -- Erica is afraid of thunderstorms again. How convenient.

WOW! There's something you don't see every day (M-F)! Annie's makeup actually SMEARED. Not from the rain, but from crying. Yeah, it happens every once in ten blue moons, and this is apparently one of them.

How many days does Greenlee have to wear the same clothes? Does she even have a change of thong? Since she's been to jail Scott has gone to Europe, then back to Florida and now home to Pine Valley and she's STILL wearing the clothes she was wearing when they arrested her.

Scott managed to fly to Europe and back to Florida and then get to Pine Valley, yet he was unable to get to the top of the stairs in time to catch JAR and Annie having sex, even though they still had much of their clothing on as he started to ascend the stairs. For someone with such long legs, you'd think he'd get there faster. By the time he burst into the room, they were naked and done. It doesn't say much for JAR's stamina in the sack, either.

Robin "carrying Annie up the stairs must have tuckered him out" Coutellier

Friday, October 8, 2010

BC - Fri-Mon, 10/1-4/10

I liked the little nod to history when Annie said she thought she would invite the Ramseys to their party because it would probably bring a little more class. Juanita Ramsey was one of Phoebe's best friends; I don't think we ever saw Juanita in person (although we might have -- I have a vague image of a woman in a really wide hat), but Juanita was almost always mentioned when it came to Phoebe's talking about her social circle, which tended to consist mostly of the Daughters Of Fine Lineage.

Much like Erica's phobia about thunderstorms, Greenlee's claustrophobia conveniently comes and goes.

I know Kendall is a spoiled rich girl now, but she grew up in Florida (frequently referring to it as swampland), with ordinary parents. She yearned for the glamorous life, but she didn't HAVE it. Although her parents thought she was a princess, they did not have servants. Kendall has had to do her share of the work over the years, including going back to Florida to help her mother when her father was dying. So this helpless rich girl who's never had to wipe anything but her own pristine butt doesn't fly.

Oh puh-LEEZE! Since when does an employment agency recruiter meet with 19-yr-old prospective employees for interviews at a BISTRO unless they are rich and have connections? She hasn't even looked at his application yet!

Given their track records of being arrested, incarcerated and escaping, not to mention their own LENGTHY records of outlandish behavior when together, why on earth would Jesse agree to assign Kendall to clean up the cell area where Greenlee is being held? Is their sister act supposed to endear either one of them to us? Pssst! BOTH of you, listen and listen good: "BUTCH UP!"

AMC is VERY fond of using their new park set, which is nice for them because they don't have to go to a warehouse, haul it all to a studio, unpack it, pack it up at the end of the day and haul it back to a warehouse. But what are they going to do when the weather turns cold and/or rainy? Contrary to what people might think, it is NOT always warm and sunny in California; it rains, leaves fall and it gets downright frosty. On really rare occasions (outside of mountains where it's not so rare), it even snows. In any case, PV is still supposed to be in Pennsylvania. They might still use the park, but they're going to have to start putting on coats in another month.

Robin "Is the D.A. allowed to hire someone with a record?" Coutellier

Sunday, October 3, 2010

AMC - Thu, 9/30/10

I about threw up when Annie told JAR what a wonderful person he is. No he's not. I remember, back in the day on R.A.T.S.A. (USENET, as opposed to the Rochester Area Transportation Supervisors Association), when JAR was a boy and we were laying odds on how soon it would be before he turned into the town serial killer. Or was that Timmy Dillon (Amanda's brother/cousin)? Probably both, considering their traumatic childhoods.

Okay, I think the speculation that Zach is going to dump Kendall is probably accurate. Remember back when Kendall hooked up with and moved in with Ryan after Greenlee died. Erica made a point of warning that Kendall CANNOT be without a man in her life. She can't stand it. She's gotta have it and that's all there is to it. So how long will it be before Kendall, yet again, hooks up with Ryan? Or JAR? Or a new guy? Not that there was ever any doubt about Kendall, Ryan and Greenlee being in a "love" triangle. It was ever thus and ever WILL be, one way or another.

Robin "I wish they'd all go to Red Rock and play all day " Coutellier

BC, Tue-Wed, 9/28-29/10

Has Greenlee been Botoxed into oblivion? She rarely changes her expression. Granted, she has not been happy (downright depressed, in fact) since she came out of her coma, but Geez Louise, make SOME kind of expression! All she ever does these days is stare while looking guarded or vaguely sad.

Randi told Madison that she will cut any woman who tried to start anything up with her man. Really. For an ex-hooker, she didn't put much into it to back up her words. She said it with all the feeling, menace and warning of someone who ... um ... I just realized that no matter what I think of to compare it to, there ISN'T really anything, because most people put more emotion into choosing paper over plastic or what flavor of pudding they prefer or if someone cuts in line in front of them at the supermarket or someone sends their husband spam advertising Russian "girls" with live webcams. For someone "from the streets", she's got all the street skills of a ... um ... again, nothing to compare her to other than inanimate objects. I had to back the DVR up to hear it again because I needed to make sure she said what I thought I heard; they were just words coming out of her mouth, and nothing more.

Annie tells Scott (who hands her a key to look at a house to buy) that if they leave the Chandler mansion now, JAR wins. No he doesn't. How does he win? By not being all up in her face 24/24? By not eavesdropping on their every word? By not being able to listen outside their door when they have sex (we haven't seen it, but I wouldn't put it past him)? By not churning up everyone's stomach acid simply by breathing the same air space? By upsetting all the children? Oh yeah, JAR wins BIG TIME! She should think about she and Scott and their marriage winning and not giving a flying f**k about JAR outside of the office. I was glad to hear Scott say pretty much the same thing.

Are they doing something with JAR's eyes or makeup or something? Colby was right -- he IS looking like Adam. Is that on purpose? Maybe it's just the way JY is portraying him now with certain facial expressions. He's just sliding on into the rich asshole mogul slot vacated by Adam. Not that he didn't have the "rich asshole" part down pat long before now. It's kind of sobering to think of the characters that we saw being children or teens now stepping into the shoes of characters that have moved on. Tad has been (badly) slipping into Joe's shoes, playing the good guy "Father Knows Best" character for a while now. We didn't see her as a child or teen, but Krystal seems to be slipping into the Ruth/Myrtle role as the woman everyone in town has a cup of tea with as they pour their hearts out to her and she dispenses wise advice based on her years of experience or she just offers sympathy and a hug.

WOW! Someone (aside from an angry resident) actually ~ANSWERED THE DOOR~ at the Chandler mansion!!! Caleb didn't just walk/barge on in through an unlocked door -- he told whoever answered the door to tell JAR that he wanted to see him! I'm STUNNED! How ironic that the gruff mountain man is the only one in town with enough manners to actually knock on a door or ring a bell. THEN he barged on into the living room (barged as in slamming the door open).

Robin "at least he was polite about it" Coutellier