Friday, September 26, 2008

BC - Thu, 9/25/08

My sister Sharlene says that Kendall needs to go back into a coma for a while to give us a little break. After seeing how Kendall acted regarding Annie saving Little Adam from choking, I have to agree -- to a point; after all, even when Kendall was in a COMA she wouldn't stop yammering for even a second in her own mind (and ours)!

Sharlene also said that Petey is rich and needs to get Lasik surgery! As we discussed previously, there are pros and cons and not everyone is eligible for that kind of surgery. That said, this is PINE VALLEY, where people recover from bulletholes, gaping wounds and even heart transplant surgery without so much as a scar, all within a few days (although Dixie DID go around with a mark on her arm from the bullet wound for quite a while). Petey could EASILY have Lasik surgery with no lingering effects other than to make him look more like a young Johnny Depp (or occasionally like the angelic Ferris Bueller when he's trying to ingratiate himself).

Personally, I kind of like it when a cute guy wears glasses because then the only time he takes them off is when he's about to get naked. I have a kind of Pavlov response to that ;-)

Is it my imagination or is Annie's hair a little darker today?

Adam says his safe can't be opened without three separate codes -- BULLSHIT! People have ripped off his safe on many occasions (and even some legitimate occasions) and they sure as hell didn't put in three separate codes -- I'd be surprised if they had to enter three separate DIGITS.

Annie proclaims that she NEEDS Emma. Kendall jumps in and nastily says: "And what about what EMMA needs? Did you ever ONCE stop to think about THAT???" Uh, excuse me? This from the woman who only one or two nights ago angrily took her toddler out of his nice warm bed and out into a raging thunderstorm in order to cheer up his despondent father. Who was Kendall thinking about THEN? It certainly wasn't SPIKE.

Robin "Kendall sees the light, but how long will it be before she has another mental power outage?" Coutellier

Thursday, September 25, 2008

BC - Tue - 9/23/08

Amanda says that, aside from cracked glasses and a small burn on his chest, Petey will be fine. Excuse me? SMALL burn? Wasn't it like 3" across? That's not a "small burn" in MY book. To me, a "small burn" is a fingertip that accidentally touches a hot burner, not a big SWATH of skin.

Speaking of Petey's burn, how can he wear a shirt (and probably tee shirt) AND a sweater vest over that burned area? I was burned on my thigh last April by super-heated (from the microwave) water that kind of exploded out of the cup and it was EXTREMELY painful and I could hardly stand to have ANYTHING touch it. I had to wear shorts or loose skirts for about 3 weeks, so thinking of all that clothing rubbing up against a burn the Petey got LAST NIGHT makes me CRINGE! (It didn't scar, thank goodness, but it DID leave discoloration that is still there.)

Kendall chastises Randi for being late, saying they ALL have "days" and "nights", but THEY all manage to make it to work on time. OH PUH-LEEZE!!! Talk about hypocritical! Kendall is RARELY at work on time, if at ALL. And that goes for the rest of the Fusionistas, too. To illustrate my point, later in the show Greenlee turns right around and leaves again on what is supposed to be an important day, so she and Aidan can go off on a honeymoon. Never mind that they took time off at a critical juncture when they got married in the first place. Also later in the show, Randi, having been duly chastised for being late, promptly takes off for the roof to have a private discussion with Frankie. She's obviously well on her way to becoming an executive within the company!

Is it just me, or is Kendall wearing her blouse backwards? I'm sure it's the newest fashion, like when it was fashionable to wear clothes that APPEARED to have the seams on the outside for a while there back in the 1980s, but that's really not a good look for someone who is ALREADY so flat up and down that it's hard to tell if you are looking at the front OR the back (and who disappears when she turns sideways).

OMG, they FINALLY changed actors for Little Adam! He's ALREADY more animated than the kid(s) that's played him for the last couple of years; of course, that's not saying much since the last kid(s) were about as animated as a block of wood. He has a adorable and infectious little grin, too!

How many times have Babe and JAR been married or faux-married? You'd think they'd want to keep it low-key, all things considered.

Wow, the phone is actually RINGING at Fusion! Over and over and over again. And then they call back. And no one even notices that the phones are ringing (it's probably piped in during the editing process).

Petey reaches into an open case of the Bella perfume and pulls out a bottle. I thought it was weird that he just whipped out a bare bottle when Amanda had JUST asked Greenlee to come an check out the packaging -- it doesn't look like Bella HAS any packaging and they were all packed together in the cases like a bunch of marbles in a can. Then Amanda comes back in and tell all of TWO guys to start packaging the perfume -- IN the office. Fusion is such a PATHETIC joke of a business!

Robin "I'm surprised that the forklift wasn't parked in the office" Coutellier

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BC - Mon, 9/22/08

Correction re Friday's Boogie Chillen -- Petey was touching a FORKLIFT, not a post, when he was hit by lightning.

Petey was looking very Ferris Bueller today when Colby woke him up in his dream.

Wait a second -- did Petey do yet another science "experiment" and arrange to have the flashover injury in order to convince Colby that he has had a change in personality? They should check to see if there was any other damage other than to Petey.

Is PV below sea level? I ask because Taylor, Jake and Amanda were all on the yacht near the end of the show and Taylor was sitting sadly next to a window -- which showed a view looking DOWN on multi-story buildings, as if the yacht were on top of a high-rise. Was the yacht beached uptown during Hurricane "Spike"? And speaking of bad weather, you'd think the yacht would be somewhat rocky/rolly with such a big storm brewing, but it seems to be on rock solid ground (bringing me back to wondering, yet again, if the yacht has been beached).

Also, having just read Carl Hiaasen's book "Flush", I now am wondering how often Amanda has the septic tank on the yacht cleaned out. Does she have a service do that, or would she just haul a big bucket down to the ladies lavatory at the yacht club? I bet she has to use bio-degradable TP, too. Who watches the yacht when Amanda isn't there? Do the doors even lock? Does she ever get seasick? Do her dates ever pee over the side, just because they can? Is there a mold problem what with always being on the water (unless, of course, they ARE beached on top of a high rise)? Can the people eating at the Yacht Club see into her windows at night when her lights are on?

Opal is wearing a purple outfit with a purple coat -- was anyone else wondering why she wasn't wearing a red hat ;-)

Robin "I KNOW many of you will get THAT reference ;-)" Coutellier

Monday, September 22, 2008

BC - Fri, 9/19/08

It's been thundering for quite a while now -- why are Erica and Adam eating outside?

If Petey's trying to be clandestine in his efforts to contaminate the perfume, why is he wearing a jacket that would be more appropriate on an escape felon or Waldo on a black and white TV?

Kendall is OBSESSED with Ryan. She can't leave well enough alone and takes Spike out of his bed and then out into a raging storm to take him to Ryan's to stay the night (Ryan doesn't even know she's doing that. Never mind what all this upheaval is doing to SPIKE -- RYAN is the only one who counts. I'm sure Spike won't notice how miserable and upset his father is.

YIKES! Looks like Petey touched a post that was hit by lightning!

Robin "THAT'S gotta hurt!" Coutellier

BC - Wed & Thu, 9/17-18/08

Sorry for the late Boogie Chillens. As some of you know, my car was stolen on Wednesday night, and I've been so upset over it that I really wasn't in the mood to even watch the show. I'm STILL very upset about it, but I think I can escape to Pine Valley now ;-)

Why did Petey have to explain his concoction and it's effects to Adam all over again on the phone? They've ALREADY tested it -- on COLBY.

I just do NOT buy Jackson with Carmen. This is all COMPLETELY out of the blue and we've seen NOTHING that shows any chemistry. Even the day after they presumably had sex there was nothing to indicate any intimacy other than the fact that Carmen was wearing his shirt. Eh.

Dre and the gang may not have actually KILLED Richie, but they DID run over his body and leave the scene without even investigating. In what way is that HELPFUL to his father's campaign?

Colby, Dre and Petey burst in on Adam and Carmen. Colby demands to know where Security is -- "Can stalkers just BARGE IN and talk like crazy?" millions of voices across the US and Canada, no doubt, immediately responded with "YES!" Where the hell has COLBY been living that she hasn't figured that out yet?

Why didn't Amanda bring up the fact that Petey was trying to break into a shipment of Bella while he was on the loading dock? It's not like he was just cutting through on his way to somewhere else -- he was crouched down, HIDING, with his hand UNDER the plastic wrap of the bundle of boxes.

Robin "no, let's HIRE him!" Coutellier

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BC - Mon, 9/15/08

Okay, did ANYONE buy it when Jake commented "That's a great song"? That is TOTALLY a chick song and any guy who said he liked it is either trying to a) score points with a woman/girl, or b) sell something. I suppose he WAS trying to get Taylor to relax a little, but it struck me as pretty disingenuous, ESPECIALLY with a woman like Taylor, who is unlikely to be moved by "girly" sentimentality and, in fact, more likely to ridicule it.

Do people REALLY spontaneously lose babies just because they get a little agitated? WE know that Annie started losing the baby well BEFORE Kendall arrived at the hospital to bitch at her -- that's WHY she was in the hospital. She was also supposed to be on bedrest, but ignored it. I can see where a situation may already be very precarious and stress (and possibly lack of enough oxygen due to the stress) could tip the scales, but generally speaking, women's wombs are hardier than that -- they HAVE to be in order to perpetuate the species. Kendall was also in a similar situation with Ian. She was ALREADY in danger of giving birth early and that's why she was already in the hospital and, indeed, why Greenlee had possession of Spike in the first place; finding out that Spike and Greenlee were missing was stressful enough to restart the labor, which might have happened ANYWAY, given the circumstances. Everyone is going to blame KENDALL for this, though. I don't blame her for Annie's miscarriage, but she WAS/IS being a stone cold BITCH.

At the beginning of the show, when Jake was twirling a flower around, was I the only one who kept getting, um, distracted by the positioning, shape and color of the flower?

Robin "just me?" Coutellier

Monday, September 15, 2008

BC - Fri, 9/12/08

If Tad is so worried about Kathy, what is he doing hanging around a bar instead of leaving her home alone with Krystal?

Kendall and Annie were yelling at each other in the hospital room and an entire crowd of their friends were only a few feet away -- how could they not hear them yelling at each other?

Kendall insists to Greenlee that, yes, she did HAVE to go in there and yell at Annie and goad her into a strong reaction. Uh, WHY? Why NOW? Okay, so she thought Annie was making it all up. She didn't KNOW that, though. And then even though she SAW that Annie probably WASN'T making it, up, within a minute or so she was STILL defiant about it to Greenlee. This bodes VERY badly for Kendall.

Robin "she seriously needs some meds" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 9/11/08

How can Greenlee not hear the metallic click of a gun being cocked and uncocked from just a few feet away, even if she IS absorbed in watching a horror movie? Does she need a hearing aid?

As usual, in an emergency, NO ONE calls 911. Greenlee, when presented with absolute PROOF that someone has broken into her penthouse, with her IN it at the time, she calls ... Jake, who is on duty at the hospital. These people are SO STUPID!

Oh, PUH-LEASE!!! NO ONE in the living room saw it coming when Ryan calmly decided to live and then locked them in so he could go upstairs and confront Annie?

I LOVED the way Petey gamely tried to make a stand and keep Ryan from going upstairs -- for about 2 seconds before he wisely leaped out of Ryan's way. I do SO hope they keep this guy and don't replace him along with way with some vapid, no-talent hunk who wins some vapid, no-talent contest.

So Jake comes over after Greenlee's emergency call (he doesn't send law enforcement, either) and inspects the place, including the open window to the fire escape. Excuse me? Someone broke in and Greenlee does NOT close the damn window? She is just Darwinism waiting to happen! Even if I thought I was just being silly, but still not quite sure, you'd better believe I'd quickly have the place locked up tighter than a drum!

Robin "and I'd arm myself with something other than a remote control" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 9/10/08

Yeah, I'm about 3 days behind, but I'm getting there ...

Does Delamont County have any meaning to Pennsylvanians? Upon hearing about Josh, Greenlee jokingly asked Kendall if Josh was scattered all over it.

I don't know why Greenlee and Kendall are surprised about the bruises on Annie's arms that she's deceitfully blaming on Ryan -- God knows Ryan has grabbed both of THEM hard enough to leave bruises, and that's when he's being LOVING. I think it's TOTALLY believable that he would do that.

While I'm sure damage (and possibly even death) can result from being stabbed by a pair of Fiskers, they just don't really have that murderous cachet that nice old fashioned HEAVY STEEL scissors had. I mean, even if they were really dull and the screw was a little loose, you could probably give someone a slight concussion from the sheer (sheer -- okay, that's funny, even if it's just for ME) weight of them! A pair of Fiskers can barely hold a piece of paper down on a table-top when the fan flows in that direction, although that IS one of the BIGGEST pairs of Fiskers I've ever seen (what the hell are they cutting in that office that they need such a long pair of scissors?)

Richie is TOTALLY stealing the scene every time he and Annie are together! And he looks like he's having a lot of fun doing it!

Why arent't there screens on the bedroom window where Annie and Emma are sleeping at the Chandler mansion? Jesus, they must be being eaten alive by mosquitoes at night!

So then Annie lurks outside Greenlee's living room window. Greenlee doesn't have any screens on HER windows, either. Are times really THAT bad that rich people can't afford screens? And how is it that Annie can lurk outside a window to the PENTHOUSE?

Annie got a restraining order against Ryan, so what does Ryan do? Does he call a lawyer? No. Does he get anyone ELSE to intervene on his behalf? No -- he shows up, spitting mad and DEMANDING to see her, just like every OTHER hot-headed, abusive S.O. who ignores restraining orders. We usually read about them the next day when they are either arrested for murder (attempted or complete) or found dead after killing his S.O. and any other family members (including his own children) that have the bad luck to be in the vicinity.

I'm not sure in whom I'm more disappointed: Kendall for blatantly using sex to get Zach's full attention, distract him and force him to mellow and bond with her, or Zach for falling for it. OTOH, at least temporarily, she DID at least get him to think about something other than getting back at Josh for a few minutes; it's hard to be really angry when you've just had an orgasm, and it takes at least 5-10 minutes to stop feeling so mellow, and they didn't really get any cuddle-time on the edge of the desk, so it would probably take even less time for Zach to recover his wits.

Robin "Kendall's tailbone will probably require a doughnut pillow after that" Coutellier

Friday, September 12, 2008

BC - Tue, 9/9/08, Part Two

Continuing with my full update of Tuesday's episode ...


Frankie walks into the bedroom where Taylor is sitting on the edge of a bed that's so short it HAS to be made for a 3-yr-old. She picks up something (a container of some sort) to throw at the intruder. He tells her to take it easy and thinks she may be going for her piece. She counters by asking him what he was thinking busting in on her like that. [I want to know why he busted in on her, too. He never heard of knocking, even on a yacht? How about just yelling? He says she should be resting her foot.

Taylor recovers from Frankie's rude arrival and tells him he looks like crap. He informs her of his redeployment orders. Taylor is overcome with joy on his behalf, calling him a lucky bastard and throwing herself into his arms to punctuate her congratulations on his exceptional good fortune. She then gives him an extra jerky hug that makes me wonder if she was trying to crack his back or if she just needed a quick grind. Frankie doesn't look NEARLY as happy about his news as she is.

Taylor brings them some bottles of ... whatever [Pine Valley Beer?] to celebrate. She is SOOOO psyched for him and his fantastic good luck! She wants him to tell her ALL about it! He said he doesn't know yet -- he just got the papers and he had to peel his mom off the ceiling. She dismisses that as irrelevant -- you know how civilians are. He laments that his dad just rejoined the living and now he has to turn around and say see ya later, Pop? She says Jesse is a cop who gets it and he'll have Frankie's back, so it's all cool. She says SHE should be deployed with him and they could go together -- he should go to her doc and INSIST on it -- it would be PERFECT!

Frankie looks at Taylor like she's out of her mind and taps on his temple, saying: "Migraine! Right HERE!" [I'm thinking that if were REALLY a migraine, he wouldn't be tapping on it] He did his tour of duty -- it's DONE and he should have to go again. She tells him to stop making it sound like prison -- she HATES that! He grouses that he has a LIFE here. He says he can't talk to anyone about it because all they want to do is fix it for him. She surmises that he then came to her because he knew she would kick him in the ass and tell him to GET ON THAT PLANE! He says he came to her because she was the only one that was there with him. He says he is DONE -- INSIDE! No more guns, not more killing, no more heat, no more dust, no more seeing our guys -- OUR GUYS -- coming back with no arms, no legs, no lower intestines -- he's DONE! He does NOT want to go back to war!

Taylor stares at Frankie. It's the kind of look you give someone when you are trying to convey that they KNOW what they have to do. Frankie tells her to just STOP it. She gets up from the bed and asks him what she's supposed to stop. Stop telling him that this is a job? That this is why God BLESSED him with Brains and POWER and common sense so that he could be over there saving his brothers' lives! Frankie: "My discharge papers said I was DONE." She asks if the guys that are still there don't deserve to have him with them. Taylor: "THIS is the JOB! They give us orders and WE follow them! They tell us 'You're going' and we say 'Yes SIR!' Why don't you just SUCK IT UP and acknowledge that you have the HONOR of serving your COUNTRY?" He says it was an honor that was fulfilled -- he's SERVED his country. She proudly asserts that he now has the privilege of doing it again. Frankie tells her to just make sure she stays off that foot, and then he leaves. Taylor stares after him.

Taylor hears noises outside (it sounds like boats rocking against the dock, or something like that). She again flashes back to the sounds of bombs, missiles and guns going off. She holds out her hand and cannot keep it from shaking. She winces and hears the sound of a woman (herself?) screaming. She holds her hands over her ears to stop the noise.


Ignoring the rules about cellphones in hospitals, Jesse gives some vague orders to someone, presumably one of his officers. Angie and the statuesque nurse walk up. The nurse departs and Angie, now calm, notes that he waited. She reiterates how much she hates the danger Frankie will face and wonders how it is that she's so afraid, yet Jesse is so calm. Jesse quips that Frankie gets it from HIM (referring to her blaming him earlier for Frankie being so willing to go back). Angie apologizes, saying she didn't mean it. Jesse said she DID mean it, and that's okay -- Frankie is a SOLDIER -- when orders come in, you have to comply -- that's the way it works. He's sorry he wasn't there when the papers came in, though. She said the papers came in like a ton of bricks. Angie starts to tear up again.

Angie wonders where Jesse was when the papers DID come in -- she had called him at the station because she thought he was supposed to be there. [What, she's never heard of a cellphone -- he was using it when she walked up to him] Jesse remembers a conversation. We hear him saying "You're right -- we have to meet." He then tells Angie that there are other things he hasn't told her. She gently urges him to tell her now.

After a slight interruption for hospital business, Angie again asks Jesse to tell her where he was when she called. He hems and haws a bit, then pulls her out of the corridor and into a room. He says when he was gone (committed), he would see the staff in white and he would imagine HER. With tears glistening in her eyes, she takes his hands and tells him he doesn't have to tell the world about his breakdown. She tells him she aches for him, but he SURVIVED all those years and got himself help; she's proud of him and how he hung on. Jess looks like he's going to break into tears at any moment. She says she thanks GOD for those doctors and nurses and ANYONE who kept him in one piece in the last 20 years. They kept him strong so he could come back to them!

Jesse reluctantly says that after he told her about that time he didn't go to the station like he said he would. [Now HE looks like the one with a migraine] She says that if he needs her to help deal with the memories, she wants to, but if he needs time, he should take it and then come back to her. She lovingly kisses his cheek and they hug.

Angie wishes she wasn't so ANGRY. Jesse says she gets angry when she's scared -- Frankie knows that and knows that she loves him. She nods and starts to cry. She moves like she's trying not to pee her pants as she says she's just SO SCARED! She just wants to shout to the Army, to the President: "LEAVE MY SON ALONE!!!" Jesse bends down to her level and tells her that if Frankie goes, he'll (Jesse) will be there with her this time. They'll email and send packages and put up a big WELCOME HOME sign when he comes back home. She sniffles and nods, trying to reassure herself that he WILL come home. Jesse agains says that he'll be there WITH her. They hug some more.


Petey, still dressed in his formal clothes (sans jacket) throws pebbles (or rocks) at Colby's window. [Given the way he's throwing them and the noises them make, I vote for rocks] Annie suddenly starts to open the patio doors from the inside and Petey quickly takes cover behind a retaining wall. She walks over to some prominently displayed green lilies growing off to the side and then inexplicably shrugs out of her robe and lets it drop to the ground. Presumably she is now naked. She sashays over to the pool and jumps or dives in. Petey watches, open-mouthed. If I'm not mistaken, he's also displaying a slight sheen of sweat.

A while later she exits the water and puts her robe back on, sniffling from the water. Considering that her makeup is entirely intact, I'm not really buying the "just out of the pool" thing. Petey sneezes, startling her. She wheels and demands to know who is there. He steps out, looking sheepish. He says it's just him and not to worry, he SWEARS he did not see her swimming naked. She narrows her eyes as she walks over to him and asks: "Then how did you know I was swimming naked?" He says he saw her walk out and when she suddenly took off her robe he panicked and dove into the bushes. She has an "Oh REALLY?" look on her face. He doesn't want her to think he's some kind of sicko or anything. Her look now says: "Uh-huh. Riiiiiiiight ..." He nervously says he was just chillen there. He sucks his finger and sticks it in the air, saying it's nice weather. He stops babbling and begs her not to think he's some kind of weirdo. She takes pity on him and tells him that it's okay and she believes him. He's surprised (and relieved). She smells the lilies some more and then says he's probably wishing it was Colby. He laughs and says not, Colby's not CRAZY enough to get naked and ... [oops] ""No--uh-- no--Not that it's 'crazy'!", he stammers. She patiently tells him that it's okay and she won't tell anyone he's out there. [At this point I'm thinking she SAW him out there and deliberately staged the whole thing for his benefit.

Annie playfully slaps Petey on the arm (or possibly his hip -- it's hard to tell) and notes that he's really into Colby, but she guesses Colby is NOT on his wavelength. He says no, but she IS, deep down. She won't admit it, but she's TOTALLY in denial. He candidly says: "What girl is going to admit she likes the nerd?" He says that's HIM -- he's the guy you call when your computer has a meltdown, not when you want a hot night out. He earnestly says it's tough when you WANT someone and you KNOW they want you, but their just resisting it, you know? Annie nods and says she does. She leans forward and tells him to stick with her advice -- whatever he does, do NOT give up. She smiles.

Annie paces and says sometimes people deny their feelings because they don't have faith in themselves. Petey asks how you convince them. She smiles and says you have to give them a little push to make them realize that you're the one that they want. He says he gets the metaphor, but, in practice, how does he push Colby? She sits, makes some sounds like a scolding squirrel for a moment, and then suggests that he surprise her. Inspired, she takes off his glasses and says he looks like a whole new man. He says he wouldn't know -- he's as blind as a bat without the glasses and contacts just make his eyes look red and scary-looking. She assures him that he looks Very, VERY attractive without them. He says he'd be risking his life walking around without them (he waves his hands in front of him, presumably indicating he can't even see them). She nods and says that sometimes you have to take that chance. She slaps him again and tells him good night and good luck with Colby. She goes back in. Dazed, he thanks her. He tries to find his glasses and has to get on his knees to feel around for them on the table. Fortunately for him she didn't take them with her.

A little while later, Annie goes into her room, running her hands through her wet hair. She's surpised to find Richie still on her bed. He mimics every sappy romance plot every written and, sounding like a cheerleader, says: "When it comes to LOVE, sometimes you just gotta take a CHANCE!" Then he says: "Pardon me while I blow CHUNKS all over this room!" [LOL!] He wants to know why she keeps hanging around with that little twit -- she already has the bruises she needs; lucky for her that she turns black and blue with the softest grip, because Opal's little pansy son couldn't cause any real damage. She takes a deep breath and says it's all part of the plan. She needs to get everything set up right with Ryan so that when Greenlee dies, he'll cry in her arms at the funeral. She looks quite please with herself.


Ryan is sitting on his hog yanking his helmet off as his cellphone rings. He looks at the display, answers it and says he's not in the mood. Then he says: "Don't say life or death unless you mean it."


Zach asks a minion with an exceptionally well-shaved head why they haven't found Josh yet. The minion says they have six teams looking for him and they WILL find him. Zach instructs them as to places to look, including Erica's suite at the Yacht Club. Erica walks in and informs him that the Yacht Club is HER territory, and if he goes near HER suite, Security will just toss him out right on his ear. [if it's the same security company that handles the rest of the places in Pine Valley, they'll probably open his car door and CARRY him into her suite. Zach dismisses his minion (who is probably the BOSS of whatever team Zach has to go out and kill people, so it's not like he's a total peon). [The bald guy looks odd. I wonder if maybe he doesn't have any eyebrows like Ed Begley Jr's character on Arrested Development. Really, his head is SOOO smooth that I wonder if he has some sort of alopecia condition. As he leaves the room, I realize that he just has REALLY blonde or grayish-white eyebrows and probably the same color lashes.]

Zach greets Erica and politely asks her how he can help her. She says he's mighty calm for someone who is so bent on revenge. He tells her that whatever she thinks she knows about the casino business, Josh did what he did and it's on his head now. She asks him if he thinks it's wise to take on his wife's entire family. He says Josh isn't going to hide behind Erica or Kendall forever -- he started this battle and he WILL lose. Steely-eyed, she tells him to think again.

Zach offers Erica a beverage. She reminds him that the topic is her son. He says the topic is done and there's no room for discussion. She ridicules him, saying "WHO does that work on? Of COURSE there'll be DISCUSSION -- we are discussing MY SON, Josh -- leave him alone!" Zach reminds her that Josh stole from him, which means that Josh stole from her daughter. She says that's not the point. He says no it's not, because it's not HER company. He says that when she started New Beginnings and hired Josh as the new producer and he wanted her out of the way, HE (Zach) got the point -- he got STABBED, remember? She takes a moment to collect herself and says that THAT was a mistake, and if he's looking to blame someone, he should blame HER [well, she WAS the one wielding the knife (with LIME JUICE on it, to boot -- that HAD to sting!), and if he's so hellbent on punishing someone, there she is. He says it has nothing to do with her -- his problem is with Josh, who is a big boy and can handle it. He walks away.

Erica turns and switches from a tough attitude to a beseeching one. She says she and he share a very special bond -- they both LOVE Kendall and the boys -- it's a bond that's almost impossible to break. But if he goes after Josh, he WILL break that bond. Zach says his job is to protect this family. She blurts out that Josh is PART of his family! He disagrees. Josh betrayed him -- he's not family anymore.

A little while later Zach is ushering a administrative person out of his office and he shuts the door. Erica asks him if the woman has any idea of the kind of man she works for. He says he made Josh his right-hand man. Zach has some trust issues, so Erica must know that wasn't easy for him. Erica: "And then he stole from you." Zach drinks more whiskey and says: "We agree on SOMETHING." Erica says that whether Josh did or didn't do it, it's irrelevant. Zach is surprised. He says she and Kendall have that same bizarre perspective and he doesn't even know what that MEANS. She whirls and asks if she has to BEG him. Does he respond to threats, maybe? He wants to know why everyone wants to threaten him -- what did HE do? He says that Kendall is talking about taking the kids and he hopes she reconsiders, because their family is the MOST important thing to him. [He's sounding more like Michael Corleone by the minute] He asks what HER threat is.

Erica says that love makes concessions and love TRIES to understand. Zach thinks a moment and then says that what she feels for Josh is not LOVE -- it's GUILT. She narrows her eyes [there it is AGAIN] and rears back, saying he has NO IDEA how she feels! He points out that she spent a lot more years without him than with him and he thinks she'll survive. She tells him he's gone too far. He's gone too far in the past and the repercussions NEVER end. So who or WHAT is going to get destroyed in the bargain THIS time? His relationship with Kendall? Zach says that's ENOUGH. He'll deal with Josh HIMSELF.


Kendall fingers her cellphone as Josh tells her that they don't have time for this because Zach's thugs are probably on their way over there. There's a knock at the door. Kendall closes her phone and goes for the door. Josh [foolishly, IMO] is standing in front of louvered doors to the outside. He dives for the little room to hide. Kendall opens the door to find Ryan. He saunters in and asks what's wrong. Josh walks out of the little room and informs Ryan that Zach tried to have Aidan killed in the southern Sudan and he's next. Ryan asks what he did to Zach. Josh asks if it matters. Kendall chimes in that it was something really bad -- so huge that she might not forgive him. Ryan really doesn't give a flying f**k and asks why HE'S there. Kendall juts her chin toward Josh and says: "Because you can't betray family and think life will just GO ON." Josh: "WHAT??? Are you SELLING ME OUT???" Kendall turns back to Ryan and says she needs him to help make Josh disappear. They all take turns staring at each other.

Josh tells Kendall that they DON'T need Ryan in this. Kendall says they don't know what Zach's goons will do to to impress Zach. She waves her arms around. [All I can think of is what perfect targets they are since you can see floor to ceiling through all the louvered doors and windows which take up at least two walls. It's nighttime, the room is brightly lit and they appear to be on the first floor (I don't know if there ARE any higher floors). I keep thinking of that scene in Godfather II when Michael and Kay are shot at in their bedroom at Lake Tahoe (and their lights were OFF). She says that if he goes out there alone, she can't protect him -- they NEED Ryan! She walks over to Ryan and asks if he can do for Josh what Zach once did for HIM (i.e., fake his death and make it possible to start a new life with a new identity). Ryan thinks for a moment and says no. Ryan has been completely calm and much more low-key than usual for the entire show.

Josh blows up and says they are doing this on purpose to stall him so that Zach's goons will have time to come and get him. Ryan rolls his eyes and says he can work most of it himself, but he'll need somebody with a few more connections, like maybe Tad. Josh shakes his head and says "NO! NO WAY! NOT TAD!" [I'm guessing this has to do with the fact that he KNOWS Tad was the one who buried Greg Madden alive] Ryan calmly (he really doesn't seem to give a shit whether Josh gets out of this or not) says: "Wow, you're asking a lot, aren't ya?" Greenlee suggests Aidan. Ryan gives her an "Are you f**king KIDDING me?" look. She says she doesn't CARE what Aidan did to Ryan's face. Josh is being a really asshole about all of this. He snidely tells Kendall: "If Hubby finds out, you might be the NEXT one off to the Sudan." Kendall narrows her eyes (there's a lot of that going on) as she walks over to him and says that HE turned on ZACH -- on THEM! If he ever, EVER implies again that her husband would HURT her ... Josh asks WHAT? She'll have him fitted for concrete shoes? He tells her to stand in line. She points out that they don't HAVE to save his ass -- they can hand him right over to Zach and forget they ever knew him. He looks searchingly at her and says: "Can you?"

A while later, Erica and Zach walk into her suite at the Yacht Club. Erica is surprised to see Kendall and Ryan there, and Zach demands to know where Josh is. Kendall says he's somewhere where Zach can't find him [I'm thinking the potted plant behind her] Erica can't believe they just let him leave. Ryan gives her his word that Josh is perfectly safe [maybe he's in the safe]. Zach says this is NOT a game. Ryan, still acting like he doesn't particularly give a flying f**k, says that's why Zach won't be able to track him down. Looking determined, Zach says that Ryan made a mistake. He walks away and makes a phone call. Erica is dismayed that she was unable to say goodbye to Josh. Ryan asks Zach if he wants restitution for what Josh took from him. Zach: "Yeah. And I'll GET it." Ryan: "Yeah. But not from Josh. You'll get it from me."

Robin "and now back to your semi-regularly scheduled Boogie Chillens" Coutellier

Thursday, September 11, 2008

BC/Update - Tue, 9/9/08, Part 1

Some people in the SF Bay Area missed Tuesday's show because apparently their affiliate busted in on the show to air the breath-takingly exciting, fast-breaking news that the tree-sitters in Berkeley were finally coming down from the treetops after living in them for a year or so. They didn't want the trees to be cut down to make way for a sports complex of some kind -- apparently the fact that the university OWNS the land the trees are on (and, thus, the trees themselves) was not relevant to them. Let's see how they react when, 15 years from now, with a burgeoning family, only one bathroom and a mortgage to pay, some bratty teens camp out on their roof for a year or two and refuse to let them build a 2nd story to their home because it would displace the rabid, mite-infested squirrels living in the attic. I really didn't follow the story very much other than to be annoyed each time the protesters got on TV during the regularly SCHEDULED news, so I'm not going to argue pros and cons of the issue because I'm pretty much unarmed in that area. But I digress ... Here is a special Boogie Chillen to include an update of Tuesday's show.


Annie, wearing her bathrobe and sandals, schleps into the bathroom. She looks agitated. On Monday's show, having decided that she had made her point with her hissy fit over Greenlee and Ryan. She seemed concerned that Ryan wasn't taking as much bait as she would like and that perhaps she was actually pushing him away with her behavior [go figure]. She had gotten him back over there on a pretext and then said they should get back together. Ryan politely declined -- he doesn't love her anymore and told her so point blank. Oops -- THERE'S a gamble that did NOT pay off! Richie pops up behind her in the bathroom mirror to explain what might be involved in the planning of the murder of Greenlee. SOOOO many details to consider! [I wonder if he also pops up in the bathroom when she's taking a dump] He wonders if she can REALLY "cross the Rubicon" (i.e., kill Greenlee).

Back at the Penthouse, Ryan takes off on his motorcycle.

A little later Annie schleps (she's not picking up her feet) back into the bedroom and finds the specter of Richie lounging on the bed eating a bowl of popcorn and requesting that she turn on the TV. She tells him to go to Hell. "Too late!" he cackles, popping another kernel into his mouth. He suggest that they might find a cool way to off the Greenster from a TV show -- she can't very well bash her over the head with a lug wrench like she did with Richie because that would show an embarrassing lack of creativity, not to mention an "icky-wicky mess" (he mockingly whines that last part like a little girl dealing with frog guts). [I really like Richie like this -- he's much more interesting than he was when he was alive -- nothing like being dead to bring out an even MORE devil-may-care demeanor] She schlep/paces some more and tells him to shut up and let her think. He suggest poison -- it's a classic, after all. He slips into a British accent and says: "I say, Holmes, this woman's decaf mocha, triple-cap latte has the distinct odor of ... bitter almonds. She plops onto the floor at the foot of the bed rejects it as too risky -- someone else could get poisoned by mistake. He agrees -- cops have a pesky way of tracing these things back to whoever did 'em. Perhaps a pro is in order? No, that's even MORE risky -- she has to do this by herself. He suggests the tried and true method of throwing a toaster into the water when Greenlee takes a bubblebath. She rejects that too. She knows what she has to do.

She muses that Greenlee has a lot of valuables -- she can stage a break-in, steal some stuff, and then Greenlee will die when she stumbles in on an intruder. Richies dubiously says it might work, but there are a lot of holes to fill in ... like Mr. Special Ops [well, yes, he IS a big hole] living there now, and Richie just doesn't see her overpowering both of them. Annie says she'll just make sure Greenlee is alone that night. He brings up the question of an alibi. He doesn't think Chief Hubbard is going to believe in another movie ticket stub. She jumps up off the floor and says she'll deal with it. He brings up a couple of other minor considerations such as alarms, etc. She says she's going stir crazy, then leaves the room.


Zach yells at Kendall for spraying his employees with Mace so that Josh can get away. Kendall argues back, taunting him about what he's going to do to Josh -- break his kneecaps? Zach tells her to SHUT UP! Zach says he's not ashamed of what he's going to do next, but he IS ashamed of having allowed Josh to join the company and embezzle from him. Kendall reminds him that Josh is family. Zach agrees and says that that is the only reason he is still alive.

Kendall says Josh needs HELP -- he thinks he's OWED. Zach wheels on her and asks for WHAT? For what THEY did to him? For what they did to Greg Madden? Twenty million dollars of THEIR money is going to make him feel better? Kendall keeps defending poor widdle Joshie and his feelings. Zach angrily suggests Josh go see a therapist rather than steal from his FAMILY. Kendall accuses him of being fixated, like this ONE THING is the sum of who Josh is. [I'm practically speechless -- it's twenty MILLION dollars and Kendall is defending Josh like he dipped into the jar of quarters they use for laundry money in order to buy doughnuts and a hooker] She points out Josh's good qualities, particularly how good he was with the children. Zach says Josh was already stealing from them when he moved in with them. Kendall doesn't care. She points out that when Hannah went after Kendall with a gun, Zach tried to SAVE her life, not ruin it. Zach admits that Josh WAS family -- he held Ian at the hospital and helped keep him alive, and that's when Zach knew that Josh was HIS brother, too -- but THIS -- THIS is not nothing. Kendall has a revelation -- she realizes that Josh didn't just steal from Zach -- he broke his heart. Zach just looks at her, obviously very hurt at Josh's betrayal.

Zach issues orders over the phone and ignores Kendall who continues to point out how hurt Zach is because Josh wasn't loyal or loving enough. He brusquely tells her not to analyze him. She says they've ALL made HUGE mistakes -- he and her included -- they're a family and they forgive each other. Zach disagrees -- he's not a KANE and he does NOT give second chances. Kendall can't believe he's making this into a KANE thing. She agrees, though, that the Kane people DO forgive each other for HORRIBLE things they do to each other in pain, anger or just plain cruelty. She points out that the two of them forgave Greenlee for taking Spike and almost killing him and forgiving Ryan for wanting to sacrifice their child when Kendall was in a coma. He can forgive them for things that have to do with their CHILDREN, but not about MONEY??? Something as stupid as MONEY? She brings up more examples of horrible behavior and forgiveness. He says this is different and wants him to make her understand. He says she doesn't want to understand -- she just wants what she wants, as usual. What does HE want? He says he wants to protect his family and his business. She says fine, but not by ruining Josh's life. He dismissively tells her to go home. She assertively tells him not to disregard what she thinks or wants -- she is his WIFE! He says he HEARD her, but the decision is HIS. So that's it? Just like that? She's right there and wants him to TALK to her about it. He angrily says she doesn't want him to "talk" to her -- she wants him to AGREE with her. He says that she has to accept that that his NOT going to happen -- her brother stole from him -- he created this mess and Zach has no choice but to clean it up. She says she's telling him NO! He slams his hand down on the desk and says "IT'S ***DONE***!!!" They stare each other down for a few moments and then she storms out, slamming the door. Zach takes a manly slug of whiskey and snorts in angry frustration. [This is NOT the kinder, gentler Zach we've been seeing over the last year]


Taylor reclines on the bed and flexing and stretching her feet, remembering another time her feet were being massaged by a man as she laughed in sexy delight and says that if she did not already love him, she would START -- right .. NOW! In the present, she smiles fondly as her memory giggles. Then grimaces and winces, hearing bombs going off. She brings her knees up into a sort of seated fetal position and rubs her temples HARD trying to fight off the memory and the tears.


Angie continues to rag on Frankie (I refuse to call him Franklin) about going back to Iraq. He rolls his eyes and tells her it's DONE. She disagrees. Jesse walks up to them and asks what's going on. Angie angrily tells him that Frankie is going back to Iraq.

Jesse asks for more info. Frankie doesn't want to talk about it and goes off to treat a patient. Angie and Jesse hash it out a little. Angie is freaking out and Jesse is trying to be logical about it. [Having had my own son go off to Iraq for more than a year not once, but TWICE (the first time in Desert Storm back in 1991), this is kind of a hard storyline for me -- I'm TOTALLY on Angie's side!] Angie irrationally blames Jesse for setting a bad example for Frankie by rejoining the police force. In angry, frustrated, TERRIFIED tears, she thumps his chest and stomps away. Jesse holds his tongue and knows better than to follow her. He's clearly worried about her reaction.


Josh frantically tells Erica that he pissed Zach off REALLY BAD, so if something happens to him, she will know who's behind it.

Josh tells Erica that a few weeks ago he had made a bad joke about Zach not being able to control Kendall about her obsession with Greenlee. Zach went off on him and also yelled at him about getting too close to crazy Hannah, and how GREG MADDEN is his real family, not Erica or Kendall. He said Zach just went on and on. Erica doesn't think that sounds like Zach. Josh says Zach is still the same control freak that he was when she met him in Vegas and he lists various bad things Zach has done. He says Zach is NOT INNOCENT! Erica then makes a MAJOR understatement that could easily be missed if you weren't paying attention: "NO--well, NONE of us IS." She looks off to the side, presumably thinking of the multitude of sins SHE has committed. Josh says she didn't see the look in his eyes that that switch flips. Josh says he told Zach that he was a Martin/Kane and that he was just another one of Madden's victims. He thought everything was all right after that, but then a couple of weeks later he calls Josh into his office and says the paperwork is all off and that Josh EMBEZZELED money from him. Josh self-righteously demands to know why Zach would call HIM a THIEF!!! The NOIVE of the guy! Why would he embezzle from his OWN SISTER and brother-in-law? It doesn't make sense!

Erica, wincing slightly, looks him in the eye and point blank asks him if he took some money from the casino. He deny's it, saying "No, I SWEAR to you ... MOM!" Erica looks ... um, I'm not sure HOW to interpret the look. She is definitely surprised he's calling her "Mom", but it's hard to tell if she's pleased or if she KNOWS he's lying because calling her Mom is a sure tip-off.

Josh says Zach is flipping out right now and who knows how bad this will get. Apparently she has told him (off camera in between scenes) that she's going to talk to Zach and they can all be rational again. Josh says it's HIS problem, not hers -- she and Zach have already dealt with a lot of bad stuff. She agrees that they did, and it is MARVELOUS! They'll do it for HIM. Josh says it's time for him to move on, anyway; he's never spent this much time in one place or one job. She says that PV is his home now. He says maybe he just needs to give Zach some time to calm down for a while. In the meantime, he needs a little money. Erica wants more info. He looks worried and says it's better if she doesn't know. She astutely deduces that he came there to get money from her to escape. He says Zach had his bank accounts frozen; his pockets are empty and he's scared as hell of that guy.

Erica refuses to give him a dime -- they have barely begun to scratch the surface of their relationship and she doesn't want to think of losing him NOW. He gets close to her and says she is his mother; it's taken a hell of a lot to get to this point, but his leaving right now is not going to change that. She shakes her head and says she needs him there NOW. She gives him a speech about seeing the man he's become and how she can't let him leave NOW -- they'll MAKE Zach understand. Josh says that's not going to happen -- Zach wants to hand him a white satin ribbon just like Zach's father gave his victims. He says Zach runs CASINOS -- does she think he got there by being NICE? She says Josh's sister did NOT marry a killer. She walks out, shutting the door behind her, telling him not to leave, that she'll be right back. [she doesn't even take a purse with her -- I wouldn't leave MY purse with him alone in a room!] Sure enough, he runs into the other room and enters numbers on a keypad.

Josh removes a fat envelope from a safe and starts to jolt away from it when Kendall bursts into the room. She demands to know what he's doing NOW -- stealing from their MOTHER? He says he already talked to Erica about it and she understands that Zach has lost is freakin' mind. So why didn't Erica hand it to him herself. Like a bratty little brother, he whines that it's because Erica doesn't want him to leave -- she's deluded and thinks Kendall's maniac husband will let him walk out alive, but that's NOT POSSIBLE! Kendall calmly says this is a hideous mess, but Zach would never KILL him. Josh reminds her that Zach KNEW Greg Madden was buried underground alive -- WHAT is he not capable of?

She asks him what all that stuff was about him being family and being there for her and the boys. He snidely says that he's sorry that he can't be there for her when her husband wants to make him FISH BAIT! She's surprised and says she DEFENDED him to Zach! Josh mockingly says she deserves a MEDAL, because when he was out there babysitting her sons, SHE was out cheating on her husband, but SHE gets a medal for defending him! She tells him not to DARE turn this back on her! They opened their arms to him and took him in, treating him like family, even though he-- Josh: "Even though what? What, Kendall? I'm a crime against nature? Go ahead and say it!" Kendall meekly says: "No, I wasn't going to say that." Josh, with unshed tears glistening in his hurting eyes, says: "Yeah, you were. Listen, everyone knows that you and Erica took years before you were even civil with each other, and now I'm just supposed to stand here and go, 'rah-rah, Team Slater, Team Kane?' Well, you know, I'll tell yousomething. You know what my team is? Team JOSH, family of ONE!" Kendall is stunned and asks how long he has hated them. He says he doesn't hat her. She looks incredibly hurt. He says he just wanted something for himself -- the guy who shouldn't exist. He wanted to go someplace where no one knew, so he wouldn't be a freak show. She gently says he's not a freak show -- he's her brother and they LOVE him. Didn't he feel it? Has this whole time just been a lie?

Josh says that when he first came to PV he stopped being a person and started being Erica's how-is-he-even-possible-son, your brother, Zach's buddy, his right-hand man. I am so sick to death of it. Would you wish that on your worst enemy?" Kendall: "Is that what you are now? You're my worst enemy?" Violin music plays. Josh: "Kendall, either I leave or Zach erases me. That's how it is. And I guess right now it's up to you."

I'll try to finish up the rest of the update tomorrow.

Robin "you KNOW I'm incapable of doing a 'brief' update" Coutellier

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BC - Mon, 9/8/08

In case, like me, you could not understand a word Aidan said when Greenlee came out into the living room in the middle of the night (no matter HOW many times you replayed it), he said: "Can I hear you walking somewhere?" Honestly, it was like that commercial where the stain on the guy's shirt keeps talking gibberish.

When Erica told Samuel: "It's not your poll numbers I'm worried about ..." how many thousands (if not MILLIONS) of people watching filled in the rest of the sentence with some form of "It's your POLE"?

There were some books piled on something behind the sofa in Greenlee's living room. The one on top was entitled: "The Art Of Giving". Given everything that we know about Greenlee and everything that we know about Aidan, what word or words should come after that? The middle book was harder to make out, but I think it starts out with "Treasures of the ___" that last part of a word could be Modern or Moon or Woods or something else entirely. The bottom book looks like it could be a book called "CHIM - The Monographs of ___", which is probably this book. That one was the most difficult to make out, though, so maybe it was called CHUM: My Relationship With Ryan or CHUM: That's Good Eatin'! or CHIM: Stick Your Head In The Fireplace and Look Up to See What That Smell Is.

I'm really surprised that Kendall didn't come back with something about the fact that SHE was never meant to be born, either since she was the result of a rape of a 14-yr-old. It also took YEARS for her and Erica to come to terms with each other when Kendall showed up as a very young woman and for them to form a mother/daughter bond. I have mixed feelings about Josh's angst here. On the one hand, they NEVER should have put forth the ridiculous unaborted fetus storyline in the first place. On the other hand, since they HAVE, it's only natural that he should be having an emotional crisis over it -- that's a HELL of a thing to have to come to terms with. There is also the unfinished business with Tad killing Dr. Madden. Or maybe Josh is okay with that at this point. It's a shame they're painting him into a corner this way and, as others have noted, it's totally out of left field and out of character for him. I don't think it's that out of character for him to embezzle money, but not from Kendall and Zach.

When Kendall was looking at the security monitor which showed Josh and the two henchmen from an overhead camera, she was probably thinking: "That's funny -- I never noticed that Josh had a bald spot before."

Robin "looking forward to Annie going COMPLETELY around the bend" Coutellier

Sunday, September 7, 2008

BC - Fri, 9/5/08

Have you noticed the counter stools over near the Hubbard kitchen? Man, those look like lawsuits or, at the very least, backaches waiting to happen!

There was a guy in Taylor's unit called "Brot"? Oh PUH-LEEZE -- they were being realistic up until they gave that guy a stupid soap name! BROT? That sounds like a Neanderthal name from Jean Auel's Clan Of The Cave Bear.

Now that they're an old married couple, do Greenlee and Aidan leave the door open and talk to each other when the use the toilet? Have they installed a "Love Toilet"?

Robin "with a nod to SNL" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 9/4/08

When a bunch of gawkers appear in the narrow area where Fletcher's now-dead body lies, Carmen is all business as she shoos unnecessary people out of there. I had to laugh, though, when she said "Nothing to see here!" No, just a dead body and someone who caused that body to be dead, not to mention some beautiful women. Of COURSE there was stuff to see!

How much perfume was IN that giant bottle on display? How many women were they planning to give samples to, 1000? That place must REEK!

My sister was saying that the guy playing Petey reminds her a LOT of the guy who plays Henry on Ugly Betty -- she's right! The nerdy glasses make the resemblance even stronger.

Jack tells Carmen that the party is winding down, and it is, what with the killing and all, but Randi, Amanda and Taylor just GOT there. That was one QUICK party.

Speaking of quick, they sure hauled that body away quickly! What kind of forensics do they do, anyway? Did someone even bother take a photo or did someone just sketch a stick drawing and leave it at that before rolling him on out?

Ryan tells Greenlee that Annie took his kids and he knows that if SHE (Greenlee) were the mother of his children, she would Never do that -- NEVER!!! WTF? She'd do it in a HEARTBEAT if she was pissed at him -- in a HEARTBEAT!!!

It's kind of odd that Frankie is turning on every single light on the yacht so Randi feels comfortable, yet it's still so dim I can hardly see them -- maybe they're energy efficient lights that, like Randi, take a while to warm up.

That's a HUGE tattoo on Randi's right leg (halfway down the calf) -- either that or she has a very distinctive monster of a bruise.

I know Fletcher died and all, but why is Randi scared right now? I mean, Fletcher has been beating the SHIT out of her for YEARS -- she's been in WAY more violent situations than that (and she has ASTOUNDING powers of recuperation). I understand being upset and shaky to a point, but except for the part about Fletcher dying and all, it didn't seem like any more yanking around than she would get from him on any average day and probably LESS. I'm not saying she's handling it BADLY or that her reaction is WRONG, really, but she seems to be acting much more vulnerable than the situation calls for, all things considered. Maybe semi-freaked out by actually SEEING him be killed and the fact that she's glad he's gone. Or maybe she's freaked out by the fact that she truly IS free and she doesn't know how to deal with life where she's her own person.

Amanda is interviewed and says that Randi was one of the little people that the Bella fragrance was created for. Excuse me? It's one thing to target your perfume to the average working person, but to refer to your customers and staff as the little people is pretty damn condescending! Instead of saying "our perfume is affordable", she's basically saying "our perfume is for poor people -- you know, lower-class people who aren't as good as the rest of us." Even if I DIDN'T already have a deep aversion to perfume, I wouldn't buy their product for THAT alone!

Robin "next we're going to launch a line of products for the truly UGLY people so they can feel almost special, too" Coutellier

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

BC - Wed, 9/3/08

Krystal is certainly right to be concerned about Kathy's aggressive and potentially violent tendencies, but WTF was Krystal doing climbing an old ladder with Jenny on the floor right next to it? Shame on KRYSTAL!

With everything they have at stake for the "launch" of Bella, why are all the principal members LATE? Every single one of them!

OMG, they're having the party at CONFUSION instead of Fusion? Well, that's a MAJOR step up from their tacky office space -- at least Confusion is MEANT for partying.

Why IS Ryan at the party? His wife just left him because of his love for Greenlee; Greenlee's husband decked him because of his love for Greenlee, Greenlee has no use for him at the party, and there's nothing but tension in the air. It's not like he's in a partying mood. I understand he's escorting Erica, but she doesn't NEED an escort. He flat-out shouldn't BE there.

I LOVED it that Carmen referred to Myrtle as "Myrtle Ferris Wheel", although I have to wonder WHY she did that. When she and Randi were girls Myrtle must have told them something about her carny experiences and ferris wheels or maybe she told them that was her last name as a private joke to herself. For those of you who don't know the history, Myrtle lost her virginity (at the age of 15, I think) at the top of a ferris wheel, which is when she conceived her daughter Rae, whom she gave birth to at the Fanny Battle Home For Unwed Mothers. Rae, played by Linda Dano, was a crossover character on all three soaps for a while -- she was what a Seinfeld episode called a "close-talker" -- she was CONSTANTLY invading everyone's personal space. Anyway, Myrtle's true love then died in a fall from the trapeze (without a net) before Myrtle could even tell him he was going to be a father. It was a heart-renching story of star-crossed young lovers and death; really, we were supposed to be in tears at the tragedy and poignancy of it ... except that we were all laughing our ASSES off when she told it to Rae back in 2000 because she was so melodramatic and it was SOOOO cliched! Maybe you had to be there :-) For some inexplicable reason I can barely find a mention of it via Google, which is strange because I KNOW we talked about it in (aka RATSA).

Robin "I'll say one thing for Taylor -- she certainly is ... efficient" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 9/2/08

Kendall has a lot of nerve getting on Amanda's ass about the press conference/launch party about something for which they only have a name, no focus groups, testing, etc., and almost NO advance notice. Kendall, herself, has done the same thing. They RARELY have ANY of those things done before throwing lavish [CHOKE!] parties in their dinky, dingy little office.

JAR says Emma is almost Little A's age. No she's not. She's 7 years old and Little Adam is 3 years old -- that's a HUGE difference at those ages. Unless, of course, they SORASed Little A when he left the room -- JAR made it sound like Emma was YOUNGER than Little Adam, but catching UP with him.

The underlings are frantically getting ready for the launch party. Babe is there all of five minutes or less and then she stomps out, saying she'll be back later. She goes home to fume and have sex with JAR. These people have severe ADD (except for the parts they are obsessed about, of course).

Kendall is being such a stone cold BITCH to Babe and Amanda. She's REALLY overdue for a major humbling.

They really need to invest in a kitchen for Tad and Krystal's house.

Robin "all the better for Kathy to brew up a potion in an easy-bake cauldron" Coutellier

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

BC - Fri, 8/29/08

So is Petey going to be the new David Hayward? If David comes back to town, will Petey be his protege?

Why doesn't Annie want Ryan to know she's supposed to be getting bedrest? The baby was a KEY factor in binding Ryan to her, but she's willing to risk losing it just to get back at the Fusionistas? That doesn't make any sense. Then again, neither does Annie, or, as they now refer to her at Pine Valley Podcast, InsAnnie. Just because Ryan knows about her hiding the fact that his vasectomy was never performed and she deliberately got pregnant and he decided to stay with her anyway doesn't mean their relationship isn't still precarious. After writing that, Annie, herself, seemed to be pondering the same thing, which was at least refreshing.

If Annie is so worried about where Ryan is all the time, why doesn't she put a bug on his car/motorcycle/cellphone, whatever?

Did you notice Opal's coffee mug? It had "I [HEART] PV on it :-) She used a cow creamer holder to pour cream into it out of the cow's mouth. SO Opal! Of course, it turns out that Petey used the cow as a receptacle for his "Blast", a concoction to make people have bad reactions to the new Bella perfume.

Babe reminds JAR that his father came out of the coal mines. Huh? THAT'S new information! He worked hard to get out of PV and make something of himself, but I don't think they've ever said anything about him working in coal mines.

Taylor signed a lease -- how does she plan to get out of it? Was the lease period for a total of one week? Of course, I doubt Jamie would press the issue, especially if Uncle Jake asks him not to. I'm wondering why Jamie would even still HAVE that apt, though. Did he buy the building? Was he still leasing it and then he sublet it to Taylor? It's another thing that doesn't make much sense.

Aidan and Greenlee looked awkward in bed. Something wasn't right. Was it because now they both know that Ryan really and truly STILL loves Greenlee? No, I think I know what it is -- they're used to being naked on the floor in the living room (preferably with the front door open). They're like fish out of water in an actual BED with one one else around to catch them in the act. If it weren't for the fact that everyone in PV has sex in front of uncovered windows, their sex lives would die out completely.

Robin "and yet any TALK of a specific act makes them cringe and desperately search for euphemisms" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 8/28/08

Why are they having a launch party for a perfume that hasn't even been invented yet, other than a tentative ad campaign to remind working drones that they should also SMELL like working drones? If they DO have a scent ready to go, have they even tested it yet? They came up with a name for it, but have they checked to find out if there is any other product out there with that name that they might be infringing upon? It's actually pretty hard to come up with a name for a product that hasn't already been taken.

The Fusion women (except Amanda) know next to NOTHING about Randi (and Amanda only knows she used to be a hooker), yet they leave her alone to lock up the place.

WTF? The drugs are just sitting in a cabinet that ANYONE could just yank open? I.DON'T.THINK.SO.

Why is Kendall being so blindly stubborn about not being willing to give up meddling in everyone ELSE'S life when her marriage is CLEARLY being strongly affected by it?

I was saw a part of a commercial the other day that caught my eye. It was a target commercial. Why did it catch my eye? Because the "spokes" of the Working Girl line that Babe showed as advertising looked a HELL of a lot like what the Target ad was showing! The target ad had several panels of colorful, fat "spokes" that morphed into a clock. Please tell me they aren't doing a tie-in by selling something called either "Working Girl" or "Bella" at Target in the very near future! Click here to see the portion of the ads I'm talking about.

Robin "why don't they just call it 'Bullseye' (or perhaps something else starting with 'Bull'" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 8/27/08

Sorry for the late posts -- I changed my Google password to be easier and I couldn't get back in until a few minutes ago -- I DID post Boogie Chillens for 8/27-29/08 on USENET and on my website.

Kendall complains to Zach that she didn't sleep all night and, once again, she is stuck in the middle of all the drama and she has no idea what to do. How about TAKE YOURSELF ***OUT*** OF ALL THE F**KING DRAMA!!!! It's only consuming her because she won't butt out and mind her own business!

Nice advertising for the Working Girl line -- ugly cogs in a wheel (made up of makeup or perfume bottles. Just what I want to feel like when I use Fusion products. It's kind of ironic coming from a couple of people who feel like working drones who "don't get no respect".

Why are the writers on the show so stuck on risotto? Did one of TPTB invest in rice futures?

There's been some talk about Erica's newly purchased breasts which are more than a little round and high for someone who is (in real life) 61 years old. In case you haven't seen them yet, here they are:

She had them done a few years ago, too, before her "Desiree" (the shortest, oldest showgirl in Las Vegas) period but they weren't as large or high. They also weren't well done, IMO. Well, maybe they WERE well done, but due to her age and extreme thinness, they were very obvious and shifted too easily. Now they'll probably stay in place because they simply have nowhere else to go for a while.

I'd say getting unrealistic implants were in keeping with Erica's personality, but they AREN'T. If they were, she would have gotten them done very high and full a LOOOONG time ago. Then again, it's really only in the last 5-10 years that you see women with obvious implants everywhere you go (really, I'm astounded every time I go grocery shopping), particularly with the younger crowd. So maybe it IS in keeping with Erica's personality -- she DOES want to be fashionable, after all.

I guess these are part of her post-prison New Beginnings. They're new, all right -- they probably have "July 2008" stamped on them right next to the serial numbers.

Robin "she & her new knockers look FABULOUS for 61, but come ON" Coutellier