Sunday, May 30, 2010

BC - Fri, 5/28/10

Wow, what a FUN birthday party for Emma! NO friends except AJ, who's vaguely related by marriage and shared tragedy of a horrific night of murder in THAT VERY ROOM. Oh and a bunch of adults who bristle with hostility toward each other with every breath they take. Her Mommy tried to MURDER Greenlee. Emma has a friend in the penthouse building. She is also friends with Kathy and Jenny. Presumably she has friends at school, but apparently none of THEM were invited. Where's the entertainments? Where's the bouncy house, ponies, Disney characters, pinatas, etc.? Hell, I'd settle for a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. Where's ... well, ANYTHING that would resemble a child's birthday party? The children probably had more fun on the night Stuart was killed.

I see they've backwards aged Emma, too. She is presumably turning 7 on this birthday, but in the past she was already 8 years old. Are they trying to match her age closer to AJ's?

Why is the background music at Emma's birthday party more suited to music being played at Fusion?

Why did it take the Chief of Staff to look at the little boy (Ramon) and realize he's not breathing? The nurse had her back turned but the man (is he a doctor or what?) was staring right at the kid, but so still that HE might as well have been the person not breathing and being totally unresponsive. Angie should have shined a light into HIS eyes. Also, something's beeping (heart, blood pressure, etc.) -- you'd think the machine would indicate that something was wrong -- if he's not breathing, it's bound to have an effect on his heartbeat.

Why does Angie have to keep yelling for a mask and gloves? Don't they keep those in EVERY room (at least the GLOVES)?

Robin "the kid has a name -- whose long-lost kid will he turn out to be?" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 5/26/10

I'm glad AMC finally listened to the viewers and went back to BJ's, or at least its new incarnation as Krystal's. Not EVERY single meeting in PV needs to be in a BAR/nightclub, especially when it involves children.

I'm also glad that someone did, indeed, run DNA tests to determine that Stuart was not Damon's biological son. I thought they were just going to take Bailey's word for it.

At what point did Liza decide that skin-tight (sprayed-on might be an appropriate term) clothes, usually low-cut, was her style? Sometimes I'm concerned for her ability to breathe and wonder what kind of steel ramrod might be bound to her back. We've discussed this before, but I'm bringing it up again because it really irks me. I used to get a little annoyed that Liza always looked so conservative as to be dowdy, but at least she was true to her style and it fit her personality, from high school right up until Marcy Walker left the show for the final time.

If Liza is trying to bribe Damon by buying a car for him, she's going to have to come up with a HELL of a lot more than $2K, even for a USED one!

Is it just me or is that suit JAR is wearing way too big for him?

Robin "why was there no show on Thursday?" Coutellier

Thursday, May 27, 2010

BC - Tue, 5/25/10

I don't think grizzly bears hang around the east side of the continent -- they frequent the western (and mostly northern). You'd think a Stanford graduate would know that. That's a minor nitpick, but then, that's what I do, isn't it?

Why is everyone taking Bailey's assertion that Damon is not Stuart's father at face value? You'd think that after everything that's happened they would at LEAST ask for a DNA test.

Liza said Colby is 18. No she is NOT. She is 19, and she'll be 20 in September. Her Sweet Sixteen party was in September of 2006. You'd think her own mother would know how old she is. Then again, in REAL years, Colby would only be 9 years old (she was born in 2000), so I can sort of understand how anyone in Pine Valley would be confused about their own child's age.

How many of you were expecting the mountain guy to fart when Erica pulled his arm (to pop his shoulder back into place)?

I love, Love, LOVE that the mountain man referred to Erica's "stinking perfume"! Those of you that know me from way back know that I have multiple chemical sensitivities and that I can't STAND perfumes and other scented products. It doesn't "bother" me -- it makes me SICK! I know millions of people use perfume, cologne, lotions, air "fresheners", etc., and nothing I say is going to change their minds, but trust me, if someone is sensitive to scented things, perfume truly does STINK. I can't tell you how many HUNDREDS of times I've just about PLOTZED from someone walking by who is drenched in perfume or cologne! It's had a MAJOR impact on my life, and that's not exaggerating even a little bit. Please, please PLEASE!!! If you put perfume or cologne on and you think it's too weak, there's something wrong with your nose, NOT with the strength of the scent. I'd say I'm off my soapbox now, but a soapbox would be way too scented for me to stand on.

Robin "overwhelmed" Coutellier

Monday, May 24, 2010

BC - Thu-Fri, 4/20-21/10

Amanda apparently thinks Jake and Angie plan to have her committed (for no reason whatsoever). Maybe she IS crazy, because it's hard to fathom that kind of STUPID.

Jack tells Greenlee that he's used to being at odds with Erica, but he'll never get used to seeing Greenlee unhappy. He's in for a bumpy ride then, because Greenlee is rarely happy.

I know people recover quickly in Pine Valley, but how is it that Greenlee is now JOGGING given that she had such major spinal cord injury not so long ago? I can see where she would be exercising, but jogging, especially on cement, would be very hard on the back.

What is that THING Erica is wearing? It is NOT flattering and it's much too babydollish for her to be wearing. She MIGHT get away with it if it were a little longer and in the form of a dress, or possibly even with black pants, but the white-on-white combination just doesn't work. I'm wondering if Baby Jane Hudson met up with the Good Humor Man and that outfit was the result.

Scott and Annie seem to think that since Palmer died, the revolutionary product he and Scott were working on now belongs to Scott (because he stole it). Scott, himself, SAID that Palmer was bankrolling a team that was working on it. Uh, wouldn't the people on that TEAM know that it was Palmer's product?

What the hell time is it in Pine Valley? Everyone is at the Fusion office in full force (the sometimes there but mostly NOT there office staff to answer the usually silent but now ringing-off-the-hook phones). It's certainly daylight out. Erica is on a plane that has to make an emergency landing (wouldn't a missing fuel pump keep it from taking off in the first place?), JAR just got out of his morning shower, and Madison is working at the casino. WTF? What kind of hours does she HAVE? I thought she worked for Greenlee during the day and for Ryan in the evening.

Robin "what does she DO at the casino?" Coutellier

Sunday, May 23, 2010

BC - Wed, 5/19/10

This poor, pitiful, potentially-crazy act of Amanda's is wearing thin. It's sad to see the way they took our beautiful, SMART little Amanda and brought her back as such a s STUPID bimbo. I can see being worried that she might have inherited whatever it is that made JaNut mentally ill, but being afraid to touch or having anything to do with her own baby for something that MIGHT happen at some distant point is ridiculous and hurtful to the baby.

Tad and Liza barge into Colby's bedroom without knocking and find Damon and Colby in a compromising position. Tad: "This isn't good." No, it's NOT. How utterly RUDE of Tad and Liza to just barge into someone's bedroom without even knocking!

Robin "Colby really should invest in a good deadbolt" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 4/18/10

Erica orders room service at her hotel in New York. It's completely silent in her room except for her phone call. She hangs up and walks a few feet to the open balcony, at which time we hear a cacophony of traffic horns, etc. Now wasn't that nice of all the drivers and people on the street to suddenly go silent JUST so Erica could make a phone call? And people say that New Yorkers are RUDE!

Why does Greenlee think that making it look like Erica was looting the non-profit Miranda line of cosmetics will be a GOOD thing? Yeah, it may send Erica down in flames and result in Greenlee winning her company back, but since it's all under the Fusion umbrella, wouldn't there be a backlash against the COMPANY for having crooked accounting and embezzling by people at the top? Besides there was already that incident where Petie and Adam poisoned the perfume with an extreme irritant, there have been murders of multiple people within the company, all the computers were wiped out (at Greenlee's behest), Greenlee was dead for a year, Erica went to prison for insider trading (as Greenlee mentioned), Kendall just took off after being kidnapped and on the run to keep from going to prison, etc., etc., all of which was highly publicized. Frankly, I would not put my trust in Fusion for either the soundness of their products nor the solvency of the company that's in the hands of such unstable people and their ridiculous whims and frequent crimes. They're bound to go out of business from one day to the next. Why find JUST what you like out of their product line only to have it be under constant threat of being discontinued?

Robin "I'd sell my Fusion stock, but I'd never buy it in the first place" Coutellier

Friday, May 21, 2010

BC - Mon, 5/17/10

I've only seen 23 minutes of Monday's episode so far, but I still had a bunch of comments (as opposed to last week, which didn't inspire me to many comments at all). I've got some family stuff going on, but I can post this much right now.

I was really shocked that JAR didn't pick eBabe up and carry her out of BJ's. Of course, has been tired lately.

Ryan tells Madison that one of the reasons he was greatly relieved that Greenlee was not pregnant was that she can't -- he stopped, but we all know she can't carry a pregnancy to term because she has a hostile womb. He says he doesn't want to see her go through that again. SEE her go through it again? He wasn't THERE when she miscarried before because he was pretending he was DEAD at the time (because she informed him that she was pregnant).

eBabe MUST be drunk to think the way JAR was looking at her was with "dreamy eyes". Darting eyes, yes. Dreamy? No.

I thought it was interesting that it was brought to Ryan's attention that a con artist was preying on women at the slot machines. Ryan grouses about thinking he was done having to deal with men preying on women for the day and now he has to worry about men preying on women at his casino. Hello? If he didn't want to be around that sort of thing, then why did he buy the casino in the first place? Casinos have men trying to prey on women (and vice-versa) 24 hours a day! Actually, given Ryan's obsessive need to save women, maybe owning a casino IS the perfect job for him. Then HE can prey on--er--save women 24 hours a day.

Don't you just love how PV routinely keeps patients overnight for observation for just about EVERYTHING? Little Trevor has an ear infection. They give him an antibiotic for it and say they're keeping him overnight just to watch him. Oh PUH-LEASE! Have things changed that much since the early 1970s when my son was a baby, because ear infections are pretty routine for babies, and they'll let you know loud and clear when it's bad enough to hurt, so they usually get treated for them relatively early into the infection unless the parent is somehow able to ignore the constant crying and ear-tugging by the infant or unless something keeps them from getting quick medical attention. I don't know who provides health insurance for most of the PV citizens, but the HQ for it must be somewhere over the rainbow because that's the only explanation for such generous coverage. I don't mean to sound callous about babies and ear infections, BTW. It breaks your heart to see your baby in pain and know there's nothing you can do about it except try to soothe them until the meds kick in.

Now THAT would be a storyline for the times -- how about a couple who has angst because they have to decide between getting medical care or food? They DID let an off-camera patient die because he was uninsured and they couldn't find Angie to sign off on covering his surgery for an aortic aneurysm, though, so that's at least a NOD to the health care crisis.

Robin "trying to keep my 'I-can-do-it-ALL-myself-stepfather from popping stitches at this very moment" Coutellier

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BC - Mon, 5/10/10

It's a good thing I already took something for stomach acid today, because Greenlee telling Ryan that all she needed to do (in the past when he was raging (and almost punched her out)) was to remind him of what a good man he is. HORSESHIT!

Annie runs to Liza, who is at BJ's to meet with eBabe. Annie says Liza's office told her where Liza was. Liza has an OFFICE? And a STAFF? Wow, that's news to me. I thought she did all her work by herself via her personal cell phone, bars and restaurants.

Robin "low overhead" Coutellier

Monday, May 10, 2010

BC - Fri, 5/7/10

The day starts with Ryan and Greenlee walking into a hotel room. Damn, what a letdown. I'm talking about the fact that Ryan is there at ALL. It kind of sticks a pin in the balloon of watching the show the moment it gets out of the gate.

Greenlee's pregnant, isn't she? Now she can have David's baby and all that entails, get back together with Ryan and still have years and years and years of having to deal with David because of the baby. Bingo! Oh wait, she has a "hostile womb". Of course, Brooke had Jamie and she had already had "premature ovarian failure". Fertility or the lack thereof is easily turned upside in Pine Valley, regardless of which one it is. And, as we all know, Greenlee's womb would be hostile in ANY case -- "hostile" should be Greenlee's middle name.

Did you ever notice that Greenlee gets sick in one way or another EVERY time she goes south of the border? What's up with THAT? She hasn't even been kidnapped or anything (yet).

Now eBabe knows about Annie. Let the child custody battle BEGIN!

Angie referred to David as "that TRIFLING-ASS David Hayward"! I LOVED that!

Oh, they are NOT going to kill JaNut off, are they??? Her sister, Natalie, became brain-dead from a massive brain hemorrhage, but that was after a car accident. Are they going to factor that into JaNut's storyline somehow?

Jesse reiterates that David will never, EVER be able to practice medicine legally again -- E.V.E.R. Jake got a jibe in on that, too. WTF is WRONG with these people. Even THEY keep saying he's like a cockroach and keeps coming back. How many times has his license ALREADY been pulled only to have it reinstated? How many times have people banished him, only to give him special privileges because he's the bestest heart doctor EVER? How many people have hated his guts with a white-hot passion, only to ASK for him to treat them?

Robin "Dr Dave is definitely amping up the evil factor" Coutellier

BC - Wed-Thu, 5/5-6/10

Tad tells Damon that whatever happened tonight was HIS (Tad's) mistake, not Damon's. WTF??? No, it WAS Damon's mistake. I don't care if the little punk DOES have ADHD -- that's no excuse for breaking the law! What he HAS are anger issues.

Is it my imagination or is eBabe wearing very little eye makeup in order to make her look more innocent (therefore making the betrayal even WORSE)?

I really like that Opal reminded Amanda that Erica has her own history with JaNut and can understand how she can be. Not that Erica denied it, but somehow it had a little more importance to me when Opal made a point of it. Maybe I feel a little like Opal is one of US, a fan with a long memory, if that makes any sense.

Amanda had me right up until she started to cry. Then I was taken out of the moment because it was pathetically fake crying. That push-up bra must be too tight, because it sounded more like she just wasn't getting enough air.

eBabe tells Scott that it's always been JAR's DREAM to take over the company. Why is everyone acting like JAR hasn't taken it over BEFORE? I think he's taken it over more than once, for that matter. Job positions in Pine Valley are like sands through the hourglass. The grains run out, but eventually the hourglass is turned over and it starts all over again, so all he really has to do is stay inside the hourglass and he'll get another turn. Again.

Marissa making JAR choke on grapes (within Annie's fantasy) was a nice comedic touch, as was her telling Annie to aim low (with the gun)

Robin "let the mumbling commence (that's how JY conveys emotion)" Coutellier

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BC - Tue, 5/4/10

NOTE: I stand corrected on the assertion I made the other day that Tad has had sex with JaNut and was going to marry her until the ceremony was interrupted -- that was TREVOR that JaNut was going to marry. I think she was still masquerading as Jane Cox, but he might have have known it was JaNut at that point.

I was going to give a line of the day (LOD), but I decided this deserved to be in an entire CONVERSATION of the Day category:

JaNut to Amanda: "You just have to trust me to do what's best for you."

Amanda: "Oh, like--like--when you pushed Babe down the stairs because she was MEAN to me? Or when you STOLE her SON???

JaNut: "Oh, he looked so cute in that MANGER!"

Amanda: "You DRUGGED and KIDNAPPED people!"

JaNut: "Uh -- uh -- well, it wasn't my fault that they interFERED! I hated the way they were TREATING you!"

Amanda: "Is that why you blew up the Mardi Gras ball?"

JaNut: "I SAID I was SORRY!"

Amanda: "Oh my God, when are you going to STOP??? When are you going to REALIZE you always think that you're being loving and supportive!"

JaNut: "I AM!!!"

Amanda: "You HURT people!!"

JaNut: "It is NOT my FAULT that they get in the WAY!"

Amanda to JaNut: "You KILLED Daddy and you put him in a FREEZER!!!"

JaNut (affronted and showing injured dignity): "I thought that we could defrost him and bring him back to life later -- you KNOW that!"

NOTE: They both are skimming over the part where (presumably, because they STRONGLY hinted it), Trevor's head was in a cooler that JaNut rested her feet upon as she told him that she sensed a coldness coming from him.

Why was Erica covering her ASS (literally) when she and Jackson left the hospital room after being caught in a semi-compromising position by Frankie?

Excuse me? Brot and Natalia are both police officers. Brot is on suspension and Natalia has a flesh wound on her arm, but Brot just asks Jake if he's fine with JaNut (tied to something now) while he takes Natalia to the hospital. So both cops leave civilians with a deranged MURDERER who has proven over and over and over again just how capable she is of getting out of all kinds of scrapes.

Why does JaNut keep calling Amanda Mandy? She rarely, if EVER, called her that.

I hope we'll still be seeing JaNut for a while, but if they hauled her off again, that might not happen.

Angie says they might need an MRI for Natalia's arm that was grazed by the bullet. Why?

Robin "who coincidentally had *2* MRI's today" Coutellier

Monday, May 3, 2010

BC - Mon, 5/3/10

LOVE that JaNut not only refers to herself as Grandma when talking to Trevor, but as "your OLD Grandma". She said that as she grunted getting up while holding him. Now THAT is realistic.

HATE that JaNut has Amanda tied up in the closet with Natalia. That is SO out-of-character for JaNut! Yes, she did lock Amanda into that storage room (or whatever it was) with baby Jenny, but that was not a VIOLENT thing. Oh wait, did she bonk Amanda on the head during that time? I don't remember now. I think (hope) she bonked someone else on the head.

I did see a hint of her feeling bad, though, that made me think she is withdrawing from her meds. That might explain her ongoing nuttiness, but you'd think it would make it HARDER for her to do such meticulous planning.

Robin "in any case, it's rarely boring when JaNut is around" Coutellier

Sunday, May 2, 2010

BC - Fri, 4/30/10

I'm assuming that there is also a camera in the little stuffed tiger Natalia was talking to.

Maybe it's just the fact that their hair is very dark and parted in the middle, but check out the guy second from the right in this 1915 photo of Army cooks from Does he look like he could be a forefather of Damon or WHAT? (The guy with the big fork is kind of hot, too) Here's an enlarged version.

I know I've mentioned it before, but I have to say it again: is a GREAT site with vintage photos going back to the 1840s; I've spent HOURS combing through the site and imagining what things were like back then. I love looking at the details in some of the fashions. The hats alone are fascinating! Thinking about what was going on in history at any given time and watching the way things changed for women over time just makes my mind spin! I try to imagine what people were thinking when the photo was being taken, what their influences were, etc.

OMG! I can't believe that after all my ranting, that IS JaNut back!!! Is she Amanda's stalker, though? I don't care -- I LOVE JaNut From Another Planet! JaNut would do ANYTHING for Amanda! Just in time for May sweeps, too! If she is NOT Amanda's stalker, she'll make mincemeat of the person who IS.

Robin "let the carnage begin!" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 4/29/10

Jack doesn't want to talk about Fusion and Amanda's cyberstalker. WTF? Jack was married to Laurel, who was married to Trevor, who is Amanda's father. Laurel was Amanda's stepmother and mother to Lily, who is Jack's adopted daughter. You'd think he would care at least a LITTLE bit about Amanda.

Natalia thought it was a GOOD idea to incorporate the fact that she's a PVPD cop during the day and model by night into the Fusion ad campaign? She's not the brightest bulb in the package, is she?

Amanda is SUCH an idiot! She KNOWS what mental illness looks like -- she grew up with JaNut! JaNut beheaded Trevor (presumably AFTER he died) and carried it around in a cooler (the rest of his body was in the freezer). She KNOWS that obsessions take over people's lives, yet she it completely empty-headed when it comes to someone stalking HER. I guess it never occurred to her that the stalker might KILL her BABY or, at the very least, her husband. Oh, and HER. Her anger is very understandable. The refusal to even CONSIDER that she should take this more seriously instead of belittling Natalia for warning her about it makes me wonder if Amanda, herself, has some mental problems.

And just to add a fine point to the whole JaNut/obsessed psycho angle, JaNut MURDERED Will Cooney Cortlandt not because he was a bad guy (which is why SO many people were suspects), but because he was taking too much of Trevor's attention away from her and Amanda (she had already named the baby Amanda, although no one had determined the sex of the unborn baby yet). JaNut was 9 months pregnant with Amanda at the time she did it and under police guard. She escaped from her 4th floor room at PVH (where she was awaiting Amanda's birth) with the help of a BUTTERKNIFE, climbed out the window, broke into Will's apartment from the outside, bludgeoned him to death with a crowbar, managed to get BACK to PVH and climb back into her "guarded" 4th floor room without ANYONE knowing she had even left the room. And Amanda thinks the obsessed stalker is no big deal and will go away because it said it would. Uh huh.

Also, everyone is assuming the stalker is a guy. While that is the most likely scenario, it IS possible that the stalker is a woman.

Why are so many people out jogging in the park at night?

Natalia gives in enough to say she'll sit in the squad car outside and keep an eye on the place (because there is only one entrance to the big building that has a parking garage, an elevator, stairs, hallways, balconies and fire escapes) and orders Amanda to lock the door behind her. Amanda complies by turning the thumb-lock, but leaving the GIGANTIC deadbolt unturned. Idjit.

Robin "Amanda should tune into the crime channels occasionally" Coutellier

BC - Tue-Wed, 4/27-28/10

Liza tells Tad that, for reasons that are too obvious to spell out, any kind of relationship between Colby and Damon is a no-starter. That got me to thinking about what, exactly, ARE the obvious reasons. Some are obvious and some are more subtle.

  • Damon is headed for prison if he keeps on the way he's been going. Okay, that IS obvious.
  • Tad is Damon's bio father.
  • Tad has had sex with:
  • Liza (Colby's Mom)Hillary (Damon's Mom)
  • Marian (Colby's Grandmother and Aunt)
  • Dixie (one of Adam's ex-wives & JAR's mother)
  • Brooke (one of Adam's ex-wives)
  • Gloria (one of Adam's ex-wives)
  • Krystal (one of Adam's ex-wives)
  • Mia (Liza's sister)
  • Skye (Adam's daughter)
  • Tad has had sex with JaNut, Amanda's Mom (when JaNut was pretending to be "Jane"). Amanda is married to Jake, who is Tad's brother. (Ewww, THAT ick-factor just now occurred to me). Jake was SUPPOSED to be Colby's father via sperm donation, and he tried to get custody of Colby when she was a baby.
  • Jamie is Damon's brother and the son of Brooke and Tad. Jamie has had sex with Babe, who is Krystal's daughter. Krystal was Colby's stepmother and Colby helped her to deliver Jenny on the floor of the mansion. JAR's current wife Marissa (aka eBabe) is also Krystal's daughter. Jamie also had sex with Amanda (see above), as did JAR. bbc
The fact that all this interconnected sex went on is not a hindrance for the two potential young lovers, but it definitely has an ick factor that could come up at social functions and family dinners if one allows one's mind to try to connect the dots.

Why would they have a sting (and a really STUPID, spur-of-the-moment, poorly-thought-out sting at that) at the Fusion office? That's giving KNOWN batshit crazy people (well at least they know ONE of them is batshit crazy) open access to the inside of corporate offices! Did anyone wear bulletproof vests? Of course not. There was really no protection WHATSOEVER other than having a couple of police officers there.

Robin "Fusion: Our Products Will Kill Your Brain Cells" Coutellier