Monday, May 10, 2010

BC - Fri, 5/7/10

The day starts with Ryan and Greenlee walking into a hotel room. Damn, what a letdown. I'm talking about the fact that Ryan is there at ALL. It kind of sticks a pin in the balloon of watching the show the moment it gets out of the gate.

Greenlee's pregnant, isn't she? Now she can have David's baby and all that entails, get back together with Ryan and still have years and years and years of having to deal with David because of the baby. Bingo! Oh wait, she has a "hostile womb". Of course, Brooke had Jamie and she had already had "premature ovarian failure". Fertility or the lack thereof is easily turned upside in Pine Valley, regardless of which one it is. And, as we all know, Greenlee's womb would be hostile in ANY case -- "hostile" should be Greenlee's middle name.

Did you ever notice that Greenlee gets sick in one way or another EVERY time she goes south of the border? What's up with THAT? She hasn't even been kidnapped or anything (yet).

Now eBabe knows about Annie. Let the child custody battle BEGIN!

Angie referred to David as "that TRIFLING-ASS David Hayward"! I LOVED that!

Oh, they are NOT going to kill JaNut off, are they??? Her sister, Natalie, became brain-dead from a massive brain hemorrhage, but that was after a car accident. Are they going to factor that into JaNut's storyline somehow?

Jesse reiterates that David will never, EVER be able to practice medicine legally again -- E.V.E.R. Jake got a jibe in on that, too. WTF is WRONG with these people. Even THEY keep saying he's like a cockroach and keeps coming back. How many times has his license ALREADY been pulled only to have it reinstated? How many times have people banished him, only to give him special privileges because he's the bestest heart doctor EVER? How many people have hated his guts with a white-hot passion, only to ASK for him to treat them?

Robin "Dr Dave is definitely amping up the evil factor" Coutellier

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