Thursday, October 29, 2009

BC - Wed, 10/28/09

Marissa picked up some candy in case they have Trick or Treaters -- at the Yacht Club. If I were staying at an exclusive place like a Yacht Club or some other hotel, I would expect management to keep little (and big) beggers wearing disguises OUT of the establishment.

I don't recall ever seeing that painting of Stuart and Adam as boys. Adam acted like he was hanging it for the first time, so maybe it was found among Stuart's stuff. It would have been nice for them to SAY something about it.

Tires squeal outside the church. Kendall looks alarmed and stares at Aidan, who just stands there. Kendall just sits there and keeps staring at him, waiting for him to remember his line. Aidan, with considerable lag time, looks toward the sound of the tires with vague interest and off-handedly says they need to hide. Only THEN does Kendall get up to do something.

Did Kendall pack a large bag of makeup to take with her, not to mention a mirror, and various other cosmetic-oriented instruments? She's wearing a lovely shade of perfectly applied eyeshadow, along with a full contingent of other makeup. Yeah, she'll blend at the General Store. Haven't they been on the run for at least 2-3 days now? Surely the two of them are starting to exude a scent other than cologne and perfume by now, and you'd think her makeup would, at minimum, look at little stale. And where are they relieving themselves? Does the bathroom in the church still work, or are they just squatting in the corner? Did they bring any TP or are they just using the scraps of paper and dead leaves that are strewn about?

Oh PUH-LEEZE! Two teenage boys think a church is "haunted" and they don't bother to actually check out the sound that's only a few feet away from them? They can't figure out a whooshing sound is coming from LAPTOP speakers a few feet away? How did Aidan queue up the whooshing sound-effect without alerting the boys by tapping on keys or the mouse? At the very least, the eau-de-on-the-lam scent should have clued the boys in. They DEFINITELY fall into the TSTL category. Seriously, how do those boys even manage to gather up the wherewithall to cross the street without getting killed?

This ridiculous storyline with Kendall and Zach chatting via laptops while she's on the lam is making me feel like I want to hurl! After EVERYTHING they've gone through so far (which has been pretty damn ridiculous, too), WHY would they risk it all because they are so much in luuuuuuuuv that all they can think about is spouting poetry and saying sappy things to each other? T-S-T-L. And don't even get me STARTED on Jesse's participation in all this! He's utterly USELESS as a police chief! The ONLY thing he does is break the law over and over and over again for his felonious friends and family. It's an insult to the fans to keep portraying him as a good guy when he digs himself in deeper and deeper every single day!

Is it just me, or does Junior Junior's Halloween costume look not so much like he's sporting a super-hero six-pack as he's sporting a bad boob job?

Robin "how can I top that last sentence with a simple sig?" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 10/27/09

Poetry bores me. I don't get it. I mean I understand it, it just doesn't DO anything for me other than annoy me. Some people have an "ear" for it, but I'm not one of them because my brain automatically glosses right over them. Maybe if poetry were set to music it might work for me (there are a lot of SONGS I like); otherwise it just falls flat. I don't want to have to decipher what someone is saying on my soap -- I have word puzzles for that kind of thing and I only work on those if I WANT to do so.

Natalia is talking about how they moved a lot when she was a kid. Huh? They made it pretty clear that Jesse found his way to Colorado where Natalia's mother, who was a nurse, took care of him. Since there were in Colorado when Jesse hit Pine Valley again, either they never left or they moved BACK there, which would be a really bad idea as far as track-covering goes. Mind you, when he first came back Jesse SAID that he had traveled all over the world (without a passport, apparently). The Colorado/Rebecca/Natalia storyline came later, and we were pissed off because how could he have settled down with a common-law-wife and a daughter Natalia's age if he was moving around every few weeks or months? So which is, it AMC?

Robin "Papa was a rolling sto-- papa was a static sto-- papa was a stop-&-go stone" Coutellier

Monday, October 26, 2009

BC - Mon, 10/26/09

Ryan asks Erica how she managed to grow up in a single parent home and get through it undamaged. UNDAMAGED? ROTFLMAO! Erica is the exceptionally neurotic person she IS in large part because of the emotional damage caused by her father's abandonment of her and her mother, not to mention him pimping her out to Richard Fields when she was 13 or 14. It's been an ongoing storyline from day ONE of the show!

Now SCOTT is wielding a gun. What IS it with Chuck Pratt's fascination with guns? Is he a frustrated cowboy? There have been shootings off and on over the years, but I've never seen so many people with guns on AMC until this last year. Then Annie picks it up points it at Zach, then fires it 3 times into the ceiling before pointing it at him again. Isn't there some sort of condition of her release that she not be around guns?

I think it's funny that the poetry page that Zach will see is called the very lengthy, but Kendall's password to it is "ian". Not only is it an INCREDIBLY stupid and easy-to-crack password, but no modern s/w is going to accept a miniscule 3-letter password. I can understand how her peabrain couldn't remember anything else, though, and she will, after all, be exhausted after typing that long URL.

The fact that Amanda is even CONSIDERING David's proposal that they have another child together puts her in the category of Too-Stupid-To-Live (TSTL)! Yeah, conceiving and having a another child to put into that lunatic's hands, not to mention doing so on the vague promise that he MIGHT go for joint custody of their children and allow her to live with her own husband is a GREAT idea!

On someone said that we need a new nickname for Annie. She's no longer Blandie and InSannie doesn't seem to work as well these days. My suggestion is, now that she's going to marry Adam (maybe), who is more than a little bit into senior citizenship, perhaps we should call her GrAnnie

Robin "she WILL have at least 2 or more grandkids if she marries Adam" Coutellier

BC - Fri, 10/23/09

Emma just got home from the hospital last night (having had holes drilled into her little head) and she's very upset about her mother's upcoming marriage to the mean old man who lives in the big, spooky house. So why is Ryan out and about so he can make up with Erica? Shouldn't he be home with Emma? Can't he be WITH his little daughter for even a DAY? Even ANNIE is wondering WTF is up that he left Emma to be with Erica, although she seems more concerned that Emma is now alone with her secret than that Emma has some extra holes in her head.

Why does Trevor have to be in a hospital crib for a simple checkup? Whatever happened to the parent holding the baby until the doctor comes in, and then the doctor examining the baby on an exam table?

Does the church where Kendall and Aidan are hiding out have a refrigerator (not to mention electricity)? Kendall bought that soup at a general store at LEAST 24 hours ago, and probably longer than that. Now she's about to feed it to Aidan again. Ewwww! I hope it's VEGETABLE soup.

I still can't believe how callous and unfeeling Kendall and Zach have been about the woman he paid to stay in jail in Kendall's place. Now Kendall is appreciating the fact that she is on the run instead of in jail. I can understand that she doesn't want to be in jail, but you'd think she'd feel at LITTLE bit bad about the fact that the other woman was f**king STABBED! The fact that she and Zach and Aidan all think that escaping, hiding out in a secret room and/or being on the run is the right thing to do is just mind-boggling. Their sense of entitlement knows no bounds.

Will the book Kendall was writing while in the "safe room" be published while she is on the run? Will any of her books be published because she shopped it around, as opposed to behind her back?

Erica tells Annie that the fashion designer who purportedly wants to design a dress for Annie is currently doing a fashion shoot at Lake Coney. Annie (knowing this is a con) says she'll just grab her wedding shoes and go. Just how big IS "Lake Coney" that anyone can just drive to it and instantly find someone else who happens to be there? Maybe Lake Coney is the name of a trendy nightspot or restaurant.

So, did Annie, yet AGAIN, shimmy up the fire escape? In a DRESS and HEELS? Of course she did.

Robin "all things considered, you'd think Ryan would have had it coated in Vaseline by now" Coutellier

BC - Wed & Thu, 10/21 & 10/22/09

Angie tells Natalia that she's going to go to church to beg God for forgiveness for wishing Madison dead (more than twice). Now Madison IS dead. I can just hear God now: "Oh, NOW you tell me!"

Why are the incriminating DVDs that Madison had just casually occupying a chair at Frankie and Randi's apt? Considering that little ceremony Angie made them perform about forgetting about it from this moment onward, you'd think they would have included DESTROYING THE EVIDENCE in the process. Not that Madison's father couldn't have EASILY made copies of them.

Speaking of destroying evidence, don't even get me STARTED on how RIDICULOUS Frankie's method of finally destroying them was! Too late, I'm started! If you have a decent paper shredder, you can shred a CD or DVD (good ones have slots for just that). You can also take pointy instruments such as scissors or screwdrivers and gouge the hell out of it. Or, as Taylor said in R.A.T.S.A, just break it. They really aren't that strong. I sometimes used to get broken DVDs from Blockbuster and/or Netflix just from them being crammed into mailboxes or possibly stuck in machines at the post office. Cassette tapes are even easier to destroy. Pull the tape out and cut it up with scissors. Sticking tapes and CDs/DVDs in a wastebasket and setting them on fire (with the help of lighter fluid) is beyond S-T-U-P-I-D and quite dangerous on several levels. BTW, don't Frankie and Randi have a smoke alarm?

Robin "FINALLY Emma remembers seeing Adam shoot the gun" Coutellier

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BC - Tue, 10/20/09

Ryan tells Annie that as soon as he gets Emma home to the penthouse where she feels SAFE, she'll tell him everything. SAFE? How can Emma POSSIBLY feel SAFE at the penthouse where so much trouble happens? Every Mommy-figure she has ever had has gone through that place like it has a revolving door. She's in the hospital NOW because she fell down the stairs there. Women, including her Mommy, keep climbing the fire escape and getting in, so it obviously isn't very secure. Daddy is constantly yelling at everyone who walks in the door (or climbs up the fire escape). Her kitten appears to have disappeared -- did they ever let her even take it out of the box? And she keeps slipping on that perpetually wet spot in front of the fireplace ;-)

Given his hangover, do you think Scott regretted slamming the door when he stormed out of JAR's room?

Well, Jake isn't limping or hunched over, so I guess Amanda's shoes didn't poke any holes in him. Was Amanda on today? It would be kind of funny to see her show up on crutches after not quite sticking the landing with those high heels. Or wearing another eyepatch because the riding crop went askew.

How did Kendall manage to carry groceries a mile home (let alone even get the groceries BAGGED) without getting even the tiniest of crinkles in her grocery bags? Did anyone else catch what might have been an in-joke when Kendall commented (re her shopping expedition) that she was in and out and "no one even looked at me sideways"? BWAHAHAAAAAA! Considering people often say that she would disappear if she turned sideways, that's kind of cute!

Robin "although she would show up a LITTLE now, given her real-life baby bump" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 10/19/09

Is it just me, or is Scott wearing WAAAAY too much makeup?

Emma's been PRETENDING to be asleep and the doctors and nurses couldn't tell? Oh PUH-LEEZE! I have to say, though, that it's pretty good (albeit inadvertent) timing what with the Balloon Boy hoax in the news. And there's Annie, telling Emma not to ever, ever tell what she saw that night. How long will it be before, like Balloon Boy, Emma is vomiting from the stress of lying and pretending?

Did not notice that, all things considered, Amanda didn't sound THAT upset when she told Jake that she thought she might have killed David?

David tells Jesse that he just saw Kendall and that if he sends some cruisers right away, they might catch them, but they have to hurry. David didn't even say where he WAS.

Scott is drunk and his head is on the bar as he plays with a quarter, trying to spin it or something, but not having much luck. The (sort of) funny part, if you were watching it on ABC, was that they put an obnoxious promo up for "Dancing With The Stars" up at just that moment, with a tiny dancing couple in the middle of the screen. It looked like he was trying to hit THEM with the quarter or possibly figure out why there was a miniature couple dancing on top of the bar. He was confused and asked the bartender if was he tipping the BAR. It was great timing

DAMN! For such an upstanding and by-the-book cop, Jesse sure is corrupt. He's breaking the rules, in a BIG way, right and left! It still doesn't make any sense that he'd put his neck out so far for people he barely even knows.

This casual attitude on everyone's part about David being hit over the head with a shovel and knocked unconscious is downright surreal. The banter and laughing between David and Amanda (who happens to be the one who hit him on the head in the first place) is just plain bizarre!

I'm glad to see that David at least took his shoes off before napping on the nice off-white couch.

When Amanda, brandishing a riding crop, jumped off whatever it was she was prancing on, was I the only one who cringed, thinking of how she was going to land in those VERY high heels? Either a) she was going to break one or both her ankles, or b) she was going to puncture one or more parts of her husband, who was lying there waiting for her.

Robin "either way, a happy ending would seem unlikely" Coutellier

Monday, October 19, 2009

BC - Thu, 10/15/09

A package is delivered to the main house and Scott signs for it. A) the deliveryman doesn't even say whom the package is for, and b) why was it delivered to the main house? Doesn't Adam still have that "crack security team" in place? Even during NON-threatening times he should have guards at the gates that, at a minimum, sign for packages so that the people at the house don't have to deal with mundane things like that.

Aren't rookies usually teamed up with more seasoned officers? Not Natalia. Oh well, I buy her not having a partner WAY better than her, as a cadet, notifying someone (in the middle of a casino, no less) that her husband is dead or her being involved in securing murder scenes.

Kendall chants the Slater mantra to Zach: "Always only you" The part they cut out: "... except when it's somebody else."

I think Aidan's a little rusty. He points his gun at Jesse and the two other uniformed guards/officers and says (regarding Kendall, whom he has in a (fake) chokehold): "Come any closer and she's DEAD!" Uh, shouldn't he be pointing the gun at HER head? How is he supposed to kill her when the gun isn't even pointed at her?

Even if it is proven that someone else killed Stuart, won't Kendall still have to do time for escaping from custody (more than once)? She and her various friends and cohorts escape from justice on a pretty regular basis. And Aidan seems to be involved almost every time.

Robin "Why hasn't he ever done prison time for that?" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 10/14/09

Does the hospital have more than one chapel? I ask because now there are individual chairs in there now, whereas when Babe died (in JAR's arms), there were benches (all the better to cradle a dying woman). And chapel or not, are lit candles allowed in the hospital?

As mentioned on RATSA by Hallie, on the previous show, Angie said a nurse could have stitched up Kendall. On today's show, repeating the end of the previous day's show, she said an intern could have stitched her up. Continuity, folks!

Didn't Kendall's double have to take Kendall's anti-rejection medications while in prison, considering that Kendall had a heart transplant?

Adam gets a dig in at Ryan by saying that he (Adam) and Annie will have a long and happy marriage, something RYAN never got the hang of. Pot, Kettle! Adam has been married how many times? Let's see, off the top of my head I can think of Althea (off-screen), Brooke, Dixie, Erica, Arlene, Erica, Gloria, Liza. And there are probably one or two I'm forgetting. Ryan: Gillian, Greenlee, Annie.

Robin "am I forgetting any spouses?" Coutellier

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BC - Tue, 10/13/09

I know babies have fast heartbeats, but do children have heartbeats as fast as they are portraying with Emma? If Emma can actually hear that, it must be driving her crazy. In fact, maybe the fact that she can hear her heartbeat is what's making it go fast in the first place.

It was pretty irresponsible for Erica to bring Ian to the hospital to visit Mommy. Hospitals are full of SICK people, after all. She could be exposing him to Swine Flu for all she knows, and I shuddered when I heard them say that Ian was in the playroom at the hospital. Oh yeah, THAT'S a great place to bring a toddler that likes to put things in his mouth. At the very least, kids are usually carrying all sorts of germs that vulnerable people in the hospital can ill-afford (no pun intended) to come in contact with. I'm thinking Erica was actually using Ian as a prop to get her in to see Kendall just in case. And where is Spike during all this?

I know it's all a ruse on Jesse's part, but it's a pretty LAME ruse. Why would the police chief need to write a report about a stabbing that occurred in the prison? What's he going to do, go to the prison, arrest an inmate and throw her in jail? Wouldn't the incident be handled within the prison?

Speaking of Jesse, I'm thinking he's not getting any lovin' TONIGHT. It's more likely he's sleeping on the balcony.

Obviously, based on the expression on Annie's face when Adam said he knew Emma had killed Stuart, Emma did NOT kill Stuart. They are certainly telegraphing that ADAM is the one who did it. At least that's what they want us to think right NOW.

Erica's upset because "Kendall hardly reacted to Ian". Well that's no surprise -- she's hardly reacted to Ian since before he was born. Okay, I'm being a little harsh, because Kendall DID eventually warm up to him, but it took a f**k of a long time!

Oopsy, looks like Kendall is going to have to go to prison after all. I don't blame the impersonator for not wanting to go back, given that she was just STABBED!

Robin "yet Liza has the nerve to look mildly surprised (since any expression more than 'mild' is apparently too much for her face to handle)" Coutellier

Monday, October 12, 2009

BC - Mon, 10/12/09

Here's a partial address of the penthouse:

x50 Oakview Lane

I couldn't hear what the first digit (or possibly first 2 digits) were and it wasn't shown in closed-captioning.

Kendall promises Zach that she will always think before she acts. I'm sure a collective "HA!" went up among the people watching it. There was a dramatic pause and, seeing the look on Zach's face, she amended to to promising to TRY to think before she acts and not to act so impulsively. HA!

I DO wish they'd stop referring to Emma as "that little girl" or "that girl". She has a NAME, you know!

Scott guesses that Annie never WAS going to sell Emma out for killing Stuart -- she was just doing that to throw Ryan off. He then asks who killed Stuart if Emma didn't. Annie looks meaningfully at him and suggests they go for a walk because he needs to know the truth. I wouldn't do that if I were him.

I see Scott is still breathing and conscious, so he obviously survived their walk. I'm guessing that Annie told Scott that ADAM killed Stuart, based on the fact that the only thing we heard her say to him was at the end of their conversation when she says: "You understand now, don't you? Why it HAS to be this way?" Scott is certainly acting as if she told him that Adam did it. I guess we'll find out during November sweeps.

Wait a sec -- are they going to do the unthinkable and say that Stuart shot HIMSELF? We heard Adam's voice going over all the reasons he had to die, making us think that, in his addled state, he shot Stuart, thinking he was shooting himself or at least offering himself up to be shot. What if Stuart shot himself as a means of saving his brother? It doesn't seem likely, logistically. It is DEFINITELY out-of-character for Stuart to have done that (taking his own life), but few of the characters are acting in-character anymore anyway -- they do whatever the writers can think of to advance a plot; personality, history and values be damned.

Why would Jake take his surgical gown off in the waiting room? Wouldn't it have Emma's blood all over it? If they were drilling holes in Emma's head to relieve the pressure, then the blood would probably spurt out like the contents of a popped pimple. Yup, a bloody gown is just what terrified parents need to see. Not that it DID have any visible blood on it, but still ...

Robin "does Emma have bald spots now?" Coutellier

BC - Fri, 10/9/09

Ryan is playing a board game with Emma and he chuckles and says to her: "Aw, you're KILLIN' me!" Is that REALLY the best choice of words right now, all things considered?

Amanda tells Jake to forget DNA -- HE will always be Trevor's father. Uh, speaking of DNA, why doesn't someone do a DAMN DNA TEST on the baby???

A christening is a religious ceremony -- aren't they supposed to renounce the devil, etc.?

Why didn't they take the time to put Trevor in a dressier outfit than a khaki romper and a sweater? I did enjoy him being alert, vocalizing and generally being active, though.

Speaking of inappropriate appearance at a christening, did you notice that eBabe was wearing black nail polish?

Robin "why are most of my comments in the form of questions?" Coutellier

BC - Wed-Thu, 10/7-8/09

Kendall says that being locked in a room 24/7 is driving her stark raving MAD. Uh, she was stark raving mad WAAAAY before she got locked up (not that she EVER spends 24 hours in that room).

Annie left without seeing whatever it was she demanded that Emma show her (in the guise of getting Emma to leave the room). BAD Annie!

I still think it's hilarious at how Stewie always gets his diaper changed (sometimes along with being fed and burped) in a matter of seconds :-) Do they have some sort of machine in the other room where you drop a baby in one end and a few seconds later he comes out the other end changed, fed and clean in the same amount of time it takes to to walk 3-4 feet to pick him up on the other side of the machine? Does the baby slide out a chute and you catch him, or does he land on some nice, soft pillows in a bin? Or is it like the microwave, and the baby just rotates on a big platter until he's done? Did Jayne Jetson know about this? That Yacht Club sure has a lot of amenities for its guests. I wonder if it provides earplugs free of charge so the other guests don't hear Stewie screaming all night.

For someone so determined not to play by Aidan's rules, Annie folded faster than a house of cards on the shoulder of a freeway.

Why is Jesse putting out an APB on Annie when she's only been missing for a short time? She was late showing up for an appt, but she DID show up, then she took off again. Of course, she SHOULD have shown up on at least one more casino camera on the outside, so that part is cause for concern by some.

Robin "I hate the way they are making Adam so weak" Coutellier

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BC - Tue, 10/6/09

Let me preface this by saying I only saw part of the show. We had a power outage/surge/something-or-other and I lost some of the show. My TV was off at the time, but suddenly a woman speaking Chinese started blaring out of the speakers that I have connected to the TV. Now THAT was weird. When it powered back up, my Tivo continued to record AMC, but since we have Soapnet here, I foolishly stopped the continued recording, planning to just wait for the Soapnet one. Except ... when I got up today (in the afternoon), I saw a page for the weekly emergency broadcast signal test which was from 2:54 am. The Comcast box got froze at that point, so I missed the repeat of Tuesday's episode _and_ today's ABC AMC _and_ a movie I recorded overnight. F**king cable box.

Wow, that overhead paging operator is a little excited. I'm pretty sure they train them to be a little more even-toned, not matter HOW dire the situation is. She sounded like the sky was about to fall as she urgently paged Angie. She also said over the speaker that it was an MVA. Don't they usually use CODES for things like that? Otherwise you have NON-medical people getting all stressed out (even more than they already ARE), pestering the staff and generally getting in the way.

Angie seems surprised that Frankie was in the car with Madison, who was just rolled in from the ambulance. That's kind of weird, considering they were talking mere SECONDS before about him driving Madison to Oakhaven; in fact, their conversation about FRANKIE DRIVING THE CAR was interrupted by the overhead page).

I lost whatever happened after the 30-minute mark on Tuesday (after Jake and Amanda discussed how David would eventually implode without any plotting and scheming on their side), then got a little bit back in a smaller segment. I saw Liza hand the baby over to Bailey to spend some time with him, saw Tad talk to Colby and recommend that she cut Liza some slack, saw Madison being wheeled out (with reassurances from her father -- you know THAT won't end well), and Frankie told Randi that Madison confessed to killing North, thereby letting Frankie off the hook.

Robin "What happened after that?" Coutellier

OT Comcast Rant:
Why do Comcast boxes (and it doesn't seem to matter which brand it is) have SO many problems? I very rarely have problems with my Tivo, and it actually RESPONDS quite quickly to its remote control, whereas the Comcast ones are always sluggish. Every few days you have to unplug it as the response to the remote gets more and more sluggish, sometimes to an extreme degree (30 seconds to a minute to respond to a SINGLE button press, assuming it responds at all). I can SEE the light on the box flash, indicating that it received a signal from the remote, so it's not like the signal completely missed the box and flew off in the direction of a coffee pot. Even on a good day you can never stop playback where you WANT it to stop except by sheer luck, and sometimes (quite often) you can't get it to stop at ALL when it's racing forward or backward. What pieces of crap! There's NO excuse for such universally crappy equipment/software for so many years. I had been without a cable box for about a year before I recently moved, but the ones I had prior to that (I went through several of them), although not DVRs, had similar problems as far as the remote response went. If my 4-yr-old Tivo can do these things just fine and in a peppy manner, why can't newer Comcast boxes do these very basic things?

The Comcast box I have now is a dual-tuner DVR, and the single-tuner Tivo gets its signal from that box. Sometimes I deal directly with the Comcast box if I want to record two programs at once or if I want to watch On-Demand, but trying to watch playback from the Comcast box is like pulling teeth -- it's not even worth it to TRY to go back a few seconds if you missed what someone said or to try to speed through commercials (which may be an underlying STRATEGY to try to force you to watch them). I've finally come to the conclusion that the best method of watching shows I record on the Comcast DVR (Pace brand, in this case) is to set up a manual recording via Tivo to record on Channel 1 for the specified amount of time, then go to the Comcast side, navigate to the recorded program or On-Demand choice, and then start playback of a program to watch later on the Tivo. It's annoying to do it that way, and I don't get the actual program title (other than the vague description of "On Demand" in my Tivo program list, but it's a much more pleasant experience to actually WATCH it that way.

My sister's Comcast box freezes quite often (sometimes DAILY), and if she unplugs it for more than about 5-10 seconds, it loses ALL her recorded programs. My Tivo has experienced NUMEROUS power outages, but I think I've only lost all my programs ONCE in 4 years, if that, and I think it was just a fluke, not a power outage.

F**king cable box.

BC - Mon, 10/5/09

Baby Stewart has quite a widow's peak. Either that or they're just combing it that way.

Why are Krystal and Tad even TALKING about getting back together? They never had the kind of chemistry that they BOTH wanted. They got together because they had a child, and they were good friends who loved each other well enough, but not in a one-true-love kind of way. They were tired of the angst and drama, though, and basically SETTLED for each other.

Tad lectures Jake on how Jake's first go-to solution is always a deception or a lie. Pot, Kettle! I agree that Jake does have a tendency to do that, but Tad is hardly in a position to lecture about something that he's done over and over and over again. Of course, this IS sore spot for Tad, whose child was kept from HIM for so many years.

Madison's father's lawyers will be pretty stupid if they don't bring up the collusion and conflict-of-interest among the husband/wife/son about committing a woman with whom they CLEARLY have ongoing hostilities. Others may not know about the blackmail, but there are plenty of witnesses to other things. They can probably easily ascertain that Jesse and/or Randy were in Washington when the DA was killed. The entire police force was on the alert for Madison because Madison was out to get Randi. SOMEONE would talk. Not that I'm on the side of the father, who is an over-the-top, actively spewing asshole.

Robin "will Stewie be dressed as a vampire on Halloween?" Coutellier

Monday, October 5, 2009

BC - Fri, 10/2/09

Angie says she wants a full tox screen done on Madison, including alcohol, aspirin and acetamonophen (e.g., Tylonel). I'm wondering why she stressed those things instead of, say, heroin, cocaine, or Rohypnol. The paramedic said it looked like an overdose. He didn't say an overdose of WHAT or even what the symptoms were.

Did you notice that Madison's canula came out of one of her nostrils so that it was drooping under her right nostril? It made it look like she had a big snot blob loosely attached to it

For someone who (presumably) just had her stomach pumped, Madison's makeup is FLAWLESS! Yeah, she looked a little more wan than usual and there are dark circles under her eyes, but I've never seen such perfectly applied foundation and lipstick outside an airbrushed magazine ad. Thank God the most recent lipgloss fad is over (for the moment); otherwise it would REALLY look like a snotty mess under her nose.

Robin "not quite flawless" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 10/1/09

I still don't get it. How is having people know you have cancer better having people think you are, once again, on a months-long alcoholic binge? Which looks worse as far as losing custody of your child?

Regarding David, Amanda tells Jake that she's not an idiot. He tells her that Krystal wasn't an idiot, and look what happened to HER. Uh, Krystal WAS/IS an idiot.

Robin "she's fallen into the 'too stupid to live' category on MANY occasions" Coutellier

Friday, October 2, 2009

BC - Wed, 9/30/09

Annie is going to the courthouse dressed like THAT? Oh wait, she had no idea she HAD a court date -- because she DIDN'T! Jesse just shows up on Adam's doorstep in the morning and informs her that he's there to take her to court for her first day of trial. In what universe do they not bother to TELL a defendant that they have to be in court for the beginning of their MURDER trial? Or is she on trial for one of her many kidnappings of her daughter? Or stabbing Erica Kane? No one thinks it might be considerate, if not prudent, to INFORM her of her court date so that she has time to, oh, I don't know, PREPARE for it?

I wouldn't blame Liza for a SECOND if she reports that Kendall is not really in prison. Liza would be in big trouble, herself, if she knew that and didn't report it, attorney-client privilege or not. When the news gets out, people will think she was in on it.

Annie DOES actually change into something that looks school-girlish, albeit in a low-cut kind of way. Then she walks in and wonders where the jury is. Uh, if you're going to have a jury, you're going to have jury SELECTION, and the defendant, I believe has to BE there for that. Then Barry Shire informs her that they've elected to have a bench trial (judge only) instead of a jury. Uh, again, Annie, as the f**king DEFENDANT, would not only KNOW that, she would have to sign consent/request forms to that effect AND the DA would have to have agreed to it (at least I think they would).

Oh, she IS on trial for murder, kidnap, assault/attempted murder and I think at least one other thing. Nothing was FORMALLY even read in court regarding the charges. The judge mentions them, but no full names, individual charges or case numbers are ever mentioned.

Oh PUH-LEEZE! Why would Annie put the incriminating DVD in a drawer in the LIVING ROOM when she has an entire mansion, including tunnels, to hide it? Like a desk drawer lock is going to stop anyone but a child!

Kendall continues to be too stupid to live. Liza finds out about Kendall's escape and hideout and Kendall just canNOT keep her yap shut. Zach goes out to do some damage control, and Kendall just lights into Liza, needling her about how happy she (Liza) must be now.

Angie is mighty chipper for someone who stayed up all night dancing and handling family crises. Annie is, too, but she's crazy. Adam, OTOH, should be near death's door after an all-nighter like that. Pretty much everyone that's on today that was at the marathon is bright and chipper, though, even though they haven't even gone to bed or, if they did, they only got a couple of hours of sleep.

I don't know much about ankle bracelets, other than what I've read. Can they really be cut off with a $2 pair of scissors? Isn't a special tool needed to remove them?

Robin "I'm pretty sure they aren't as flimsy as a thin plastic hospital bracelet" Coutellier