Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BC - Mon, 10/5/09

Baby Stewart has quite a widow's peak. Either that or they're just combing it that way.

Why are Krystal and Tad even TALKING about getting back together? They never had the kind of chemistry that they BOTH wanted. They got together because they had a child, and they were good friends who loved each other well enough, but not in a one-true-love kind of way. They were tired of the angst and drama, though, and basically SETTLED for each other.

Tad lectures Jake on how Jake's first go-to solution is always a deception or a lie. Pot, Kettle! I agree that Jake does have a tendency to do that, but Tad is hardly in a position to lecture about something that he's done over and over and over again. Of course, this IS sore spot for Tad, whose child was kept from HIM for so many years.

Madison's father's lawyers will be pretty stupid if they don't bring up the collusion and conflict-of-interest among the husband/wife/son about committing a woman with whom they CLEARLY have ongoing hostilities. Others may not know about the blackmail, but there are plenty of witnesses to other things. They can probably easily ascertain that Jesse and/or Randy were in Washington when the DA was killed. The entire police force was on the alert for Madison because Madison was out to get Randi. SOMEONE would talk. Not that I'm on the side of the father, who is an over-the-top, actively spewing asshole.

Robin "will Stewie be dressed as a vampire on Halloween?" Coutellier

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