Monday, October 26, 2009

BC - Mon, 10/26/09

Ryan asks Erica how she managed to grow up in a single parent home and get through it undamaged. UNDAMAGED? ROTFLMAO! Erica is the exceptionally neurotic person she IS in large part because of the emotional damage caused by her father's abandonment of her and her mother, not to mention him pimping her out to Richard Fields when she was 13 or 14. It's been an ongoing storyline from day ONE of the show!

Now SCOTT is wielding a gun. What IS it with Chuck Pratt's fascination with guns? Is he a frustrated cowboy? There have been shootings off and on over the years, but I've never seen so many people with guns on AMC until this last year. Then Annie picks it up points it at Zach, then fires it 3 times into the ceiling before pointing it at him again. Isn't there some sort of condition of her release that she not be around guns?

I think it's funny that the poetry page that Zach will see is called the very lengthy, but Kendall's password to it is "ian". Not only is it an INCREDIBLY stupid and easy-to-crack password, but no modern s/w is going to accept a miniscule 3-letter password. I can understand how her peabrain couldn't remember anything else, though, and she will, after all, be exhausted after typing that long URL.

The fact that Amanda is even CONSIDERING David's proposal that they have another child together puts her in the category of Too-Stupid-To-Live (TSTL)! Yeah, conceiving and having a another child to put into that lunatic's hands, not to mention doing so on the vague promise that he MIGHT go for joint custody of their children and allow her to live with her own husband is a GREAT idea!

On someone said that we need a new nickname for Annie. She's no longer Blandie and InSannie doesn't seem to work as well these days. My suggestion is, now that she's going to marry Adam (maybe), who is more than a little bit into senior citizenship, perhaps we should call her GrAnnie

Robin "she WILL have at least 2 or more grandkids if she marries Adam" Coutellier

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