Friday, October 2, 2009

BC - Wed, 9/30/09

Annie is going to the courthouse dressed like THAT? Oh wait, she had no idea she HAD a court date -- because she DIDN'T! Jesse just shows up on Adam's doorstep in the morning and informs her that he's there to take her to court for her first day of trial. In what universe do they not bother to TELL a defendant that they have to be in court for the beginning of their MURDER trial? Or is she on trial for one of her many kidnappings of her daughter? Or stabbing Erica Kane? No one thinks it might be considerate, if not prudent, to INFORM her of her court date so that she has time to, oh, I don't know, PREPARE for it?

I wouldn't blame Liza for a SECOND if she reports that Kendall is not really in prison. Liza would be in big trouble, herself, if she knew that and didn't report it, attorney-client privilege or not. When the news gets out, people will think she was in on it.

Annie DOES actually change into something that looks school-girlish, albeit in a low-cut kind of way. Then she walks in and wonders where the jury is. Uh, if you're going to have a jury, you're going to have jury SELECTION, and the defendant, I believe has to BE there for that. Then Barry Shire informs her that they've elected to have a bench trial (judge only) instead of a jury. Uh, again, Annie, as the f**king DEFENDANT, would not only KNOW that, she would have to sign consent/request forms to that effect AND the DA would have to have agreed to it (at least I think they would).

Oh, she IS on trial for murder, kidnap, assault/attempted murder and I think at least one other thing. Nothing was FORMALLY even read in court regarding the charges. The judge mentions them, but no full names, individual charges or case numbers are ever mentioned.

Oh PUH-LEEZE! Why would Annie put the incriminating DVD in a drawer in the LIVING ROOM when she has an entire mansion, including tunnels, to hide it? Like a desk drawer lock is going to stop anyone but a child!

Kendall continues to be too stupid to live. Liza finds out about Kendall's escape and hideout and Kendall just canNOT keep her yap shut. Zach goes out to do some damage control, and Kendall just lights into Liza, needling her about how happy she (Liza) must be now.

Angie is mighty chipper for someone who stayed up all night dancing and handling family crises. Annie is, too, but she's crazy. Adam, OTOH, should be near death's door after an all-nighter like that. Pretty much everyone that's on today that was at the marathon is bright and chipper, though, even though they haven't even gone to bed or, if they did, they only got a couple of hours of sleep.

I don't know much about ankle bracelets, other than what I've read. Can they really be cut off with a $2 pair of scissors? Isn't a special tool needed to remove them?

Robin "I'm pretty sure they aren't as flimsy as a thin plastic hospital bracelet" Coutellier

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