Monday, August 30, 2010

BC - Fri, 8/27/10

I saw the show for Tuesday & Wednesday, but I had nothing to say about them other than "eh". And apparently I have the same sentiments about Thursday.

Well, so much for Madison making sure Ryan takes it easy. I guess choosing to have sex on the living room couch, rather than adding to the huge stain on the floor in front of the fireplace, falls into the category of "taking it easy". For once Ryan made a concession to having had a recent brain hemorrhage by actually having some cushioning while having sex.

Why did Madison STAY on the couch when someone knocked insistently on the door and Ryan got up and dressed to answer it? She could have gotten up and gone to the bedroom or bathroom, but nooooo, she just sits there, naked but for a blanket. And then Madison had the gall to act SURPRISED when she saw Greenlee at the door (they were expecting it would be Kendall coming over for Spike's toy). Apparently she had no problem with Kendall (possibly with Spike in tow) or anyone else coming to the door and seeing her naked on the couch, oozing with post-sex ... um ... glow. What would the look on Madison's face have been it it had it been, say, Annie, dropping off Emma? Ryan just opened the door knowing Madison was naked on the couch directly opposite it, and that the room was reeking of recent sex.

I would LOVE it if, just once, a character would mention the stain on the floor in front of the fireplace. Opal would be a good person to notice it and tactlessly blurt out something about it. And I KNOW something about tactlessly blurting out things. She could say something like: "Ryan, you really should FIRE your housekeeper, or at least have a talk with her. That stain on the floor has been there for the longest time and it just seems to be getting bigger over the years. Maybe you should try some Murphy's Oil Soap or even baking soda. We had a big stain like that at the Chicken Shack once and I -- never mind."

All things considered, why does Colby believe that her Mom got tickets for Colby and Damon to go to Caleb's party, especially since they came from David, not Liza? Even at Colby's age, I would have suspected the motives. Also, why would she and Damon want to go to a party full of "old people".

Does it ever cross Greenlee's little pea brain that, given everything he's done so far to utterly shatter her trust in him, David might be having her followed 24/7? I mean, I would think that would be the EASIEST and most expedient thing he would do and he would have done it from the very outset of their marriage ... or sooner, just as a matter of course, no matter HOW much he loved her.

Robin "blurter" Coutellier

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

BC - Mon, 8/23/10

I'm with David on Angie practicing medicine without telling them that she was going blind. No WAY should she even have put herself in a position that people would THINK she could see enough to treat patients! Once she was diagnosed, she had a duty to disclose it. There are also things she needs to see (paperwork-wise) in order to make decisions. As Greenlee said, she can still do administrative stuff, but she will also need an assistant to help her with things like that. She ABSOLUTELY put the hospital at risk by not disclosing her ongoing periods of blindness. She SHOULD be fired.

JAR sure is pulling out the "I almost died" card. He did it at LEAST three times just in the first half-hour.

When eBabe told JAR that she had slept with Scott, did anyone else think he looked like a confused dog that kept tilting its head?

Robin "Roll over and play dead, JAR! Now STAY!" Coutellier

Sunday, August 22, 2010

BC - Fri, 8/20/10

Marissa is about to take the bar exam again? Don't you have to wait something like six months in between testing?

Oh, NOW Annie insists that she and Scott find another place to live. She was so hell-bent on living in the Chandler mansion, no matter what (including MURDER, alcoholism, adultery, hatred, family betrayals, death, treachery, constant rage from all sides, and plain old bad manners) and suddenly it's not a good atmosphere because Marissa left?

I don't know why Angie is so sure she's going blind because she caught something from the little boy. On 2/8/08 Angie was remembering when Jesse "died". Something HORRIBLE happened to her eyes when she remembered. Remember this?

Angie has been going blind for over two years now!

Robin "Happy Birthday Jacquie, Mom & Casey!" Coutellier

Saturday, August 21, 2010

WTF is with that dress Randi is wearing? It's all bunched up on her butt -- on PURPOSE! It never ceases to amaze me when a fashion comes along that makes something that we attempt to avoid, minimize or repair over the span of our entire lives the actual focus of the style. Now THAT is what I call butt-ugly.

Ryan pretends he doesn't recognize his penthouse when Madison takes him home. He's just funnin'. Asshole.

Robin "how long will it be before he and Madison have sex in front of the fireplace?" Coutellier

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BC - Fri-Mon, 8/13-16/10

I think I like the way Caleb looked before his makeover. I mean, theoretically he was dirty, wore dirty clothes and had bad hygiene, but he was actually immaculately (not to mention magically) clean. He probably smelled like rainbows and fresh cucumbers.

I just don't buy that Scott loves Annie. The actor just isn't bringing it. It's like Scott is ACTING like he thinks he loves her. I know Annie and JAR are supposed to have fantastic chemistry in comparison, but come ON! Scott just seems to be phoning it in and is in love with her for no apparent reason.

Did David called Kendall "Candle"?

So the new guy's name is (ostensibly) Asher, Asher Pike. Oh PUH-LEEZE! That just SCREAMS soap name! Oh Asher THIS!

Scott tells JAR that he knew the nanotech idea was something that they could turn into a multi-MILLION dollar success. Uh, you own half of Chandler, Scott -- haven't you figured out yet that you speak in terms of BILLIONS when it comes to a big corporation and a revolutionary idea like that? 'MILLIONS' is what is spent on R&D for that ONE product. THIS is the man that's running the corporation? I've long wondered how Chandler stayed in business, but with Tweedledee and Tweedledum running it, it clearly IS a fantastical world.

Robin "is Asher's middle name 'Turn' or perhaps 'Headona'?" Coutellier

Friday, August 13, 2010

BC - Thu, 8/12/10

On Wednesday's show Kendall told Greenlee that they were docked in New York, so it was an easy trip to PV. Does that mean that she and Zach and whatever crew they had on their yacht sailed all the way from Spain to New York with two little boys on board? How f**king big IS that boat?

Kendall: "... even after I not-so-subtly pointed out the fact that her silence could KILL Ryan." Jake: "I think you're doing a great job of pretending that he's DYING. Hopefully it will have some sort of effect." I can't be the only one who whimsically chose to interpret that to mean he was saying that Kendall pretending that Ryan was dying would, hopefully, make it so.

As I watched Ryan pretending to be in a coma while Greenlee talked to him, I was hoping Ryan would have to try to stifle a sneeze. That, at least, would be entertaining.

I realize that the mayor's office and the PVPD are probably in the same building, but why is the mayor constantly hanging out at the police station? Doesn't she have anything better to do with her time? Doesn't she have an office of her own to hang out in? Doesn't she have a budget to pass or furloughs and minimum wage threats to use to impoverish city employees in the name of politics? Doesn't she have to defend her own high salary to the press? Does she make constant impromptu visits to the fire stations in order to intimidate the fire chief and firefighters? She's so grateful to David for saving her daughter's life. Has it ever occurred to her that she might have a future reason to be grateful to the PVPD for saving her life or her daughter's life? Has it ever occurred to her that said future saving might not go as smoothly as she would like if she continues to be such a hardass bitch at the PVPD in order to please a man that everyone in town hates with a white-hot passion?

Well, Angie managed to get down from the stepladder while blind, rather than flail and fall, which they wanted us to THINK would happen. I'm glad they showed her as being competent enough to climb down two steps without being able to see, because I was ready to lose all respect for her as a competent grown-up, let alone a competent doctor if she couldn't manage that, and they didn't take the easy way out (yet) by having her fall and miscarry. I DID notice, however, that she left the stepladder opened up where it was in the kitchen as she congratulated herself on getting down and told the baby they'll handle whatever comes. Does that include handling it well when she slams blindly into the stepladder because she forgot to fold it up and put it aside? I'll make the assumption that Jesse took care of it after he got home.

Robin "THIS time ..." Coutellier

Thursday, August 12, 2010

BC - Wed, 8/11/10

We all know that David has a marked inability to feel love in any healthy kind of way. Watching him now just makes my skin crawl. Seeing how Greenlee goes along with him, for the most part, for HER really puts a punctuation mark on it. She's acting like a captive who is trying to placate her captor in order to buy time, no matter HOW crazy he is or how ridiculous his expectations of her feelings are. She's also being somewhat robotic. It reminds me of cases where someone gets obsessed with someone and thinks their every move or word or eye movement is a secret message that is SHARED between them. If that delusion is threatened, the obsessive person will resort to violence in order to maintain it at all costs.

David's not doing this to be mean (that we know of). He really seems to be doing it because he thinks he loves her and wants her to love him back at least as far as she did before he dropped the bomb on her. If she won't do it willingly, he'll MAKE her do it and she'll thank him for it later. This is NOT going to end well for David. I don't know if he'll be murdered (and then DI comes back as an identical relative), have a brain disorder, or be sent to Oakhaven for a while, but they CANNOT redeem him from this without something major. Female fans will NOT stand for it unless he pays and pays BIG. Domestic psychological abuse is something that a significant number of us have had to deal with and we


The writers might do well to keep that in mind.

So eBabe and Scott had grief sex (over the demise of their relationships).

Robin "NOW eBabe will find out she is pregnant" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 8/9/10

I meant to post this first paragraph last week but it got lost in the shuffle:

Ryan is RICH. If PVH has become so abysmal in its care due to budget cuts, why doesn't he just transfer to a hospital in Center City or Philadelphia or NYC? Yeah, the story needs to take place and be part of whatever impending disaster is surely going to strike DUE to said budget cuts, but it doesn't really make sense realistically. As David is so fond of saying, PVH is a BUSINESS. If PVH is going to do things on the cheap, then the people who can afford to do so will take their business elsewhere.

David is so delusional about his methods. He's basically coming right out and telling Greenlee that she WILL be his Stockholm victim. He's not even pretending he's not trying to brainwash her.

So the beach cottage is LESS than 10 minutes from the Chandler mansion? More like 3 minutes? It takes me longer than that for me to get from my room, down the stairs, through the garage, open the gate, maneuver my car out, close the gate, buckle up and leave the driveway!

Wow, it's KENDALL!

Robin "I wasn't expecting THAT" Coutellier

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BC - Thu-Fri, 8/5-6/10

Why does Tad continue to call Jesse Babe? That's just plain creepy.

Krystal defends Liza, telling Tad that Liza told her everything that she did. Really. How does she know Liza is telling the truth or telling her EVERYTHING? She said Liza seems REALLY sorry. I'm with Tad -- Liza is sorry she got caught.

Now JAR is planning to get away with eBabe for the weekend. JAR says he'll go up ahead of time and get the cottage ready so she'll have plenty of time to pack (and talk to Krystal about keeping AJ). So they aren't driving up together. Yeah, way to spend quality time with each other -- go separately. I'm guessing he's going to plan to find a way to get Marissa pregnant, despite her wishes on the matter. She'll come around, after all.

Just how far away is the cottage that JAR can already be there by the time eBabe gets to Krystal's? It can't be THAT much of a getaway if you can get to it within 10 minutes.

I KNEW JAR and/or Annie would find a way to get her to the cottage.

Robin "they are so predictable" Coutellier

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

BC - Tue, 8/3/10

I have to say it WAS refreshing when Greenlee incredulously asked David if he thought that giving her the expensive necklace was supposed to make her feel better about their marriage, considering he was BLACKMAILING her to stay married. David: "No, it's supposed to make ME feel better." At LAST, a man on a soap is honest about the REAL intentions behind gifts of jewelry, etc. Of course, that's pretty small potatoes considering all the things he's NOT honest about.

It's pretty glaring that scenes are shot out of order when one minute Greenlee is so hoarse she can barely talk, then she's fine, then she's back to being hoarse again, and then she's fine again.

Why did Angie go to the park for some fresh air when she KNOWS she could lose her vision at any moment? How was she planning to navigate the park, let alone get back to the hospital, without her eyesight? She could end up in the pond, turning her ankle off the path, stepping in front of a zooming bicyclist, etc. She could step on a baby DUCK! Or, worse, she could step on a grown-up GOOSE.

It was pretty hard to keep a straight face as Angie went on and on to Mayor Blanco about how Jesse is the best damn police chief PV has ever seen. He's the most CORRUPT police chief PV has ever seen! He breaks laws and lets things slide right and left for himself, his family and his friends. He's probably WAAAAY more corrupt than Mayor Blanco. Ok, I didn't even TRY to keep a straight face.

I liked being able to hear Greenlee's thoughts. I liked how she looked at David as she vowed, in her mind, to finally get him right where she wants him, and how he'll never see it coming. OTOH, I would think David would see that that was what she was thinking, even without the ability to hear her thoughts.

Robin "I'm fine. You just go to sleep now, baby ..." Coutellier

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


In the 7/29-30/10 Boogie Chillen I mentioned a little bon mot for long-time AMC fans about a woman named Corvina calling Erica a"self-serving shrew". This has LONG been a sort of in-joke/reference on (aka RATSA) about a particular scene at Wildwind. My RATSA friend, Mary Pelis did a little sleuthing and she found that scene on Youtube -- it is a PRICELESS find! Thank you so much, Mary, and thank you, AMCRewind for posting it on Youtube!

A little backstory. Back in the early 1990s a handsome Hungarian nobleman (a count, I think), Dimitri Marick, arrived in town to live at Wildwind, a castle that had been imported, stone-by-stone, from Hungary. It had been there many years (unbeknownst to any AMC fans), but Dimitri, when he visited/lived there, was apparently very low-key, not mixing with the townies. Dimitri and Erica eventually ended up together (marrying twice).

Along the way a couple of new characters appeared on the show. Corvina and Anton, who arrived from Hungary. It turns out that Anton was Dimitri's son (unbeknownst to Dimitri OR Anton for most of Anton's life). Anton was conceived at the castle in Hungary where Corvina was a maid. She put a drunken young Dimitri to bed after a party, one thing led to another, and Anton was born. Dimitri's father either paid or or threatened her to stay quiet so as not to ruin Dimitri's life. Corvina had a quest when they arrived in Pine Valley: a small statue of a leopard that was supposed to contain a fortune or some such thing. I forgot (believe it or not).

In any case, Corvina had a strong accent and in one VERY memorable scene, she and Erica have a nasty confrontation wherein Corvina ripped Erica a new one, with the actress playing Corvina (Margaret Sophie Stein) chewing the scenery with GUSTO! It was so memorable that, from that point on, all anyone on RATSA has to do is mention "self-serving shrew" (with a variety of different spellings for effect) for us to break out into internet-peals of laughter.

If you don't feel like going to Youtube, here is is. The line about Erica being a self-serving shrew (not to mention a whore/hoo-or) is about 50 seconds into it, but the entire scene is WELL worth the watch!

Monday, August 2, 2010

BC - Thu-Fri, 7/29-30/10

Who's watching Trevor while Amanda goes out to Krystal's to drown her sorrows because Jake left her high and not-so-dry?

If Colby is so anxious to see her father in San Francisco, a) why are she and Damon going to DRIVE there, and b) why are they going to stop and see touristy things along the way? How about fly out there and rent a car to drive back?

JAR tells Marissa he feels bad about not helping her study for her bar exam "until the last minute". Uh, no, Jackass, you blew THAT one, too.

I'm getting more than a little tired of the blatant product-placement of Erica's Twitter account and website, the addresses of which they manage to squeeze into dialogue over and over again. I haven't gone to either, but I'm sure they are there and there's probably stuff for sale and/or advertising of some type. I don't LIKE being taken out of the story like that.

I thought Bianca agreed to keep the children away from Caleb in their own separate wing. She's not doing a very good job of it. Speaking of Caleb. How difficult is it to match a green connector to a green slot? Yeah, it might be a pain in the ass to get it oriented correctly, especially if you can't see it (which I DO buy if you can't see the green part on the back panel) but they should have chosen something a little less mandatory for him to try to plug into the computer, like a USB cable to a printer, rather than cables going to the mouse (green) and keyboard (purple). Did I miss something? Did he have TWO computers there, because Miranda and Bianca were using it just fine, apparently without the aforementioned cables.

Soooo, how long will it be before either Miranda or Gabrielle get kidnapped and/or deathly ill? A fall off a horse, perhaps? A tumble into the multiple unplugged holes on the Wildwind grounds? A splash into the ce-ment pond? Visits from ghosts of Wildwind family dinners past? Corvina showing up on the doorstep shrieking about leopard statues and self-serving shrews? (okay those last two are for long-time AMC watchers )

Annie tries to convince eBabe and JAR that she truly, TRULY wishes them both happiness. eBabe: "The same happiness we had BEFORE you slept with my husband?" Except I didn't hear the word "slept". I listened to it four times and every single time I heard her say "BEFORE you "f**ked" with my husband?" I DO have a bad speaker connected to the TV, but even so ... I kind of like the way I heard it better than the scripted line

WTH? JAR sees all the seething anger and distrust his disillusioned wife has toward Annie and how Annie keeps making things worse, but he, once AGAIN, follows Annie out like a puppy dog when he sees her leave. Oh yeah, he's committed to his relationship with eBabe.

Robin "it's about damn TIME Angie told Jesse she can't see!" Coutellier

Sunday, August 1, 2010

BC - Wed, 7/28/10

Have Jamie Luner's eyebrows always been like that or am I just now noticing them? During a closeup when Liza was getting into it with Tad, eyes narrowed, the eyebrows were fat and rounded at one end and tapered off to a point at the other. They look like a couple of sperm facing each other.

I have to grin every time I see that dress Greenlee is wearing. She's very tiny and can pull it off, but even so ... there are large, vaguely flesh-colored, frilly roses plastered all over the hips. Each time they show it from the back it looks like she has large, frilly ass-cheeks, and the one at the bottom center is downright DISTURBING.

Robin "does this dress make my ass look like giant, frilly cabbage roses?" Coutellier