Wednesday, August 25, 2010

BC - Mon, 8/23/10

I'm with David on Angie practicing medicine without telling them that she was going blind. No WAY should she even have put herself in a position that people would THINK she could see enough to treat patients! Once she was diagnosed, she had a duty to disclose it. There are also things she needs to see (paperwork-wise) in order to make decisions. As Greenlee said, she can still do administrative stuff, but she will also need an assistant to help her with things like that. She ABSOLUTELY put the hospital at risk by not disclosing her ongoing periods of blindness. She SHOULD be fired.

JAR sure is pulling out the "I almost died" card. He did it at LEAST three times just in the first half-hour.

When eBabe told JAR that she had slept with Scott, did anyone else think he looked like a confused dog that kept tilting its head?

Robin "Roll over and play dead, JAR! Now STAY!" Coutellier

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