Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BC - Thu-Fri, 8/5-6/10

Why does Tad continue to call Jesse Babe? That's just plain creepy.

Krystal defends Liza, telling Tad that Liza told her everything that she did. Really. How does she know Liza is telling the truth or telling her EVERYTHING? She said Liza seems REALLY sorry. I'm with Tad -- Liza is sorry she got caught.

Now JAR is planning to get away with eBabe for the weekend. JAR says he'll go up ahead of time and get the cottage ready so she'll have plenty of time to pack (and talk to Krystal about keeping AJ). So they aren't driving up together. Yeah, way to spend quality time with each other -- go separately. I'm guessing he's going to plan to find a way to get Marissa pregnant, despite her wishes on the matter. She'll come around, after all.

Just how far away is the cottage that JAR can already be there by the time eBabe gets to Krystal's? It can't be THAT much of a getaway if you can get to it within 10 minutes.

I KNEW JAR and/or Annie would find a way to get her to the cottage.

Robin "they are so predictable" Coutellier

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