Friday, August 13, 2010

BC - Thu, 8/12/10

On Wednesday's show Kendall told Greenlee that they were docked in New York, so it was an easy trip to PV. Does that mean that she and Zach and whatever crew they had on their yacht sailed all the way from Spain to New York with two little boys on board? How f**king big IS that boat?

Kendall: "... even after I not-so-subtly pointed out the fact that her silence could KILL Ryan." Jake: "I think you're doing a great job of pretending that he's DYING. Hopefully it will have some sort of effect." I can't be the only one who whimsically chose to interpret that to mean he was saying that Kendall pretending that Ryan was dying would, hopefully, make it so.

As I watched Ryan pretending to be in a coma while Greenlee talked to him, I was hoping Ryan would have to try to stifle a sneeze. That, at least, would be entertaining.

I realize that the mayor's office and the PVPD are probably in the same building, but why is the mayor constantly hanging out at the police station? Doesn't she have anything better to do with her time? Doesn't she have an office of her own to hang out in? Doesn't she have a budget to pass or furloughs and minimum wage threats to use to impoverish city employees in the name of politics? Doesn't she have to defend her own high salary to the press? Does she make constant impromptu visits to the fire stations in order to intimidate the fire chief and firefighters? She's so grateful to David for saving her daughter's life. Has it ever occurred to her that she might have a future reason to be grateful to the PVPD for saving her life or her daughter's life? Has it ever occurred to her that said future saving might not go as smoothly as she would like if she continues to be such a hardass bitch at the PVPD in order to please a man that everyone in town hates with a white-hot passion?

Well, Angie managed to get down from the stepladder while blind, rather than flail and fall, which they wanted us to THINK would happen. I'm glad they showed her as being competent enough to climb down two steps without being able to see, because I was ready to lose all respect for her as a competent grown-up, let alone a competent doctor if she couldn't manage that, and they didn't take the easy way out (yet) by having her fall and miscarry. I DID notice, however, that she left the stepladder opened up where it was in the kitchen as she congratulated herself on getting down and told the baby they'll handle whatever comes. Does that include handling it well when she slams blindly into the stepladder because she forgot to fold it up and put it aside? I'll make the assumption that Jesse took care of it after he got home.

Robin "THIS time ..." Coutellier

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