Monday, August 30, 2010

BC - Fri, 8/27/10

I saw the show for Tuesday & Wednesday, but I had nothing to say about them other than "eh". And apparently I have the same sentiments about Thursday.

Well, so much for Madison making sure Ryan takes it easy. I guess choosing to have sex on the living room couch, rather than adding to the huge stain on the floor in front of the fireplace, falls into the category of "taking it easy". For once Ryan made a concession to having had a recent brain hemorrhage by actually having some cushioning while having sex.

Why did Madison STAY on the couch when someone knocked insistently on the door and Ryan got up and dressed to answer it? She could have gotten up and gone to the bedroom or bathroom, but nooooo, she just sits there, naked but for a blanket. And then Madison had the gall to act SURPRISED when she saw Greenlee at the door (they were expecting it would be Kendall coming over for Spike's toy). Apparently she had no problem with Kendall (possibly with Spike in tow) or anyone else coming to the door and seeing her naked on the couch, oozing with post-sex ... um ... glow. What would the look on Madison's face have been it it had it been, say, Annie, dropping off Emma? Ryan just opened the door knowing Madison was naked on the couch directly opposite it, and that the room was reeking of recent sex.

I would LOVE it if, just once, a character would mention the stain on the floor in front of the fireplace. Opal would be a good person to notice it and tactlessly blurt out something about it. And I KNOW something about tactlessly blurting out things. She could say something like: "Ryan, you really should FIRE your housekeeper, or at least have a talk with her. That stain on the floor has been there for the longest time and it just seems to be getting bigger over the years. Maybe you should try some Murphy's Oil Soap or even baking soda. We had a big stain like that at the Chicken Shack once and I -- never mind."

All things considered, why does Colby believe that her Mom got tickets for Colby and Damon to go to Caleb's party, especially since they came from David, not Liza? Even at Colby's age, I would have suspected the motives. Also, why would she and Damon want to go to a party full of "old people".

Does it ever cross Greenlee's little pea brain that, given everything he's done so far to utterly shatter her trust in him, David might be having her followed 24/7? I mean, I would think that would be the EASIEST and most expedient thing he would do and he would have done it from the very outset of their marriage ... or sooner, just as a matter of course, no matter HOW much he loved her.

Robin "blurter" Coutellier

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