Tuesday, August 3, 2010


In the 7/29-30/10 Boogie Chillen I mentioned a little bon mot for long-time AMC fans about a woman named Corvina calling Erica a"self-serving shrew". This has LONG been a sort of in-joke/reference on rec.arts.tv.soaps.abc (aka RATSA) about a particular scene at Wildwind. My RATSA friend, Mary Pelis did a little sleuthing and she found that scene on Youtube -- it is a PRICELESS find! Thank you so much, Mary, and thank you, AMCRewind for posting it on Youtube!

A little backstory. Back in the early 1990s a handsome Hungarian nobleman (a count, I think), Dimitri Marick, arrived in town to live at Wildwind, a castle that had been imported, stone-by-stone, from Hungary. It had been there many years (unbeknownst to any AMC fans), but Dimitri, when he visited/lived there, was apparently very low-key, not mixing with the townies. Dimitri and Erica eventually ended up together (marrying twice).

Along the way a couple of new characters appeared on the show. Corvina and Anton, who arrived from Hungary. It turns out that Anton was Dimitri's son (unbeknownst to Dimitri OR Anton for most of Anton's life). Anton was conceived at the castle in Hungary where Corvina was a maid. She put a drunken young Dimitri to bed after a party, one thing led to another, and Anton was born. Dimitri's father either paid or or threatened her to stay quiet so as not to ruin Dimitri's life. Corvina had a quest when they arrived in Pine Valley: a small statue of a leopard that was supposed to contain a fortune or some such thing. I forgot (believe it or not).

In any case, Corvina had a strong accent and in one VERY memorable scene, she and Erica have a nasty confrontation wherein Corvina ripped Erica a new one, with the actress playing Corvina (Margaret Sophie Stein) chewing the scenery with GUSTO! It was so memorable that, from that point on, all anyone on RATSA has to do is mention "self-serving shrew" (with a variety of different spellings for effect) for us to break out into internet-peals of laughter.

If you don't feel like going to Youtube, here is is. The line about Erica being a self-serving shrew (not to mention a whore/hoo-or) is about 50 seconds into it, but the entire scene is WELL worth the watch!

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