Monday, January 31, 2011

BC - Thu, 1/27/11

While I have to give them props (so to speak) for trying to show us that Ryan and Greenlee are eating their food with gusto, I had an instant impression in my mind and for a moment I couldn't place it. Then it clicked: it reminded me of the scene in "High Anxiety" when Nurse Diesel (Cloris Leachman) and Dr. Montegue (Harvey Korman) were stuffing their faces, spilling their food and drink, and loudly slurping their tea/coffee as they discussed killing someone while the camera filmed them from under the glass coffee table, Hitchcock style.

I guess I'm getting tired, because I just had another "vision". Jake was making such a big deal about how HE was going to examine David. Given the enmity and history between them, that would never happen in real life, of course. But they want to make a point out of it, so naturally my mind went to where Jake might put his gloved fingers. Then I realized that David, who had just proclaimed that it's not in his DNA to just give up, would probably fart in Jake's face on purpose. Admittedly, that's JAKE's style, but Dr. David doesn't have much to fight back with at the moment.

JAR tells Annie that she's fired (after she tells eBabe that they are in love) because she can't stop getting personally involved in his private life. Then he says "We'll talk about this at the office." He just fired her; why would they talk about it at the office? Personally, as crazy as she is, I think she has a good case of sexual harassment for being fired because someone found out about their affair. It's not like she's been given FORMAL warnings not to butt (so to speak) into the boss's privates--er-private life.

Robin "JAR no longer has a position for her on his staff" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 1/26/11

Cara said what she loved about Jake when they were in Doctors Without Borders was that he embraced the world and never ran from it. Hello? That's WHY he was in DWB -- he was running away from Pine Valley.

When eBabe saw the missed call log on JAR's phone, the times Annie called (just on the one screen) were:


So the question is: Why are the children at a party so late on a school night?

Tad tells Damon that he's the most wonderful surprise he ever got. I have to wonder if Kathy was thinking: "What am I, chopped liver?"

Robin "bye-bye, Finn; I hope we see more of you in the future" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 1/25/10

Annie tells eBabe that she's often at the mansion because JAR sometimes likes to do business out of the house. eBabe should why do we almost never see any other Chandler employees at the house, only the Public Relations VP. Relations factor into it, all right. I liked it when eBabe asked Annie if she had taken her medications today

I have to say I am LOVING Annie freaking out! They even allowed her to wear smeary mascara when she tried to leave a message in JAR's cellphone voicemail, but every time she called it said the mailbox was full (Annie: "I ONLY LEFT 3 MESSAGES!!! WHO ELSE IS LEAVING HIM MESSAGES!!!!!!") And to think she used to be called Blandie.

Annie calls AJ and asks him to have his father call her. After warning JAR that Annie is coming unhinged and wants him BAD, eBabe tells JAR to keep an eye on their son (regarding Annie), no matter what. Hmmm, do I smell rabbit stew ?

Uh, that's a family party to say goodbye to Damon (and it's in questionable taste, considering he's basically running away with his tail between his legs) -- so why did Cara show up? Oh, to unload on Jake that she had cancer when she was a little girl. I understand she felt a need to explain her extreme reaction to the other little girl's situation, but why did she have to do it at a private family party? She couldn't wait? I noticed that, despite the fact that she had itty bitty tears on her face, her 3.5 pencils worth of eyeliner (plus the chunk of coal she added on top) did NOT streak down her face. I will never be able to take her seriously as long as she continues to wear that ridiculous amount of eyeliner. It wouldn't inspire my confidence in her as a doctor, either.

Robin "Angie probably wouldn't have hired her if she had been able to actually SEE her" Coutellier

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BC - Thu-Fri, 1/20-21/11

JAR told eBabe that he had the security "beefed up again" so that she and AJ would be safe. At what point did he debeef it, and WHY?

eBabe tells David that she's going to go file that paperwork with the court. What paperwork? That she's his lawyer now? That he's awake and can now be sent back to prison? That Liza no longer needs to be his advocate? That he's an asshole.

That's an interesting choice of sweater for Madison to wear, considering she's trying to hide her pregnancy. Let's see, I think I'll put on a top that's two sizes too small and designed to hug the belly.

Here's an idea. How about Ryan and Greenlee take their "a surprise a day" vows to the extreme and Ryan surprises Greenlee with a trip to the moon or space station or whatever. Evil Dr. David stows aboard to sabotage the flight and the sabotage and extra weight (because he doesn't get off the ship in time) causes the ship to go off course. IOW, they become LOST IN SPACE! Stay tuned to the episode where Greenlee, who notoriously can't cook, tries to make a carrot cake on a planet inhabited by walking and talking fruits and vegetables. Hilarity ensues! Dr. David continues to wreak havoc, and never learns his lesson as he is alternately aided and thwarted by a talking robot dog with whom he trades snide, yet witty insults. They can have their own spinoff (so to speak) wherein Ryan, Greenlee, Dr. David and the robot dog travel to new worlds and new civilizations, and their self-centered and self-entitled views leave carnage and heartbreak in their wake from one world to another as they continue to escape unscathed. Greenlee leaves tiny stiletto hoof--er--footprints on the soils of planets into infinity. Females of every race and planet inexplicably throw themselves at Ryan and demand that he remove his shirt. As long as none of this happens on All My Children, I'm all for it.

Robin "what would be Dr. David's favorite nickname for the robot dog?" Coutellier

Monday, January 24, 2011

BC - Tue, 1/18/10

I don't think Alicia Minshew was mic'd properly today. She kept fading too quiet or too loud, no matter how much I adjusted the volume.

Jesse handcuffs David to his bed. Dr. Castillo asks what he's supposed to do if he needed to take him in for tests. Hint, Dr. Castillo: The bed has wheels.

TAN/OT: Imagine my horror/that-figures when I clicked on a link at CNN about a ripoff airline and saw the photo accompanying the article!

It DOES make me wonder if that's what Zach's plane looked like before it crashed into the ocean.

Robin "the airline is apparently as consistently irritating as one might expect, given its name" Coutellier

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BC - Mon, 1/17/10

(This is from last Thursday, but didn't seem important enough to warrant it's own Boogie Chillen.) Greenlee says the hospital isn't regulated by the SEC. Didn't she and David get control of the hospital by buying controlling shares of it? If shares are being sold, doesn't that fall under the auspices of the SEC? I don't know, I'm asking.

Greenlee asks Ryan what will happen if it turns out that the bad guys really DID sabotage Zach's plane. Will they come after Kendall and the boys. Ryan says he'll be careful. Hmmm, here's an idea: tell the widow that YOU are about to stir the pot and possibly bring the bad guys to her door. Kendall might actually have something to say about that.

Opal says she's sensin' heart-thumpin' triple espresso when it comes to the attraction between Erica and Caleb? Really? I'm not getting that at all. Yeah, they are theoretically fighting attraction, but I think Opal was right the first time when she compared it to watered-down decaf.

I thought Erica, Kendall, Bianca and Opal all got together to plan Erica's 11th wedding. So why did their get-together break up within a couple of minutes, at which time Opal and Erica went to Krystal's?

Can Greenlee legally divorce David while he's in a coma? I know that can be done after a certain amount of time, but he's only been in that condition for seven weeks.

Okay, it takes about 4.5 hours to fly from the east coast to the west coast (if you're lucky), and that's only counting actual flying time. People were already out and about in PV before Ryan left. Then Ryan had not only landed, but was out on the beach where the plane crashed (it crashed on an island, so some boat time would be involved, too). While he's out on the beach, Kendall urges Greenlee to join Ryan. So Greenlee rushes off to be with him. Within minutes she, too, is on the island beach in CA (I think they said something in an earlier episode about it being near Long Beach). The PV Transporter is working overtime today.

Is it up to Liza to drop the charges against Erica, as Erica put it "just like that"? Doesn't she have to run it by anyone else first? DAs drop charges if they know the defendant didn't do it, can't PROVE the defendant did it, know that there is a high likelihood that the jury won't convict, or possibly because the state doesn't think the costs involved will justify a trial. DAs do not generally drop charges because they are depressed and don't feel like prosecuting it anymore or because the defendant is annoyed by it. If Liza's not up to it, Liza should consider assigning it to an Assistant DA.

David wakes up and says Erica's name right after she gloats to him that it's OVER and he can't her her or anyone she loves EVER again. Erica, who was walking out, hears him say her name and looks back at him, horrified.

Robin "what will she do now, given the he might be able to tattle on Kendall?" Coutellier

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BC - Tue, 1/11/11

I didn't notice until I just now as I typed the date for Tuesday that it was 1/1/11. How ... binary! That won't be as cool as November 11, which will be 11/11/11, but it still is a nice change of pace from the average date.

If Colby finds out by accident that Damon and her mother had sex, how will that come about? Damon's been Liza's shadow for several months now, so it would not necessarily be a red flag to find any of his clothes or personal effects at her place. The only way I can see anything left behind that Colby could connect with that scenario (aside from the exceptionally guilty demeanor of Liza, not to mention a possible pregnancy) is if she found something REALLY personal under the coffee table, like, say, a nipple ring that she gave him. Of course, even that could possibly be explained away. Maybe it would have to be some other sort of "personal" jewelry.

Tad said that Colby is almost ready to graduate from college. Hasn't she only been going to college for one year, two max?

Robin "she's not exactly the brightest bulb in the pack, either" Coutellier

BC - Fri, 1/7/11

If the doctor is worried about Kendall's blood pressure, why did Ryan and Greenlee bring Kendall sodium-laden Chinese food?

Why was Scott in the visitation room? He just wanders up to Madison and starts talking to her after her father refuses to see her. And why would Madison get as far as being IN the visitation room if the inmate won't see her -- doesn't that have to be cleared ahead of time? And why aren't there any other prisoners at Statesville in the same room with Scott? And why are all my sentences starting with the word "And"? It's not unusual for me, but I don't usually string them all in the same paragraph.

Oh, Liza, NO! Yeah, she's feeling very isolated and probably horny as hell, but her daughter's heartbroken boyfriend? It's not quite the same as when Marian was seducing Tad (who was Liza's first love and lover), toying with him, and paying him with money and gifts, but the ick factor is still WAY up there.

Why hasn't anyone beaten the crap out of Madison's father on a daily basis if he's talking to all the other inmates like they are worthless and beneath him? That is one pristine, well-ordered, well-behaved, gangless prison.

Wait a minute -- why would Zach's lawyer talk to RYAN about Zach's will and give Kendall's legal papers to him? WTF? The lawyer knows where Kendall is. I really hate the complete disregard for legal privacy and the way the men on the show treat women like children.

When Madison said she might find some guy to pretend he's the baby's father (semi-joking to get Greenlee off her back), how many of you immediately wondered if Tom Cudahey was available? My next thought, just looking at Greenlee's face as she pondered that, was that Scott will, of course, do exactly that, possibly because Greenlee will bribe him with a job or money when he gets out. And looky here, by the end of the episode, where is Greenlee? At the prison offering Scott a job and a beautiful blond.

Robin "you'd think they would at least stretch it out past the same episode" Coutellier

Sunday, January 9, 2011

BC - Wed-Thu, 1/5-6/11

It's going to take me a while to get used to the new eBabe and new Scott. When they open a scene with the two of them in it, at first I don't know who they are. Scott is slightly easier to get used to, though.

Griffen tells Kendall that he's still not comfortable that she's still not at risk. She retorts that she's at risk of "COMPLETELY LOSING MY MIND!" And before I could even press pause to respond to it here, Griffen beat me to the punch and told her that, medically speaking, that probably happened long before she got into the hospital.

He's joking, but we all know how true that is.

Wow, Colby actually said "bye" at the end of Damon's phone call! It was probably due to real life habit. I wonder if they'll dock her pay because of it.

I know Colby was upset and deflecting, but I'm wondering if the mention of Lucretia fixing food and Asher offering her a protein bar was part of a setup for a diabetes storyline. I don't think we've had one since the early Cliff and Nina days.

Robin "if she can roll her eyes up into her head when she drops like Taylor Miller did as Nina, I'll be VERY impressed" Coutellier

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

BC - Tue, 1/4/11

Why won't Ryan just TELL Annie why he needs her to come over. Nope, he just tells her (in the form of an ORDER) that he needs her to come over because it's really important. He's such an asshole. Obviously he eventually told her, but he's still an asshole.

After having spilled the beans about her affair with JAR, Annie asks Ryan if he thinks it's fun for her to be hiding out in some random hotel while she waits for JAR. What random hotel? Don't they ALWAYS go to the Yacht Club where they are bound to run into virtually everyone they know, where Marissa used to WORK and where half the town lives at one point or another?

What is it about the Kane DNA that the women in that family have so much trouble remembering that they killed or almost killed someone? Mona killed Eddie Dorrance back in the 1970s and forgot about it until the trial. Or maybe it was someone else she killed. In any case, she forgot until the midst of the trial or possibly as Erica was being convicted. Bianca killed Michael Cambias, but forgot she did it. Erica has forgotten countless traumas in her life. She stabbed Dimitri with a letter opener, thinking he was Richard Fields. Now Kendall doesn't remember shooting David on the rooftop, although she does remember trying to kill him in the hospital afterward until she was thwarted by the hunky new doctor (and a respirator, if she had gotten that far). Does a year EVER go by without at least ONE of them either having amnesia or hallucinating, let alone being involved in a murder or attempted murder?

Robin "I'm pretty sure I never tried (or succeeded) to kill anyone and then forgot about it. Of course, if I had forgotten about it, I wouldn't remember, would I? I think I've used this sigline before, but don't remember ... or do I?" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 1/3/11

NOTE: I had previously posted this as Tuesday's episode, but it's really Monday's. I'll probably keep accidentally doing that for a while. At the moment I'm only recording AMC at 7am the NEXT day, rather than recording it from the local station at noon, so the date on the recording can throw me off if I'm not paying attention.

Erica writes her letter to Mona, telling her about the last year. After telling her very little about Bianca and Kendall, she says: "But you already know about the girls, don't you? You want to know about me." If Mona already knows about the girls, why would she not already know about Erica and what she's feeling and thinking.

I was disappointed that they did not show a Mona flashback. Just one little snippet of her saying "Oh, ERica", let alone an entire scene, would have been really great for us long-term fans.

I thought for sure that Erica's meltdown with Kendall was a dream/fantasy, especially when Erica took a swig of Kendall's champagne, but apparently it was not. Way to go in protecting Kendall from any more stress. OTOH, I believe Erica is very stressed and, for the most part, covering it up and containing it very well, but it is out-of-character for her to have a meltdown like that in front of Kendall when she's already doing so much to protect her. Mother Bear needs a little yellow pill, but she can't have one. Erica has many, MANY meltdown moments, but they are usually just Erica being a selfish and/or neurotic brat. This time she was NOT being petulant, though, just worn down, so it was actually quite refreshing to see her act somewhat like a normal person who temporarily cracks and then pulls herself back together.

Once Kendall is settled in the hospital with pneumonia, Erica says she needs to call Bianca and Jack. Good idea. Here's another one: Call Alice Hart, you know, the woman who loved and RAISED Kendall from birth? No one ever tells Alice anything. I don't think Alice even knows that Kendall had a heart transpant, let alone that she was sentenced to prison, was on the run, had a baby that was born prematurely and almost died several times, or that her husband just died. Does Alice even know that Kendall has kids or was married in the first place?

Robin "does Alice know that Ian's growth is not only stunted, but in reverse?" Coutellier

Sunday, January 2, 2011

BC - Wed, 12/29/10

Oh PLEASE tell me that wobblycam/swingcam/jerkycam technique they used in the ER today is temporary!!! We've gone through this at various times in the past on AMC and it has NEVER been a good idea and it's never lasted. It's a particularly bad idea for ME because that kind of thing can trigger labrynthitis (aka vertigo). There are shows I've never watched for exactly that reason. Why would they do something that drives viewers away? It's supposed to make it look realistic, fast-paced and edgy I suppose, but here's what I think (aside from the physical effect it has on me): It makes it look amateurish. What, they can't afford to pay a competent cameraperson now? Why go high-tech high-def only to use low-tech camera gimmicks? The camera doesn't hold still for even a second. They should show Jake telling a nurse to get a meter and check the cameraperson's blood sugar, because he/she seems to have a case of the shakes. I thought it was ironic that while they were doing that Cara was blathering on about their past and her efforts to get rid of a headache.

Marissa tells Krystal that she's not going to get stuck in that mess again (with the Chandler men), but that she IS going to help Scott get out. So why was she acting like a giggly, lovestuck teenager earlier while she was on the phone with Scott?

JAR's visit to the prison simply to taunt Scott was just plain creepy.

I really liked Jake's line when he pointed out to Amanda that Annie does not have relationships, she has OBSESSIONS. Well said.

What I did NOT like was Jake broaching the subject to Amanda of having another baby, since it is an obvious reaction to having his ex-wife in town. How trite.

When Annie discovers that a bouquet of roses JAR bought are not meant for her, but Marissa, he tells her that when he gets HER flowers, it won't be an afterthought and it would be way more than just a dozen. Then he turns around and fills her room at the Yacht Club with flowers. And Annie FALLS for it, at least at first. In what way were those flowers not a calculating afterthought? Did I miss something and he had all the flowers done for Annie and Marissa was the afterthought since he was already ordering flowers? These people have the memories of fleas.

Robin "what, no Venus Fly-Trap?" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 12/28/10

Every time I see that dress Erica is wearing, all I can think of is chocolate.

If Greenlee is so claustrophobic, why doesn't she ever take the stairs?

Robin "think of all the stair-falling opportunities" Coutellier