Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BC - Mon, 1/17/10

(This is from last Thursday, but didn't seem important enough to warrant it's own Boogie Chillen.) Greenlee says the hospital isn't regulated by the SEC. Didn't she and David get control of the hospital by buying controlling shares of it? If shares are being sold, doesn't that fall under the auspices of the SEC? I don't know, I'm asking.

Greenlee asks Ryan what will happen if it turns out that the bad guys really DID sabotage Zach's plane. Will they come after Kendall and the boys. Ryan says he'll be careful. Hmmm, here's an idea: tell the widow that YOU are about to stir the pot and possibly bring the bad guys to her door. Kendall might actually have something to say about that.

Opal says she's sensin' heart-thumpin' triple espresso when it comes to the attraction between Erica and Caleb? Really? I'm not getting that at all. Yeah, they are theoretically fighting attraction, but I think Opal was right the first time when she compared it to watered-down decaf.

I thought Erica, Kendall, Bianca and Opal all got together to plan Erica's 11th wedding. So why did their get-together break up within a couple of minutes, at which time Opal and Erica went to Krystal's?

Can Greenlee legally divorce David while he's in a coma? I know that can be done after a certain amount of time, but he's only been in that condition for seven weeks.

Okay, it takes about 4.5 hours to fly from the east coast to the west coast (if you're lucky), and that's only counting actual flying time. People were already out and about in PV before Ryan left. Then Ryan had not only landed, but was out on the beach where the plane crashed (it crashed on an island, so some boat time would be involved, too). While he's out on the beach, Kendall urges Greenlee to join Ryan. So Greenlee rushes off to be with him. Within minutes she, too, is on the island beach in CA (I think they said something in an earlier episode about it being near Long Beach). The PV Transporter is working overtime today.

Is it up to Liza to drop the charges against Erica, as Erica put it "just like that"? Doesn't she have to run it by anyone else first? DAs drop charges if they know the defendant didn't do it, can't PROVE the defendant did it, know that there is a high likelihood that the jury won't convict, or possibly because the state doesn't think the costs involved will justify a trial. DAs do not generally drop charges because they are depressed and don't feel like prosecuting it anymore or because the defendant is annoyed by it. If Liza's not up to it, Liza should consider assigning it to an Assistant DA.

David wakes up and says Erica's name right after she gloats to him that it's OVER and he can't her her or anyone she loves EVER again. Erica, who was walking out, hears him say her name and looks back at him, horrified.

Robin "what will she do now, given the he might be able to tattle on Kendall?" Coutellier

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