Thursday, February 25, 2010

BC - Wed, 2/24/10

Tempo folded? Then why is it being resurrected? Adam said that the sales were down, not that it had folded several years ago. Perhaps they should choose a different name so people don't associate it with a failed magazine. If Annie is going to run it, perhaps it should be called "Homicidal Herald", "Tire Iron Tribune" or "Citizen Crazy".

Greenlee doesn't show up for work by noon so the entire Fusion office staff (except for Randi) just LEAVES? Nice work ethic! They must be following the shining examples that their bosses so often exhibit, although Erica seems to have worked harder at the business than Greenlee or Kendall ever did.

Robin "the cats are away, so the mice went away too" Coutellier

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BC - Tue, 2/23/10

That is a VERY unflattering outfit Annie is wearing.

Uh, is there going to be any mention of BROOKE as far as Tempo goes? She's been editor of Tempo since the 1980s and they've never explained her absence. Or did they say something during the 40th? And there she IS! Speak of the red-headed devil!

Why would Greenlee have needed bedpans when she was in a coma? Wouldn't she have been wearing diapers?

Robin "I'm just sayin'" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 2/22/10

Greenlee fainted and then, perhaps, was sleeping. So why is she semi-reclining in a chaise when there's a bed RIGHT THERE? And then she falls asleep that way AGAIN. As someone with long-term back problems, it hurts me to even THINK of falling asleep that way.

Frankie is surprised that someone with an AORTIC ANEURYSM died before getting surgery. I know that some AAs can wait a while to see if they'll grow, but he was told that the man needed surgery had to be transferred immediately if the hospital wouldn't cover him without insurance (since when has anyone ever needed insurance at PVH?). Angie is in deep shit NOW. Foreshadow much?

Now Ryan realizes that Greenlee needs space and he's not going to push her anymore. How noble of him. Hasn't he been down this same road before, after he faked his death to get away from Greenlee and any prospect of having children?

Robin "here's an idea: kill off Ryan & fake that he's alive" Coutellier

BC - Fri, 2/19/10

I've been thinking ever since Greenlee was back, or at least on many occasions, that her eyes look odd. I think I just figured it out during a closeup. Her pupils are dilated, even under the studio lights. It makes her eyes look kind of blank like they're made of glass or something. At least that's my perception at the moment. I hope she isn't ill and having to take something. If she's putting something in her eyes for the sole purpose of dilating the pupils for the camera, she should rethink that strategy because I think it just makes her eyes look weird and inexpressive and makes me wonder if she's sick or using drugs. OTOH, Greenlee IS supposed to be physically wrung out. It kind of makes her look soulless, though.

Also, is Greenlee wearing those "invisible" braces? Her teeth, top and bottom, seemed fused (same closeup). That doesn't make that much difference, it was just something I noticed.

Good for Greenlee telling Ryan that she still loved him, but that was ALL and they were over. He's such a clueless jerk!

Did you notice that Adam was wearing a VERY high black turtleneck sweater? That's not really Adam's style. I wonder if DC needs to cover up something like a shunt.

Now Greenlee has a fever. I hope she presses charges against Ryan for kidnapping her.

I could not BELIEVE Jake telling Ryan not to be hard on himself for Greenlee getting sick and that Greenlee did it to herself. WTF? I'm sure being F**KING KIDNAPPED and held against her will didn't exactly help her immune system or stress levels any! Oh what am I saying. Jake is almost as much of a jerk as Ryan is. Kidnapping, torture, manhandling, completely and UTTERLY ignoring the wishes and feelings of the women they supposedly love, etc., are all part of their normal, day-to-day routines and are certainly nothing new.

Speaking of kidnapping, David is still "tied" to a chair. I don't know what the situation is at the foot level, but the ridiculousness of the ties on top became even more obvious to me when I realized the the chair he is tied to has a dropcloth/sheet over it. WTF? That should make for VERY easy sliding out from under the ropes.

I DID like that they mentioned that they've been there before as far as Erica tying him up and torturing him. Remember how she knocked him out by tapping him on the back of his head with a purse-size hand mirror, then dumped his body down the laundry chute from the bathroom to the basement of her Victorian home, and then hauled him over to an antique vise and put his hand in it? Now THAT was entertaining, just trying to figure out how a 90 lb Erica could do ANY of that by herself. I seem to recall wondering if she was going to get an acetylene torch and a pair of pliers in preparation for going medieval on his ass.

Robin "Erica has lost some of her edge in the kidnapping dept" Coutellier

Sunday, February 21, 2010

BC - Wed-Thu, 2/17-18/10

Erica tells Greenlee: "Ryan and Kendall are long over -- Ryan and I are, too." Long over? LONG OVER? They broke up, what, the day before yesterday?

You know, with all the people that Tad and the gang have tied up, you'd think they would have done a better job of it. A CHILD could have gotten out of those bonds, yet David didn't even ATTEMPT to do so. Considering all the time HE has been tied up, you'd think HE would have done a better job of it, handcuffs or not.

Why would Ryan and Greenlee have planned to go to PARIS on their honeymoon? That was Greenlee's special place with LEO! Then she flippantly says he forgot about getting her a poodle and he said he was waiting until after they got back to Pine Valley for the dog. Again, LEO gave Greenlee a little dog. She named it Happy. Happy was never seen or heard from again. Something tells me a similar fate would befall any dog given to Greenlee. She's not really a pet person. She's not a people person, either. She's only a GREENLEE person.

Greenlee remembers Ryan saying: "I walk in a room and you're there, and I -- I feel it's my home." I finished that thought for him: "And when you're NOT there, I immediately have sex with someone else."

Robin "Ryan DOES have a history of problems with his memory & women -- out of sight, out of mind -- & sometimes even IN SIGHT & out of mind" Coutellier

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BC - Tue-Tue, 2/9-16/10

I was surprised to see Colby using a plain old cellphone when she took the photo of Scott and Annie outside the window, and then it rang. I would have thought she would have an iPhone or something similar. Then her phone rings at Fusion and it's a different phone. How many phones does she have? And why didn't Adam just call Colby directly?

Uh, does Ryan plan to punch out everyone in the world who DARES to get married on Valentine's Day? I know he's RYAN and that he is made of titanium and all, but eventually his fist IS going to start throbbing a little.

When he saw Greenlee, why didn't RYAN faint, like any self-respecting soap WOMAN would have done? And he was SOOO obtuse about why Greenlee was mad at him that it was ridiculous!

David taunts Jesse and Jack, saying that if Greenlee chose to use a virus against her OWN company, what crime has she committed? Uh, she is not the ONLY owner of the company. Kendall also owns it, as do shareholders, although it's kind of vague as to whether or not Kendall simply signed the company over to Erica.

Is it just me, or is Rebecca Buddig still kind of phoning it in? She was WAAAAY too low-key at the almost-wedding and afterward.

Robin "and we're supposed to be interested because ...?" Coutellier

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

BC - Fri-Mon, 2/5-8/10

Did Erica notice the overwhelming smell of smoke at Wildwind? Why wasn't anything in the Wildwind living room damaged by it?

Greenlee sure is strolling around free and easy in the chapel, especially considering it has a stone floor.

Why would ANYBODY want to go to DAVID'S wedding?

How many times does Greenlee plan to marry for the sole purpose of sticking it to someone else?

They sure are pushing the fact that Erica and David had had a previous romantic relationship. They're pretty much hitting us over the head with a hammer in that regard.

Considering how many people traipse into and out of Wildwind at any given moment, why would Greenlee be STUPID enough to simply barge on into the living room (only to find herself looking at Ryan's back)?

Oh, I LOVE that they had Jack throw into Erica's face that Spike could very well see a photo of his Mommy's Mommy kissing his daddy (I find it far-fetched that he'd take the leap into Spike thinking they were sleeping together, though). Notice how seamlessly he put it -- that Kendall was afraid Spike would see HER Mommy and HIS daddy kissing. BTW, Jack has openly referred to himself as a grandfather of Miranda during his marriage to Erica.

I thought it was interesting that Erica was so offended that Jack said that to her because, in her mind, he was trying to get her to break up with Ryan by HUMILIATING her. Gee, Erica, why would you think it's humiliating that you are having sex with the man who has had sex with your daughter over the course of several years, including less than a year ago, and that he also happens to be the father of your GRANDCHILD?

Now TPTB are hammering home that there are TWO men in Erica's past that she may or may not still hold enthralled in her tiny hands. What's up with THAT?

Ryan is looking high and low for Erica. Has it ever occurred to him to, oh, I don't know, CALL HER? And this is a guy who is supposed to run corporate empires? He finally calls toward the end of the show.

Did anyone else think of Cruella DeVille upon seeing Greenlee in the wedding dress? Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful dress, but it has a hint of evil in it as a bridal gown. Although it's the usual silly reasoning and motivations that are guiding Greenlee and David, it's hard to feel like they are quite the bad guys that they are portrayed as, considering how insufferable their SanctiMartinous (tm) enemies are.

Robin "David really SHOULD be allowed to get a punch in occasionally" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 2/4/10

Ryan walks into David's smoking house WITH the firemen. No fire dept would allow a civilian to just walk on into such a dangerous situation, not to mention the legal ramifications of allowing him to do so that could ensue!

David is 100% correct that RYAN is the one who should be hauled down to the police station. It's none of Ryan's f**king BUSINESS who may or may not have been in the room when the fire started! It's sort of Jesse's business. But why is JESSE there questioning David? Shouldn't there be an arson investigator asking the questions?

Ryan tells Jesse that it would not be unlike Greenlee to commission something like that virus and then keep it "very well hidden". Excuse me? Taping a flash drive to the back of a wall decoration hardly constitutes "very well hidden". Putting it in a safety deposit box or hollowing out a copy of the book "The Cuckoo's Nest" and hiding in THERE might be at least "well hidden". Sticking it to the back of a big round plate hanging on the wall in the living room is only marginally safer than leaving it in the planter outside the door (which is what Ryan always does with his key).

Wildwind is a HUGE place -- so why was Greenlee getting an IV in the living room?

TAN/OT: Have you seen the commercial about Reglan patients who might now have side-effects they could sue over? I just saw it on TruTV (formerly Court TV). The voice on that commercial sounds JUST like the voice used of the female in the Pratt Falls series on YouTube (link to the first episode)!

Robin "which makes it hard to take seriously" Coutellier

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BC - Wed, 2/3/10

Well, it's pretty obvious that Krystal was giving Rob a blowjob while he was driving (or worse, while SHE was driving). Now they are both in the hospital and she's wondering if his manhood will ever recover. This is not the first time we've seen Krystal after a rather broad indication that she had just given someone a blowjob (remember the lab technician when Babe was having a pre-natal DNA test done on the baby? Krystal actually WIPED HER MOUTH as the guy did up his pants).

Ah, so they were NOT driving at the time (unless you count a different kind of driving). Why did Frankie think they should file the case in the strange-but-true file (he was just being facetious, but still). I mean, REALLY, how uncommon is it for people to come in for injuries related to having sex? Falling out of bed would actually seem to be quite common. And, as many medical TV shows have joked (or possibly NOT joke), they have a basket/box for all the odd things doctors pull out of people's asses (with some unusual explanations on how the items could POSSIBLY have ended up so far up there, usually having to do with accidentally falling onto something and, OOPS!).

Why would Fusion go on the record at a press conference and say WHAT was destroyed? Why give their competitors the edge of knowing that? You would think they would want to keep it quiet that it happened at ALL.

Greenlee started a fire when she threw something into/toward the fireplace. Now she's asleep and the place is filling with smoke (a way to get rid of the Wildwind set?). Ryan will, of course, have to rescue her. I wouldn't be surprised if he hesitates first, though, being tempted to let David and what's left of his things burn to the ground.

Fusion has an alarm code?

WTF are Jake and Angie meddling into a delivery of meds for someone who obviously has great need of it? It's none of their BUSINESS! Did Jake ever stop to think that stealing a delivery meant for someone else in the pursuit of snooping on David might compromise his court case against him?

Why didn't anyone at PVH ask David why he doesn't just bring his patient to a NY, Philadelphia or Boston hospital for the better facilities than Gloucester? I mean WE know why he can't move Greenlee, but THEY don't know that (yet).

Robin "Fusion uses a UNIX-based-system? Now THAT surprises me ... a LOT" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 2/2/10

I'm sure the Chandler shareholders will be THRILLED that Annie is coming on board to muck about with the finances. Oh sure, she's all "healed" now, after a few months, but she WAS a homicidal maniac nutcase kidnapper who just happened to marry a Sugar Daddy. Just the kind of person you want holding the reigns of company finances of your billion-dollar company.

Having been reminded that Erica and David had an affair a few years back, I have to wonder if Ryan has given Erica 19 orgasms in one night, thus beating David's record. That was an in-joke on the show referring to Susan Lucci FINALLY winning a Daytime Emmy after 19 years of being nominated. She also got 19 roses on the show. I have to ask: I you have 19 orgasms, how good can they really be if you have the presence of mind to count them all the way up to 19? Did she have some sort of pedometer/orgasameter strapped to her nether parts to keep track?

Why would Greenlee want to destroy Fusion? Wouldn't she still be half owner now that she's back from the dead? She could go back there and KICK ASS! Besides, wouldn't the company be running an antivirus program? Oh, what am I saying? Erica uses her name backwards as a password!

Robin "everyone else probably uses the word "password" as a password" Coutellier

BC - Fri-Mon, 1/29/10 thru 2/1/10

Wow, that's some crack security team Adam has. They just assume the perp escaped out the bedroom window. The alarm is blaring, but they don't even bother to check ANY hiding place in the room or next to the room (like the bathroom). They didn't even check under the bed.

Krystal tells Rob to take her back to his place. Uh, why didn't she do that the other day when she and Tad both wanted to boink their respective dates in the living room while Opal and the kids were upstairs?

The wind sure came up quickly! There didn't appear to be any wind outside when Greenlee talked to the reporter outside of Fusion, and no one else had mentioned it.

I agree with the comments on RATSA re Erica's fluffy dress. It's little girlish or, at the very least, too young a fashion for Erica. Upon further reflection, wasn't she wearing a similar dress during the fuzzy flashback of her when she was 14 and about to be raped by Richard Fields? Upon even further reflection, I went to and searched for Shirley Temple photos. BINGO! Check out THIS photo of Erica Kane vs Shirley Temple with VERY similar frilly dresses:

Okay, that's just ... odd. Does Susan Lucci REALLY want people to think of a little girl in the early 1930s when they look at her?

Does Ryan even OWN a bed at this point, or does he just sleep on the living room floor in front of the fireplace every night? Clearly the living room floor with the ever-widening stain on the floor gets way more butt-prints on it than his imaginary bed EVER has.

Robin "well, that's a nice little surprise for Greenlee; do you think she'll hurl?" Coutellier

Monday, February 1, 2010

BC - Mon-Thu, 1/25-28/10

Tidbit: Tad's house is at 3420 Canyon Drive.

Randi's bright idea is to use women who have been helped out by the Miranda Center as models for their new campaign. I don't understand why everything about the Miranda Center is so OPEN. Most shelters for battered women are SECRET. The women are trying to recover from horrific conditions and now they are going to be asked to be on TV. Like they need THAT kind of stress added onto everything else they are dealing with, not to mention that most of them probably don't want people staring at them as they go through such a horrible time in their lives.

Annie sure did an about-face about making sure Adam doesn't get too excited or not enough rest. Now she's dragging him to a party where most people despise them BOTH.

Robin "she wasn't like this when she first came to town" Coutellier