Sunday, February 21, 2010

BC - Wed-Thu, 2/17-18/10

Erica tells Greenlee: "Ryan and Kendall are long over -- Ryan and I are, too." Long over? LONG OVER? They broke up, what, the day before yesterday?

You know, with all the people that Tad and the gang have tied up, you'd think they would have done a better job of it. A CHILD could have gotten out of those bonds, yet David didn't even ATTEMPT to do so. Considering all the time HE has been tied up, you'd think HE would have done a better job of it, handcuffs or not.

Why would Ryan and Greenlee have planned to go to PARIS on their honeymoon? That was Greenlee's special place with LEO! Then she flippantly says he forgot about getting her a poodle and he said he was waiting until after they got back to Pine Valley for the dog. Again, LEO gave Greenlee a little dog. She named it Happy. Happy was never seen or heard from again. Something tells me a similar fate would befall any dog given to Greenlee. She's not really a pet person. She's not a people person, either. She's only a GREENLEE person.

Greenlee remembers Ryan saying: "I walk in a room and you're there, and I -- I feel it's my home." I finished that thought for him: "And when you're NOT there, I immediately have sex with someone else."

Robin "Ryan DOES have a history of problems with his memory & women -- out of sight, out of mind -- & sometimes even IN SIGHT & out of mind" Coutellier

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