Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BC - Mon, 2/22/10

Greenlee fainted and then, perhaps, was sleeping. So why is she semi-reclining in a chaise when there's a bed RIGHT THERE? And then she falls asleep that way AGAIN. As someone with long-term back problems, it hurts me to even THINK of falling asleep that way.

Frankie is surprised that someone with an AORTIC ANEURYSM died before getting surgery. I know that some AAs can wait a while to see if they'll grow, but he was told that the man needed surgery had to be transferred immediately if the hospital wouldn't cover him without insurance (since when has anyone ever needed insurance at PVH?). Angie is in deep shit NOW. Foreshadow much?

Now Ryan realizes that Greenlee needs space and he's not going to push her anymore. How noble of him. Hasn't he been down this same road before, after he faked his death to get away from Greenlee and any prospect of having children?

Robin "here's an idea: kill off Ryan & fake that he's alive" Coutellier

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