Sunday, November 29, 2009

BC - Wed, 11/25/09

Given what she's just been through, Annie is amazingly perky and alert. In fact, it seems like the only reason she's there NOW is because she's chained to the hospital bed.

We've been saying all along that Trevor is probably not David's biological child because they NEVER did a DNA test. Amanda was basing the parentage on the size of the baby in utero.

Annie tells Colby that she could have walked away with Adam's entire fortune if she had turned him in after the ceremony. If she's talking divorce, I don't THINK so. She might be entitled to HALF of what was acquired DURING the marriage, but not his entire fortune.

Are we supposed to believe that Amanda is pregnant and already having morning sickness?

You know Vincent Irizarry didn't REALLY swab little Trevor's mouth, because any REAL baby would have gummed it HARD and/or gagged on it. Not that I would expect them to actually poke a swab into the poor little baby's mouth for the sake of a storyline.

That IS a new Junior Junior, right? I can't tell if it is a new child actor(s) or if the previous ones have gone through a significant growth spurt in the last month or so.

Robin "almost caught up" Coutellier

Friday, November 27, 2009

BC - 11/23-24/09

Why would Ryan bring Emma to see her mother while her mother is in a coma? All of Emma's childhood memories are going to be about her mother committing crimes, being in jail and being in the hospital.

Is anyone else getting some Boxing Helena vibes off of Aidan? He's just plain creepy at this point.

At the risk of channeling Chandler Bing, could David BE any more vague about what's ailing Annie to the point of her being about to die?

Annie notes that her husband is there at PVH. David finishes pretending to listen to her heart and says that it won't be for long because the cops are about to take him to jail for murdering Stuart. WTF? She JUST came out of a coma and he feels the need to volunteer that information to her NOW?

Liza tells Zach that there WILL be some charges about Kendall escaping, but for the circumstances and time already spent, it's going to be over. What does she mean "time already spent"? KENDALL didn't spend the time in prison, the lookalike did.

Looks like the show found a way to have Erica/Susan Lucci literally say: "I'm going to Los Angeles!"

Robin "swimming pools, movie stars" Coutellier

Friday, November 20, 2009

BC - Thu-Fri, 11/19-20/09

Wow, pregnancy for Alicia Minshew FINALLY did what years and years on the show never could -- it put a loose coat on Kendall in the winter!

I notice that the staircase isn't the only thing recycled from the old Martin house set -- that was their front door, too.

Where was Annie putting her hand to get all that blood on it? It wasn't on the front of her skirt where she was clutching her belly, and it was not on the carpet where she discovered she was bleeding (there was a big pool of it between that and the phone, LATER).

Zach asks Rachel how Ian is doing. Spike is never mentioned. Once again, WHERE is Spike?

Why would the card dealer/PI have negatives of the photos he took? Doesn't he use a digital camera? Of course, maybe he KNEW Zach would accuse him of PhotoShopping (or 'shopping, as Zach put it) the photos, so he was just covering his ass.

I guess the economy has hit the Chandler staff hard -- Lucretia is the COOK. She has never been anything BUT the cook, at least until Annie bribed her to be her Maid Of Honor. Now Lucretia is on her hands and knees scrubbing the carpet while she cries. I know Winifred left Adam's employ a long time ago, but you'd think he would have replaced her by now.

I'm guessing that Alicia Minshew had her baby between the time Kendall was drunk on the bed upstairs and the time "Kendall" came downstairs and took her robe off in front of Aidan. There's no WAY those were Alicia Minshew's legs -- they were much too full. Those weren't her hands, either. Plus, we only saw her from the BACK. Of course, given those clues AND the fact that Zach is now watching through the window while they make out, it's entirely possible that that is KAT with her hair done like Kendall's, although I don't know how she could cover up her tattoos THAT well, plus, the person we saw from the BACK was more slender than Kat (they probably used different people for the front and back shots).

Robin "Chuck Pratt Has been FIRED!!! Maybe the NEW headwriter will make all of his dreck a DREAM" Coutellier

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BC - Wed, 11/18/09

Today's HIPAA violations: too numerous to count. Not only does David NOT immediately close Greenlee's file on the computer in response to Ryan snooping, but when he finally DOES close it, it's only to show Ryan the names of all the OTHER women who have had problem pregnancies, which David actually explains, since all we see are women's names. Not that I would ever expect David to follow ANY rules, let alone HIPAA ones, or that I would expect Ryan to follow any rules.

Adam sure does like to toss toxic items into his fireplace, doesn't he?

Wow, that's a REALLY narrow balcony/terrace outside the penthouse. It's hard to believe Ryan and Annie (among others) had sex out there (especially in the SNOW).

Assuming that Greenlee is the mystery patient (and it's a pretty good assumption), her arms are AMAZINGLY toned for someone who's been bedbound for, what, about a YEAR?

And even MORE HIPAA violations -- Jake talks to the fertility doctor about Amanda's insemination (or lack thereof).

Upon discussing the way people in PV recuperate from stupendous falling incidents, but lose babies after falling only a couple of steps, Aisling (in RATSA) mentioned that they always land in a pretty pose, unlike people suffering from real life falls. It occurred to me that there MIGHT be a way to increase AMC's viewership. Every time one of the main or secondary characters is brought into the hospital, there should be an extra in the background with something absurd going on. For instance, there can be a man sitting in a chair, waiting his turn, with a leaky hose sticking out of his ear, or perhaps someone has a ferocious and tenacious ferret biting their nose, or their foot is stuck in cement or and hand is stuck up a chicken butt in a freak stuffing incident or something like that. It would ALWAYS be in the background, and never mentioned other than, perhaps moaning, screaming or frantic or futile gesturing that everyone else ignores in favor of the main character, unless it's another extra character trying to remedy the situation by trying to pull the chicken off, etc. Hilarity ensues! Then people would tune in just to see what the unacknowledged extra-medical-absurdity-of-the-day is.

Robin "honestly, do I have to think of EVERYTHING?" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 11/17/09

Only on a soap would a man think back to having sex the night before and only envision them getting back into the front seat, as opposed to, say, Amanda spreading her legs.

I DO wish Kendall would stop saying that Zach betrayed her. She had already LEFT him for Ryan when Zach had sex with Liza.

Why is Adam pretending to Scott that he has to go handle some stockholders to ease their skittish minds? Isn't SCOTT running Chandler Enterprises now (when he's not babysitting Annie, of course)? I know Adam needed an excuse to leave, I just think the writer(s) forgot that Scott is running the company.

Now Ryan is trying to get Jake to FORCE Annie to have an amniocentesis or some other risky procedure just because RYAN wants him to! It's not like it would ever be admissible in court, although it would certainly upset Adam. The point, though, is that they would be risking a baby's LIFE on what amounts to Ryan's whim!

Greenlee's patient record shows the following information:
10:45 am
Smythe, Greenlee
10 Atlantic Avenue, Pinevalley (one word) PA 19---
JaSkson, Montgomery 410 S 7th Str (father's name/address)
714-555-6421 (home phone)
741555-9116 (?) SSN: 144-70-4923
10 Industry Way
Jackson Montgomery (emergency contact)

Robin "we'll have to start referring to Jack as 'Jask'" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 11/16/09

I'm a little confused. How can one parent grant or not grant custody to another? Isn't that for the COURT to decide? It doesn't MATTER that David has a contract saying that if Amanda conceives a child with him that he'll grant joint custody of both children to her. Only the COURT can do that, not HIM. He can say he won't pursue SOLE custody, I suppose, but that's not legally binding as far as her GETTING custody. Isn't this a form of human trafficking? The mind boggles!

When Kendall (holding a pillow in front of her) told Aidan that he might want to be careful because she had a little accident, how many of you wondered if her water had just broken?

Jake tells an entire crowd of people (including telling Ryan directly that Annie IS pregnant and was very surprised to hear it), that Annie did not have a miscarriage. There's those HIPAA violations, rearing their ugly heads again.

I wonder if we'll be seeing a flashback to Annie having sex with someone other than Adam (Scott, for instance)? I wouldn't put it past her to rufie him and have sex with him that he wouldn't remember or would chalk up to a wet dream. You KNOW it can't be as simple as Adam fathering her child.

Robin "surprise!" Coutellier

Sunday, November 15, 2009

BC - Fri, 11/13/09

Amanda frets that she'll have no idea how her body will react to conceiving a baby artificially, because Trevor was conceived during drunken sex. David comments that it worked (which is his new plan all along, of course). Maybe Amanda should consider at least TRYING to wait another month and TRYING the artificial route before she lets David stick his dick into her again. After all, what kind of chance could an artificial insemination possibly have, what with injecting semen directly into the uterus, as opposed to drunken sex where SOME of the sperm probably gets in and the rest falls out as soon as she gets vertical (and some of it even sooner than that, hence the well-known term "the wet spot")).

In the normal course of events, a woman has about 3 days a month where she is exceptionally fertile, and she is still fertile on days before and after that, just not as IDEALLY fertile. Why are Amanda and David freaking out because they are missing an appointment for that ONE day? It can be done on another day in the same cycle. They are acting like there are only a few MINUTES available to get it done. For that matter, David could do an artificial insemination on her HIMSELF -- he did it for Greenlee. Not that Amanda wants him anywhere near her not-so-privates, but it COULD be done. Hell, JAKE could do it! If she's desperate, SHE can do it. It won't be as accurate if she does it, but it could be done. I'm pretty sure she knows where her vagina is. But noooooo. Once again, Amanda proves she is Too Stupid To Live. Whatever happened to our sweet, SMART little Amanda? It's like somewhere around puberty they took her brains and pumped them into her breasts.

Kendall sure is hard on laptops, what with throwing them around, slamming the lids shut and bonking people over the head with them.

Robin "Kendall would be a good candidate for a dozen or so of those Panasonic ToughBooks" Coutellier

BC - Tue-Thu, 11/10-12/09

What kind of idiot wears shiny high-heeled boots to do a burglary or whatever it is that Madison was doing breaking into Frankie and Randi's apt? Idiot.

Why would Angie take confidential hospital documents to a BAR to work on them? Same reason lawyers take crucial legal documents to a bar, I suppose. Idiots.

Wasn't Jake Chief of Staff at one point, or was he Chief of Surgery? He acts like he doesn't know what the job entails when Angie lets him know that she's overwhelmed.

Where was Jesse when Randi called him to say that Madison was in their apartment? I'm guessing he hadn't even gotten down to the sidewalk.

When Annie told Scott that the way to help her was to throw her down the stairs, I winced for a number of reasons, but mostly because I thought of Aisling (a RATSA regular) and her fall down the stairs. Why do people think falling down stairs is not that big a deal other than a few bumps and bruises? It can have LIFELONG repercussions (assuming you live through it at ALL)! Idiot.

One of the weird laws of physics in Pine Valley is that people fall off cliffs, drive off cliffs, jump from penthouse balconies, etc., with little to no damage, but if a pregnant woman falls down TWO steps (or just trips over a shoelace), she automatically loses the baby. Leslie Coulsen fell off the top of the Chandler building and then sneaked out of the hospital. Of course, if the storyline requires it, there MAY be damage, such as when Bianca fell/was pushed off a balcony by JAR and when JAR jumped off a 4th floor balcony.

I can't believe Jake is even giving LIP-service to the concept of doctor/patient confidentiality! He tells Ryan he can't TELL Adam Annie is/was not pregnant -- Adam just has to be in the vicinity to overhear it. Since when has doctor/patient confidentiality ever been a concern to medical "professionals" in Pine Valley (or to a Martin, for that matter)?

David's car runs out of gas. Amanda yells at him and he says they have to flag down a car. She can't remember the last time she saw a car come by there. Really? I didn't SEE any cars, either, but I HEARD a shitload of them zooming by -- unless they got caught up in some weird 21st century version of a buffalo stampede consisting of buffalos driving vehicles at speeds way faster than 25 mph while on their way to the next river to cross, there is no way they were on a deserted road at the time they pulled over.

Robin "someone needs to have a talk with the foley editor" Coutellier

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BC - Mon, 11/9/09

I love that Adam's notion of Purgatory is that they are now serving 003 and his ticket shows he's number 420

Those wimpy wings are way too small for Angel Annie. She'd never get off the ground with them!

I'm under the impression that a marriage isn't really valid unless the marriage certificate is signed by both parties and witnessed and that the ceremony is really just a formality. Is that true? Even if saying vows is part of the legality of it, if Adam literally DIED during the ceremony, wouldn't he be considered not of sound mind at the time? Then again, he was clearly not of sound mind when he married Krystal, considering that both of them were shit-faced on moonshine at the time. He was just as eager to be married when he gained consciousness, though, so I guess it's a moot point.

Oh, as as to the question of the color of eBabe's dress, it looked purple on my TV. It's a DULL purple, but a purple, nonetheless.

Aidan schmoozes the police officer, pretending that he and Kendall are having an affair. The officer tells him to relax, that they are real good about keeping secrets around there. Aidan says: "What do you call this place, anyway?" Officer: "Peyton." BWAHAHAHAAAA! I feel really old for having to do this, but for you young'uns, this first line from the Wikipedia page pretty much sums it up: "Peyton Place is a 1956 novel by Grace Metalious. "Peyton Place" has become an expression to describe a place whose inhabitants have sordid secrets." I remember reading it as a young teenager. It also became movie in 1957 and a TV series in 1964 (making Ryan O'Neal and Mia Farrow into stars). It was a ground-breaking book and considered QUITE scandalous at the time.

It never ceases to amaze me that patients at PVH are routinely treated by doctors who hate their guts and have tried to kill them MORE THAN ONCE! WTF is WRONG with these people?

Okay, for you Misty Croslin types out there, that thing about spouses not having to testify against one another is a MYTH. Oh there's SOME truth to it, but it's not a blanket immunity kind of thing. They don't having to testify as far as things that have been said DURING THE MARRIAGE. We went through this when Kendall and Zach remarried for the same purpose. That only happens on TV and in movies. Anything that transpired BEFORE the marriage is fair game, so getting married to avoid testifying is a stupid and useless thing to do. At least that's MY take on it.

Well, now that Adam nearly died and he probably has to take it easy for a while, it practically makes it MANDATORY that Annie and Scott have sex, not only to make a baby ASAP, but because Annie will be feeling horny and Adam won't be able to satisfy her.

Robin "congrats to Alica Minshew & hubby on the birth of their baby girl last week!" Coutellier

Sunday, November 8, 2009

BC - Fri, 11/6/09

What is the old Martin staircase doing in a "crummy" hotel? They don't do crummy hotel lobby very well -- it looked all right at first glance. The proprietor certainly has a crummy attitude, though. Okay, the bed IS kind of crummy, as are the broken blinds. The bathtub, for some unfathomable reason, looks pristine on the inside. You'd think there would be chips, soap scum, rings, perhaps some oily substance, hair, etc. It looked downright sparkling, though.

Why is Kendall taking a bath with the door open?

Considering that the cliffhanger is that Adam may or may not be dead (in the middle of his wedding, no less), it was a pretty boring show. Zach, as usual, thinks ahead. With Josh, he told them to save his heart (for Kendall). With Adam, he says Adam is not going to die without confessing first.

Robin "Zach has always been a very ... FOCUSED man" Coutellier

Friday, November 6, 2009

BC - Thu, 11/5/09

Geez, talking about a JUMP! One second Erica is trying to get the truth out of Adam while Annie, Ryan and Jesse are yelling in the hallway, and the next thing we know it's the next day and Annie is on the phone making wedding plans (for tomorrow)! The pacing on this show has gone completely to hell over the last year or so. I can't tell you how many times I (and others) have wondered if we missed a day, to the point where we peruse the "Recently Deleted" folders on our Tivos trying to get a sense of continuity!

When David was giving his press conference and Jake smirked and started to step away from his position in the crowd, was I the only one who suddenly had a vision of him stepping behind David and putting pointy fingers over and behind his head to give David devil horns?

Nice little dig Angie got in at the press conference, saying she wants to follow in the footsteps of JOE MARTIN as Chief of Staff.

So, how long will it be before Scott and Annie make a baby in order to convince Adam that Annie is going to have ADAM's baby next year?

Ryan sneers at Scott and says: "I wish you wanted justice for your father as much as the rest of us!" What a crock of SHIT! NONE of the people pushing for Annie/Adam as the culprit are motivated by justice for Stuart -- NONE of them! Ryan hates Annie and wants her as far away as possible from Emma and out of their lives. He also wants Kendall back home. Zach ONLY wants Kendall back home. Erica wants Kendall back home and secondarily wants whatever Ryan wants because of their budding relationship. Plus, Erica hates Annie for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that Annie STABBED her. Jesse wants ... well, I'm not sure WHAT the hell Jesse wants. As a Chief of Police, he wants justice served, but he's gone so far over the line to get Annie to confess or Adam to spill that any idea of justice has long since fallen by the wayside as the ends justifying the means.

Now that Ryan knows Emma witnessed Adam shooting Stuart, and now that Emma knows that Ryan knows that, he says they never have to talk about it ever again if she doesnt' want to. Uh, how about a little thing called THERAPY? She was practically CATATONIC at one point over it (well, it was really a drawn-out temper tantrum when you get right down to it, but still ...). Doesn't Ryan think that warrants at least a COUPLE of therapy sessions (besides what she got when she was hospitalized over it)?

Robin "Ryan is SUCH a crappy father" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 11/4/09

Kendall chides Aidan for bringing up Zach's infidelity. Excuse me? ZACH'S infidelity? I believe Kendall was f**king LIVING with Ryan at that point (assuming the point is Liza on the gaming table).

David rages about whether or not Jake and Amanda had sex since it could interfere with the insemination process. WTF? It's only been about a week or LESS since the LAST time J&A had sex; wouldn't THAT interfere with the process? Not only that, but an ovulation cycle has to be established FIRST so that the fertility doctor knows WHEN to do the insemination.

How many of you were thinking David was going to insist on doing a pelvic exam on Amanda (right there on the coffee table) to make SURE she wasn't lying about whether or not she and Jake had sex tonight? And speaking of that, did the contact specify what constitutes "sex"? What about oral sex or manual stimulation? What if they both just masterbated in front of each other? Does the contract forbid Amanda masterbating or, if it's allowed, does it specify what implements, if any, may be used or not used? Would specifications have to be given in inches or centimeters, and would they include wattage or if either battery or electrical power is specifically denied or allowed. If so, is there is a clause about sterilization of said implements or perhaps disposability requirements? If lubrication products are used, are there ingredients that would be allowed or prohibited? We're back to Clinton's question of what the definition of "is" is. Given all the details that would be need to be CLEARLY outlined in the contract, who would enforce it? Don't answer that -- you KNOW David would insist on being there with a ruler, microscope and test tubes for the entire process. Then the contract would have to specify whether or not he can use latex gloves (wouldn't want to introduce any kind of allergy in the developing baby, after all).

Liza tells Jake and Amanda that the two of them are out of their mind. I'm heartened to hear that the show acknowledges that there is only ONE mind between the two of them, because you'd be hard-pressed to get TWO people to agree to such an asinine plan.

Jesse asks Ryan why he can't trust him (Jesse) to push Adam the rest of the way. Jesse: "What, am I really THAT bad a cop, Ryan?" Me: "YES!"

Aidan tells Kendall that they have to make it look like they were not there at the church. That might be hard to do if they've been using one of the corners for a latrine. Also, Aidan was wounded. Wouldn't there be traces of his blood around?

Hm. Amanda managed to provide at least PART of the definition of what does or does not constitute "sex".

Annie tells Adam that if he confesses, she and Scott could be considered accessories to murder. Why would SCOTT be considered an accessory? He only found out a few days ago that Adam was the one who did it, whereas Annie WITNESSED it.

Robin "does Annie use spreadsheets to keep track of her lies & schemes?" Coutellier

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

BC - Tue, 11/03/09

There's a new text message from Z on Kendall's phone. WTF? They can't even be covert enough to use alias INITIALS? These two are so beyond stupid it's mind-boggling! I expect that kind of stupidity from Kendall, but not from Zach.

I thought it was hilarious that Kendall was bemoaning how she needed to clean up her face because it's been so long since she's had a wash. As previously mentioned, her makeup is P-E-R-F-E-C-T. She comes back in a little while later, having cleaned up in the basement (I think) and commenting on how much better she feels, etc. She doesn't look one iota different than when she walked out, although I suppose her pits might smell better.

While Kendall was washing the non-existent layers of grime off of herself, Aidan was impersonating Kendall by sending a message to Zach hinting that Kendall and Aidan were getting cozy together. What is he up to? I suppose we're supposed to buy that he wants Kendall for himself now because he's been all alone and he's still reeling from Greenlee's death? Or maybe he wants to get back at Zach for something (people hate and forgive each other and change alliances so often that I don't even KNOW where the two of them stand with each other right now).

I don't get it. How would Adam coming forward now about the fact that HE shot Stuart cause the family to suffer? Yeah, it's not good publicity and he probably doesn't want his family to pity him because of it, but Adam doesn't run the company any more, anyway, and it's common knowledge that he was illegally drugged when his brother was shot. If he REALLY loved Annie, he wouldn't let HER keep taking the flack for killing Stuart, and he wouldn't keep making her feel like she has to keep up the lie that EMMA killed Stuart. Also, although, Kendall DID go there to shoot him that night, she DIDN'T. And now not only is Kendall strongly impacted by it, but so is her family, and (as far as Adam knows) Kendall was STABBED in prison. I've got no great love for the air-headed Kendall, but Adam needs to man up on this one now that he knows the truth. Keeping the truth quiet at this point makes NO sense, other than to save Adam some embarrassment, red tape and court-mandated therapy sessions (and possibly the wrath of Marian if and when she gets out of the loony bin).

Speaking of Marian, she was hauled off after trying to shoot Kendall, but she ended up shooting eBabe instead. Does eBabe still hurt even a little bit from being SHOT?

Robin "People recover so QUICKLY in Pine Valley!" Coutellier

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

BC - Mon, 11/2/09

Kendall grouses to Aidan about Annie and says: "I cannot believe she gets away with the things she gets away with!" This from woman who has escaped custody on multiple occasions, is currently a fugitive who has, on more than one occasion, tried to kill people. Pot, Kettle!

How did Bailey's old boyfriend know where she was? She HAD to have texted him the address.

Oh look, a gun. What a surprise. We need to start keeping a count of how often a gun is shown in Pine Valley since Chuck Pratt took over as headwriter. It seems like their go-to solution for everything now.

If I were Adam, I'd be sorely tempted to shoot Zach just to make him shut the f**k up.

Aidan and Kendall talk about Annie and he says that he was vulnerable after Greenlee left him for Wyan and Annie took advantage of him and made him fall for her. Uh-huh. Kendall says that Annie made Ryan fall for her, as well. Excuse me? Annie pushed Ryan AWAY, convinced he was only interested in her because of Emma. He was bombastic and finally won ANNIE over, not the other way around.

Stuart's headstone reads:
Stuart Chandler
May 24, 1945
May 15, 2009
True Friend To All

So Adam is, ostensibly, 64 years old. For the record, according to IMDB, David Canary is 71 years old.

Why did Jake and Amanda go to the ConFusion Halloween party? I mean, David was going to be there, along with a lot of other people, and it would be loud and they'd have to dress in uncomfortable costumes. All things considered, you'd think they would have wanted to spend some time alone together, even if they couldn't have sex. Why spend their "date" in the same place as DAVID, of all people?

Speaking of uncomfortable costumes, did you notice that nearly ALL the women were wearing large, CLUNKY false eyelashes? All I could think of every time I looked at those lashes was how difficult it was going to be to REMOVE them.

Robin "how did they even keep their eyelids open?" Coutellier

Sunday, November 1, 2009

BC - Fri, 10/30/09

I hope Amanda plans on waiting until AFTER her next period to get inseminated. Well, actually, I DON'T, but that would make sense for the situation. I still think Trevor is really Jake's bio-baby in the first place, so the next baby might as well be Jake's, too.

Have you noticed that Adam rarely wears a suit anymore?

Ah, now we have an answer as to the painting of brothers on Adam's wall. It WAS painted by Stuart.

O-M-G -- that is one TIGHT unitard Petey is wearing! Petey apparently dresses to the ... um ... center.

Hm. I never realized how much Adam really DOES look like Frankenstein.

Let's see, Bailey called Corrina to babysit Stuart. Okay. So who is babysitting Emma, or Spike and Ian, for that matter? I'm guessing Kathy and Jenny are home with Opal.

Here's a hint for the men out there. If a woman confides to you that she's feeling emotionally empty, LAUGHING is NOT the best response.

Robin "I hope the Fusion elevators have cameras" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 10/29/09

How RUDE! That lady with the two kids just barrels between Ryan and Erica without so much as an "Excuse me" (well, as well as one can barrel while wearing heels and trotting like a horse, not to mention SOUNDING like one). I'm guessing someone won a contest or is friends with someone with some pull, so they got to have a walk-on (or, in this case, a trot-on).

Line of the Day (and possibly YEAR)

Zach suddenly walks through a curtained entryway (or maybe long window) in the Chandler living room. Scott whirls and indignantly says: "How do you get IN here???" Zach: "I know it's not my house, but you really gotta work on your security." BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! LOVE IT! Then later Scott threatens to call Security to escort Zach out and Zach says: "Oh, don't worry about it. I'll find my own way out -- I know a shortcut." LOL! They have made several little digs on the show about security lately, which is refreshing.

Tidbit: Scott apparently dresses to the right.

Don't they teach basic mechanics at the police academy? Maybe they don't, I don't know, but it would make sense to do so.

Robin "she was pretty clueless about it, considering her uber-self-reliance attitude" Coutellier