Friday, November 20, 2009

BC - Thu-Fri, 11/19-20/09

Wow, pregnancy for Alicia Minshew FINALLY did what years and years on the show never could -- it put a loose coat on Kendall in the winter!

I notice that the staircase isn't the only thing recycled from the old Martin house set -- that was their front door, too.

Where was Annie putting her hand to get all that blood on it? It wasn't on the front of her skirt where she was clutching her belly, and it was not on the carpet where she discovered she was bleeding (there was a big pool of it between that and the phone, LATER).

Zach asks Rachel how Ian is doing. Spike is never mentioned. Once again, WHERE is Spike?

Why would the card dealer/PI have negatives of the photos he took? Doesn't he use a digital camera? Of course, maybe he KNEW Zach would accuse him of PhotoShopping (or 'shopping, as Zach put it) the photos, so he was just covering his ass.

I guess the economy has hit the Chandler staff hard -- Lucretia is the COOK. She has never been anything BUT the cook, at least until Annie bribed her to be her Maid Of Honor. Now Lucretia is on her hands and knees scrubbing the carpet while she cries. I know Winifred left Adam's employ a long time ago, but you'd think he would have replaced her by now.

I'm guessing that Alicia Minshew had her baby between the time Kendall was drunk on the bed upstairs and the time "Kendall" came downstairs and took her robe off in front of Aidan. There's no WAY those were Alicia Minshew's legs -- they were much too full. Those weren't her hands, either. Plus, we only saw her from the BACK. Of course, given those clues AND the fact that Zach is now watching through the window while they make out, it's entirely possible that that is KAT with her hair done like Kendall's, although I don't know how she could cover up her tattoos THAT well, plus, the person we saw from the BACK was more slender than Kat (they probably used different people for the front and back shots).

Robin "Chuck Pratt Has been FIRED!!! Maybe the NEW headwriter will make all of his dreck a DREAM" Coutellier

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