Sunday, November 8, 2009

BC - Fri, 11/6/09

What is the old Martin staircase doing in a "crummy" hotel? They don't do crummy hotel lobby very well -- it looked all right at first glance. The proprietor certainly has a crummy attitude, though. Okay, the bed IS kind of crummy, as are the broken blinds. The bathtub, for some unfathomable reason, looks pristine on the inside. You'd think there would be chips, soap scum, rings, perhaps some oily substance, hair, etc. It looked downright sparkling, though.

Why is Kendall taking a bath with the door open?

Considering that the cliffhanger is that Adam may or may not be dead (in the middle of his wedding, no less), it was a pretty boring show. Zach, as usual, thinks ahead. With Josh, he told them to save his heart (for Kendall). With Adam, he says Adam is not going to die without confessing first.

Robin "Zach has always been a very ... FOCUSED man" Coutellier

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