Friday, November 27, 2009

BC - 11/23-24/09

Why would Ryan bring Emma to see her mother while her mother is in a coma? All of Emma's childhood memories are going to be about her mother committing crimes, being in jail and being in the hospital.

Is anyone else getting some Boxing Helena vibes off of Aidan? He's just plain creepy at this point.

At the risk of channeling Chandler Bing, could David BE any more vague about what's ailing Annie to the point of her being about to die?

Annie notes that her husband is there at PVH. David finishes pretending to listen to her heart and says that it won't be for long because the cops are about to take him to jail for murdering Stuart. WTF? She JUST came out of a coma and he feels the need to volunteer that information to her NOW?

Liza tells Zach that there WILL be some charges about Kendall escaping, but for the circumstances and time already spent, it's going to be over. What does she mean "time already spent"? KENDALL didn't spend the time in prison, the lookalike did.

Looks like the show found a way to have Erica/Susan Lucci literally say: "I'm going to Los Angeles!"

Robin "swimming pools, movie stars" Coutellier

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