Thursday, August 28, 2008

BC - Tue, 8/26/08

Well, my prediction came partially true, then came to a screeching halt within minutes. I had said in my 8/21-22/08 Boogie Chillen that I thought Taylor would think Jake was gay and they would end up living together with hilarity ensuing, probably in Greenlee's penthouse (the penthouse part could still happen). There was a mixup and they both ended up moving into Jamie's old apt, which is at least more realistic as far as Greenlee and Aidan moving out the penthouse into a new home built to their specifications within a couple of weeks of conceiving the idea. The gay confusion lasted only minutes however, after Amanda showed up, planted some kisses on Jake, not to mention an invitation to live with HER, and then left. Hilarity did NOT ensue (there's still time, but it won't be based on Taylor thinking Jake is gay). It won't be based on her personality, either. That was quick, but it certainly saved me a lot of time waiting to see if my prediction came true.

I had also posted the same comment on the Pine Valley Podcast blog and it was included (but not with my name) in their 8/25/08 podcast, "Winner Or Snoozer?".

Robin "Wow, that was QUICK!" Coutellier

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BC - Mon, 8/25/08

Jackson brings Erica some files on Carmen's case. WTF? What lawyer shares legal papers about a client with someone who is NOT part of the case and doesn't work for him? Why didn't he just say he had legal papers about ERICA'S case? I did LOVE it when he threw Erica's words back in her face about Carmen being with a LOT of men -- he asked her what makes Carmen any different than Erica in that department -- BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!

I think it's hilarious that Erica put on a sex-kitten, eat-your-heart-out-you-can't-have-THIS-anymore bustier to greet Jackson when he brought the papers over :-) All the better to showcase her recently enhanced set of breasts. That prison food has done wonders for her figure! Well, that and a corset that's so tight I'm amazed she can even BREATHE.

Well, those are nice, drab I'm-running-away-with-a-fugitive clothes Cassandra has on. Oh yeah, she'll blend. Nothing says "incognito" like banana-peel yellow dress that barely covers her breasts and is starkly contrasted on milk-chocolate brown skin (don't get me wrong, I LOVE the combo normally), and shoulder blades that stick out so far that they look like budding breasts sprouting out of her back.

Oooh, that red dress is NOT Carmen's friend.

Cassandra will miss Angie. Angie will miss Cassandra. That's nice. I, OTOH, won't miss Cassandra's continual whining for a second. It was rare that she ever got through a single scene without whining.

Robin "the chalkboard flies back to Paris, nails neatly packed in her overhead bag" Coutellier

Saturday, August 23, 2008

BC - Thu & Fri, 8/21-8/22/08

Given all the low-flow toilets installed nowadays, flushing a key down the toilet is probably not as effective as Annie might think.

Annie just quit and stormed out (stopping to flush a key on the way). WTH is she stopping at the FUSION bar for a club soda?

Someone on the soap who is allergic to a fragrance -- I LOVE IT!

Kendell doesn't even PRETEND to try to cover up the fact that she's opening the envelope in the P.O. box! And why did Annie KEEP the letter from the clinic about Ryan's vasectomy never being performed? What POSSIBLE reason could she have for keeping it? And since she DID keep it, why would she flush the key down the toilet without retrieving the letter first and destroying it? Not only that, but if she doesn't claim her mail after a certain amount of time, the business will have to do SOMETHING with the letter sitting in her box. She's not thinking THAT one through.

If I were Carmen, I wouldn't be so quick to use Adam's credit card, even if he DOES insist on it. He could easily turn around at some point and say that she STOLE his credit card.

Okay, I have a prediction about Taylor and Jake. She overheard him talking on the phone to Aidan and now mistakenly believes that Jake is gay. Jake is now looking for a new place to live, not wanting to intrude on the newlyweds. Taylor wanted to go back to Iraq, but now she won't be able to for a while, so she'll need a place to stay. I think that they'll end up roommates because Taylor thinks he's a nice guy who happens to be gay, so he won't hit on her. Although the timing is ridiculous, in PV time, it's entirely possible that Greenlee and Aidan will have a their new, custom-made house built, ohhhh, let's say a in a week or so, which would leave Greenlee's penthouse vacant and she could insist Jake move back into it to keep an eye on the place, rent-free.

Robin "hilarity ensues" Coutellier