Thursday, April 30, 2009

BC - Mon, 4/27/09

Yeah, I'm REALLY late on the Boogies. I've had a tough, busy week, but I'm just now starting to watch Monday's show, so here it is.

Colby asks Adam if he ever loved Liza, and he explained that they were probably too much alike and there's not enough room for TWO alpha wolves in the same den, among other things. Then he kindly says: "Why are you asking about this now?" Was I the only one who automatically added one or more of the punchlines to the old Indian joke about naming children? There are different versions, but the gist of the joke is that a child asks how they got their name. The father tells them that either they were named after whatever was happening when they were conceived or by the first thing the father saw when he ran out of the tent upon their birth. The punchlines that *I* know of are a) "But why do you ask, Broken Rubber?", and b) "But why do you ask, Two Dogs F**king?" :-) So I'm trying to think of Colby's Indian name. "But why do you ask, Sperm Switch?" Or perhaps: "But why do you ask, Massive Flooding And Washed Out Bridges?" Of course, there's always the old (true) tradition by changing the name to their current personality or accomplishments: "But why do you ask, Hopelessly Bad Actor?"

Annie's, Ryan's homicidal, kidnapping ex-wife, on the loose. Ryan is VERY much on edge. The doorbell rings and Ryan just walks over and yanks open the door. Idiot. It's just someone delivering a package, but you'd think he wouldn't even ACCEPT a package at this stage. God knows what Annie might think to have delivered to him. She could send him a fresh human heart as a Valentine. Then he reads the return address:


I kid you NOT. BWAHAHAHAHAAAA! I think I laughed for a good 30 seconds over THAT one! Wait a minute. It's from Alexander Cambias. I thought he was captured in Las Vegas, not Pennsylvania. Am I missing something. They DID ping-pong back and forth. I wonder if that's the actual name of the Institute (misspelling and all) or if that was AC's joke.

I thought AC was catatonic and b) he was CHOOSING not to talk, because if he did it would show that he was faking. It wasn't that he COULDN'T talk, it was that he WOULDN'T talk.

And they show AC sitting in a cell somewhere grinning. The walls of that cell are plastered with front pages of the PV Bulletin listing the exploits of the Satin Slayer. Yeah, like the Eastern Pennsylvania Institue (sic) of the Criminally Insane would allow THAT. Then again, look at what they named their Institue.

Bianca emotes about how UTTERLY sorry she was that she decided to have a baby with Zach and brought Reese to PV and look at what happened! Kendall tells her she couldn't have predicted what happened. Uh, yeah, she COULD have predicted it -- at least the part about breaking up a marriage and royally pissing off her sister!

Robin "but why do you ask, Back Stabbing Sister-Betraying Bitch?" Coutellier

Monday, April 27, 2009

BC - Fri, 4/24/09

Wow, that Marissa moves FAST! She's going back to law school at PVU. Uh, I'm assuming that she's HOPING to do that, because you don't just walk the hell into the Admissions office and they say: Okey-dokey -- you're IN! I don't care HOW smart you are or HOW good your grades are. Bureaucratic processes take TIME.

Erica's hair looks GREAT in that upswept do! I HATE it when she has it severely pulled back (it makes her look like a seal), but this is soft and pretty! The dress looks great on her, too! (see, I can say something NICE occasionally)

I don't care HOW good of friends you were with someone you haven't seen since childhood -- if you see that person again and they are putting the moves on your WIFE, reminiscing and completely forgetting said moves are not the first thing you're going to do. But Frankie did just that with Scott. Is this one of those things that AMC is going to deny that we are seeing with our own eyes, like the fact that there was something going on between Reese and Zach? Scott was practically drooling on Randi and she LET him without a second thought!

Kendall informs Erica that she made the right decision in choosing Ryan over Zach and that she's never been happier in her life. Oh really? It was kind of lukewarm delivery but, more than that, why would you be happier than you ever were in your life when it was at the expense of the life of your best friend who, BTW, was barely down to room temperature before you started f**king her husband-to-be.

When JAR told Scott he doesn't want Scott to EVER say Babe's name again, how many of you responded with "Babe-Babe-Babe-Babe-Babe-ity-Babe-Babe?" (That's what Kendall said to the obsessed Josh at one point)

So, how long will it be before David starts hitting on Marissa and Krystal has to tell him that Marissa is his daughter? Or IS she?

Ryan says he's trying to be a GOOD single dad. He certainly isn't trying very HARD.

Robin "Kudos to those that guessed Marissa was Babe's twin!" Coutellier

Friday, April 24, 2009

BC - Thu, 4/23/09, Part 2

Amanda doesn't KNOW that David is the baby's father yet. They are basing that info on the size and development of the baby. I'm sure that can be fairly accurate these days, BUT there has not been a DNA test yet. They could do that pre-natal blood test that Bianca had to prove Michael Cambias was the father of her baby. I think it had to do with cells the baby sheds that get into the mother's bloodstream via the umbilical cord.

David catches Tad wearily walking down the stairs with a couple of suitcases. David says: "You Martins just don't understand the meaning of boundaries, do you? What did you do, pick the lock?" Oh THAT'S rich, coming from someone who pops up unexpectedly more often and more easily than a Whack-A-Mole. OTOH, he's right about the Martins and boundaries.

I know I bring this up all the time, but I can't help myself. Why is it that whenever anyone (particularly women) move out or send for their things, they only have one or two suitcases? Krystal has a never-ending supply of clothes, push-up bras and makeup, not to mention God knows what else. You'd think she'd need a Bekins van to move her stuff from husband to husband, but she never takes more than those one or two suitcases. And women never take anything like, for instance, a can-opener, their CD collection, or their laptop. We need to see a scene line the one in The Jerk, where Navin Johnson leaves, taking an ashtray, a paddle ball, a remote control, some matches, a magazine, a lamp and a chair. I think PV sells MAGIC suitcases. Like magicians' hats, they are full of a never-ending supply of whatever personal items might be needed at any given time. I wonder if her magic suitcase has a vial of happy pills or perhaps some Carnation Instant Milk packets.

NOW who is Randi stealing broadband from? I suppose the Yacht Club would have wireless, but why does she keep having these very private webcam discussions with him in public places? And how is she getting such a perfect camera angle on herself? Her head is way up past the edge of the laptop, even with the webcam at the top of the screen. Even if she DID have it tilted at the right angle to get her whole face in view, it would still be coming from an angle BELOW her face, not straight on and model perfect. She looks like she's in a Maybeline commercial.

Annie has been spotted getting on a plane from London to the Maldives. They don't have an extradition treaty with the US, so they (they being the U.S.) will have to wait until she steps somewhere that DOES have an extradition treaty or she's back on U.S. soil. Since when has jurisdiction ever been an issue for the PVPD or District Attorney or anyone else in PV?

Oh Puh-LEEZE! Randi is a former HOOKER and it hasn't been very long at ALL since she switched careers! She can't tell when a man who wants to get into her pants is putting the moves on her? Scott may or may not be a good guy, but he obviously doesn't care that she's a newlywed, and he's being WAY more than just a friendly guy trying to cheer her up. She should have nicely told Scott to take a hike as soon as he started flirting with her, not ENCOURAGING him! In fact, she usually gets hostile when guys pay attention to her. Then Frankie reappears on screen and sees Scott leaning in and intimately spoonfeeding some dessert to Randi, who's leaning right back toward him. Does this mean we're going to have yet another "he's just a friend and you can't tell me who I can be friends with" storyline? She can toss in the added consternation of not ever again being told what to do like her pimp used to do. In ONE episode Randi manages, with her street smarts, to physically get the best of Natalia, who's practicing perp-cuffing on her, and at the same time get sucked into heavily flirting and having a meal with a total stranger. Even with a John she'd be deliberately performing so it's not like it's an old habit dying hard

Robin "Randi's behavior is WAY out-of-character" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 4/23/09, Part 1

I know the BCs have been long lately. I need an outlet and a distraction, though, and AMC makes it SOOOO easy. This one is so long that I'm breaking it into two parts just to make it easier to read.

JAR insists the doctor finish his valve-replacement trials by the end of the week. WTF? The doctor says he won't compromise the lives of his patients. JAR says money is the bottom line and that the Chandlers now OWN the doctor AND his valve, so he'd better do as they say. You KNOW that's going to come back and bite the Chandlers in the butt. And based on the rumors, I can pretty much guess the gist of what's going to happen. Just in time for May sweeps.

When JAR was insisting that the heart valve (which I was under the impression was still in the design phase) had to be finished testing and ready to sell by the end of the week, did anyone else think of the new TV show Better Off Ted? It's pretty funny! It takes place in a business conglomerate (Veridian) that doesn't exactly value the lives of its employees or its customers (to an absurd degree). Pushing an artificial heart valve into production a week after the idea is conceived would be SOP. In fact, that would be considered to be behind schedule. And it would probably be made out of some mystery goo that could as versatile as Brown 25. THERE'S an old reference for you -- it doesn't have anything to do with AMC, though. So, who wants to step up first with the slogan that ended every commercial for Brown 25? Off the top of your head -- no fair Googling it!

I guess it doesn't occur to JAR (or Adam) that the money they make with the heart valve will disappear in the face of all the lawsuits that will be filed if it isn't ready or tested well enough. You'd think at least Adam would keep that in mind, given the Fusion fiasco. Of course, Adam isn't thinking very clearly these days.

Well, now we know where Natalia went. She moved in with Randi at Frankie's request. I wonder if Randi had any say about it.

Krystal asks Angie to go with her to Wildwind to get her stuff. Tad butts in and says he'll do it, because Krystal should stay away from Hayward. Oh yeah, THAT will go over well. Let's see, who is the ONE PERSON that David hates most in the WORLD? Tad? PERFECT -- as long as he volunteered, let's send HIM over!

If Ryan is so worried about Emma being kidnapped, why isn't he WITH EMMA? I know, I know, some police personnel are supposed to be guarding her, but you'd think RYAN would want to hover near her during this time of crisis instead of hanging around the police station badgering everyone about finding Annie, whisper-shouting and glaring at Aidan. How much you want to bet the key to the penthouse is STILL under the flowerpot? The next time she goes to school he'll probably shove the poor little rich girl out into the hallway alone again. Her next play-date with Kathy is probably going to consist of Emma sitting at a desk and taking notes as Kathy, with Power Point presentation and a laser pointer, takes her through the finer points of being a Bad Seed, passing along inside secrets. I wonder how long it will be before Emma starts smoking and shoplifting.

Don't they have interrogation rooms at the PVPD? They "modernized" it some time back. You'd think they would at least have some enclosed cubicles rather than Jesse's office. Or IS it Jesse's office? It sure as hell isn't a standard interrogation room. There's WAAAAAY too many things in Jesse's office that a) can be used as weapons by criminals, b) have to do with paperwork, filing, computing, etc., that can be destroyed or divulged to criminals, and c) the office is NOT private. They have blinds (which can also be used as weapons), and a door -- that's it. Ryan is standing right outside the office where Aidan is talking to HIS LAWYER. Ryan can see everything Jackson is saying. Maybe someone should remind the PVPD that Ryan's former father-in-law is deaf and Ryan may have developed an interest in lip-reading while married to Annie. Hell he might have done that just from his con-man days.

Here's a novel idea: Lock AIDAN up for insanity. I'm serious. I'm listening to him justify Annie to Jack. Jack reminds him of all of Annie's crimes. Aidan is aghast that she would have to go on trial because she's INNOCENT. WTF? No. She is NOT innocent. I'm beginning to think Aidan is having some kind of breakdown in reaction to losing Greenlee, first to Ryan and then to death, although I think he might know that the body that was found was NOT Greenlee. After all, someone DID switch the DNA report and, unlike Ryan and Kendall, he DID look under the tarp at the morgue. He was helping Annie before that, though. He helped her kidnap Emma quite a while ago, although he WAS pissed at Ryan. Maybe his need to get back at Ryan is behind all of this.

JAR asks Scott what life is like for him at night in bed and suggests he GET a life. Uh, a guy that looks like THAT is not going to have any trouble finding someone to go to bed with him. There's also no shortage of women who would appreciate his ideals and would probably fall in love with him fairly easily. Money may or may not come later. JAR can attract women with cash and power, but once they find out what an ASSHOLE he is (not to mention the alcoholic part), they're not going to stick around unless the only thing they are interested in is money. Money certainly has it's place, but it can't buy a decent personality. JAR has "junior syndrome". He is never, EVER going to feel like he measures up to his father's expectations, and he's going to punish everyone around him for it for the rest of his life. Of course, we haven't seen all that much of Scott since he returned to town, but he seems like a good guy on the surface, even with some flaws. They don't appear (yet) to be massive, GAPING flaws like JAR has. He may be a player when it comes to the ladies, though.

Robin "see part 2 for more on the player thing" Coutellier

Thursday, April 23, 2009

BC - Wed, 4/22/09

Ryan's holding a gun on Aidan and Annie and is about to shoot them when his cellphone goes off -- and he looks down to F**KING ANSWER IT! Oh PUH-LEEZE! I'd say he has the attention span of a flea, but even fleas pay attention long enough to suck their fill!

Ian is brought home from the hospital and both parents head out the door IMMEDIATELY. I was a taken aback when Zach left, but I was downright PISSED OFF when Kendall did. Then again, the best thing for a traumatized baby is routine and familiar surroundings (and staying overnight in the hospital must be traumatic for a baby, especially after having had surgery a few days before that). So having Mommy and Daddy leave him in the care of the nanny pretty much IS routine for Ian. But considering all he's been through and the fact that mere MINUTES before that they were worrying about getting VERY BAD NEWS about him at the hospital (the news was that they could take him home), you'd think they'd want to stick around for at least a few minutes before abandoning him again.

Adam to David, who just walked into the Chandler living room: "You keep showing up uninvited, I'm going to have to rent a mongoose to take you out." BWAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Mongooses catch and eat all kinds of vermin. According to Wikipedia: Mongooses mostly feed on insects, crabs, earthworms, lizards, snakes, chickens, and rodents. However, they also eat eggs and carrion. Some species, such as the Indian Mongoose, are popularly used to fight and kill venomous snakes, even King Cobras. There is just SO much that could be read into that line

I also LOVED Reese telling Kendall what a hypocrite she was and ordering her out under no uncertain terms!

Aidan says Annie is supposed to be traveling under the name of Esther Waxworth. Really? Esther Waxworth? That's not exactly a common name suitable for being incognito. I can see how the name Esther might not merit a second glance, but Waxworth, with two Ws and an X in it calls attention. Not that I believed Aidan ANYWAY, it's just not a very good "generic" alias.

Jesse arrested Aidan. What did he charge him with? If he charged him with helping Annie to escape, then how can he drop the charges if/when Annie is captured if it's no longer up to the PVPD? Not that any jail can hold Super-Aidan for long.

I'm thinking more and more that Aidan is going for the $10M. He wanted to go with Annie because she'll go to where it's hidden. Now he'll have to track her down to find the money. There really IS no other explanation for his utterly unfathomable "love" for her. It just does NOT compute. Of course, his love affairs rarely DO compute.

WTH? Kendall has a propensity to use sex to deal with stress in her life, but that scene with her BEGGING Ryan for it because Zach won't tell her who he had sex with was just PATHETIC! Are they going to give her a sex addition storyline, or is she just, quite literally, a mindless f**k?

Touching on the Julie Chandler (Lauren Holly) and Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) resemblance, here's a comparison of the two. Maybe it's just the combo of the red hair and style that keeps bringing the comparison to mind:

Robin "wayback machine" Coutellier

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BC - Tue, 4/21/09

The little actress playing Emma was TOTALLY not into Ryan today. He makes a big deal about getting her off to school and demanding not one, but TWO kisses and a hug. She just stands there, unmoving, as he draws her into his arms. He asks for a hug, then hugs her. She doesn't move her arms in the slightest :-) Then, good parent that he is, he sends her "straight down to the bus", literally shoving her out the door and quickly shutting it so that he doesn't see Annie who is waiting VERY CLOSE BY in the hallway. The bus is apparently waiting downstairs for her. They live in the f**king PENTHOUSE. She's going to have to take the elevator down by herself.

Why didn't David bring a needle with him to confront Adam at the mansion? I'm assuming he was trying to shoot him up with sodium pentothal or something similar that could be classed as "truth serum". Talk about a missed opportunity!

Erica looked FABULOUS today! I'm still fighting over the disbelief about her new breasts, which she has popping out of her outfits on a regular basis now, but I'm not sure how much of that is judging a 60+ woman for getting and flaunting such amazing implants or just plain envy. I suppose if I looked that good, I'd flaunt them too!

Why did Annie bring Emma to the same park where everyone else in PV goes? And why did she bring a big, house-shaped picnic basket? I might veer out of my way to admire that if *I* were strolling in the park.

Ryan calls Jesse because Annie took Emma. He doesn't KNOW that. Given that he just shoved her out the door and practically slammed it shut on her, ANYBODY could have taken her. He's RIGHT, but still ... Then he gets all self-righteous about Annie escaping THREE TIMES from Oakhaven. Again, he shoved Emma out the door and left her alone in the hallway where, coincidentally, he still keeps a key under a flowerpot, KNOWING that Annie had escaped at least TWICE up to that point AND that Annie was hellbent on seeing Emma. He needs some Daddy-The-PROTECTOR lessons.

Emma shows back up at the penthouse and Jesse glances out the door and says "no sign of Annie". FGS, WTF is WRONG with these people? I don't hear Jesse on the phone telling his people to BOLO for her at, oh, I don't know, the DOORS TO THE BUILDING or the street or even in PV as opposed to Illinois or Memorial Park.

Krystal was pretty rude just barging into the Marissa Tasker's massage room. Not only did she cut into a paying customer's time, but she jeopardized Marissa's job. Sure enough, Marissa is fired because of Krystal. Krystal, who has had to live hand-to-mouth for most of her life, should at least understand WHY Marissa has to work there and respect that fact. She also could have offered to pay for the bill of the appointment she ruined, along with a generous tip/bribe to the owner of the massage parlor, even if the owner IS an asshole. Just because Krystal doesn't think Marissa should have to work there does not, as Marissa pointed out, change the fact that Marissa NEEDS the job. I'm sure Krystal will get her a more respectable job in PV, somehow (maybe having David employ her at PVH), but that's beside the point. It's not UP to Krystal and she has no right to interfere with Marissa's job. Now they are BOTH caught in a raid. That probably won't look good for Krystal's custody arrangements about Jenny.

Looks like David made off with a bottle of Adam's prescription pills. Uh-oh.

WTF is up with the sudden appearance of GUNS in the hands of PV citizens? First Jake pulls one on David and now Ryan barges into the Pine Cone Motel room and holds one on Aidan and Annie! Of course, Annie DOES keep kidnapping Emma, so I can kind of see Ryan's side, but I'm getting alarmed at how EASILY the guns are suddenly appearing. This is Chuck Pratt-hole's doing, no doubt about it, and I do NOT like where this trend is going. Also, as it is often pointed out lately on the Pine Valley Podcast, there is also a trend now for the women of PV to be treated like dirt, disrespected, called sluts, bitches and whores etc. I can see where it at least fits in with the massage parlor boss's character to keep flinging crap like that around, but this is very disturbing that Pratt feels so free to be so misogynistic so OFTEN. This headwriter MUST go!

Speaking of Chuck Pratt, I'm sure many of you have heard about the Pratt Falls series of animations on YouTube making fun of Chuck Pratt and the show's producer, Julie Hanan Carruthers. This has been discussed in RATSA, but I'm including this for those of you who might not have read those posts (if you read this via the website, for instance). They are HYSTERICAL! They are produced via a text-to-movie method at, so the voices are mechanical and the characters boxy, but ANYONE can do it! The people making the Pratt Falls videos are doing it EXTRA well! As many of you also know, Chuck Pratt has greatly angered fans recently because he's blaming Eden Riegal's departure for the horrid way they handled Reese and Bianca's relationship, marriage and immediate breakup, leaving Tamara Braun (Reese) without a storyline. The fact is that Eden Riegal was not SUPPOSED to be back for more than a few months -- it was in her CONTRACT. Most internet-savvy fans already knew that even before she came back, but Chuck Pratt is saying he was surprised and left in a lurch because she left. The Pratt Falls series basically rips him a new one over that in a wickedly funny way. There's a pretty funny parody of the sex-on-the-gaming-table scene with Liza and Zach, too. If you have an issue with clicking links like the one above to the Pratt Falls series, just go to Youtube and search for "pratt falls" or the poster, "grrarrgghh".

Regarding my reference earlier to Julie Chandler's button hat, it was a running joke on for a while back in the 1980s because one day she showed up wearing a black hat with colorful buttons sewn onto every square inch of it. It looked ABSURD, but it was apparently fashionable at the time, or at least someone HOPED it would be fashionable. We got a LOT of mileage out of that one and I was hoping someone else would remember it and get the joke. Sorry, I should have explained it

Robin "unfashionably unfashionable" Coutellier

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BC - Mon, 4/20/09

Annie's transfer to another hospital was really an escape orchestrated by Aidan. It wasn't that long ago that he did something similar to break Greenlee out of a courtroom followed shortly thereafter by her disappearing down a hole, leading to her being poisoned by some weird plant and Aidan and Kendall having grief sex. Oops. WTF is WRONG with him (don't answer that)??? This guy has NO compunction about breaking women out of incarceration, whether it be a penal institution or a mental institution. And I STILL cannot figure out WTF he sees in Annie. Maybe he IS after the $10 million. You'd think Greenlee would have been more aggressive in trying to get it back, but she didn't seem to notice it was missing, even when her company was going down in flames.

Annie is a homicidal maniac. Just because she remembers the childhood trigger doesn't mean she's "cured" -- it just means she remembers it and now has an explanation of how she got that way. I have a pretty good idea about LOTS of things I do or think that stem from childhood traumas, but that doesn't EXCUSE and/or fix them -- it just makes me more aware of WHY I'm that way. Sometimes I get a pretty good handle on things for a long time, but in times of stress, I tend to revert to old habits. From what I've observed, Annie doesn't take well to criticism or romantic rivalry. What will SHE do under stress?

Wow! It's not often we actually SEE the panties come off! I hope Zach is planning to replace that gaming table -- something tells me it will be ... wait for it ...... GAMEY! Brumpt-TING!

Wow, with that red wig on (especially in that style), Annie REALLY looks like Lauren Holly (aka Julie from the 1980s). All she needs now is a hat with 30 buttons on it I suppose the giant sequins on her top will have to do. Why DID he get her clothes with big, gaudy sparkly things on them? I suppose it's his idea of hiding in plain sight. I wonder if he'll advise her to pick her nose in public (causing people to look away -- I remember that from a Richard Dreyfuss movie). The fact is that there will be an alert out eventually that a homicidal maniac has escaped (with his help) and her photo will be on the news -- Nancy Grace will be all OVER it. I can hear her now: "BOMBSHELL TONIGHT! Mentally ill accused kidnapper and accused brother-killer, not to mention sister of CONFIRMED murderer ON THE LOOSE! Deaf father wants NOTHING to do with her, so HOW did this happen! We need a shrink, PRONTO!" Jane Valez Mitchell will also chime in with SHOCKING details! BTW, if you watch Nancy Grace, you'll REALLY appreciate THIS YouTube parody of her. It is DEAD ON

Some people say that having wild, anonymous sex is not Liza's style, but she DID go through a phase like that when she was younger. That got her raped and beaten and she reformed; it served to rehabilitate her in the eyes of many for falsely accusing Jesse of trying to rape her. I still remember Angie's mom, Pat (who was a rape counselor), telling Liza that she was making it much harder for women who really WERE raped and she hoped that it would never REALLY happen to her. Liza stuck to her story, though. I think that's why Jesse fled to NY and met up with Jenny to live in Hell's Kitchen.

I always thought Liza was too conservative when she was with Adam. Anonymous sex on a card table seems to be going a little too far, but we don't know what her life has been like all these years. Maybe they'll portray it as being her way of numbing the pain of being an estranged mother. Then again, when you've gotta have, you've gotta have it. I guess she's never heard of a vibrator. She seems to have targeted Zach, though, so she probably considers him relatively "safe" for her purposes, whatever those purposes might be. I know this will sound blasphemous to some, but I never really warmed up to Marcy Walker playing Liza. Part of it was Liza's frosty character, but part of it was just that she was lacking some kind of spark, IMO. I never watched Santa Barbara, so I only knew Marcy Walker as Liza. She was PERFECT as the hoity-toity, upper-crust teen back in the early 1980s whom we loved to hate, but I was always lukewarm about her as an adult. I'm willing to give this new Liza a chance.

When Liza extended her hand to shake with Zach, there was a little hesitation on his part. Was I the only one who was thinking that they BOTH might be wanting to wash their hands and wondering what kind of residue was on the OTHER person's hand? Stuff that seems deliciously decadent and natural while having sex can seem icky once the clothes are back on.

When Colby returned, Adam refused to let Liza even talk to her and threatened her with legal action unless she stayed away -- FOREVER. Has the statute of limitations run out on kidnapping? Colby was 15 when she returned. How old is Colby supposed to BE now?

What's beeping in Ian's room? Is he wearing some sort of remote monitor, because I don't see any wires connected to him while Ryan is holding him across the room from his crib.

Liza told Jake she's in the private gaming room. Well at least THAT question was answered (along with why there were apparently no other customers at the casino). That casino worker who has long had an eye on Zach wasn't too happy with her. I foresee a rooftop/Miller's Falls situation in their future.

Annie decides not to kidnap Emma after all, saying Emma would be disoriented. She didn't seem to have any qualms about kidnapping her the LAST time, and locking Emma in an abandoned church (which subsequently caught fire) in Puerto Rico.

Liza presses her nose against the glass of the Chandler living room as she spies on Colby and Adam. That crack security team on the Chandler estate never fails to meet our expectations, do they? I guess they've downsized, too (not that it would make the slightest difference).

Robin "gee, I wonder if Liza will enter the tunnels" Coutellier

Monday, April 20, 2009

BC - Fri, 4/17/09

Are Jake's vest and striped shirt a new fashion? The only reason I ask is that is suddenly occurred to me that he kind of looks like a gondolier or possibly an organ grinder. All he needs is a droopy mustache.

Amanda really needs to learn to look through the peephole before opening the door (it DOES have one). Lots of doors in PV have peepholes, but 99 out of 100 times no one uses them.

Why is David saying Amanda has no money? Didn't he pay her $5 million (i.e, all the money she had lost) to get JAR drunk and provide proof? Even if it wasn't $5 million, it was still a considerable amount that was supposed to make her well-off again. I did NOT think she was crashing at the Martin's due to lack of money, but for protection against David (and her yacht was stolen). She may not be as rich as David, but she's not penniless.

Jesse tells Angie that they should invite Randi to dinner and tell Natalia, too, to give her a little break from the academy. Did Natalia move out? When did that happen?

Amanda was NOT in immediate danger from David. All he was doing was being an asshole and taunting her about how he's going to get her baby. So why did Jake pull a GUN? There are CHILDREN in the house! What if DAVID had had a gun, too? Would there have been a shootout! Tad made a point (afterward) of saying that the gun was locked back up in the shed. Did he say that to make a point of them being good about keeping the gun away from the children, or is it a foreshadowing of one of the kids managing to get to it, anyway?

Why is Tad so often wearing a suit? Tad is much more likable when he is dressed more casually. A suit makes him look and sound like an old fuddy-duddy and there's no REASON for him to be wearing one so often.

Zach and the "mystery woman" start to have sex on a gaming table in the casino. I DO hope that room was reserved just for her. "No names, just sex", huh? Too late! Closed-captioning told her me name the first time she opened her mouth.

Robin "they need to spoiler-proof their CC" Coutellier

Thursday, April 16, 2009

BC - Thu, 4/16/09

How can Adam flip off his phone just like that just because Krystal just said some damaging stuff about David. You'd think he'd want to hang around via phone to find out what ELSE is going to be said and what the decision actually IS. For all he knows, Junior Junior will be put into the foster system for a very long time. That's NOT what happened, but Adam doesn't know that.

David really DOES seem to be attached to Krystal. It's hard to believe it, but he's playing it (at least lately) as if he really loves her or THINKS he loves her. I see it merely as another way to hold onto Babe, but he may have convinced himself that really loves Krystal.

Erica asks Joe if he's noticed any changes in Adam's personality. Joes says no, he's just as onery as ever. Why didn't Erica just SAY she has noticed some personality changes? That might be a CLUE, you know and it might point to a need for some specific test (psychiatric testing, too). Just because Adam doesn't want to admit it doesn't mean it isn't so and she knows for a FACT that he IS acting oddly. I suppose she DID tell Joe that, in a roundabout way, but he clearly didn't pick up on it.

Erica throws Adam's pants into the hallway and someone almost trips on them (good timing on both their parts). Then the guy (dressed in scrubs) just keeps on going, leaving the pants in the hall for someone ELSE to trip on.

Adam modestly hold the back of his gown closed as he goes into the hallway to pick up his pants (that are still being ignored by the numerous people who walk by), turns his back to the wall so no one will see his ass hanging out, then holds it closed as he shuffles back into his room (I liked the realistic touch of the hospital socks with the treads on them). Why did he hold his gown shut in the back? PV hospital gowns are ALWAYS sewn up in the back all the way to at LEAST the mid-back, so there was no need for him to hold it closed. Sometimes they even DOUBLE-UP on the gowns. The gowns don't even have snaps on the shoulders for easy access (but at least he didn't pretend that they DID). Then he takes his pants and starts to put them on, facing the open doorway, not bothering to close the door or curtain. Was he planning to give buffalo shots to whomever happened to walk by?

Kendall acts like she's already divorced. The fact that she SIGNED the papers does NOT mean that she is divorced. It only means that she signed them. They have to be FILED with the County Clerk or Hall of Records or whatever it's called there. The divorce isn't final until the STATE/COMMONWEALTH gets around to finalizing the paperwork and making it official.

Robin "If Zach decides not to file the signed papers, it doesn't happen" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 4/15/09

Brot calls to make reservations for plane tickets to Orlando. I know that ABC is owned by Disney and it probably has some kind of tie-in, because Disney World is the first thing people think of when they think of Orlando. BZZZZZT! Not anymore! Not for ME anyway -- when I think of Orlando, I think "Casey Anthony", infamous (alleged) baby killer, party girl, and pathological liar. Damn, that kind of publicity must really SUCK for Disney, Universal, etc. In the meantime, I guess that's the last we're going to see of Brot, at least for a long time.

Since when does a 5-yr-old decide who he wants to live with? I can see where the judge might want his input, but the tot is hardly in a position to know who would be the better parent/guardian.

As usual, Krystal is wearing appropriate court attire -- NOT! She's wearing a bright orange, (on my TV), tight, low-cut wrap dress. Of course, since she is now trying NOT to get custody, I guess I should be surprised that the dress is relatively DEMURE.

Shouldn't some adult have been in the room with Little Adam? Did Tad PAY someone to leave him alone or just make it easier for JAR to get in? And what is UP with that big bow-tie? Is LA wearing a tuxedo? It makes him look like a miniature ringmaster.

Amanda says her doctor says her weight is perfect. Which doctor might that be? Frankie just left for Iraq, so who is she seeing now, and how is the falsification of records being explained?

Damn, that Roger (adoption attorney) is TALL! What is he, about 6'8"-7' tall, or are Jake and Amanda just a LOT shorter than I thought? The guy DOES look pretty large all over, though (appropriately for his height).

So now we know, via Jesse, an alternate name for Little Adam: Junior Junior.

Wow, Frankie sure got to Iraq FAST! That's a LONG flight. If we're to believe them, Frankie left the bar and went straight to the nearest deployment point got all checked in and checked over, hopped on a plane, landed and got situated enough to already be set up enough to make an internet phone call to Randi AND set up a pee-wee basketball game for "some of the kids on the block". Randi is apparently using the hospital broadband to receive the call. Why is she even AT the hospital, let alone hauling her laptop with her? Maybe they only have dialup at home. Oh wait, maybe it was because they were going to share the call with Brot and Taylor. WHY he would want to do that with his first call to his wife, which you would think they would want to be PRIVATE, I can't imagine.

Amanda says she might REALLY trust Jake. She has a short memory. HE broke up with HER (because he was hot for Taylor for some unfathomable reason) and then he had the f**king cajones to call HER a slut and treat her like dirt for NO REASON! That doesn't exactly scream trustworthy to ME. Of course, it's not as if SHE'S trustworthy, either, so maybe I should call it a draw. Then she falls sound asleep on the couch after Jake says about two sentences. Damn, she falls asleep faster than baby Ian!

When Erica was getting on Adam's case about just giving in and asking for help because now other people have noticed that something is wrong, did any of you long-time watchers flash back to Erica bluntly telling Dr. Tyler that he needed to stop pretending that he was hard of hearing and just get a damned hearing aid? She didn't use the word "damned", of course, but she WAS quite blunt (i.e., totally tactless) about it and pointed out that it would simply be a tool, like glasses. Dr. Tyler did not want to face up to it until then; he and Mona had just pretended it wasn't so, but Erica DID get through to him that day and he realized he was being foolish by denying it. He wore a hearing aid from that point on.

WTF? Colby would NEVER get away with talking on a cellphone in a courtroom! You'd get kicked out PRONTO for that anywhere but PV.

So, what's Krystal's secret? I'm guessing that Babe was not Krystal's biological child and/or David is not her biological father; therefore, Junior Junior is not his biological grandchild (or hers, either, for that matter). Of course, it's not ENTIRELY clear that he's JAR's biological child, either. Or maybe Krystal's FRIEND is the one who got pregnant at that Stanford frat party and Krystal stole HER baby for some ridiculous reason. She might even have KILLED the woman and literally stole Babe from her womb using a key from her old AMC Pacer. Who knows? Some are speculating that Babe was a twin that Krystal gave up, but I don't see how that would affect the custody hearing, and neither would a baby given up for adoption, unless the REASON it was given up is really heinous. Maybe she abandoned it in a trashcan or something and would never, EVER want that child to know that. She said that David is not the man that they think he is, though, so I'm leaning toward him not being the biological father, even though they did a DNA test. As we all know, DNA tests in PV are about as reliable as dandelion fluff staying intact on a windy day. Or maybe she's just going to say that he DOES beat her.

Robin "PV, where everyone is related, no one knows who their biological parents are, & long-lost babies, relatives & even fetuses regularly pop up on doorsteps" Coutellier

BC - Mon-Tue, 4/13-14/09

How did Erica clean her face in the tub without removing any of her makeup?

Why does Aidan just barge on into Annie's room without ever knocking? I know he has to sneak in sometimes, but sneaking usually involves being STEALTHY, not BARGING. Annie is surprised each time he does that. Hello? Crazy woman in the room -- she COULD be unpredictable, ya know, so startling her isn't exactly the best approach.

Why is David risking injury to his shoulder and practically cutting off his airway to use a stethoscope on Ian, who is sitting up, but DEEP in a crib or raised playpen (or whatever it is -- let's just call it a baby-pit) and nowhere near the slats? Geez, pick the little guy up and put him on the couch or something.

Ryan is a millionaire whose life is nothing but chaos in the town where nearly everyone has been (or should be) on trial for murder, kidnap or some other kind of mayhem, and his crazy, homicidal ex-wife keeps escaping the loony bin, but he keeps a key to the penthouse under a potted plant in the hallway? Yeah, RIGHT!

Looks like Emma lost a front baby tooth -- I thought she was lisping more than usual.

Robin "toofless in Pine Valley" Coutellier

Sunday, April 12, 2009

BC - Fri, 4/10/09

I thought it was hilarious when Kendall tried to kiss Spike goodbye and he said "NO" and pulled away. I don't blame him with the way she was zeroing in on him. She looked like a fish! I suddenly got a flash to the future where a 10-12-yr-old Spike tells Kendall that he HATES her when she won't let him do something. That, of course, brought to mind the time Bianca said the same to Erica, who wailed to Mona about how devastating it was for your own child to tell you she HATES you, and Mona deadpanned: "AWFUL, isn't it?" Erica, of course, was completely oblivious to the irony

If Frankie is going to Iraq tomorrow, why IS he still working a the hospital? Even if he wasn't going to take the time off to spend with his loved ones, I know from experience with my son that he has a lot of last-minute prep work to do.

Look! Stuart LIVES!

That's probably the first time I saw Emma in a non-cute mode. She also seemed older than she generally portrays. It makes me wonder if she gets tired of pretending to act younger than she is, like Shirley Temple, who REALLY rankled at having to pretend to do the same.

Ryan tells Erica that he can't just LEAVE Emma overnight. EXCUSE ME? How many nights has she spent elsewhere without him? I'm guessing she's away overnight more often than they are under the same roof! What a hypocrite!

The babies playing Ian look like they could really BE children of Alica Minshew.

When Frankie was pretending to listen to Randi's heart with his stethoscope, did anyone else hear sounds like really loud stomach growling? Oh wait, that was Randi purring (on the heels of Frankie growling, which I had deciphered). I had to turn the sound up a lot higher to make the distinction with Randi, though, and it was kind funny what with the stethoscope involvement to think that their romantic interlude was being highlighted by internal gurgling

Aidan brings the police to Annie's room so she can tell them what happened to Tori. I can't BELIEVE how presumptuous he's being! For all he knows, Annie IS making it up or, at the very least, not remembering it accurately. You'd think he'd give her more than a few HOURS to process it all, not to mention have the doctors work with her on it. I hate to side with Ryan on anything, but he was ABSOLUTELY correct in keeping Annie at a distance. He SHOULD let her write a LETTER to Emma, though. That way Emma could at least have SOME kind of communication with her mother AND it could be screened. I toyed for a moment with the idea of a phone call, but then I realized that Annie could be unpredictable in that case. Sure enough, at the end of the episode she calls Emma and says she's going to see her soon; maybe even TONIGHT. But don't tell Daddy or anyone else! Considering Annie's escape history, Aidan's idiocy combined with his own escape-artist tendencies, and the fact that Annie was demanding to see Emma, Ryan was pretty stupid to leave town just now.

Okay, I REALLY liked Erica's meltdown! THAT is the Erica I've been missing! It's also a very REAL kind of thing to have happen considering all that pressure. I did NOT like Ryan's condescending look as he watched her, though.

Robin "what IS going on with Adam? I'm intrigued" Coutellier

BC - Wed-Thu, 4/8-9/09

I don't care HOW long Angie and Tad have been friends -- blabbing about Krystal not being able to have any more children is NONE of his f**king business AND it's against the law!

How many times does this make that Tad is involved in helping people to hide their child from the other parent? Let's see, there's the ultimate one (over and over) of Dixie and Adam's baby (JAR), there's helping Liza escape with Colby so Adam wouldn't have her, there's helping Babe and Jamie abscond with Little Adam (aka Jimmy, aka Ace) so JAR and Adam wouldn't have him (not to mention NOT telling Bianca that Bess was really Miranda), and now he's going to help Jake and Amanda run away and hide her and her baby from David. There are probably more that I'm forgetting. Maybe Tad should open a new agency called "We Hide Your Babies So You Don't Have To" (with a nod to The Pine Valley Podcast).

If Jake wants a new identity for him and Amanda so that they can disappear, why is he getting his new (fake) identity papers AT A BAR WHERE EVERYONE IN TOWN GOES?

Why would the school send Emma home without contacting Ryan first, even if Corrina WAS with them on the field trip? And why didn't CORRINA call Ryan to let him know instead of just barging in with Emma?

I think AMC chose the wrong number of people for JAR to say he laid off -- either that or he misspoke. While 500 people lost their jobs, Chandler Enterprises is supposed to be a BIG company -- laying off 500 people to save a conglomerate that's circling the drain isn't going to cut it. Usually that means THOUSANDS of people lose their jobs.

Isn't Annie even a little bit curious about what happened to Tori's body after Richie killed her? The last we saw, her father was at the top of the stairs calling her name as she stood over the body with a baseball bat. Aidan is pretty cocksure of his diagnosis of Annie as no longer being dangerous just because she had ONE breakthrough just last night, and he insists that she knows ALL the answers now. Uh, no, she DOESN'T. And Ryan is supposed to take AIDAN'S word that she's all better now? Does her doctor even KNOW that she's had this epiphany?

I think they forgot that Ian was awake and babbling (which he could only do on his back or side), because between one sentence of Kendall's and the next he apparently rolled back onto his belly and was out like a light.

Robin "ah, to have the uncluttered sleep of a tot!" Coutellier

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BC - Tue, 4/7/09

Spike starts screaming in his room and Ryan barely reacts to it as he explains to a perfectly calm Emma (who is wondering if Ian is going to turn into an angel) that Spike misses his little brother. Spike screams again. Ryan deigns to stand up and look toward the bedroom, but is still apparently unconcerned. What an ASSHOLE!

Wait a second. Did I miss yet ANOTHER big decision? How did the charges against the Chandler's get dropped? I gather Tad persuaded someone to do it overnight. I swear I'm getting whiplash from these CONSTANT jumps in the storyline!

I thought Amanda was only about 5 months along. Why is Jake saying she'll have her baby in a couple of months? She probably WILL, but he's getting a little ahead of the plot.

People keep talking about Myrtle watching out for little Ian. You'd think at least ERICA would call on MONA for a little watching out or give HER a little credit for her great-grandson pulling through. Or even Myrtle and Mona working as a team.

When Kendall told Ryan that he is pretty far from a jerk, I had had to wonder if everyone on set, actors included, were about BURSTING to announce that Ryan is SUCH A JERK that that he could be sold over-the-counter at a 7-11! I'm guessing that as soon as the director yelled "CUT" the entire cast and crew that were around for that scene, children included, yelled exactly that at the top of their lungs! At the very least, CM and AM probably collapsed in gales of belly-clenching laughter and derision at the absurd dialogue they were just forced to deliver about Ryan and his lack of jerkiness. You could kind of tell from their expressions that CM and AM do, indeed, think Ryan is, at a MINIUMUM, a "jerk". At least I'd like to THINK that.

If Kendall is exhausted and is going home to catch just a few hours of sleep, why is she picking up Spike from Ryan? Why can't Ryan keep his OWN CHILD overnight?

Robin "because Ryan is a JERK, that's why" Coutellier

Monday, April 6, 2009

BC - Mon, 4/6/09

WTF? At the end of Friday's show Annie thanks God that Aidan is there as he envelopes her in his strong, manly arms; then she introduces him to Tori, who Annie thought was sitting in a chair. Aidan saw that there was no one there and said so. Annie was actually TALKING to the imaginary Tori. When TODAY'S show opened, however, Annie thanks God that Aidan is there as he envelopes her in his strong, manly arms, and tells Aidan Tori's been helping her out; then she is surprised because Tori has apparently left the room. Can't they keep their story straight from one SECOND to the next??? This reminds me of the movie MISERY where Annie (hmmm) Bates gets incensed because when she was a kid they showed a serial cliffhanger at the theater with a man going over a cliff in a car, but in the next installment the following week, the man was no longer in the car. "HE DIDN'T GET OUT OF THE COCK-A-DOODY CAR!!!" That's what AMC is doing!

Oh look, there ARE actually people who work at Oakhaven that have access to Annie's room! Two orderlies came in to tackle her. Then Annie's cute doctor (whom we haven't seen for quite some time) comes in and asks Aidan what happened, so at least we aren't imagining AIDAN. Unless, of course, this is all AIDAN'S imagination. Maybe if Annie's doctor showed up more than once a month or so he'd have an idea of what happened. Then he mentions how they've given Aidan great leeway in visiting Annie because it seems to be helping. I hope that leeway includes condoms! How could the doctor POSSIBLY sanction Aidan having sex with a criminally insane patient because it seems to be helping her mental clarity?

Colby complains that her own brother doesn't trust her to protect her father, yet Petey shows up in the park with a shovel, ready to bury a body (he was anticipating the murder of David Hayward since Colby was so mad at David). She asks what's wrong with the picture. The sick part is that she doesn't seem to think the wrong part was Petey's complete willingness to help her bury a body, no questions asked. Petey is like a blank slate, ready to be filled with whatever the writers feel like scribbling on any given day. He has no moral compass whatsoever, and no feelings, either, other than a) an all-consuming (not to mention inexplicable) passion for Colby, and b) embarrassment over his mother. Even his feelings for Colby must be wishy-washy, considering he was willing to sacrifice himself only a day or so before to marry Amanda in order to give Amanda's baby his name. He's not evil, nor is he good. He's not even in-between! He's just THERE, living from moment to moment. The actor has great comedic timing and often steals the scene, but the character is more disjointed than a rubber chicken. He's like water, just flowing around and having it's course altered by slight changes in the landscape.

Would a shrink REALLY have to "report everything back to the DA" in the case of someone who may or may not be criminally insane? If Annie is being treated to get to the point of being competent to stand trial, would the DETAILS of everything she says during treatment be admissible in court? How do they know if anything she says right NOW is the truth if she's not "cured" yet? Is the good doctor going to mention that she's having frequent sex with Aidan while under lockdown and "in treatment" and that it seems to be helping?

Ian is under sedation and has just had heart surgery -- should he REALLY be sleeping on his BELLY? He could stop breathing and not be able to lift his head. Besides that, it must hurt his poor little chest to have that kind of pressure put on it. For that matter, how DO they keep a toddler from busting stitches after open-heart surgery? Do they have to put him in a little body cast, at least for the chest area?

Robin "would someone PLEASE send Ryan to the PVH Ebola Ward to distribute Jello?" Coutellier

BC - Fri, 4/3/09

I missed the first minute or so due to a special report. It rejoined with Annie telling Aidan she knows she killed someone else and is sure of it. What did Annie see/remember to make her think this? I gather she had a dream of some sort.

Annie wonders why Aidan sticks with her. He says he loves her. WHY????? WTF is WRONG with him? What part of her is the lovable part, other than, perhaps, her nether regions which, let's face it, he can get from any number of sources that aren't necessarily homicidal and psychopathic and don't come with enough baggage to buckle the carousel at an international airport.

I still don't believe Aidan is constantly going in and out of Annie's room at Oakhaven, having sex with her and giving her frequent psychiatric counseling sessions, yet we NEVER see an actual DOCTOR come in, and no one but Tori even suspects that he's ever been there -- and Tori is imaginary (confirmed by the end of today's show).

Oh look, Tori does have different clothes (a yellow sweater vs a blue one)! I guess even imaginary people like to wear different colors occasionally. The yellow is very Easter-ish.

Did I miss something? David said Ian RECENTLY underwent a sternotomy to have a hole in his heart repaired. When did that happen? What's his definition of "recently"? I'm pretty sure I would remember Kendall and Zach agonizing over THAT or, at the very LEAST, mentioning it in passing, but all we've seen is Kendall coming out of her coma, driving around in another state and killing her best friend, and then f**king Ryan over and over again, leaving her children with others most of the time. Am I missing a big chunk of time? Do I have Alzheimers? I'm guessing he's talking about something that was done when Ian was first born, but if that's the case, they should clarify it. The word "recently" has a whole different meaning when you are talking about a toddler vs an adult or even a 3-yr-old.

Oh, I SOOOOO wanted to just slug Ryan in the belly with a mallet when he told Erica he's going to the hospital to make sure Zach isn't going to try to use baby Ian's illness to manipulate Kendall. WTF???? That's EXACTLY what Ryan is doing in going to the hospital -- using the baby's condition to manipulate Kendall AND Zach and to stick it to Zach when Zach is at his most vulnerable!

There's been a lot of speculation for quite a while now that David Hayward might be murdered. And that's just been on the internet -- now even PETEY voiced a concern about it within the show. I'm beginning to think that's not going to happen, though. Now I think RYAN is the one who will be murdered and it will be at the hands of fed-up AMC fans. One day he'll open his mouth and say and/or do something and the fans, in a single moment of clarity, will collectively say:

"THAT'S IT!!!"

Everything that has ever gone wrong in our entire lives will suddenly coalesce into that one moment in time and that one character. If David Hayward gets killed, it will only be because he wasn't fast enough to get out of the way and was crushed by the stampede of pissed-off fans (no doubt carrying torches and pitchforks) who are trying to get to RYAN. At the very LEAST, Ryan will get a thong wedgie that he'll NEVER forget! He'll be singing soprano and trying to dig that thong out of his butt-crack for the rest of his life!

Aidan researches something on the internet and discovers that a little girl named Tori Atherton went missing in 1987. So Annie either had something to do with it or she IS Tori. I wish they wouldn't go that route (of missing children). It's very upsetting with so many of them in the news. It's also upsetting to be constantly reminded of how bad the economy is. I watch AMC to ESCAPE reality, not to be reminded of it at every turn.

How did the hospital rule out anything based on STUART'S medical records? It makes NO SENSE that Adam was able to check in as Stuart and get by with STUART'S medical records. Stuart hasn't had any strokes, only Adam has. Why is the doctor even talking to JAR and Tad? It's a matter of public record that Stuart is married to Marian, so wouldn't they need HER permission to talk to anyone else? I suppose I could fanwank it so that Adam, pretending to be Stuart, told the hospital it was okay to talk to JAR about it, or even that Marian and Stuart are in on it and playing along, but this whole thing is just plain STUPID.

And now Adam has a "mood disorder"? Are they going an Uncle Junior (The Sopranos) route with him, giving him real or pretend Alzheimers? Wait a second! Are he and Stuart swapping in and out of the hospital? No, Stuart wouldn't be drawing Erica; but Adam has never exhibited the slightest interest in drawing things, whereas Stuart has been a lifelong artist. Hmmmmm. Maybe there's a THIRD brother or Adam has multiple personalities (pardon me -- Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)). Okay NOW it's starting to at least get slightly interesting.

Adam looks HOT in street clothes! JUMP HIM, ERICA!

Robin "TWO Alzheimers & TWO Soprano references in ONE Boogie Chillen!" Coutellier

Thursday, April 2, 2009

BC - Thu, 4/2/09

I guess Joe's off of "medical leave" now.

I cannot BELIEVE the load of crap that Krystal is spewing about deciding to take Little Adam on a playdate on the spur of the moment. She couldn't come up with a better story than THAT? Jesse should arrest her ass RIGHT NOW.

Now that her grandchild is practically at death's door, will Erica utter the G-word?

Robin "I suppose I should just be glad that Kendall finally accepted the fact that she has TWO children" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 4/1/09

The first two comments are actually from Tuesday, 3/31, but I didn't feel that they merited their own Boogie Chillen.

Is it my imagination, or does Tori always wear the same clothes?

Why doesn't Annie ever seem to have any therapy with actual .. I don't know ... THERAPISTS? What kind of psychiatric training does Aidan have that HE'S the one who keeps having counseling sessions with Annie.

So now Amanda and Jake are discussing the plans for her baby, THE BIG SUPER SECRET, with a lawyer in a fucking BAR. The stupidity of these two dolts simply defies description.

If Jesse and Angie thought David suspected something after seeing the puppet drawing on Angie's hand, why didn't they CALL Natalia and warn her that David might show up? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Ryan says he never put up ANY resistance about his son being raised in a different household. Excuse me? I believe he DID threaten to take Spike away from Kendall at one point (before he was even born, I think).

Robin "I don't know how much more of Ryan I can take" Coutellier