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BC - Mon, 4/20/09

Annie's transfer to another hospital was really an escape orchestrated by Aidan. It wasn't that long ago that he did something similar to break Greenlee out of a courtroom followed shortly thereafter by her disappearing down a hole, leading to her being poisoned by some weird plant and Aidan and Kendall having grief sex. Oops. WTF is WRONG with him (don't answer that)??? This guy has NO compunction about breaking women out of incarceration, whether it be a penal institution or a mental institution. And I STILL cannot figure out WTF he sees in Annie. Maybe he IS after the $10 million. You'd think Greenlee would have been more aggressive in trying to get it back, but she didn't seem to notice it was missing, even when her company was going down in flames.

Annie is a homicidal maniac. Just because she remembers the childhood trigger doesn't mean she's "cured" -- it just means she remembers it and now has an explanation of how she got that way. I have a pretty good idea about LOTS of things I do or think that stem from childhood traumas, but that doesn't EXCUSE and/or fix them -- it just makes me more aware of WHY I'm that way. Sometimes I get a pretty good handle on things for a long time, but in times of stress, I tend to revert to old habits. From what I've observed, Annie doesn't take well to criticism or romantic rivalry. What will SHE do under stress?

Wow! It's not often we actually SEE the panties come off! I hope Zach is planning to replace that gaming table -- something tells me it will be ... wait for it ...... GAMEY! Brumpt-TING!

Wow, with that red wig on (especially in that style), Annie REALLY looks like Lauren Holly (aka Julie from the 1980s). All she needs now is a hat with 30 buttons on it I suppose the giant sequins on her top will have to do. Why DID he get her clothes with big, gaudy sparkly things on them? I suppose it's his idea of hiding in plain sight. I wonder if he'll advise her to pick her nose in public (causing people to look away -- I remember that from a Richard Dreyfuss movie). The fact is that there will be an alert out eventually that a homicidal maniac has escaped (with his help) and her photo will be on the news -- Nancy Grace will be all OVER it. I can hear her now: "BOMBSHELL TONIGHT! Mentally ill accused kidnapper and accused brother-killer, not to mention sister of CONFIRMED murderer ON THE LOOSE! Deaf father wants NOTHING to do with her, so HOW did this happen! We need a shrink, PRONTO!" Jane Valez Mitchell will also chime in with SHOCKING details! BTW, if you watch Nancy Grace, you'll REALLY appreciate THIS YouTube parody of her. It is DEAD ON

Some people say that having wild, anonymous sex is not Liza's style, but she DID go through a phase like that when she was younger. That got her raped and beaten and she reformed; it served to rehabilitate her in the eyes of many for falsely accusing Jesse of trying to rape her. I still remember Angie's mom, Pat (who was a rape counselor), telling Liza that she was making it much harder for women who really WERE raped and she hoped that it would never REALLY happen to her. Liza stuck to her story, though. I think that's why Jesse fled to NY and met up with Jenny to live in Hell's Kitchen.

I always thought Liza was too conservative when she was with Adam. Anonymous sex on a card table seems to be going a little too far, but we don't know what her life has been like all these years. Maybe they'll portray it as being her way of numbing the pain of being an estranged mother. Then again, when you've gotta have, you've gotta have it. I guess she's never heard of a vibrator. She seems to have targeted Zach, though, so she probably considers him relatively "safe" for her purposes, whatever those purposes might be. I know this will sound blasphemous to some, but I never really warmed up to Marcy Walker playing Liza. Part of it was Liza's frosty character, but part of it was just that she was lacking some kind of spark, IMO. I never watched Santa Barbara, so I only knew Marcy Walker as Liza. She was PERFECT as the hoity-toity, upper-crust teen back in the early 1980s whom we loved to hate, but I was always lukewarm about her as an adult. I'm willing to give this new Liza a chance.

When Liza extended her hand to shake with Zach, there was a little hesitation on his part. Was I the only one who was thinking that they BOTH might be wanting to wash their hands and wondering what kind of residue was on the OTHER person's hand? Stuff that seems deliciously decadent and natural while having sex can seem icky once the clothes are back on.

When Colby returned, Adam refused to let Liza even talk to her and threatened her with legal action unless she stayed away -- FOREVER. Has the statute of limitations run out on kidnapping? Colby was 15 when she returned. How old is Colby supposed to BE now?

What's beeping in Ian's room? Is he wearing some sort of remote monitor, because I don't see any wires connected to him while Ryan is holding him across the room from his crib.

Liza told Jake she's in the private gaming room. Well at least THAT question was answered (along with why there were apparently no other customers at the casino). That casino worker who has long had an eye on Zach wasn't too happy with her. I foresee a rooftop/Miller's Falls situation in their future.

Annie decides not to kidnap Emma after all, saying Emma would be disoriented. She didn't seem to have any qualms about kidnapping her the LAST time, and locking Emma in an abandoned church (which subsequently caught fire) in Puerto Rico.

Liza presses her nose against the glass of the Chandler living room as she spies on Colby and Adam. That crack security team on the Chandler estate never fails to meet our expectations, do they? I guess they've downsized, too (not that it would make the slightest difference).

Robin "gee, I wonder if Liza will enter the tunnels" Coutellier

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