Friday, November 26, 2010

BC - Wed, 11/24/10

Greenlee says David will have to spend the rest of his life behind bars. Why? I'm not even sure what they are charging him with in order to arrest him in the first place. Yeah, he faked his own death. He bribed someone to file a false death certificate, etc. He made it look like Ryan had murdered him. If he left the country, he may have used a false passport (and likewise upon re-entry). But I doubt any of those things would get him much time, if any, behind bars. He may have to pay a fine to cover the costs of the police and DA investigation. He may have to pay for Greenlee's legal fees. What else? He didn't actually MURDER anyone.

Spike sure was having a tough time pretending to be asleep, given that his eyelids fluttering like crazy

OT: A family member gave birth to a baby on Monday and they came over here for Thanksgiving, where there was no shortage of women eager to hold the not-quite 3-day-old bundle of joy. As a woman of a certain age, I mused later that when you are younger and you hold a newborn, you are afraid you might break it; when you are older and you hold a newborn, you are afraid it might break YOU!

Robin "creaky" Coutellier

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BC - Tue, 11/23/10

Good to see that those PV Courthouse bailiffs are right on top of things and that the safety of everyone in the courtroom is paramount on their minds. Marissa stormed in and smacked David across the face and no one did a thing to stop her. WTF do they do when someone comes in with a knife or gun (I doubt anyone has to go through a metal detector) or simply starts assaulting people? Oh THERE he is (singular). The bailiff doesn't make a move until the judge TELLS him to, though. What if the judge were being attacked? Would the bailiff act of his own volition then, or would she have to play charades with him while she's being choked or shot or whatever like in "Young Frankenstein" when he's trying to get his assistants to give the creature a sedagive (aka sedative).

After David goes on and on about how he loved Greenlee and how Ryan was supposed to take the fall for his death because he was trying to steal Greenlee, blah, blah, blah, and Marissa goes on a tirade against David, and David starts to lambaste the onlookers in the courtroom for drinking to his demise, etc., THEN the judge says he's only supposed to stick to the facts. How did she get appointed as a judge? Did she win the seat on the judge's bench via a box of Cracker Jacks?

Jesse says that they are waiting at the courthouse for a ride to the station. Aren't the PVPD, the Mayor's office and the Courthouse all in the same building? I know that the Mayor's office and the PVPD are.

Robin "are they going to show a flashback and explain David's autopsy Y-incision stitches?" Coutellier

Monday, November 22, 2010

BC - Mon, 11/22/10

Is Spike's school having a Thanksgiving Day pageant? Why would they do that ON Thanksgiving when most people have other things to do that don't involve bringing their little ones to school?

EXCUSE ME??? After the verdict, Jack states for the record that he wants the jury polled. After a snotty outburst between Jack and Liza, the Judge gets in a snit and says SHE is satisfied with the jury's verdict and they are free to go. WTF? She can't do that! The verdict could be overturned on a technicality, I think, if the Defense asks for the jury to be polled and the judge DENIES it. Also, the jury didn't even fill out any forms about the verdict. The forms not only have to be filled out, but the judge has to give them the once-over before the verdict is read to make sure all the T's are crossed and I's are dotted and the forms are signed. I call BOGUS!

Okay, I'll have to chime in and say I didn't see THAT coming, either. Oh, I had strong suspicions that David might not really be dead, but I figured it would be a long while before we found out -- unless this is someone's imagination, in which case he's still "dead". If he IS alive, then, all things considered, someone's probably going to turn around and off him again.

Robin "then he would be known as Twice Cooked Pork" Coutellier

Sunday, November 21, 2010

BC - Fri, 11/19/10

I'm about to start watching Friday's show. The Tivo description for it states "Griffin is introduced to Kendall". I can only assume that he'll be her grief sex partner for this go-around.

How far away is the island from civilization that the plane crashed at night, Greenlee called for help right away, but the Coast Guard didn't arrive until the next morning?

Not that I would mind for a second that Greenlee would be going to prison, but how is she supposed to "be there for Kendall, even if it's in handcuffs" if she's incarcerated? In what way is that "being there" for Kendall?

WTF is the MATTER with Amanda? Does her head have ANYTHING but air in it? Her husband obviously has a MAJOR problem with Griffin, so she invites Griffin to lunch with her to make up for Jake punching him? In what possible universe is this a "good" thing?

If the Coast Guard knows about Zach's plane going down, why hasn't anyone notified Kendall yet, even though enough time has gone by for Greenlee and Ryan to be immediately flown back to Pine Valley (via the Pine Valley Transporter, no doubt) from somewhere off the coast of California?

Robin "Kendall can't commence to have grief sex until she knows Zach is dead, after all" Coutellier

BC - Wed-Thu, 11/17-18/10

Ryan secretly recorded the sleazy guy admitting that David had him plant the vial, etc. Greenlee calls Jack to tell him what had happened and how Ryan cleverly recorded it. Jack: "Smart guy!" Really? I seriously doubt that the recording would be allowed in any court.

Kendall catches her breath about the time Zach's plane crashes (on the opposite coast). Annie asks if she's okay and Kendall says she's probably just excited -- she's got some big days ahead. Yeah, she should pencil in some grief sex as long as she's already doing seating charts.

Was Zach flying the plane? I ask because neither Ryan nor Greenlee seem to think about or care that someone besides Zach might have died in the plane crash.

Robin "Pilot: Helloooo??? Is anyone there??? What am I, chopped liver?" Coutellier

Friday, November 19, 2010

BC - Mon-Tue, 11/15-16/10

Was the costume dept out of blouses in Annie's size? I only ask because that silky olive-green one she was wearing was way too tight, and not in a sexy way.

When Krystal found out that Greenlee had flown the coop, she said that it didn't take a paralegal to know that that was wrong. Are we supposed to take that to mean that Krystal is now a paralegal? Oh Puh-leeze!

Why would Amanda go out to the parking lot with a total stranger (who happened to be hitting on her pretty hard) when he offers to look at her husband's disabled car? She had never seen him before, bumped into him in the hallway at the hospital, and didn't even know his name.

Why was Frankie using euphemisms such as Dr Hayward is "no longer with us" when telling the new guy that David was dead? He's a DOCTOR speaking to another DOCTOR. They've worked on cadavers. They've attended and perhaps even assisted at autopsies. They see death on a semi-regular basis. They could have said he's dead, he's deceased, he kicked the bucket, he's pushing up daisies, he's six feet under, he met his maker, he's burning in hell, he was murdered, he was killed, his ashes were flushed down the toilet, or any number of things to indicate that he's dead, but "he's no longer with us"? That's pretty lame.

When Ryan and Greenlee said their heartfelt vows to each other, was I the only one who heard "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah" ad nauseam? I think that's what the closed-captioning showed, too.

Do Ryan and/or Greenlee have any birth control with them on the island? Mustn't forget her hostile womb.

Robin "okay, I admit it -- I FF'd through much of the G/R scenes" Coutellier

Monday, November 15, 2010

BC - Fri, 11/12/10

Well, they certainly were telegraphing that Zach will be gone for a long time. I haven't been reading spoilers, but when they go through scrapbooks and show a lot of flashbacks and then someone goes on a sudden trip, we don't usually see them again for a long time, if ever. I'm guessing that hangup call Kendall got at the end of the show doesn't bode well for either of them.

Robin "the kids have been the source of a lot of ad-libbing by the adults in the last couple of days" Coutellier

BC - Tue-Thu, 11/9-11/10

Greenlee and Ryan decide (at first separately) to go after the sleazy guy who testified about losing his job. Greenlee says she should be the one to do it. Ryan says HE should be the one to do it. Greenlee: "Why? Because you're a man?" How about because THE JURY IS DELIBERATING IN YOUR MURDER TRIAL AND COULD COME BACK WITH A VERDICT AT ANY MOMENT SO YOU SHOULDN'T BE LEAVING TOWN, LET ALONE THE STATE. Just a thought.

There's no way in HELL a room that is THAT nice that's in a hotel does not have a keycard lock. No. Way.

Why did Greenlee pass out? Her head didn't even hit the gravel, and if it had -- it's GRAVEL, which at least has some give. What a wuss! She landed with her arm out for her head to conveniently land on, though, so a shoulder dislocation or rotator cuff tear wouldn't be out of the question. Ryan later said that she had the wind knocked out of her. No she didn't -- she would have been struggling for air if that were the case, rather than falling in a pretty pose and staying motionless in that position for quite some time.

Ryan proceeds to "lose" the phone he used to call Kendall. He does so by hitting it a few times with Greenlee's shoe, breaking the glass and plastic on it. I notice that he did not, however, remove the battery (although the battery compartment door had popped off). Idiot.

Robin "I hate Greenlee/Ryan-centric days" Coutellier

Thursday, November 11, 2010

BC - Mon, 11/8/10

Greenlee is wearing really heavy, black makeup on her eyes. You'd think she'd want the jury to be seeing someone who looks at least non-threatening and confident in her own looks, not someone who looks like an ancient Egyptian siren open for business or someone who fell for looking through novelty binoculars. I'm tellin' ya, she has NO concept of the "natural look" cosmetic line that SHE spent so much time launching. She reminds me of someone I used to work with a long time ago. People made fun of her behind her back because she always looked like she slept without washing off the eyeliner and mascara and then just piled more on top of the leftovers the next day. Every now and then this "look" comes into fashion, and when it does, I always think the women succumbing to it look like they have dirty eyes.

Speaking of inappropriate appearances, that is an EXTREMELY inappropriate red dress Erica is almost wearing. I know the press conference was impromptu, but GEEZE, cover UP, woman! She's supposed to be running a corporation, not a Frederick's of Hollywood franchise! But nooooo, there she is, standing by Caleb's side (Caleb is covered from neck to toe) looking like she's about to make an appearance at the Playboy Club. Imagine she was wearing bunny ears on her head and a collar around her neck and you'll see what I mean.

I'm still confused about the sale of Cortlandt to Chandler. Yes, there was a dummy corporation in place to buy it, but Caleb WAS selling it. He didn't WANT to have anything to do with it, other than to sell it. There is, of course, the issue of Scott stealing the Cortlandt nanotech ideas, so that part is certainly an issue, but the fact that Caleb sold the company to an entity that then transferred the ownership to Chandler doesn't seem like a LEGAL swindle. Yes, the other "entity" was deliberately set up to buy the company for Chandler, so there is some fraud as far as intent goes, but unless Caleb had some specific legal reasons for not selling to them, I don't understand it. Caleb didn't want the Chandlers to get it because JAR and Adam Chandler are assholes, and Palmer never would have wanted Chandlers to own his company. Those aren't legal reasons to void a sale. The key is Scott's theft of technology, and that's what they should focus on.

If Caleb didn't know about the baby until Sonia went to the mine to tell him about it (at which time he delivered the baby), and he knew Sonia had been "stolen" by Adam, how would he have any authority to "give Asher away"? Wait he and Sonia were still married then, weren't they?

Robin "for a lawyer, he's not too bright" Coutellier

Sunday, November 7, 2010

BC - Thu-Fri, 11/4-5/10

JAR says the beach house has a "good energy". Really? Then how come the only stuff we've seen going on there has been BAD energy? Every time eBabe goes there it is or ends up being a bad energy situation. And really, given all the bad energy that emanates from both JAR and Annie on any given day, even without the beach house factor, that place practically vibrates with bad energy.
BZZZZTT!!! Liza cannot enter surveillance footage into evidence like it's a Perry Mason moment. That has to vetted OUTSIDE of the presence of the jury. The Defense may want to have its own experts verify the authenticity of the tape, for instance, and both sides have to argue its merit or lack thereof so that the judge can decide if its probative/inculpatory/exculpatory value outweighs the predujicial/inflammatory influence, etc., in the interest of the defendant getting a fair trial.

OBJECTION! Liza is editorializing, testifying and leading the witness. She's just off on her own rant. Jack doesn't even object. Greatest lawyer in the world, huh? I don't THINK so.

I can't fathom why, in this day and age, some parents to opt to not want to know the sex of their baby until it's born. You're going to find out eventually, after all, so why not be prepared with names, color-themed items, etc.? It seems to me that not knowing it ahead of time just means you have more to do and decide upon at exactly the time that you need to devote almost ALL of your time to the baby. Nostalgia can be nice, but people didn't know the sex of their baby ahead of time in the past because there was no way TO know.

Robin "grandmas want to know, too" Coutellier

Friday, November 5, 2010

BC - Tue, 11/2/10

It's so amazing that people in Pine Valley think NOTHING of chaining people up.

I liked Amanda's Groucho mask. I've always been a sucker for those, though. I have a picture somewhere of a bunch of us at work (circa 1983-84) wearing them one day. Jake with the tiara -- eh.

How is anyone going to prove kidnapping of AJ when no one has called the police? Nope, everyone is just running all over the place on the QT and talking about how bad this will be for JAR as far as custody goes.

Ah, that's Erica's COAT that had been draped over the chair (thank you Aisling)! No wonder it looked so narrow -- I was looking at the sleeves.

Well it's about damn TIME someone called the police in on the kidnapping! It was foiled since JAR bought a judge off to overturn the custody. Ah, but was it timestamped before or after AJ went missing? I guess by the time they brought the police in, it was AFTER. It was probably a date-only stamp, in any case.

Robin "do I have to do ALL their legal legwork for them?" Coutellier

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BC - Mon, 11/1/10

Given how often he's been kidnapped in his short life, AJ should really have a LoJack installed.

Erica to Jack: "Jack, you are a BRILLIANT lawyer -- of COURSE you're prepared! And besides, you've got a VERY cute butt." Well, that IS how cases are won. Of course, Liza has a cute butt, too.

What is that black and silver thing draped over the chair on the right in Erica's living room? I'd almost say it's a dress, but it's straight up and down. Straight up and down is Greenlee's style, but not Erica's. It's also extremely narrow, even for La Lucci. Is it a wrap or decoration?

Why are people (and particularly witnesses and murder defendants) allowed to wander into courtrooms after hours? They could be planting bombs or peeing in the corners or putting thumbtacks on the prosecution chairs or just plain snooping into things they should not be seeing.

Robin "not that they couldn't have gotten in via a simple credit card swipe between the doorjamb and a courthouse-strength deadbolt" Coutellier

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wait a sec -- are those DISCO BALLS over Erica's table in the background (to the left of the painting on the wall)?

Am I getting deja vu with that monster mask? Didn't Ryan get accused of raping That Kit Fisher Person (Jack's sister, aka TKFP) while wearing a similar mask, which was found in Ryan's room? The rapist turned out to be Braden (aka Just Braden), Ryan's brother. The DNA matched 50%, so naturally Ryan was arrested and tried for it, given such compelling DNA evidence .

Why is Jack telling Krystal that Erica surprised him last night by admitting that she thought Greenlee was guilty. It's STILL last night. It's STILL Halloween. That happened only a few minutes ago and then Erica went to Wildwind, alone, to celebrate Halloween with her family. Jack, who didn't want to be interrupted on his daughter's murder case, then went to Krystal's instead of staying home and working on the case. Later he went to Wildwind to spend the ultra-important holiday of Halloween with Erica. Apparently he's going to let Greenlee fry.

The thunderstorm doesn't seem to be making Erica nervous.

The doorbell had not finished ringing for even a full second before Bianca came into the living room and asked if she was the ONLY one who hears the doorbell. No, but you have the patience of a newborn, only you express it more quickly.

Robin "is that scorched squirrel I smell?" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 10/28/10

I know Liza is on a fishing expedition, but aren't they just on a break in the courtroom? If so, wouldn't she be concerned that someone will see the DA drinking, even if she's just pretending to drink to cozy up to the sleazy witness. BTW, she's now TAMPERING WITH a witness.

Krystal commiserates with eBabe, telling her that she's been sitting in on Greenlee's trial and it's hard to take and how lives are laid open about personal matters, etc. She conveniently leaves out the times SHE'S been in the courtroom and how she ended up going to prison for a while.

The way Annie reached out and grabbed JAR's forearm to keep him from leaving made me chuckle. One of our cats, Sassy, does that sometimes when I've been petting her for a little while, and then I make a move to leave before SHE has decided it's okay for me to stop petting her. Yes, I am still allergic to cats, but it turns out that I can at least pet them as long as I wash my hands right away.

Ryan reading the letter means NOTHING. Liza has to put the sleazy guy and the people who wrote his termination letter on the stand and have them read their own damn letters or at least stipulate to having written them. Having Ryan read it means nothing whatsoever. She needs proof that the man was actually fired and that Ryan had anything to do with that firing. She got the story out of Ryan, in any case, but it was not done by proper procedure.

With all that said, it's nice to see Ryan and/or Greenlee FINALLY get a little karmic payback for their thoughtless and totally unnecessary lark of conning a hotel room (and a lavish meal, I think) purely for their own selfish entertainment. Most of us here were appalled by it at the time. They were so smug and self-satisfied at having pulled one over on the hotel, despite the fact that they were both (I think) millionaires.

Robin "did they pull off any light-hearted (but off-screen) diamond heists while they were at it?" Coutellier