Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BC - Tue, 11/23/10

Good to see that those PV Courthouse bailiffs are right on top of things and that the safety of everyone in the courtroom is paramount on their minds. Marissa stormed in and smacked David across the face and no one did a thing to stop her. WTF do they do when someone comes in with a knife or gun (I doubt anyone has to go through a metal detector) or simply starts assaulting people? Oh THERE he is (singular). The bailiff doesn't make a move until the judge TELLS him to, though. What if the judge were being attacked? Would the bailiff act of his own volition then, or would she have to play charades with him while she's being choked or shot or whatever like in "Young Frankenstein" when he's trying to get his assistants to give the creature a sedagive (aka sedative).

After David goes on and on about how he loved Greenlee and how Ryan was supposed to take the fall for his death because he was trying to steal Greenlee, blah, blah, blah, and Marissa goes on a tirade against David, and David starts to lambaste the onlookers in the courtroom for drinking to his demise, etc., THEN the judge says he's only supposed to stick to the facts. How did she get appointed as a judge? Did she win the seat on the judge's bench via a box of Cracker Jacks?

Jesse says that they are waiting at the courthouse for a ride to the station. Aren't the PVPD, the Mayor's office and the Courthouse all in the same building? I know that the Mayor's office and the PVPD are.

Robin "are they going to show a flashback and explain David's autopsy Y-incision stitches?" Coutellier

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