Sunday, November 7, 2010

BC - Thu-Fri, 11/4-5/10

JAR says the beach house has a "good energy". Really? Then how come the only stuff we've seen going on there has been BAD energy? Every time eBabe goes there it is or ends up being a bad energy situation. And really, given all the bad energy that emanates from both JAR and Annie on any given day, even without the beach house factor, that place practically vibrates with bad energy.
BZZZZTT!!! Liza cannot enter surveillance footage into evidence like it's a Perry Mason moment. That has to vetted OUTSIDE of the presence of the jury. The Defense may want to have its own experts verify the authenticity of the tape, for instance, and both sides have to argue its merit or lack thereof so that the judge can decide if its probative/inculpatory/exculpatory value outweighs the predujicial/inflammatory influence, etc., in the interest of the defendant getting a fair trial.

OBJECTION! Liza is editorializing, testifying and leading the witness. She's just off on her own rant. Jack doesn't even object. Greatest lawyer in the world, huh? I don't THINK so.

I can't fathom why, in this day and age, some parents to opt to not want to know the sex of their baby until it's born. You're going to find out eventually, after all, so why not be prepared with names, color-themed items, etc.? It seems to me that not knowing it ahead of time just means you have more to do and decide upon at exactly the time that you need to devote almost ALL of your time to the baby. Nostalgia can be nice, but people didn't know the sex of their baby ahead of time in the past because there was no way TO know.

Robin "grandmas want to know, too" Coutellier

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