Friday, November 5, 2010

BC - Tue, 11/2/10

It's so amazing that people in Pine Valley think NOTHING of chaining people up.

I liked Amanda's Groucho mask. I've always been a sucker for those, though. I have a picture somewhere of a bunch of us at work (circa 1983-84) wearing them one day. Jake with the tiara -- eh.

How is anyone going to prove kidnapping of AJ when no one has called the police? Nope, everyone is just running all over the place on the QT and talking about how bad this will be for JAR as far as custody goes.

Ah, that's Erica's COAT that had been draped over the chair (thank you Aisling)! No wonder it looked so narrow -- I was looking at the sleeves.

Well it's about damn TIME someone called the police in on the kidnapping! It was foiled since JAR bought a judge off to overturn the custody. Ah, but was it timestamped before or after AJ went missing? I guess by the time they brought the police in, it was AFTER. It was probably a date-only stamp, in any case.

Robin "do I have to do ALL their legal legwork for them?" Coutellier

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