Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BC - Thu, 10/28/10

I know Liza is on a fishing expedition, but aren't they just on a break in the courtroom? If so, wouldn't she be concerned that someone will see the DA drinking, even if she's just pretending to drink to cozy up to the sleazy witness. BTW, she's now TAMPERING WITH a witness.

Krystal commiserates with eBabe, telling her that she's been sitting in on Greenlee's trial and it's hard to take and how lives are laid open about personal matters, etc. She conveniently leaves out the times SHE'S been in the courtroom and how she ended up going to prison for a while.

The way Annie reached out and grabbed JAR's forearm to keep him from leaving made me chuckle. One of our cats, Sassy, does that sometimes when I've been petting her for a little while, and then I make a move to leave before SHE has decided it's okay for me to stop petting her. Yes, I am still allergic to cats, but it turns out that I can at least pet them as long as I wash my hands right away.

Ryan reading the letter means NOTHING. Liza has to put the sleazy guy and the people who wrote his termination letter on the stand and have them read their own damn letters or at least stipulate to having written them. Having Ryan read it means nothing whatsoever. She needs proof that the man was actually fired and that Ryan had anything to do with that firing. She got the story out of Ryan, in any case, but it was not done by proper procedure.

With all that said, it's nice to see Ryan and/or Greenlee FINALLY get a little karmic payback for their thoughtless and totally unnecessary lark of conning a hotel room (and a lavish meal, I think) purely for their own selfish entertainment. Most of us here were appalled by it at the time. They were so smug and self-satisfied at having pulled one over on the hotel, despite the fact that they were both (I think) millionaires.

Robin "did they pull off any light-hearted (but off-screen) diamond heists while they were at it?" Coutellier

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