Monday, December 28, 2009

BC - Mon-Wed, 12/21-23/09

How many men have we seen give Kendall a bath? She must be a dirty, Dirty, DIRTY girl!

Did you ever think you would hear Opal say, in response to the idea of her son and Liza romantically linked: "That's my boy!"? Apparently Tad never thought he would hear that, either.

I was astonished to hear Kendall actually say "Maybe we're trespassing." ROTFLMAO! No one on a soap ever worries about breaking into people's cabins, homes, etc., so to hear someone actually wonder if they might be trespassing when they walk into a CHURCH is hilarious!

That's a pretty skinny Christmas tree Ryan has. You'd think a rich guy like him could afford a wider tree.

OMG -- are they actually going to wipe the Chuck Pratt slate CLEAN? Talk about a Christmas wish come true! Like the last couple of years never happened! Oh DAMN! False alarm!

And there's Greenlee. Gee, what a surprise. She's in FANTASTIC shape for someone who's been in a coma for, what about 10 months now?

Robin "Merry Christmas, Everyone!" Coutellier

Sunday, December 20, 2009

BC - Fri, 12/18/09

Okay, that passing out thing Zach did was just plain EMBARRASSING -- WAY too soap girly! Please tell me he was faking it! He WASN'T? I wouldn't include THAT in an Emmy Reel if I were Thorston Kaye.

Does Rob The Architect remind anyone else of a slightly melted Ken doll?

Liza informs Tad that if the blackmail pictures David provided to her of the D.A. in bed with a judge were ever to go public, the D.A. would lose his job. Tad points out that, in turn, LIZA could get HIS job. Oh PUH-LEEZE! She hasn't even BEEN a lawyer for very long and that's not a job that someone from the private sector generally just jumps into. Did Liza even INTERN in a D.A.'s office? Did she intern in ANYONE'S office? Her own shady past ALONE would preclude her from getting the job. IOAS, IOAS, IOAS ...

Robin "I'm caught up, I'm caught up, I'm caught up!" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 12/17/09

Is it just me, or does Annie's sexy negligee wrap make her look like there are spiders all over her?

Why is Cat wearing fetish boots? And make no mistake, those ARE fetish boots.

David is SUCH an asshole! Yeah, apologize to everyone and make sure everyone ELSE knows how you bamboozled them. This time *I* want to punch him. Why is everyone just standing there and letting him yammer on? I would have walked out the second I saw him start it all. They all start to leave only after Adam (rightly) refuses to accept any ATTEMPT at an apology.

Robin "Amanda is SUCH a sap!" Coutellier

Thursday, December 17, 2009

BC - Mon-Wed, 12/14-16/09

I see now that that is definitely the same little actor(s) playing Junior Junior. He DID have an impressive growth spurt, though, and he's talking more clearly and assertively.

The court announces that they are there as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs Annie Chandler. No you aren't, you ignorant TWIT! It's the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs Anne _____ Chandler, with the possibility of her maiden name, first married name and second married name thrown in for good measure. Unless "Annie" is the name on her birth certificate, with no middle name, that is NOT her legal name.

What a LOUSY judge. The DA is screaming objections and the judge COMPLETELY ignores them. Objections are on the record. They MUST be dealt with, one way or another. That's how appeals are won or lost. Then Annie and Erica get into an Objection fight. It goes on for a while and all the judge does is lamely bang his gavel ... eventually. Then the DA objects to questions Annie is asking Erica. The judge does not respond. So far, the only objection the judge has responded to is the one Annie made that had no foundation and he lectured her on that fact. Pathetic!

It's interesting that Adam, who was on trial for MURDERING his brother, had a trial that lasted mere minutes with hardly any witnesses, yet Annie, who is merely charged with covering it up, has LOTS of witnesses. Has ANYONE mentioned any actual EVIDENCE? You know, dead bodies, DNA, trajectories, phone records, medical and police records, stuff like that? The OPINIONS of other people regarding the cover-up are just that -- opinions, and irrelevant ones at that. The opinions of lay people have no place in the courtroom. It doesn't matter if they want her to fry, other than how it might be used to discredit their testimony as being prejudiced. The ONLY question is whether or not she did it. The consequences are up to the law and the judge. In any case, this should not have been a matter to even go TO trial -- it should have been pled out in the first place.

That's a really STUPID gag in Kendall's mouth. You'd think that Aidan, Mr. Sooper Sekret Special Forces Espionage Agent and all-round street-smart guy (insert image of eyeballs rolling so hard they pop out the sides, bounce around the room and land back in the sockets, only to roll some more) would know how to tape someone's mouth shut. That's the kind of gag someone buys in a costume shop and it looks like she could dislodge it by clearing her throat. In fact, she doesn't even have to do THAT. Her upper lip was sticking OUT of it, FGS!

I thought it was hilarious when Aidan told Kendall: "You know what? I caunt understand what you're saying." ROTFLMAO, considering that even after all this time, few people can understand what HE'S saying most of the time.

Damn, these trials are SOOOOO STUPID! Annie asks for a summary dismissal and it's granted without any grounds even being given. I know, I know, it's only a soap (chant, Robin, chant: IOAS-IOAS-IOAS), but one can only suspend disbelief just so much!

For someone who was in a hospital bed just this morning, Annie is amazingly energetic and bouncy. Of course, she was that most of the time past that first day of hemorrhaging (You ever try to spell that word? It's not as easy as you might think).

Robin "PLEASE have someone wake up & find out this last year on AMC was all a dream" Coutellier

BC - Fri, 12/10/09

OT: OMG, I am SOOOO far behind. I'll spill. I'm having a JOYFUL romance. Some things are falling by the wayside right and left and I'm having trouble keeping up lately, but it's definitely for a good cause! I have NOT abandoned AMC and Boogie Chillens, though -- I'm just a little slow to watch them lately. And now, on with the show, albeit a week behind ...

When Liza said she had one little piece of advice for Tad The Cad and his re-entry into the dating pool, how many of you thought she was going to say: "When you DO find the right woman, DON'T sleep with her MOTHER"? For you newbies out there, when Tad and Liza were in high school, Tad The Cad wooed her and she surrendered her virginity to him. She was in love with him. Her mother, OTOH, had some different lovin' in mind; Marian in SERIOUS cougar-mode, voraciously seduced Tad, giving him gifts, etc., so he was banging both Liza AND Marian. He was quite the busy Town Lothario, all right!

Annie demanding that Liza tell her the trial strategy and EXACTLY what Adam will say on the stand is the first believable and realistic thing that's happened in this whole legal saga.

I know it's a volunteer situation and you take what you can get, but is having a male doctor treat possible rape victims in a shelter for abused women really the best choice?

Robin "Bailey's boyfriend is small time compared to Tad" Coutellier

Monday, December 14, 2009

BC - Tue-Wed, 12/8-9/09

I think I'm getting the dates mixed up here as to which show is on which date, so please bear with me. That can happen when one gets behind AND has two versions of the same show (ABC vs Soapnet).

If the interview with Zach has been in evidence since day 1, why did Liza have to submit Nurse Ratchett's statements as Exihibit A? Don't they know how to count or alphabetize?

Well THAT was probably the fastest verdict in the history of television. I think they took a whopping 30 seconds! Oh please! The jury didn't even get instructions from the judge. They didn't even have time to introduce themselves to each other or pass out the forms, let alone SIGN them. I think I would have been happier if they had just not shown ANY of the trial and just told us about it after the fact.

I agree that charging him with first degree murder was totally bogus. There was no INTENT to murder his brother and there were no circumstances whatsoever that justified that particular charge.

Is it just me, or is Stuart's father sporting a barber-shop quartet hairstyle?

How many times did Liza say "Listen" in the last couple of days? Are we seeing another Brooke on the horizon?

Robin "Is anyone going to visit Marian for Christmas?" Coutellier

Saturday, December 12, 2009

BC - Mon-Tue, 12/7-8/09

WTF? They are SO taking Aidan in a VERY bad direction!

Why do the words "He is SUCH an asshole!" never seem to stop popping out of my mouth when it comes to David?

How can they POSSIBLY have a trial when one of the defendants/witnesses is stuck in the hospital? This is LUDICROUS!

And now Zach has been called to testify in the trial. He's being subpoenaed NOW. The trial starts in a few MINUTES and Zach is only just now being notified. Uh huh. Un-f**king-believable! Can't they even try to PRETEND this resembles anything having to do with court or laws or attorneys or the TIME SPACE CONTINUUM? What is this, The Simpsons?

Robin "Doh!" Coutellier

Thursday, December 10, 2009

BC - Thur & Fri, 12/3-4/09

What did Ryan do, stuff a sock down his pants? Again?

OH NO! Joe is saying goodbye! He's talking about retiring and he and Ruth leaving town. Joe wants Jake to take up where he left off. He's passing the torch. Gee, foreshadowing much? I guess we know who WON'T be moving Los Angeles with AMC.

JAR says he's going to wait until AFTER the trial to start chemo. He figures the trial will only take about two weeks. Only in PV! Two weeks? Maybe. They seem to be forgetting the months and months and months of preparation and court schedule backups that happen BEFORE that two weeks. But wait -- the trial is TOMORROW! Adam and Scott were charged with the crime basically "yesterday" and TOMORROW is the trial? It's taking me longer than that to watch a handful of episodes of my soap!

And here's EXACTLY what I was talking about. Liza is representing Adam, Scott AND Annie at the same time. Now she is advising one to throw the other one under the bus (Scott vs Annie). She can only protect ONE client involving the same crime and anything else is a HUGE conflict of interest! Talk about appeal issues! Of course, in the real world, she wouldn't have been allowed to do it at all.

Zach's casino in PV is called Seasons East.

Robin "will my sinus infection EVER end?" Coutellier

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

BC - Wed, 12/2/09

NOTE: I am slowly, but surely catching up. I've been sick AND preoccupied (in a GOOD way). But I WILL keep posting, so keep checking back.

Jake ALWAYS runs away when the going gets tough. It's what he DOES. Same shit, different year. What's he going to do now, go off and join Jamie in the African jungle? Go to Iraq? Oh wait, been there done that. Maybe he'll just go to Los Angeles.

Joe's hair is getting pretty shaggy in the back. It's been fun to see his changes in hairstyles over the years.

Even more startling than the clean crispness of the jail uniforms are the blindingly white underwear they are wearing underneath. You know THOSE whites are fresh out of the package! They reminded me of Mateo's teeth.

The hospital wants to keep Trevor overnight, just in case. For an ear infection. That's overkill. Or did David just SAY that in order to keep Amanda from Jake? Keep in mind I'm still almost a week behind in watching.

That was a very tender and touching scene at the casino with Opal, Zach and Myrtle's photo. Opal was very gentle with Zach.

I don't normally watch montages, but I REALLY liked the one at the end of the show with Jake leaving, Liza leaving, David feeling left out, JAR worrying and trying to savor what moments he can, etc. The music was very good, too.

Robin "does JaNut know she has a grandchild?" Coutellier

Saturday, December 5, 2009

BC - Tue, 12/1/09

Why is Amanda arguing with David about what Trevor may or may not have that's causing a fever? How about you STFU and TAKE HIM TO THE HOSPITAL or bathe him in tepid water or something like THAT?

Wow, they actually put Adam and Scott in orange jumpsuits. Sparkling new and completely wrinkle-free orange jumpsuits, but jumpsuits, nonetheless. That would be a normal thing (except for the spotless and wrinkle-free part), but most people that are put into PVPD cells wear their own clothes.

Oh PUH-lease! David, world-reknowned cardiologist/surgeon couldn't spot a simple EAR INFECTION in a baby! I don't believe THAT for a second! That's practically the first thing to check for with a baby.

Jake really does sound heartbroken.

Aidan was never the best of characters but he has taken a nasty turn and I don't like it AT ALL. At least before all this he was a quasi-good-guy. Now? Between his utterly inexplicable relationship with Annie and his nefarious motives and manipulations of Kendall, there's nothing left to like about him.

Robin "What next? Does he have a cabin in the woods with a dungeon containing skeletonized body parts?" Coutellier

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BC - Mon, 11/30/09

Liza tells Bailey that she's taken on Adam, Annie AND Scott as clients. Isn't that a HUGE conflict of interest? Any one of them could point fingers at the other one for whatever they want. She can't properly pick out any ONE of them to fully protect. Totally bogus.

You just KNOW Bailey is going to try to take Stuart back and use Liza's hectic work schedule as a reason. The fact that Bailey has no visible means of support will probably not be taken into consideration.

Bobbie Eakes has done more than lose weight. She looks different. She must have had some work done. The fact that her hair is pulled back rather than down in bangs makes her look different, too.

Robin "she looks GOOD, though" Coutellier