Wednesday, December 9, 2009

BC - Wed, 12/2/09

NOTE: I am slowly, but surely catching up. I've been sick AND preoccupied (in a GOOD way). But I WILL keep posting, so keep checking back.

Jake ALWAYS runs away when the going gets tough. It's what he DOES. Same shit, different year. What's he going to do now, go off and join Jamie in the African jungle? Go to Iraq? Oh wait, been there done that. Maybe he'll just go to Los Angeles.

Joe's hair is getting pretty shaggy in the back. It's been fun to see his changes in hairstyles over the years.

Even more startling than the clean crispness of the jail uniforms are the blindingly white underwear they are wearing underneath. You know THOSE whites are fresh out of the package! They reminded me of Mateo's teeth.

The hospital wants to keep Trevor overnight, just in case. For an ear infection. That's overkill. Or did David just SAY that in order to keep Amanda from Jake? Keep in mind I'm still almost a week behind in watching.

That was a very tender and touching scene at the casino with Opal, Zach and Myrtle's photo. Opal was very gentle with Zach.

I don't normally watch montages, but I REALLY liked the one at the end of the show with Jake leaving, Liza leaving, David feeling left out, JAR worrying and trying to savor what moments he can, etc. The music was very good, too.

Robin "does JaNut know she has a grandchild?" Coutellier

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