Thursday, December 17, 2009

BC - Mon-Wed, 12/14-16/09

I see now that that is definitely the same little actor(s) playing Junior Junior. He DID have an impressive growth spurt, though, and he's talking more clearly and assertively.

The court announces that they are there as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs Annie Chandler. No you aren't, you ignorant TWIT! It's the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs Anne _____ Chandler, with the possibility of her maiden name, first married name and second married name thrown in for good measure. Unless "Annie" is the name on her birth certificate, with no middle name, that is NOT her legal name.

What a LOUSY judge. The DA is screaming objections and the judge COMPLETELY ignores them. Objections are on the record. They MUST be dealt with, one way or another. That's how appeals are won or lost. Then Annie and Erica get into an Objection fight. It goes on for a while and all the judge does is lamely bang his gavel ... eventually. Then the DA objects to questions Annie is asking Erica. The judge does not respond. So far, the only objection the judge has responded to is the one Annie made that had no foundation and he lectured her on that fact. Pathetic!

It's interesting that Adam, who was on trial for MURDERING his brother, had a trial that lasted mere minutes with hardly any witnesses, yet Annie, who is merely charged with covering it up, has LOTS of witnesses. Has ANYONE mentioned any actual EVIDENCE? You know, dead bodies, DNA, trajectories, phone records, medical and police records, stuff like that? The OPINIONS of other people regarding the cover-up are just that -- opinions, and irrelevant ones at that. The opinions of lay people have no place in the courtroom. It doesn't matter if they want her to fry, other than how it might be used to discredit their testimony as being prejudiced. The ONLY question is whether or not she did it. The consequences are up to the law and the judge. In any case, this should not have been a matter to even go TO trial -- it should have been pled out in the first place.

That's a really STUPID gag in Kendall's mouth. You'd think that Aidan, Mr. Sooper Sekret Special Forces Espionage Agent and all-round street-smart guy (insert image of eyeballs rolling so hard they pop out the sides, bounce around the room and land back in the sockets, only to roll some more) would know how to tape someone's mouth shut. That's the kind of gag someone buys in a costume shop and it looks like she could dislodge it by clearing her throat. In fact, she doesn't even have to do THAT. Her upper lip was sticking OUT of it, FGS!

I thought it was hilarious when Aidan told Kendall: "You know what? I caunt understand what you're saying." ROTFLMAO, considering that even after all this time, few people can understand what HE'S saying most of the time.

Damn, these trials are SOOOOO STUPID! Annie asks for a summary dismissal and it's granted without any grounds even being given. I know, I know, it's only a soap (chant, Robin, chant: IOAS-IOAS-IOAS), but one can only suspend disbelief just so much!

For someone who was in a hospital bed just this morning, Annie is amazingly energetic and bouncy. Of course, she was that most of the time past that first day of hemorrhaging (You ever try to spell that word? It's not as easy as you might think).

Robin "PLEASE have someone wake up & find out this last year on AMC was all a dream" Coutellier

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