Thursday, December 10, 2009

BC - Thur & Fri, 12/3-4/09

What did Ryan do, stuff a sock down his pants? Again?

OH NO! Joe is saying goodbye! He's talking about retiring and he and Ruth leaving town. Joe wants Jake to take up where he left off. He's passing the torch. Gee, foreshadowing much? I guess we know who WON'T be moving Los Angeles with AMC.

JAR says he's going to wait until AFTER the trial to start chemo. He figures the trial will only take about two weeks. Only in PV! Two weeks? Maybe. They seem to be forgetting the months and months and months of preparation and court schedule backups that happen BEFORE that two weeks. But wait -- the trial is TOMORROW! Adam and Scott were charged with the crime basically "yesterday" and TOMORROW is the trial? It's taking me longer than that to watch a handful of episodes of my soap!

And here's EXACTLY what I was talking about. Liza is representing Adam, Scott AND Annie at the same time. Now she is advising one to throw the other one under the bus (Scott vs Annie). She can only protect ONE client involving the same crime and anything else is a HUGE conflict of interest! Talk about appeal issues! Of course, in the real world, she wouldn't have been allowed to do it at all.

Zach's casino in PV is called Seasons East.

Robin "will my sinus infection EVER end?" Coutellier

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