Friday, November 28, 2008

BC - Wed, 11/26/08

Line of the Day:
Jake introduces Erica and Taylor, who have met previously. Erica: "Of course, I recognize you -- the Bella Party!" She turns to Bianca and explains: "She killed a man." BWAHAHAHAHAAA!

You know, except for the blood (which there isn't very much of), Erica looks very pretty and feminine lying on the floor of the ladies room bleeding to death from a stab wound. What a PERFECT pose (all the better to show off her VERY round and shiny new breast implants). How come no one on soaps ever faints like REAL people faint? You know, sprawling, legs and arms spread, floppy as a ragdoll, and mouth gaping open and/or mashed into the floor or some object?

Robin "what did Erica said to Annie?" Coutellier

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BC - Mon-Tue, 11/24-25/08

When Annie went over the balcony I thought the same thing that I thought when Ryan went over the cliff: "Eh. She'll bounce."

Not only did Annie bounce, she apparently landed in the front seat of her car and took off. Now that's just plain RIDICULOUS -- they live in the **PENTHOUSE**! Even when Leslie Coulson fell off the top of the Chandler Building she was at least injured by the fall, even if she did get up and walk out of the emergency room when no one was looking. Wasn't Annie even momentarily stunned by the landing? Did she have a parachute stashed in her jeans? Are we supposed to believe that because she's crazy she just rolled like a relaxed drunk (she screamed on the way down, so she had to be at least a little tense) and came to a temporary stop in the driver's seat? Maybe it was like that Hertz commercial from the 1960s where she just glided into bits, Unanswered-Questions, Unconsciousthe seat as smooth as silk. I'm thinking BIRDS routinely have bumpier landings than SHE must have had, because by the time Ryan got downstairs (i.e., 1.5 seconds or so later), she was able to run into him with the car. Then, in the time it takes for most people to fasten their seatbelt, turn on the ignition and put the car in gear, the police have already found Annie's abandoned car.

You know that was a fantasy that Annie was having about Thanksgiving, because if she knew anything at ALL about Greenlee, she'd know better than to invite HER to a Thanksgiving dinner!

Why would Colby "hide" Brot in the boathouse (behind a curtain that was never there before, which would make everyone want to investigate it)? Everyone in PV shows up there on a regular basis! The public restroom probably sees less action than that boathouse (although I'm sure the boathouse is no stranger to urine)!

Uh, Aidan is recovering from a bullet being removed from close to his aorta. I understand Jesse and Ryan need to know where Annie might have gone, but is now really the best time to lambaste Aidan for his part in the kidnapping?

WTH goes to a dark boathouse during the day, let alone at NIGHT, to fix a carburetor? JAR, that's who. Does he have bionic eyesight? They should team him up with Annie and her magical flying (or at least landing) capabilities.

Tidbit: The address of Wildwind is 3900 Glenview Road.

Erica once knocked David unconscious using nothing but a very small hand mirror. What did Annie use to knock him out? Or did she simply nag/caw him into unconsciousness?

Uh, what IS it with crazy women who jump/fall off buildings and their pathological need to apply copious amounts of bright red lipstick? (another Leslie Coulson reference)

Robin "note to self: stay away from red lipstick & tall buildings .. and RYAN" Coutellier

Monday, November 24, 2008

BC - Fri, 11/21/08

Did Emma take a shower on the plane? She looks fresh as a little daisy after her smoky experience, although she was smudged up at the fire scene.

In what universe would ERICA'S dry-cleaning fit AMANDA? For that matter how would Babe's dress fit Amanda?

Annie pulls a gun on Ryan. Ho hum.

Robin "hasn't she figured out yet that he's made of titanium?" Coutellier

BC - Wed-Thu, 11/19-20/08

Jake says they have to transport Aidan to Pine Valley where there are specialists on call and MRI machines, etc. Apparently there ARE no modern medical facilities or doctors anywhere in between Puerto Rico and Pennsylvania (like in Miami, for instance). And then Ryan had to pay a bribe to the police in order for him and Annie to be able to leave with Emma. Puerto Rico is PART of the United States -- why is the show acting like it's a corrupt, third world country?

Who is doing Kendall's makeup while she is in a coma? When she opened her eyes while the tape of Spike singing was playing, it was VERY obvious that she is either wearing false eyelashes or VERY heavy coats of mascara. There's also the eyeliner on upper and lower lids, lipstick and eyeshadow. Maybe THAT'S part of the therapy, too. I wonder if she's wearing designer diapers.

I think Tad is looking a little TOO gray lately. It's probably natural, but it definitely makes him look older than he needs to look.

I notice that the linens on the Martin bed do NOT match the curtains in the bedroom as I had previously said, but I think they DO match curtains and/or the couch downstairs.


Sorry I'm late with my Boogies -- my son got married on Saturday and I had a busy week! Actually, he got REmarried. He and his bride were married in Japan in late September, but that was more of a legal formality so that he could get the spousal visa paperwork started before he had to return to the U.S. from his military assignment. Saturday was the REAL ceremony and it went splendidly! My daughter-in-law was lovely, my son was very handsome in his Army dress uniform, the weather was beautiful, the reception was marvelous and they are clearly VERY much in love!

I had a VERY traumatic experience on the drive to the wedding from San Jose to Pacific Grove (a town next to Monterey) on Friday night around 9:30 or 10. I had a rather spectacular tire failure on Highway 101. I'd say it was a blowout, but it wasn't -- someone had SLICED MY TIRE! I'm guessing that the lengthwise slice (covering about a third of the rear passenger side tire) happened when my car was stolen in September and the thief(s) could not remove the tire because of the wheel lock. They may have attempted to get to the rims by slicing their way through, but gave up on that method. Because the slice was long and aligned with other grooves in the tire, it wasn't noticeable. When the car reached sustained highway speeds for a while, it reached a point where it could no longer withstand the pressure and heat.

I was in the far left lane when the vibrations started, had slowed and ALMOST reached the right lane and the relative safety of the shoulder when the car suddenly fishtailed several times, and then VIOLENTLY pivoted left BACK onto the freeway across all three lanes toward the center cement divider; then, a split-second before impact, it suddenly jerked back sharply to the right, either in response to my attempt to avoid the divider or because the tire had, by then, crumpled inward OFF the rim and was in the way. I careened back across toward the right lane and a probable crash into the chain-link fence behind the shoulder (which was, at least, preferable to a crash with another vehicle), but then the car suddenly went into a spin a couple of times and ended up FACING oncoming traffic in the right lane! Then, at the very last second, it skidded sideways into a PERFECTLY parked position on the shoulder (albeit facing the wrong way). The landing was like that scene in one of the Ace Ventura, Pet Detective movies wherein he drives to a parking lot in a near-catastrophic manner, yet lands PERFECTLY into a cramped parking spot and he exclaims: "LIKE A *GLOVE*!" If anyone had been filming it, it would have ended up on the evening news as a narrow escape story and for sure on YouTube!

I sat there STUNNED for a few moments, marveling at the fact that I was still alive -- I was **ALIVE**! Not only that, but I hadn't hit ANYTHING and didn't have a scratch on me!!! I had fully expected to be **DEAD** by that point and, in fact, had accepted it as inevitable when the car suddenly jerked back across the road and I sped toward the center divider at about 50mph; I was briefly relieved to have missed hitting it or another car when it veered away, but then I spun out, at which point I fully expected to be hit by and/or to hit several vehicles on the way to hitting the fence, but that didn't happen either. Then I was FACING oncoming traffic in the right lane, SURE to be hit head on, and yet I slid off the road completely at the very last moment! I still cannot BELIEVE I came through it unscathed, other than being dazed, terrified and having a tremendous adrenalin rush that left me shaky for hours. It was literally a MIRACLE!

I later realized that the bare tire rim connecting with the road was probably what caused the repeated sudden and violent shifts in direction. Once it got onto the dirt, rocks and sparse vegetation on the other side of the shoulder, it no longer had the hard surface to easily pivot upon and I was able to stop with no more violently sudden course changes.

Many thanks to the paramedics who, not far behind, had witnessed the accident, stopped to make sure I was all right, called the CHP and stayed with me until they arrived, and to the CHP who turned my car around (their idea/order -- it never occurred to ME), contacted AAA and stayed with me until they arrived. Thank you, AAA, for coming out so quickly and getting me back on the road so that I could be at my son's wedding the next day (I drove (SLOWLY) probably another 40-50 miles or so on the little doughnut spare since there was no place open to replace the tire at that time of night). Thank you to my sister for her loving arms to greet me when I finally arrived at the hotel (and for getting our parents there and settled in -- no small feat)! Also, kudos to the many other drivers on the highway who somehow managed not to crash into me in the process! I'm sorry that YOU probably about had a heart attack trying to avoid my wildly careening car!

To the person or persons who stole my car, kept most of its interior parts, and probably sliced my tire: Among so MANY serious and ongoing problems you have caused for me, you also nearly **KILLED** me and many others. Nice going, ASSHOLE! You WILL have to answer for this one day -- Karma WILL get you!

Robin "sic em, Karma!" Coutellier

P.S. to "Round The Clock Tires" in Gilroy: Your answering machine said you closed at 4pm. WTF? What part of "round the clock" did you not understand when you picked THAT name? That's not even PARTWAY around the clock!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BC - Tue, 11/18/08

I just realized that I dislike the character of Taylor so much that I kind of cringe or otherwise feel exasperated every time she shows up on the screen, like she's going to start barking orders at me and/or making unreasonable and selfish demands, all at the same time. At the very least, I probably won't like the scene.

Greenlee calls Jake about Aidan. Apparently there IS no one else between Pine Valley and Puerto Rico that can operate on him.

Uh, what happened? Greenlee's trying to get hold of Jake, then an alarm goes off and she abandons the phone. The next thing we know, she's back on the phone calling Jake again.

The hospital is constantly paging Dr. Kravitz. He must be all up in everybody's business I never hear them paging Jake or Frankie and only rarely have they paged Joe. The other doctor they page is Dr. Bender. If something happens to me in PV, I think I'll go to Dr. Kravitz. Actually, I'll probably beg them to chopper me to another town entirely.

Annie has avoided talking to Emma since she was kidnapped. I wonder if she was planning to kill Di anyway at some point and then blame the whole thing on her. Since Emma thought she was just visiting with Di, it might have worked, except there must have been some kind of hand-off. For that matter, how did Annie get Emma away from Corrina at the theater and into Di's hands without DI being aware of the kidnap vs. visiting story? And it was in the middle of a freaking TORNADO! Emma still would have to have been given some sort of explanation or have witnessed something that she could later spill the beans about.

Do Tad and Krystal's sheets and blankets match their curtains? How very "That Girl"

Robin "two 1960s sitcom refs in one Boogie" Coutellier

Monday, November 17, 2008

BC - Mon, 11/17/08

Last week I said that Little Adam had a couple of moments where he reminded me of a 1950s punk with his "whatever" face and working his mouth around something. Here's the video of it.

Oh NOW Jesse goes looking for Emma -- in Puerto Rico! Since when does the Chief of Police go clear to Puerto Rico to look for someone, particularly without setting up any kind of cooperation ahead of time? If Emma is in Puerto Rico, then it's WAY past time for the FBI to get involved1 Then he just barges into the police station and throws his weight around. Yeah, that'll help.

Greenlee is being incredibly blase' about Aidan getting shot. Then she's told he's taken a turn for the worse and all she does is stand there looking thoughtful. She gets slightly more animated after that, but not very dramatically. Even when she's told that he's going to DIE she seems barely concerned about it.

How about that "doctor" in PR? He says removing the bullet is beyond his capabilities, so that's that -- Aidan is going to die. WTF? It never even OCCURS to him to call in a doctor who will at least attempt to do it?

Robin "this patient is too hard -- bring me someone with a scraped knee instead!" Coutellier

Sunday, November 16, 2008

BC - Fri, 11/14/08

Colby is INCREDIBLY naive to just keep standing there in the dark with a strange man who won't let her look at him or touch him and who wants to keep hiding in the basement. Most women would have had alarms bells clanging like CRAZY waaaay before the point that she finally left. And near the end of the show she goes BACK to him! It never enters her little pea-brain to tell anyone else that he's there or call, for instance, Security.

Taylor really bugs me. I just can't warm up to her. She was annoying before in a negative way and focused way and now she's annoying in a positive and focused way. She's incredibly self-involved and insists that everyone do whatever she wants WHENever she wants. Is she bi-polar?

Reese says that Rachel is going to put Spike and Ian down (I wish they would add the phrase (for bed or to bed) to that. I thought Rachel was sick, which is why the two nannies showed up earlier in the day. Did Rachel come in for the evening to cough on all the children as she tucked them in?

Jake has romantic candles burning all over a hospital room. I hope there aren't any oxygen tanks nearby. With all the flammable stuff in a hospital room, that's dangerous even without oxygen tanks nearby. When my Mom was in the hospital a few years ago an elderly man across the hall who WAS hooked up to an oxygen tank, kept lighting up cigarettes. He scared the shit out of me!

If that hotel room was where the kidnapper was supposed to be keeping Emma, why is everyone treating it so nonchalantly? Neither the kidnapper nor Emma was there so Ryan (at Annie's insistent urging) flops down on the bed to take a nap. WTF??? Annie sneaks out when she thinks he's asleep and Ryan jumps up. As he leaves the room Greenlee and Aidan round the corner and they discuss going after Annie and/or the "kidnapper". Greenlee wants to go with the men, but they both veto it and Aidan tells HER to stay in the room. Again, WTF??? If that room is so pivotal to the whole kidnapping issue, why would they tell Greenlee to stay there by herself (or at ALL, for that matter)? Even if it IS a hoax by Annie, ANNIE could come back and kill or maim Greenlee.

Robin "have these people ever made a smart decision in their LIFE?" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 11/13/08

Someone mentioned that Erica is looking somewhat Sarah Palin-ish in the way she is wearing her hair in the morning at Adam's place. They're right! However, it IS a style that Erica has sported before, so it may be more that Sarah Palin has been looking a little Eric-ish.

Annie says "the kidnapper" had taken her cellphone. Is that all she's told Ryan about "the kidnapper"? How about a DESCRIPTION?

Have you noticed that several characters in the last month or two have mentioned peeing (and they actually use one form or another of the word pee)? It must be a newly allowed word to say on daytime.

Frankie and Jake are doctors. Don't they have anything better to do (particularly in the wake of a tornado) than indulge in Taylor's whims and try to impress her? Apparently not.

Another WTF moment by Annie: She's wearing a belt on her dress. Someone else has already questioned by the kidnapper would have a new wardrobe for her. Why would they put her in something as impractical as a stylish dress with a removable LEATHER BELT? That belt could EASILY be removed and used as a weapon. No sense, no sense, no sense!

And yet another WTF moment by Annie -- she left her phone at the plantation where she was holed up. What kidnapper in this day and age would allow his victim to keep their phone? I mean, where would she have hid it so they wouldn't find it (I don't even want to THINK about that). One of the first things law enforcement does these days is to find out where the victim's (or suspect's) cellphone has been pinging, which gives them a good fix on the location of the phone. Even if they don't find the victim and/or suspect, a LOT of valuable information can be gleaned from the phone.

Robin "just ask the detectives on the Casey Anthony case" Coutellier

Thursday, November 13, 2008

BC - Wed, 11/12/08

Ruth! It's about TIME she showed up!

If it's been WEEKS (yeah, I'm still stuck on that) since the tornado, that means Emma has been missing for WEEKS, yet Jesse has barely even noticed it, let alone looked for her or called the FBI in on it nor has he done a thing about Annie being "kidnapped". This makes NO sense.

A woman named Aggie who's been in the rubble under City Hall is wheeled into PVH. She's been under the rubble for weeks? Okay NOW I'm getting pissed off that the time warp! Wait a second -- that's Agnes Nixon -- COOL!

Now the yacht club is about to collapse so Adam (without anyone's permission) has her belongings moved to his mansion so she'll be safe -- weeks later. Zach is talking about just NOW finding out about a roof being blown off the casino office. Everyone is acting like the tornado just happened within the last 2-3 days (which it DID). Okay, there is only one way I can justify this stupid time warp -- TAYLOR is the one who has lost her mind and has no idea how long it's been since she became paralyzed. That does make sense. Either that or they taped today's episode earlier, right after Eileen Herlie's death, and are only now showing it, seriously out of order.

They need to cut Ian's bangs.

I was kind of hoping that, given the tone and occasion (10,000th episode), Erica might finally acknowledge that she's a grandmother. Dream on.

Robin "okay NOW I'll shut up about the time warp -- unless they KEEP whiplashing back and forth in time" Coutellier

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

BC - Tue, 11/11/08

Okay now I truly think Annie is insane. She really thinks that this plan of hers is going to SAVE HER MARRIAGE? What planet is she on? And apparently Di doesn't know about the plot. So what did Di think when Annie did not want to talk to Emma so as not to confuse the child? It makes no sense.

I think the room that Annie is in is a somewhat refurbed Pine Cone Motel room set. It's nicer, but the window area looks familiar.

David tells JAR that, regardless of her name (Hayward or Chandler), the world needs to know what kind of a woman Babe was. Uh, I think they DO know what kind of a woman she was:

  • kidnapper (multiple occasions)
  • bigamist
  • backstabbing bitch who lets not one, but TWO people think that their respective babies are DEAD
  • adulteress (multiple occasions and multiple men, including one within 2-3 weeks of her "wedding" (see second item))
  • corporate backstabber (multiple occasions)
Can they fit all that on a plaque? It was all, of course, a result of her big heart.

At one point today Little Adam look more like Little Punk! I'm referring to when JAR said they'd go see if another doctor could make him feel better. The kid was totally bored and had a look on his face like: "Yeah, whatever. Bite me." Part of that illusion was that he was absent-mindedly working his mouth over something, like maybe some leftover cookie he was trying to work back into a position of chewing again. It made him look a little like a punk from a 1950s movie, with his hair slicked back and chewing on a toothpick or working a cigarette around as he tried to give the impression of being tough and unconcerned. Of course, the image was somewhat mitigated by the fact that he was in his jammies in his Daddy's arms, but it was a kind of funny (to me) moment.

So did the doctor's girlfriend, Taylor, push everyone else out of the way to get her MRI, CAT Scan or whatever other tests needed to be done? Given her behavior and the actual lack of any practical urgency, she should have been at the bottom of the waiting list. Little old ladies and sick children were probably bumped down the list for her.

Taylor points out to Jake that she hasn't used her leg muscle in weeks. WEEKS? Oh PUH-LEEZE! It's only been a couple of days, if that. There is NO WAY the hospital would tie up a perfectly good bed (not to mention an entire room) for a patient that could easily be at home with someone to assist her or at a rehab facility. The hospital is for ACUTE care. For that matter, she should have been at a V.A. hospital once she was evaluated and deemed safe to travel via car or ambulance. It's kind of ironic that they made such a point of Frankie visiting one. Of course, this is the same hospital that kept Derek Frye there for two entire months after he was shot in the knee when Billy Clyde Tuggle kidnapped "Dixie Bird", and the same one who kept Tweety-Nat there for the same amount of time or longer, IN BED, with nothing at ALL wrong with her except for having pieces of metal in her eye from an explosion (hence the Tweety-Nat reference due to how silly she looked with the diamond-shaped gauze pads over her eyes).

And how about how NASTY Taylor has been all this time? I have been assuming that she hasn't eaten anything for a day or three until today because she kept throwing everything she could get her hands on at anyone who dared to venture into the room. And her sweats, which we all thought were more than a little impractical and probably stinky and soaked with urine by now, look downright pristine and fresh off the store shelf. Has she been wearing the same sweats for "weeks"?

Annie was being held by a kidnapper. She and Ryan leave to go look for Emma on their own and Annie tells Ryan: "I'll go get the car." WTF? Since when does a kidnap victim that has been transported far, far away have access to a car and then nonchalantly goes to get it as if she owns it and has been driving it around all the time? Or maybe she was talking about the car that Ryan and Greenlee arrived in. In that case, why is SHE going to get the car and how does SHE have keys for it? Is Ryan on to her yet?

Robin "Is he mulling it over or just constipated?" Coutellier

Monday, November 10, 2008

BC - Mon, 11/10/08

Pine Key? Is that a tropical island off the Pine Valley Coast? Okay, according to Google Earth there IS a "Big Pine Key" off the Florida coast, so I'll cut them some geographical slack there, but they're pushing it by using the "Pine" part.

I don't think the guy playing Brot looks that bad. It could be a LOT worse. That said, it must be devastating to be injured so severely and have to come to grips with the drastic change in appearance, along with the pain and other aspects of having to deal with his injuries. It can do a real number on one's self-confidence. It's hard enough just watching yourself AGE.

I'm very disappointed. This is not Aidan-like behavior. I mean, he did this kind of think when he was a SPY, and even for money before he turned into a goody-goody, but pretending to kidnap a child is pretty nasty stuff. I had heard rumors/speculation that he might be involved in the hoax, but I didn't want to believe it.

Robin "then again, maybe NOW he'll be interesting" Coutellier

Saturday, November 8, 2008

BC - Fri, 11/7/08 (Updated)

Okay, I found Friday's episode on YouTube (thanks for the lead, Debbie!), so now I have a question. How did Ryan, Aidan and Greenlee get to the point where they went into heavy vegetation to dig up what turned out to be mannequins wearing Annie's and Emma's clothes? The last thing they showed was a pilot telling them about a deserted sugar plantation near Toa Baja off Highway 167 (both of which actually DO exist in Puerto Rico according to Google Earth). How the HELL did they find the EXACT spot to dig up whatever it was that they thought they needed to dig up. HTH did they even know they HAD to dig up anything? This makes NO sense WHATSOEVER!

When Greenlee grabbed the ice for Aidan's punched face, how many of you cringed, thinking about the effects "foreign" ice can have on a body? That didn't exactly look like a 5-star hot spot. I have no idea of water in Puerto Rico is anything like the water in Tijuana, but famous last words from a former boyfriend (upon me bursting out of the bathroom after turning on the faucet and then, horrified by what I saw, running out and urgently yelling at him NOT to drink his coke) were "I'm sure they used bottled water to make the ice ..." It's not a trip HE'LL forget in this lifetime!

Is Taylor wearing more makeup than usual? That seems odd, considering she has given up on everything ELSE. Most people who think their lives are over and don't give a shit about anything anymore don't immediately go for heavy foundation to even out the complexion.

Robin "when is she going to change out of her (by now) stinky sweats that she shouldn't be wearing in the first place?" Coutellier

BC - Thu-Fri, 11/6-7-08

If Erica is trying to stop the financial hemorrhaging of Fusion, WTF is she having an office remodeled? There are better ways to spend what's left of Fusion's money. Then she freaks out and says everything of Kendall's in the office has to stay EXACTLY the way it was. Well, make up your mind!

As a military mom, the interviews with the veterans of the Iraq war really hit home and, while it was good, it was also upsetting to me, so I don't have much to say about it.

As far as Friday's show goes, my newly replaced cable box has become invaded by poltergeists, become schizophrenic or has otherwise has gone OUT OF IT'S FUCKING MIND, and I did not see Friday's show, so no Boogie Chillen for Friday

Robin "although there IS a Spanish-language soap opera appearing on several stations (The Weather Channel, for instance) -- I suppose I could watch THAT and comment on it --- but I won't" Coutellier

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

BC - Wed, 11/5/08

JAR tells Little Adam to go wait in the car with Winifred. What has Winifred been up to? She moved out of Chandler mansion and in with Krystal after Adam left Krystal to deliver her baby alone on the floor. Since then we've only seen her once or twice, if that, and whenever there's a babysitter around, it's usually Corrina. If Winifred is waiting in JAR's car, does that mean she's moving to San Diego to be with them?

Randi just started working in an office only a month or two ago and now Erica orders her to set up a press conference with "all the major outlets". Damn, Randi's a fast learner! Most newbies to an office haven't quite mastered all the copy machine options by that time. She'll be running that place in NO TIME!

Krystal's daughter just DIED -- so why is Tad pushing her to be happy? We haven't really seen her break down until today, so it's not like she's wallowing (and I wouldn't blame her if she were).

Is it my imagination, or has MEK lost some weight? his face looks thinner.

Babe and JAR were not legally married at the time she died -- I don't think he has any legal standing as far as David using her name (changed to Hayward, which it NEVER was) on a new wing.

Did you notice that Kendall's expression had changed some for one of the scenes? At one point her head was "looking" more downward and she had just the slightest frown on her face. By the time the last scene rolled around, though, it was back to the usual blank expression. How much do you want to bet that within a day or so of her waking up she'll be walking around with no muscle atrophy whatsoever?

Robin "at least her face won't get wrinkled in the meantime, especially since they never bother to change her position" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 11/4/08

Why is Taylor wearing her sweats instead of a hospital gown? The fact that she can't feel her legs (does she feel anything below the waist?) would make it difficult, if not impossible, for her to assist them with anything they need to do to physically take care of her, and sweats would DEFINITELY get in the way. If she can't feel below the waist, then she would probably have no bladder and/or bowel control and would need to have a catheter and/or diaper. Isn't she wearing pretty much what she was wearing when she was pushed down the stairs? Wouldn't they have had to cut the pants off of her in order to assess her injuries?

If Taylor is going to keep throwing things at the hospital personnel, why don't they have her in restraints? Obviously she is a danger to herself and others. It's not even like she has dementia -- there is NO excuse for her to act like that. For that matter, why are they keeping things that she CAN throw within her reaching distance? If she's going to act like a child, she can damn well use the call button and ASK for whatever she needs and they can damn well take their own sweet time responding to it.

Let me get this straight. Annie was SHOT and KIDNAPPED from the abandoned apt (or whatever that space is) by the same person (presumably) that had already kidnapped Emma, asked for and received a ransom (all kinds of felonies there), yet the police came and then they all LEFT, with Ryan, Annie and eventually Aidan free to roam around contaminating whatever evidence might still be there? As usual, their forensics team is ABYSMAL, if not non-existent! You'd think NO ONE would be allowed across the police tape outside the room, which is a crime scene, but of course there IS no police tape.

I'm sure there are plenty of cardiac surgeons who would leap at the chance to work at the world-famous Pine Valley Hospital. Joe probably knows at least a dozen of them from various other big places that would be willing to pack up and temporarily be the hospital's official surgeon until a permanent replacement could be found. Hiring David is totally bogus with his history. Just letting him have privileges to operate on Kendall was totally bogus!

Is the mystery caller the undead Brot? Then again, Brot didn't even mention Taylor, his FIANCE, to his mother. Of course, some sons just don't tell their mother's much, especially if the sons happen to be in the military. Getting info out of MY adult son without me being intrusive can be like pulling teeth sometimes. Maybe Brot was disfigured or otherwise injured enough that he thought Taylor would be better off without him, but he still wants to know about her life.

Robin "whatever the reasons, the guy is a stalker" Coutellier

Monday, November 3, 2008

BC - Mon, 11/3/08

While the music Bianca and Reese were dancing to was very romantic and gentle, it was also LOUD. It's no wonder the baby woke up. I had to turn the volume down every time they returned to the Slater living room, and I'm not even a cranky baby (well, MOST of the time, anyway ;-)

Gabrielle is supposed to be Reese's baby, too, and Reese JUST got there. Bianca has to leave the room to feed the baby. You'd think that Reese would want to watch and be a part of the bonding, but noooo, she just hangs out in the living room and lets Bianca take care of the women's work. Yes, Bianca is probably breastfeeding and is therefore required to feed the baby, but that doesn't mean Reese can't be part of the experience. Most new parents hover over their baby for the first few days, at least, marveling over every little coo and gurgle. This way she could be there to talk to Zach, of course, but it was a little contrived IMO.

Tad shows up in David's living room at Wildwind (no one ever knocks and no one ever locks their doors), telling him to leave Krystal alone. He asks why David can't stay away from his family. Excuse me? TAD and KRYSTAL are the ones who had taken it upon themselves to GO to DAVID's place. It's kind of hard to stay away from people when the very same people barge into your living room -- Pot, Kettle! It's probably just as well that Tad DID show up when he did, though -- he WELL knows Krystal's style of grief counseling.

Robin "come to Mama inDEED" Coutellier

Sunday, November 2, 2008

BC - Fri, 10/31/08

Okay, so Annie didn't IMMEDIATELY run off with the money and Emma, but she's not off the hook yet in MY book. Is she pretending to be injured? Did she hide the money and then shoot herself to make it look more real? Or did she really bring the ransom and get attacked and lose the money in the process?

Frankie is being quite the little bratty turd, isn't he? It's not Rebecca's fault that Jesse shacked up with her for almost the entire time he was gone AND never said a word about it when he returned, but Frankie refuses to even shake her hand, rudely tells her he can't help her and walks away.

Annie's wearing a WHITE top under her open jacket -- why isn't there any blood on it?

Who is doing Kendall's makeup while she's in a coma? Are they washing it off occasionally to let her pores breathe? As suspected, it doesn't look like she has even a hint of a red MARK, let alone any scarring, a bandage or even a leftover splash of Betadine from her heart surgery earlier that day or possibly "yesterday". Is she going to stay flat on her back for several months? She's going to have some MAJOR bedsores if they don't turn her on a regular basis, and she really doesn't have all that much flesh to eat away in the FIRST place. She'll look like Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her, with a big ol' hole you can see through, except it will be in her hips.

Robin "does Fusion have a coverup for THAT?" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 10/30/08

Emma's been missing for DAYS and Ryan and Annie aren't asking for police/FBI help? I thought ONE day had gone by, at the MOST.

David's moving into Wildwind? I thought Julia had turned it over to a free clinic of some kind. Why would a single man want to live in such a HUGE place all by himself. Being all by himself isn't an issue, but that must be like living in a huge museum! OTOH, it's probably a perfect place to perform Frankenstein-esque experiments. There's even horses to neigh in the background every time someone says his name There's even a tie-in. Way back when Dimitri's form wife, Angelique, whom everyone had thought was dead, was wheeled into Wildwind by their former housekeeper (who was also Angelique's mother), was VERY reminiscent of the character of Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein, and we often joked about that here. I remember someone on R.A.T.S. putting the words "Ovaltine, perhaps?" in her mouth. In another vague connection, the actress who played Helga, Susan Willis, played the housekeeper ("Up with this shit I will not put!") in the movie "She Devil", in which T. C. Warner appeared as one of the children (TCW played Kelsy, who was Sammy's biological mother, and therefore also had a Wildwind connection). In another coincidence, Sammy's father was Bobby Warner (so T.C. Warner's character on AMC was pregnant by a character with the last name of Warner).

Why wasn't there an open casket? Did Babe rot already? Did anyone tell Jamie that she had died? They were going to spend the rest of their life together, after all, and he IS JAR's heart-brother and former step-brother. If several days have gone by since the tornado, then Jamie has had time to get back to PV, especially with the advanced PV Transporter system. Even if the transporter was out of order, doesn't he have some kind of fancy car now that can do the trick? Well, my first question about her rotting was answered when JAR opened the casket and "married" her again. Ooh, David just walked in on JAR with the casket open -- there's that Frankenstein connection and a [cough] perfectly good dead body for him to reanimate. Queue the horses!

The same little actress who played Miranda last time (and maybe the time before that) is still playing Miranda! She's a real cutie and was very lively before.

So did Annie run off with the money to pay the ransom herself, or did she take it because she masterminded the entire kidnapping (that was REALLY bad timing during a fucking TORNADO!) and she and Emma can now live quite comfortably on $10 million?

Don't you just love how when JAR took David's proffered liquor bottle and then broke it against the casket, what was left was PERFECTLY sharpened spikes? It was HILARIOUS!

Robin "it looked like something you could aerate your lawn with" Coutellier