Tuesday, April 27, 2010

AMC - Boogie Chillen, Monday - 4/26/10

JAR gets mad after Annie leaves the room to tuck Emma in. He grabs an empty glass, screws up his face and smashes the glass into the wall. Nice going, A-hole! Now there are shards of glass all over place for the kids to cut themselves on.

I'll never understand how these people can fall asleep on the floor after having sex in front of the fireplace. Yeah, I can understand the sex part, but falling asleep on a hard floor cannot possibly be comfortable unless maybe you're a dog.

Does anyone ever sit on the Pillsbury dinner roll couch near the Fusion elevator?

When Greenlee said to Madison: "What's the job?", did anyone else flash on Lily Von Schtupp (Madelaine Kahn) in "Blazing Saddles" saying the same thing to Hedley LaMarr (Harvey Korman)?

Robin "let's get down to bwass tacks" Coutellier

Monday, April 26, 2010

BC - Fri, 4/23/10

How could Brooke not know that the plane had returned to Pine Valley? Didn't she have a window in the plane?

I am SO over Erica and Jack. For that matter, I was over them the LAST time they were together and actually got married. Every time I see or hear them exchange their little love signs or fond memories of one kind or another, I roll my eyes. Every single time all I can think of is: Jeff Martin, Jeff Martin, Jeff Martin. Erica suddenly feeling out of sorts, moving out of their home and hooking up with Jeff Martin so quickly after their marriage (and for NO apparent reason) was just so COMPLETELY out of left field! WTF? And now Jack is sniffing around her AGAIN and they are exchanging their little love signs AGAIN. Eh.

Marissa is being more than a little presumptuous telling her mother-in-law that she's welcome to stay as long as she needs until she figures things out. Doesn't ADAM have any say in the matter? I know Adam has been basically saying his goodbyes and he and Brooke will, no doubt, fly off into the sunset together, but he's not gone YET.

With the old guard gone now, Erica is fighting tooth and nail not to be considered as the Grand Dame of the show. No way is she going to be Phoebe, Mona or Myrtle. Ever. I wouldn't be surprised to see her at 92 still flaunting her firm implants, batting her eyes, sporting her 1960s Jean Shrimpton hairdos, wearing stiletto shoes, and performing her patented simper-dip. Of course, she may be in a wheelchair by then, but that's just as well, because simper-dipping like that is bound to make her tip over eventually. Well, okay, I doubt the show will LAST that long, but if it did, you KNOW she would be acting like that.

Robin "& she would be at the christening of her daughter's daughter's son's daughter's son" Coutellier

Friday, April 23, 2010

BC - Thu, 4/22/10

Tad thanks Brooke for the letter she gave to the court about Damon, but asks if she would speak in court since that would go a LONG way with the judge. Brooke says she's like to, but she has other plans. WTF? She has NO PLANS! She just wants to get away from Adam. Apparently not being tempted by being in the same TOWN as Adam for one more minute is more important to her than helping keep a beloved friend's (and ex-husband's) son out of jail and giving him another chance at life. Tad discovers her airline ticket and asks where she's going. She doesn't know and asks for suggestions, making it quite obvious that she COULD go to court (well, obvious to ME). Tad is a nice guy about it and very concerned about her and completely drops the issue of her going to court.

I don't know much about modeling, but if Natalia is going to be nude (even if leaves, etc., are going to cover up the lady-bits), wouldn't she have to hang around for a while without a bra or panties on in order to allow the skin to spring back without any indentations or marks? I know you can do a lot with Photoshop, but I would think they would STILL prefer the natural look for their ... um ... natural products.

Whoever it was that called it on the nude shoot/fired policewoman angle, kudos. It hasn't come to pass yet (at least as far as I've gotten as of this writing), but that's probably what is in the wind (along with Natalia's lady-bits).

This one's just for you long-timer RATSA (USENET, rec.arts.tv.soaps.abc) members: When Angie told Brooke that she had another confession to make about her (Angie being influenced by Brooke), Angie said: "I am a B--" Okay, how many of you thought she was going to out herself and say "I am a BABE!" (acronym for "Banding Against Brooke English")? ROTFLMAO! Only some of us will get that, but for those of us that DO, it's kind of funny! BTW, what Angie said was: "I am a Brooke English cyber-junkie."

Natalia posed nude in the PV park? Really? PV Park? Where did she change out of her uniform, the brick bathroom? They couldn't find a nice wooded area such as the Slater house or the grounds at Wildwind or Willow Lake, etc.? Was she on a bench? If so, she'll have more marks and indentations than those made by a bra strap.

Robin "was it on the bench next to where Dr. Madden was buried?" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 4/21/10

Brooke and Adam laugh about staying out all night. Excuse me? Adam keeps plotzing and ending up at death's door, with dire warnings, mostly from BROOKE, about taking care of himself, but then they stay up all night together? WTF? The last time I stayed up all night I was afraid it might be my LAST night! Staying up all night is for YOUNG people -- it may sound trite, but people say that for a REASON! We're used to Adam showing such reckless disregard for his own good, but shame on you, Brooke, SHAME! He says he feels wonderful! Yeah, right. The only way he would feel wonderful after that at his age and with his bum ticker would be because he's already dead and in Heaven. And we all know he's unlikely to end up THERE.

Why did I hear the sound of a car whooshing by when Annie looked out on the patio? Either the road suddenly moved remarkably closer to the Chandler mansion (the crack security team apparently failed to halt the construction of a road through the property) or possibly the Chandler mansion has become ocean-front property and I just heard a wave breaking on the beach at the end of the driveway. Actually, it DID sound more like a wave than a car.

Wow, Erica putting her arm around Brooke to comfort her -- GENUINELY!!! That's not something we see very often. Wait, have we EVER seen it? We've seen Erica be nice to Brooke on special occasions (probably when Laura 1.0 died), but that's about once a decade. It's nice they are being nice to Julia/Brooke for her sendoff, but a really good ladies room catfight first would have been fun. Then again, if the writers aren't up to a delicious, OLD-SCHOOL Erica/Brooke ladies room first, even if it's just verbal, than maybe this is the way to go. The joke between them about how the moment should have been captured to put on YouTube was kind of cute.

David is going to BUY Pine Valley Hospital? Yeah, RIGHT! I don't care HOW rich he's supposed to be -- he cannot afford to buy an entire hospital! He especially won't be able to afford it once people know HE owns it because people will go elsewhere if at all possible.

Robin "it would have to be renamed to 'David's House Of Pain & Piano Bar'" Coutellier

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BC - Tue, 4/20/10

When Adam started talking about how he didn't REALLY mean that he wanted Palmer dead, I flashed back to that scene when they met up in a bar to discuss something they were going to work on TOGETHER. The way they were dressed made these two Titans of Industry look like a couple of gay lumberjacks (it was the lumberjack part that made it so funny, especially since I don't think that was the look they were going for).

DAISY! Wow, Gillian Spencer looks FABULOUS!

Did you catch Tad's Earth Day reference when he walked in on Opal? He said he was all for being green, but did she have to do it in the dark?

This could be a great opportunity, storyline-wise, for Opal to find out that Palmer DID recover his fortune and he left it all to her and Petey. Then Opal could move on in a few months and find a guy without the prospect of she Palmer popping back in to reclaim her love, since she and he never really moved on after splitting up.

People sound so much younger in the old clips. It makes me wonder how much my own voice has changed over the years. Speaking of the clips, since they were all memories, anyway, they could have letterboxed them or layered them over some other kind of background to make them fit screens proportionally instead of stretched horizontally. I'm curious, did people with widescreen TVs get the horizontal stretch effect?

Now that Palmer is dead, what will happen to the $1/year rent on the Fusion building?

It's sad, but also heartwarming to see the actors expressing genuine emotion over the death of a character, given that James Mitchell (1920-2010), who was VERY well-liked by others died in January. He and his character had a long history on the show and with so many of the longer-term characters. He was really great in his prime and could stir up a lot of emotions.

Did Erica notify Mark and Ellen about Palmer's passing? Ellen was a VP at Cordtlandt Electronics in Asia, after all, and she was previously married to Ross and lived in the Chandler Mansion with Ross and her daughter, Julie.

Between Daisy's necklace and Nina's necklace, I'm surprised that when they hugged on the park bench that they were able to pull apart -- I would think the weight of their respective necklaces would have caused them to be stuck like that with only their heads keeping them from tipping over onto each other.

Here are some brief reminders to jumpstart some of our memories:
  • He almost let Nina go blind from diabetes to keep her with him and away from Cliff
  • Mr. Ulatowski, Palmer's prison and post-prison toady
  • Ross Chandler, Palmer's biological child with Adam's big sister, Lottie
  • Nina admiring Ross's ass as he walked away (before she knew he was her brother -- actually I think it was Taylor Miller admiring his ass, not Nina)
  • Cynthia & Andrew Preston
  • Donna Beck & baby Johnny (John was Palmer's first or middle name)
  • Dotty & Edna renting rooms at the mansion
  • Jasper & Myra Sloane, his mostly faithful servants; Myra was Daisy's mother and loved to get vicious jibes in at him on occasion; Jasper knew Palmer's polo accident secret
  • Natalie Hunter (who told us that Palmer was a stallion in bed)
  • Walter Hines was his lawyer (Barry Shire is Adam's lawyer). I can't find that name in the IMDB for the show, but that WAS his name.
  • Palmer's safe combination was "N-I-N-A"
  • Vanessa Bennett
  • Palmer was on the Pine Valley Hospital Board of Directors
  • Palmer shot himself to keep Nina with him and he pretended to be paralyzed
  • Cortlandt Electronics made a PC named after a fruit, I think; anyone remember what it was called? Now that I think on it, it might have been named the PC Junior.
  • He ignored his crazy sister, Bessie, but eventually welcomed her children, Dixie, Will and Lanie
  • The pond on the Cortlandt estate was where Silver Kane's body was dumped by Palmer after Natalie killed her with a pair of sewing scissors and hid the body in Timmy's toy drawer. Palmer found it and blackmailed Natalie into marrying him to keep it a secret. Dixie (the Dogpatch/hillbilly version) was swimming in the pond and touched the naked foot.
  • Palmer's cook's name was Flossie
  • My all-time favorite line of Palmer's: "Heh, heh, heh ..."

AWWWW, now THAT was a great tribute! Really it was MUCH better than a funeral would have been. It was really very sweet and loving and heartfelt and they devoted the entire episode to it, which is unusual nowadays. It was old-school AMC!

Robin "Kudos, AMC, for finally doing it RIGHT!" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 4/19/10

The Fusion office is suddenly buzzing with phone calls, staff and activity ... for no apparent reason. Here's what I'm thinking: every now and a GREAT while, Fusion airs a commercial for a BIG discount on something, so they bring in extra staff to answer the phone and take orders from people who can't resist an add containing the phrase: "Operators are STANDING BY!" Everyone knows, after all, that when you call to order products, the calls go straight to the Executive area of the corporate office. Yup, that must be it.

Why is Erica back in Pine Valley? Wasn't she supposed to visit Bianca and the girls in Paris after she left Kendall? Or did she go see Kendall instead? I won't even address the time-warp of Greenlee, Ryan and Erica all flying to Majorca and back in such a ridiculously short period of time.

They're really cramming the Liza-is-brilliant-and-should-be-the-D.A. crap down our throats. She's is NOT a brilliant lawyer. She's a downright STOOPID (spelling intentional) lawyer who doesn't even have an office! She does most of her work via her PERSONAL cellphone and a bar. She even does most of her paperwork in the bar. Now she's doing post-trial interviews in the bar. Maybe the state officials were confused over the definition of "bar exam" when they granted her a license to practice law. Besides, wouldn't a D.A. be required to have at least SOME experience prosecuting cases and rising in the ranks with experience?

Okay, I LOVE the timing of this! I'm doing an Anacrostic as I'm watching Monday's show. One of the definitions is: Incredibly Stupid Person. 9 letters. L-I-Z-A-C-O-L-B-Y -- it FITS! Okay, so the definition is only ONE word, but it works for ME at the moment.

Robin "It's about TIME they acknowledged the death of James Mitchell" Coutellier

Sunday, April 18, 2010

BC - Thu, 4/15/10

I'm glad they still have a photo shoot planned, because that poster of Amanda that's already on an easel in the Fusion office is not particularly interesting or even flattering.

When eBabe finds out that JAR cheated on her with Annie (and she WILL), will she try to get custody of AJ, now that she's his legal mother?

Since Jake is wearing the open collar/necklace combo again today, I'm guessing this is a new old fashion. I have to chuckle over how everything that's old gets new again, and what's in style today will be ridiculed tomorrow and revered again the day after.

I'm sitting in my chair watching TV, with a fan overhead, another one in the window near me and another TV is being watched in a different room so there's a lot of ambient noise in the room. Consequently, it's not surprising that I could mishear a line, but I got a laugh out of the one I just misheard. Brooke tells Adam she has to get to her meeting, but I heard her say: "I have to get to my weinie." BWAHAAHAHAA!

Robin "I'm so easily amused" Coutellier

BC - Fri, 4/16/10

The Assistant Coroner (should that be Assistant Medical Examiner?) was paid only $10K to falsify the documents? THAT was the bribe? OH PUH-LEEZE! He had to be in REALLY desperate financial straits to put everything on the line for a measly $10K -- you can't even get a new car for that!

It doesn't MATTER if Greenlee was at the center of part of the case against David. It wasn't ABOUT whether or not she lived, it was about David falsifying records and bribing an official. Her testimony would have NOTHING to do with those charges unless she wanted to testify as a character witness during the SENTENCING phase after a verdict had been reached.

Then Liza begs the judge for just FIVE MINUTES alone with Greenlee. The judge says no. Again, WTF? Someone just barges on into court, DEMANDS to be allowed to testify, and no one knows what she's going to say and the judge just goes with it and doesn't allow the lawyers to get even a CLUE as to what she's going to say? What is this, Perry Mason? IOAS, IOAS, IOAS ...

And THEN Liza says that, in light of the new developments, the defense rests. WTF? No one even QUESTIONED Greenlee! There is no proof whatsoever to what she said, and, again, KENDALL has nothing to do with the charges against David. And even with all that said, had Greenlee's testimony been in any way shape or form admissible in the first place, then Liza should not have RESTED -- she should have asked that the charges relating to covering up Greenlee's death be dropped. As it stands, the jury can still decide if David is guilty or not guilty. If the charges are dropped, the jury only has to decide on the Adam issue. he DA should also have objected or called for a mistrial. Greenlee is CLEARLY there out of spite, after all AND she is married to the defendant. That calls for some in-depth examination as to her motives for being there, but the DA didn't make a peep. IOAS, IOAS, IOAS.

Annie is married to a billionaire who has a limo driver at his disposal, and they live in a big mansion with a crack [snort!] security team, servants, etc., but little Emma STILL has to fend for herself at a bus stop for school?

Robin "Emma is one poor little rich girl" Coutellier

BC - Tue-Wed, 4/13-14/10

I still don't understand why/how they are rolling all these UNRELATED charges together in a single trial for David. His drugging Adam has nothing WHATSOEVER to do with what he did with Greenlee, her body and her records. The only connection there was Nurse Gayle, who took care of both of his patients and kept her yap shut about them for way too long.

Erica wants to go get back and warn/help Kendall when she finds out that Greenlee is trying to find out what happened with the accident. Ryan doesn't want her to, so he, of course, locks her in the room with him. How many times does this make that Ryan has forcibly confined a woman (or a man, for that matter) in a room? 100? 200? 1,000? This guy is a menace to society! Later on they laugh when he sheepishly admits he kidnapped Greenlee and locked her in the castle.

Well, Zach certainly got a warmer greeting from Greenlee than Kendall did, even though she knows that HE's the one who completely covered up the accident.

WTH is Jake wearing? There's a wide shoulder band over one shoulder, his shirt is unbuttoned down to the middle of his chest and he's wearing long beads. He looks like he found one of Michael Jackson's rejected armbands and an estate sale of a former Studio 54 patron.

I see that baby Ian now has straight hair. He's had naturally curly hair since birth, but now they have to put product in it just to make it stick out in a few places. He looks like he's gotten younger now, too, as does Spike.

Robin "it must be all that sea air" Coutellier

BC - Fri-Mon, 4/9-12/10

OT: My apologies for my absence. I am 6 days behind on AMC! It's not unusual for me to watch 2-3 episodes at once, but this time I've been delayed by a new vice -- watching The Tudors starting from episode one -- now THAT is a soap opera! Every time I would tell myself to start catching up on AMC my willpower would weaken and I would watch another episode of The Tudors (On Demand) instead. I'm about halfway through season 3 now.

Back to AMC, Annie, fresh from her high of testifying before congress, is gushing to JAR about how great she feels and how worthwhile they made her feel. She's planning from now on to talk to children about being kind and generous. As if any parent would want their children being influenced by such a narcissistic homicidal psychopath.

Erica tells Kendall that she and Ryan ended their romance LONG before they even knew Greenlee was alive. Yeah, it was at LEAST a day, and possibly even TWO days before they found out she was alive.

While examining Nurse Gayle, the DA asks her if she was aware that, while under the influence of the drugs she gave him, Adam shot and killed Stuart, Liza vehemently objects and says the facts are not in evidence. A short time later Adam is testifying and the DA asks if it's true that Adam shot and killed Stuart while under the influence of the drugs, and Liza doesn't bat an eyelash. What facts came into evidence in between the witnesses?

If this case can make or break Liza's career, why aren't their any interested spectators? Most of the usual characters are elsewhere doing whatever they are doing and there aren't even any extras in the courtroom watching. Maybe this case isn't as important to her career as Liza seems to THINK it is. She doesn't even have an assistant.

Annie invites eBabe to come with her and JAR to the dinner at the British Embassy where the President will also be dining. Uh, if the President is going to be there, wouldn't people have to be investigated or, at the very least, INVITED through official channels in order to attend? For that matter, why is ANNIE being allowed to go. Just because she donated bone marrow and testified in front of Congress doesn't mean she isn't still a homicidal nutcase who could be a threat or, at the very LEAST, an embarrassment and unnecessary distraction.

Robin "was her invitation emailed to her?" Coutellier

Friday, April 9, 2010

BC - Mon-Thu, 4/5-8/10

WTF? Liza tells David that Greenlee's testimony, along with the fact that Kendall was the one who caused the accident, pretty much GUARANTEES that he'll be acquitted. On what grounds? It makes NO SENSE.

Another pet peeve of mine is how patients lie in bed at PVH. Damon is sitting practically straight up in bed as Jake examines him and tells him he might have some broken ribs. Most doctors who examine someone for internal injuries don't have the patients sitting up while doing so, but unless someone is on an operating table, no patient in PVH is ever lying down relatively flat. They can have a broken back and they're STILL cranked up into a nearly sitting position, usually with lots of pillows behind them, too. I don't understand how these people sleep without blocking their airways from head-drooping.

When it was revealed that Brooke was in the other car in the accident, how many of you flashed back to the accident where Arlene was driving drunk and crashed into Brooke, trapping Brooke in her car? Brooke then went into labor with Jamie. Arlene, in the meantime, made Hayley agree to say that SHE was the one driving.

Didn't Brooke already have her spleen removed somewhere along the line (possibly as a result of that accident when she went into labor)?

JAR asks Annie if she's calling Lacy's to send over even MORE dresses (for her to choose to wear in front of Congress). Lacy's is supposed to be like Macy's. Wouldn't Annie have designer dresses sent from much higher-end stores?

Okay, I'll bite. Which Disney/ABC character does the crab represent? You KNOW they have a commercial interest in it because they zoomed in on it when Colby gave it to Damon. They did not, however, zoom in on the Teddy Bear she got for Brooke. Did the crab have to do with The Little Mermaid?

Brooke is still unconscious after her surgery. So why isn't she in a Recovery Room?

JAR criticizes Colby and snottily states that she is dating someone who hasn't even graduated from high school. I can imagine that thousands of people watching the show promptly told JAR: "YOU'VE never graduated from high school!"

Unanswered Question: Do Randi or Madison ever have to call Maintenance and tell them that a toilet in the ladies room on the top floor at Fusion is backed up and overflowing?

Brooke laughs when Jamie and Laura join in with a videoconference. She just had her spleen removed the night before -- wouldn't it HURT to laugh?

Wow, Adam/David Canary REALLY needs a haircut.

Robin "he's starting to look like Tom Mesereau (a well-known, shaggy lawyer)" Coutellier

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BC - Tue-Fri, 3/30/10 thru 4/2/10

What is the big deal with Amanda being the new face of Fusion? I don't get it. She WORKED for them during their campaign when they used Ava as their new model. Ava wasn't NEARLY as pretty as Amanda, then or now, but Amanda wasn't interested and no one else seemed to notice what a knockout she was except when Greenlee hired her to be a gorgeous slut--er--alluring hostess to draw men in when they opened Confusion. Amanda was being portrayed as being too business-oriented and mature to even consider it. Now she acts like a giddy schoolgirl about it

Krystal tells Jack she used to be a paralegal. Yeah, RIGHT! So why, then, was she living the life of a destitute nomad without 2 cents to her name?

Greenlee is wearing a SHITLOAD of dark and obvious makeup. I don't think she really grasps the concept of "natural".

Why do they keep showing promos/spoilers for AMC for the SAME DAY? Geez, they aren't even going ahead more than a few MINUTES!

In what way would Kendall having sex with Greenlee's fiance shortly after her "death" and Erica having sex with Greenlee's fiance a YEAR after her "death" impact a trial for, among other things, David drugging ADAM? David falsified DNA records to make it appear that Greenlee was dead, but I don't think Kendall had sex (yet again) with Ryan until a body was misidentified as her simply because it was wearing Greenlee's moon ring. It had not come out yet that Kendall was the one behind the wheel when Greenlee's motorcycle was inadvertently forced off the road, either. How else was Greenlee betrayed? Let's see, Erica ran Fusion in Kendall's absence and in the wake of Greenlee's death, and managed to keep it afloat. In what way is THAT a betrayal? Why would a judge give a flying f**k about ANY of that as far as David covering up her death VERY EARLY ON goes? Why would it matter even if he only covered it up well AFTER her death? He DID falsify the DNA records. He DID have Nurse Gayle drug Adam. He had NO reason to hide her death from her loved ones other than to stroke his own God complex. For that matter, he allowed ALL her estate, including Fusion, to go through whatever kinds of probate matters were necessary, impacting every single employee of the company AND the surviving partner and shareholders. I don't know if they could charge him with anything in that regard, but you never know. Nope, as usual, their legal and illegal matters have nothing whatsoever to do with reality.

Greenlee finding out that Kendall was the one who ACCIDENTALLY ran her off the road may be upsetting or even devastating to her, but it has no bearing on what motivated David to go to great (and illegal) lengths to keep her survival a secret. Wouldn't Greenlee also be very upset to find out that that her bestest hole-buddy, Zach, was at the wheel?

Why did Greenlee need to put a period at the end of each search term when she ran a search engine on her accident? Do the writers really think that the audience is so stupid that they couldn't figure it out from the words alone? Did you notice that while it was searching, the search engine referred to it as "a search bus"? What is the term "search engine" copyrighted? I think "search train" would have been a nicer touch and it sounds like a song should be associated with it (probably because it brings "Soul Train" to mind).

Robin "I think Greenlee should search for the words 'natural look' and see if 'raccoon eyes' fits the definition" Coutellier