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BC - Tue, 4/20/10

When Adam started talking about how he didn't REALLY mean that he wanted Palmer dead, I flashed back to that scene when they met up in a bar to discuss something they were going to work on TOGETHER. The way they were dressed made these two Titans of Industry look like a couple of gay lumberjacks (it was the lumberjack part that made it so funny, especially since I don't think that was the look they were going for).

DAISY! Wow, Gillian Spencer looks FABULOUS!

Did you catch Tad's Earth Day reference when he walked in on Opal? He said he was all for being green, but did she have to do it in the dark?

This could be a great opportunity, storyline-wise, for Opal to find out that Palmer DID recover his fortune and he left it all to her and Petey. Then Opal could move on in a few months and find a guy without the prospect of she Palmer popping back in to reclaim her love, since she and he never really moved on after splitting up.

People sound so much younger in the old clips. It makes me wonder how much my own voice has changed over the years. Speaking of the clips, since they were all memories, anyway, they could have letterboxed them or layered them over some other kind of background to make them fit screens proportionally instead of stretched horizontally. I'm curious, did people with widescreen TVs get the horizontal stretch effect?

Now that Palmer is dead, what will happen to the $1/year rent on the Fusion building?

It's sad, but also heartwarming to see the actors expressing genuine emotion over the death of a character, given that James Mitchell (1920-2010), who was VERY well-liked by others died in January. He and his character had a long history on the show and with so many of the longer-term characters. He was really great in his prime and could stir up a lot of emotions.

Did Erica notify Mark and Ellen about Palmer's passing? Ellen was a VP at Cordtlandt Electronics in Asia, after all, and she was previously married to Ross and lived in the Chandler Mansion with Ross and her daughter, Julie.

Between Daisy's necklace and Nina's necklace, I'm surprised that when they hugged on the park bench that they were able to pull apart -- I would think the weight of their respective necklaces would have caused them to be stuck like that with only their heads keeping them from tipping over onto each other.

Here are some brief reminders to jumpstart some of our memories:
  • He almost let Nina go blind from diabetes to keep her with him and away from Cliff
  • Mr. Ulatowski, Palmer's prison and post-prison toady
  • Ross Chandler, Palmer's biological child with Adam's big sister, Lottie
  • Nina admiring Ross's ass as he walked away (before she knew he was her brother -- actually I think it was Taylor Miller admiring his ass, not Nina)
  • Cynthia & Andrew Preston
  • Donna Beck & baby Johnny (John was Palmer's first or middle name)
  • Dotty & Edna renting rooms at the mansion
  • Jasper & Myra Sloane, his mostly faithful servants; Myra was Daisy's mother and loved to get vicious jibes in at him on occasion; Jasper knew Palmer's polo accident secret
  • Natalie Hunter (who told us that Palmer was a stallion in bed)
  • Walter Hines was his lawyer (Barry Shire is Adam's lawyer). I can't find that name in the IMDB for the show, but that WAS his name.
  • Palmer's safe combination was "N-I-N-A"
  • Vanessa Bennett
  • Palmer was on the Pine Valley Hospital Board of Directors
  • Palmer shot himself to keep Nina with him and he pretended to be paralyzed
  • Cortlandt Electronics made a PC named after a fruit, I think; anyone remember what it was called? Now that I think on it, it might have been named the PC Junior.
  • He ignored his crazy sister, Bessie, but eventually welcomed her children, Dixie, Will and Lanie
  • The pond on the Cortlandt estate was where Silver Kane's body was dumped by Palmer after Natalie killed her with a pair of sewing scissors and hid the body in Timmy's toy drawer. Palmer found it and blackmailed Natalie into marrying him to keep it a secret. Dixie (the Dogpatch/hillbilly version) was swimming in the pond and touched the naked foot.
  • Palmer's cook's name was Flossie
  • My all-time favorite line of Palmer's: "Heh, heh, heh ..."

AWWWW, now THAT was a great tribute! Really it was MUCH better than a funeral would have been. It was really very sweet and loving and heartfelt and they devoted the entire episode to it, which is unusual nowadays. It was old-school AMC!

Robin "Kudos, AMC, for finally doing it RIGHT!" Coutellier

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