Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BC - Mon, 4/19/10

The Fusion office is suddenly buzzing with phone calls, staff and activity ... for no apparent reason. Here's what I'm thinking: every now and a GREAT while, Fusion airs a commercial for a BIG discount on something, so they bring in extra staff to answer the phone and take orders from people who can't resist an add containing the phrase: "Operators are STANDING BY!" Everyone knows, after all, that when you call to order products, the calls go straight to the Executive area of the corporate office. Yup, that must be it.

Why is Erica back in Pine Valley? Wasn't she supposed to visit Bianca and the girls in Paris after she left Kendall? Or did she go see Kendall instead? I won't even address the time-warp of Greenlee, Ryan and Erica all flying to Majorca and back in such a ridiculously short period of time.

They're really cramming the Liza-is-brilliant-and-should-be-the-D.A. crap down our throats. She's is NOT a brilliant lawyer. She's a downright STOOPID (spelling intentional) lawyer who doesn't even have an office! She does most of her work via her PERSONAL cellphone and a bar. She even does most of her paperwork in the bar. Now she's doing post-trial interviews in the bar. Maybe the state officials were confused over the definition of "bar exam" when they granted her a license to practice law. Besides, wouldn't a D.A. be required to have at least SOME experience prosecuting cases and rising in the ranks with experience?

Okay, I LOVE the timing of this! I'm doing an Anacrostic as I'm watching Monday's show. One of the definitions is: Incredibly Stupid Person. 9 letters. L-I-Z-A-C-O-L-B-Y -- it FITS! Okay, so the definition is only ONE word, but it works for ME at the moment.

Robin "It's about TIME they acknowledged the death of James Mitchell" Coutellier

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