Friday, April 23, 2010

BC - Thu, 4/22/10

Tad thanks Brooke for the letter she gave to the court about Damon, but asks if she would speak in court since that would go a LONG way with the judge. Brooke says she's like to, but she has other plans. WTF? She has NO PLANS! She just wants to get away from Adam. Apparently not being tempted by being in the same TOWN as Adam for one more minute is more important to her than helping keep a beloved friend's (and ex-husband's) son out of jail and giving him another chance at life. Tad discovers her airline ticket and asks where she's going. She doesn't know and asks for suggestions, making it quite obvious that she COULD go to court (well, obvious to ME). Tad is a nice guy about it and very concerned about her and completely drops the issue of her going to court.

I don't know much about modeling, but if Natalia is going to be nude (even if leaves, etc., are going to cover up the lady-bits), wouldn't she have to hang around for a while without a bra or panties on in order to allow the skin to spring back without any indentations or marks? I know you can do a lot with Photoshop, but I would think they would STILL prefer the natural look for their ... um ... natural products.

Whoever it was that called it on the nude shoot/fired policewoman angle, kudos. It hasn't come to pass yet (at least as far as I've gotten as of this writing), but that's probably what is in the wind (along with Natalia's lady-bits).

This one's just for you long-timer RATSA (USENET, members: When Angie told Brooke that she had another confession to make about her (Angie being influenced by Brooke), Angie said: "I am a B--" Okay, how many of you thought she was going to out herself and say "I am a BABE!" (acronym for "Banding Against Brooke English")? ROTFLMAO! Only some of us will get that, but for those of us that DO, it's kind of funny! BTW, what Angie said was: "I am a Brooke English cyber-junkie."

Natalia posed nude in the PV park? Really? PV Park? Where did she change out of her uniform, the brick bathroom? They couldn't find a nice wooded area such as the Slater house or the grounds at Wildwind or Willow Lake, etc.? Was she on a bench? If so, she'll have more marks and indentations than those made by a bra strap.

Robin "was it on the bench next to where Dr. Madden was buried?" Coutellier

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