Friday, April 23, 2010

BC - Wed, 4/21/10

Brooke and Adam laugh about staying out all night. Excuse me? Adam keeps plotzing and ending up at death's door, with dire warnings, mostly from BROOKE, about taking care of himself, but then they stay up all night together? WTF? The last time I stayed up all night I was afraid it might be my LAST night! Staying up all night is for YOUNG people -- it may sound trite, but people say that for a REASON! We're used to Adam showing such reckless disregard for his own good, but shame on you, Brooke, SHAME! He says he feels wonderful! Yeah, right. The only way he would feel wonderful after that at his age and with his bum ticker would be because he's already dead and in Heaven. And we all know he's unlikely to end up THERE.

Why did I hear the sound of a car whooshing by when Annie looked out on the patio? Either the road suddenly moved remarkably closer to the Chandler mansion (the crack security team apparently failed to halt the construction of a road through the property) or possibly the Chandler mansion has become ocean-front property and I just heard a wave breaking on the beach at the end of the driveway. Actually, it DID sound more like a wave than a car.

Wow, Erica putting her arm around Brooke to comfort her -- GENUINELY!!! That's not something we see very often. Wait, have we EVER seen it? We've seen Erica be nice to Brooke on special occasions (probably when Laura 1.0 died), but that's about once a decade. It's nice they are being nice to Julia/Brooke for her sendoff, but a really good ladies room catfight first would have been fun. Then again, if the writers aren't up to a delicious, OLD-SCHOOL Erica/Brooke ladies room first, even if it's just verbal, than maybe this is the way to go. The joke between them about how the moment should have been captured to put on YouTube was kind of cute.

David is going to BUY Pine Valley Hospital? Yeah, RIGHT! I don't care HOW rich he's supposed to be -- he cannot afford to buy an entire hospital! He especially won't be able to afford it once people know HE owns it because people will go elsewhere if at all possible.

Robin "it would have to be renamed to 'David's House Of Pain & Piano Bar'" Coutellier

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