Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BC - Tue-Fri, 3/30/10 thru 4/2/10

What is the big deal with Amanda being the new face of Fusion? I don't get it. She WORKED for them during their campaign when they used Ava as their new model. Ava wasn't NEARLY as pretty as Amanda, then or now, but Amanda wasn't interested and no one else seemed to notice what a knockout she was except when Greenlee hired her to be a gorgeous slut--er--alluring hostess to draw men in when they opened Confusion. Amanda was being portrayed as being too business-oriented and mature to even consider it. Now she acts like a giddy schoolgirl about it

Krystal tells Jack she used to be a paralegal. Yeah, RIGHT! So why, then, was she living the life of a destitute nomad without 2 cents to her name?

Greenlee is wearing a SHITLOAD of dark and obvious makeup. I don't think she really grasps the concept of "natural".

Why do they keep showing promos/spoilers for AMC for the SAME DAY? Geez, they aren't even going ahead more than a few MINUTES!

In what way would Kendall having sex with Greenlee's fiance shortly after her "death" and Erica having sex with Greenlee's fiance a YEAR after her "death" impact a trial for, among other things, David drugging ADAM? David falsified DNA records to make it appear that Greenlee was dead, but I don't think Kendall had sex (yet again) with Ryan until a body was misidentified as her simply because it was wearing Greenlee's moon ring. It had not come out yet that Kendall was the one behind the wheel when Greenlee's motorcycle was inadvertently forced off the road, either. How else was Greenlee betrayed? Let's see, Erica ran Fusion in Kendall's absence and in the wake of Greenlee's death, and managed to keep it afloat. In what way is THAT a betrayal? Why would a judge give a flying f**k about ANY of that as far as David covering up her death VERY EARLY ON goes? Why would it matter even if he only covered it up well AFTER her death? He DID falsify the DNA records. He DID have Nurse Gayle drug Adam. He had NO reason to hide her death from her loved ones other than to stroke his own God complex. For that matter, he allowed ALL her estate, including Fusion, to go through whatever kinds of probate matters were necessary, impacting every single employee of the company AND the surviving partner and shareholders. I don't know if they could charge him with anything in that regard, but you never know. Nope, as usual, their legal and illegal matters have nothing whatsoever to do with reality.

Greenlee finding out that Kendall was the one who ACCIDENTALLY ran her off the road may be upsetting or even devastating to her, but it has no bearing on what motivated David to go to great (and illegal) lengths to keep her survival a secret. Wouldn't Greenlee also be very upset to find out that that her bestest hole-buddy, Zach, was at the wheel?

Why did Greenlee need to put a period at the end of each search term when she ran a search engine on her accident? Do the writers really think that the audience is so stupid that they couldn't figure it out from the words alone? Did you notice that while it was searching, the search engine referred to it as "a search bus"? What is the term "search engine" copyrighted? I think "search train" would have been a nicer touch and it sounds like a song should be associated with it (probably because it brings "Soul Train" to mind).

Robin "I think Greenlee should search for the words 'natural look' and see if 'raccoon eyes' fits the definition" Coutellier

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