Monday, April 26, 2010

BC - Fri, 4/23/10

How could Brooke not know that the plane had returned to Pine Valley? Didn't she have a window in the plane?

I am SO over Erica and Jack. For that matter, I was over them the LAST time they were together and actually got married. Every time I see or hear them exchange their little love signs or fond memories of one kind or another, I roll my eyes. Every single time all I can think of is: Jeff Martin, Jeff Martin, Jeff Martin. Erica suddenly feeling out of sorts, moving out of their home and hooking up with Jeff Martin so quickly after their marriage (and for NO apparent reason) was just so COMPLETELY out of left field! WTF? And now Jack is sniffing around her AGAIN and they are exchanging their little love signs AGAIN. Eh.

Marissa is being more than a little presumptuous telling her mother-in-law that she's welcome to stay as long as she needs until she figures things out. Doesn't ADAM have any say in the matter? I know Adam has been basically saying his goodbyes and he and Brooke will, no doubt, fly off into the sunset together, but he's not gone YET.

With the old guard gone now, Erica is fighting tooth and nail not to be considered as the Grand Dame of the show. No way is she going to be Phoebe, Mona or Myrtle. Ever. I wouldn't be surprised to see her at 92 still flaunting her firm implants, batting her eyes, sporting her 1960s Jean Shrimpton hairdos, wearing stiletto shoes, and performing her patented simper-dip. Of course, she may be in a wheelchair by then, but that's just as well, because simper-dipping like that is bound to make her tip over eventually. Well, okay, I doubt the show will LAST that long, but if it did, you KNOW she would be acting like that.

Robin "& she would be at the christening of her daughter's daughter's son's daughter's son" Coutellier

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