Tuesday, April 27, 2010

AMC - Boogie Chillen, Monday - 4/26/10

JAR gets mad after Annie leaves the room to tuck Emma in. He grabs an empty glass, screws up his face and smashes the glass into the wall. Nice going, A-hole! Now there are shards of glass all over place for the kids to cut themselves on.

I'll never understand how these people can fall asleep on the floor after having sex in front of the fireplace. Yeah, I can understand the sex part, but falling asleep on a hard floor cannot possibly be comfortable unless maybe you're a dog.

Does anyone ever sit on the Pillsbury dinner roll couch near the Fusion elevator?

When Greenlee said to Madison: "What's the job?", did anyone else flash on Lily Von Schtupp (Madelaine Kahn) in "Blazing Saddles" saying the same thing to Hedley LaMarr (Harvey Korman)?

Robin "let's get down to bwass tacks" Coutellier

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