Thursday, January 29, 2009

BC - Thu, 1/29/09

Dr. Sinclair lets Ryan and Greenlee know Tad's cover was blown the night before, but Ryan didn't feel a need to tell Tad until the NEXT DAY?

I'm a little confused. Was the present at the shower for Greenlee from Amanda or Erica? Was it from Erica, but Amanda bought it? If ERICA was the one who arranged for the lingerie to be given to her, I wouldn't try them on if I were Greenlee -- they probably have some kind of itching powder embedded in them.

MARY SMYTHE IS BACK!!! She's ALWAYS fun! Wait a minute -- was that IT? She said she has a personal trainer who is missing her (presumably in Rotterdam). Talk about a drive-by! We've been ROBBED!

Considering Annie's history with tire irons, her overall violent tendencies and the fact that she had previously slammed the doctor's head into a pointy dresser, is putting a tire iron within reach of Annie while yelling at her REALLY the wisest choice on Dr. Sinclair's part? ... I thought not.

I know someone is applying Kendall's makeup daily, not to mention shampooing and styling her hair and probably waxing various hairy parts of her body and applying perfume, deodorant, body gel, fingernail and toenail polish and various moisturizers. I'm flummoxed, though, as to how they can put such copious amounts of mascara on her eyelashes without it smudging, since her eyes are closed; maybe they just glued false ones on and have been letting the glue either crumble or turn into cement on her eyelids. How are they keeping the lipstick from smudging on the tube in her mouth? Kendall may not be moving on her own, but she would have to be turned occasionally, which would jostle the tube.

Wouldn't all that makeup make Kendall more susceptible to infections, particularly since she would have to have had her immune system suppressed to try to ward off rejecting the transplanted heart? That HAS to be against the rules! I also have to wonder if anyone is brushing her teeth. How DO they take care of teeth for comatose/unconscious people?

I could not BELIEVE it when Erica threw snow on Bianca. WTF? That is SOOO out-of-character! I can see Erica, in a snit, throwing snow on just about ANYBODY but BIANCA! She would never, NEVER do that unless she was flat-out shit-faced drunk, and she probably wouldn't even do it THEN! She MIGHT do it to Kendall, but Bianca???? NO. FUCKING. WAY. (And Bianca was nowhere NEAR hysterical)

Now that I've seen the penthouse again with daylight, I can see the stereo speakers next to the fireplace -- so Greenlee and Ryan DID have sex and sleep naked in the living room ... AGAIN ... despite having Emma just upstairs.

Who's watching Fusion while all the key women are at the bridal shower (with the exception of comatose Kendall), Petey? Maybe it's a weekend.

Why haven't we seen Colby at PVU? Did she drop out?

Wow, that was QUITE a slap Reese's mother gave her! I had to back up and rewatch it because at first glance I thought she had PUNCHED her. Part of that impression was the sound effects, though.

Robin "THAT will probably be the catalyst for Reese and Zach to have comfort sex" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 1/28/09

Why would Amanda want to give her baby to Ryan and Greenlee? That makes NO sense! Hasn't Amanda noticed that there's ALWAYS drama with these two people at the center of it? ALWAYS. That goes for most people on a soap, of course, but come ON! Not only that, but they'll be in her face with her baby everywhere she turns.

Dr. Sinclair tells Tad that it's her job to create a safe environment so that her patients feel like they can trust her. OH PUH-LEEZE!

Amanda tells JAR that, with Ryan and Greenlee, the baby would grow up with happy and SANE parents. SANE? Ryan joined a fight club to deal with his rage (due to being abused as a child and emotionally dealing with the fact that all his brothers were homicidal), nearly punched a pregnant Greenlee and then deliberately drove his bike off a cliff. When he unexpectedly (for him, anyway) lived through it, he pretended to be DEAD. FF a few years and he wakes up one day having forgotten the past four years of his life. And Greenlee ... well, Greenlee is simply and ultra-impulsive BITCH. She also kidnapped a baby and drove off a cliff (albeit accidentally) with it. She plots, she schemes, she's shallow, vain and arrogant and knows nothing about taking care of kids (Exhibit A: Emma's hands). And let's not forget that Annie is homicidally INSANE and she's already escaped and tried to kill Greenlee. She's tied to Emma for life, so she will be a factor, one way or another. What's to keep her from escaping again or being let out some day and coming back into their lives? Oh yeah, Ryan and Greenlee would make GREAT, sane, stable parents.

I don't like Jesse's mustache.

Ryan is pretty confident that Annie will never get out of Oakhaven. Has he ever met JaNut?

They've carried this charade with Aidan's interest in Annie WAY too long. Why won't they let US in on why he's doing it? If they want to hold our interest in that aspect, they have to give us a REASON for it because it makes NO sense. Why should we care? Why should AIDAN care?

Tad and Krystal have a baby and property. Their divorce CAN'T be as simple as just signing some papers in a bar.

Why was Greenlee looking so frumpy? Between the black dress and the sloppy bun of her hair she reminded me a Agnes Gooch.

Were Ryan and Greenlee in bed and asleep naked in front of a roaring and untended fire, or were they naked on the living room floor in front of a roaring and untended fire? Whichever room it is, they are sleeping on the floor. So are they are in the living room -- naked and just waiting to either catch on fire or be caught by Emma (or to be caught by Emma who burns yet another body part attempting to tend to the roaring, untended fire in the fireplace). On second look, I think they are on the bedroom floor (based on what looks like a mini-speaker to the right of the fireplace).

Robin "why they prefer to sleep on the floor with nothing to cushion them is totally beyond ME" Coutellier

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BC - Tue, 1/27/09

How many of you about choked when Ryan said that the doctor was breaking patient care laws? Ya think? Just the fact that she goes over and tells Ryan AND GREENLEE (who has NO relation or legal standing as far as Annie's mental health goes) tells me she's breaking MAJOR doctor/patient confidentiality rules. Should she even be telling Ryan any of this at this point, considering that he's divorcing Annie? What IS his legal standing in the matter?

On the issue of bad psychiatric facilities, it just occurred to me that the vent that Annie and Aidan use to talk back and forth between their rooms looks like it has some really SHARP metal edges. Just the thing to slice oneself upon, should the mood strike. Oddly, the slats face outward in BOTH rooms, even though there appears to be only one set of slats. Then, of course, there is the RIDICULOUS idea that there would be a vent there in the first place where patients could not only easily communicate, taunt or influence each other, but they can overhear whatever goes on in the next room, whether it be whispered confessions of deep, dark secrets or just someone jacking off because they're bored and horny. For that matter, they could have "vent sex" together. TOTALLY bogus premise!

When Brot met David, he introduced himself and then started telling David (without being prompted) about what happened to him in Iraq. I was expecting David to bust his chops and say something like: "Did I ASK you what happened? Shut up, do your job and don't speak to me unless spoken to!" He did at least tell Brot not to expect any favors, so it wasn't TOO much out of character.

Man, Erica missed a GOLDEN opportunity to skewer (so to speak) Greenlee when she mentioned getting Greenlee a set of knives for a wedding present and Greenlee responded by saying she knew just where to put them and not to tempt her. Erica is back at work after having been STABBED by Annie. She could have easily ripped Greenlee a new one for being so insensitive and won the round!

How does ANYTHING ever get done at Fusion? Greenlee shows up whenever she feels like it, which isn't often these days. She waltzes in at what is apparently close to (or past) lunchtime -- it's hard to tell. She tells Erica that she's got everything covered. She doesn't even KNOW anything since she's rarely there, so how can she have it covered? So Petey and Randi take off to get Chinese food. Erica, Bianca and Reese take off to try on wedding dresses. Frankie shows up to smooch with Randi and Greenlee magnanimously tells Randi to go ahead and take off. Then she tells Petey to do the same. Amanda goes AWOL. It's a Tuesday and there's only a little over two weeks until Valentine's Day -- you'd think a cosmetics place would be busy. Of course, they haven't even submitted their Valentine's advertising yet, although the deadline is today (and Greenlee will OBVIOUSLY miss that deadline). Don't they advertise in magazines? Magazines publish their issues a couple of MONTHS in advance. Idiotic. And here we were slightly impressed when they actually did a photo shoot more than a month in advance, as silly as that photo shoot was. Of course, those photos had to be jettisoned on account of Randi being an (inadvertent) amateur porn star, but you'd think they would have come up with something a little sooner than THIS. Doesn't matter -- Greenlee has her own advertising ideas that she hasn't shown anyone but Amanda, and she didn't do that until after Erica left. For that matter, if it was SOOO important to get the advertising submitted on time, why did Erica leave? Everything is supposedly riding on her keeping her daughter's company together for her, but she just leaves to give opinions on wedding dresses.

I just realized I'm now used to seeing Petey without his glasses. He's so cute!

Speaking of golden opportunities, Amanda missed a PERFECT opportunity to projectile vomit all over David. Now THAT'S a damn shame!

Why would Tad set up a meeting in the guise of being someone else in a place where he is VERY well known? I'm surprised 15 people haven't stopped by his table to say: "Hi Tad!"

Yup, Dr. Sinclair WAS in love with Richie and it sounds like he was one of her patients. It's hard to imagine how she could sit there with a straight face and talk about how patients need to be heard and what a strong bond, even love, a shrink has with a patient. All I've seen her do is be nasty and yell at her patients. I'm starting to have fond memories of Annie smashing Dr. Sinclair's face into the top of the pointy dresser. It appears I've developed quite the hate-on for this bitch. Maybe it's the dark eyebrows with the blonde hair. Is it supposed to be a subliminal message that an evil person lurks beneath a light exterior, or just a fashion choice?

Robin "it makes me think she just keeps applying more and more eyebrow pencil on top of yesterday's eyebrow pencil until she has a waxy buildup" Coutellier

Monday, January 26, 2009

BC - Mon, 1/26/09

Oh, and Dr. Sinclar is also wearing a necklace that conveniently has a large hoop on the end of it, all the better to grab hold of it and yank. So she can have her earlobes ripped out AND get a nasty burn on her neck when someone grabs the necklace off of her, too.

JAR tells Colby that Amanda is pregnant and that the baby is his. Well, that pretty much cinches the deal -- the baby can't POSSIBLY be his NOW.

If it were anyone other than Greenlee who was watching Emma when Emma burned her hands, Ryan would have RIPPED THEM A NEW ONE! Instead, he thinks it's just downright ADORABLE that Greenlee was actually baking cookies! I think I'm going to puke.

Doesn't Amanda have any locks on her yacht?

Has Brot told his MOM he's alive yet?

I DO wish they would stop jumping around so abruptly. Dr. Sinclair accuses Aidan of faking being a paranoid schizophrenic in one scene and the next thing we know he's listening to Annie through the vent again. Also, Sinclair knows Aidan keeps sniffing around Annie to an obsessive degree so WHY would she allow them to have rooms right next to each other?

Maybe they should team up Dr. Sinclair with David -- they seem to have similar goals in life, i.e., they derive great pleasure in making everyone around them MISERABLE, often under the guise of "helping" them.

Robin "they could open their own clinic: The Hayward House Of Pain" Coutellier

BC - Fri, 1/23/09

Let me get this straight -- Everyone who loves Kendall was taking shifts sitting with her at the hospital before her heart went south -- then she has a HEART TRANSPLANT and no one is there but the doctors and nurses?

Erica tells Amanda to take the rest of the afternoon off. So Amanda leaves. Without her purse, without any car or yacht keys (unless she's hiding them in a VERY small hiding place somewhere under her dress) and without so much as a sweater, even though they've made it quite clear that it's VERY cold out.

Did I miss something? When did Amanda decide NOT to have an abortion. I recall her running into David, Jake and JAR and rescheduling her appointment because of all the interference from these men, and the next thing I know she's already made the decision not to have an abortion because she's decided to go through with the pregnancy.

Ah, NOW we're seeing a glimmer was what the doctor's fucking problem is with Annie -- she's obviously PERSONALLY pissed off that Annie killed Richie. At least I HOPE that's her problem, because she's certainly being an aggressive BITCH about it.

It's about TIME someone noticed that "Fusion's" in the posters/advertising is sometimes missing the apostrophe! That was pointed out on a LOONNNNG time ago.

Poor Thorston Kaye, having to say those INANE lines about Kendall's heart. Saying that since she doesn't have her OWN heart anymore means it might not sound the same when he puts is head on her chest and that she won't have the same feelings for him because it's not "her heart" is one of the most ASININE things I've ever heard! She might stop loving him because a) he fathered a child with her own sister without ever mentioning it to her, and b) he shot her brother in the head. But that will having nothing to do with having someone else's heart beating in her bony chest and everything to do with Zach's behavior and decisions. She might also have her own doubts and conflicted feelings about having her brother's (or anyone ELSE'S) heart in her chest and might push Zach away, but that would be a psychological problem on her part, and it wouldn't cause her to stop loving Zach.

Yet another loony-bin no-no by Dr. Sinclair: Dangly pierced earrings. She's just BEGGING for an inmate to rip her earlobes apart when they grab the earrings and yank really hard. Her overall bitchiness and REALLY bad "techniques" make that scenario a DISTINCT possibility.

Robin "I wonder if she carries pointy metal nail files in her coat pocket" Coutellier

Thursday, January 22, 2009

BC - Thu, 1/22/09

Why did Opal ask Krystal to Confusion to talk? Krystal is an ADDICT, so Opal invites her to a place where everyone is DRINKING? In any case, there is lots of loud music playing, which is not really conducive to talking.

WTF? How did Amanda manage to get JAR up out of the water? The drop was obviously more than a few feet. Even with a ladder he would have to actively climb it HIMSELF to get out of the water, yet he's there sputtering on the dock asking what happened. Oh PUH-LEEZE! There is no way in HELL she would be able to push/pull him up out of the water on her own.

I LOVE it when Angie gives her talk-to-the-hand gesture! She used it with David Hayward in this case.

If Tad knows Krystal is struggling with drugs, why is he offering to let her take Jenny to swimming class? Should he really trust her with DRIVING their child? As Opal subsequently pointed out, if David had called while Krystal and Jenny were in the pool, Krystal could have taken off to go to David and left Jenny bobbing in the pool like a cork!

In a side note, why is Jenny being taken to swimming class in January? Even if it's an indoor pool (and I assume it IS), her hair would get wet and it's COLD outside. Was Tad planning to blowdry it before taking her home?

I guess my prediction about Amanda getting hypothermia was wrong. JAR got it, though.

Krystal is so fucking gullible it's downright PATHETIC! She desperately wants to believe that David only has good intentions toward her and she'll believe ANYTHING he says to foster that notion. I can't believe she's buying his innocent act as far as the pills go -- the ONLY information she has about them is what HE told her -- she doesn't even know what they ARE!

Krystal tells Jesse that she brought the pills because David told her to, but she's not taking them anymore. Then why didn't she get rid of them instead of keeping them around to tempt her?

Robin "it's amazing David has lived as long as he has, given the number of (well-deserved) enemies he has" Coutellier

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BC - Wed, 1/21/09

Kendall is on immuno-suppressive drugs. I'm guessing Prednisone or a similar steroid is included in the mix. So, will Kendall gain weight and get a puffy face? BWAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA! Sometimes I crack myself up

Is it cold in the studio? For once the women, (and men) except for Bianca and Reese, are wearing coats, and they're INSIDE the hospital. Where are the usual spaghetti straps? Erica's even rubbing her arms through the sleeves, although that can be attributed to feeling desolate over the situation.

Amanda comes right out and tells Jake that she's getting an abortion. Wow, times HAVE changed! She didn't say she was not going through with the pregnancy or that she's going to have a procedure or that she's going to terminate the pregnancy -- she actually used the word ABORTION!

Erica's son was shot, declared braindead, and his heart was transplanted into her daughter. Is this REALLY the best time for Jackson to insist that they "define" their relationship?

And why is Ryan pushing Bianca to get married on Valentine's Day, even though she wants to postpone it? Her brother just died and her sister is in the recovery room after a heart transplant. Is this REALLY the best time to force her to deal with her ambivalence about marrying Reese? I think it's perfectly reasonable for her to postpone the wedding for a while, given ALL the circumstances. Why doesn't he just STFU? He and Greenlee can go ahead and have their ridiculous, nauseating wedding and have their wedding and anniversary all to themselves (because no one else ever thinks of getting married on Valentine's Day). What an ASS!

Am I the only one surprised that Reese didn't topple over when Zach handed Spike over to her, given that she already had Ian on the other arm?

JAR stumbles off the dock and into the frigid water. Amanda, unable to summon help quickly, takes off her coat and jumps in to save him. I'm predicting that she will get hypothermia and be in danger of losing the baby, which will prompt her to decide that she DOES want the baby after all. Maybe THIS was what the coat thing was about -- they needed to stress how cold it is.

Robin "otherwise, why would it ever occur to anyone that a body of water in Pennsylvania in January might be a tad on the chilly side?" Coutellier

Monday, January 19, 2009

BC - Mon, 1/19/09

Who lets a 4-yr-old drive a motorized car IN THE LIVING ROOM? Don't they have a ballroom (or at least a Rec/Wreck room) for that? Talk about not setting BOUNDARIES!

How long will it be before Little Adam gets the notion in his head to try to drive the replacement Duesenberg (given that Krystal blew up his father's previous Duesenberg)?

Why is Adam BURNING Little Adam's car? What I can only imagine the kind of toxic fumes that are now permeating the house! I think taking it outside and using a sledgehammer would have been just as effective.

Is Erica LEGALLY Josh's next of kin? She's his biological mother, but she aborted (or THOUGHT she had aborted) him early in the pregnancy. His mad scientist foster-father saved her fetus and implanted it in his wife and Josh was raised as their son. Madden was murdered and Josh was accepted, more or less, into both the Kane and Martin families, but was anything done LEGALLY? Unless something has been legally remedied in the meantime, I don't see how Erica IS the next of kin. Even if she is, isn't Jeff Martin ALSO the next of kin since he is the bio-father? For that matter, did Josh designate that his organs should be donated in the event that he dies?

Robin "are there any rooftop kiddie pools in the afterlife?" Coutellier

BC - Fri, 1/16.09

Angie looks MUCH better with a V-neckline rather than a squared one. The squared one makes her look kind of squat (kind of like me when I wear a hat).

The judge says she based her decision on what she had seen in court AND on the evaluations that had been submitted. Evaluations? WTF? TWO days had gone by since Tad returned (if THAT)! How could the court have POSSIBLY done any kind of "evaluation" on Krystal's mental state and ability to care for her child? How about drug testing? It doesn't sound like any of that was done for EITHER parent. For that matter, no testing was done on the pills that fell on the floor of the court, and Krystal never stated what they actually WERE (not that she even KNOWS) or how she obtained them. David looked shocked when he saw them spill to the floor (even though HE deliberately caused it to happen). No one asked HIM what they were, either. I can't believe NO ONE inquired as to the nature of the pills! That whole hearing was a total CROCK!

Robin "just another day in a PV courthouse" Coutellier

Friday, January 16, 2009

BC - Thu, 1/15/09

OMG! Krystal actually took some pills WITHOUT milk!

Dr. Sinclair (her name is finally in the IMDB so I know what it is) is a LOUSY shrink! Ugh! She's bitchy and touchy in a hands-on kind of way and leading, jumping to answer her own questions FOR the patient. The foundation of a patient/therapist relationship is trust from the patient and listening from the shrink. A rapport has to be established so that the patient will open up. I wouldn't tell Dr. Sinclair ANYTHING. She seems downright hostile.

Annie FINALLY mentions Emma. I thought it was quite odd that her memory returned, but she didn't appear to have the slightest thought for her daughter -- only about Greenlee and Ryan. It made me think if Casey Anthony who constantly seems surprised and annoyed that everyone else is focusing on her missing (and then found-dead) daughter instead of HER.

And now the shrink says Greenlee needs to see Annie. Oh yeah, THAT'LL help everyone. Again: WORST. SHRINK. EVER.

It was pretty hard to take ADAM on the stand testifying against Krystal, but I about CHOKED when he said he strongly believes a child belongs with its MOTHER! This from a man who has tried over and over and over again to take his children from their mothers. It's pretty tough to take ANYONE in that courtroom seriously or feel sympathy for ANY of them.

Why is Jake still being such a bastard to Amanda? It makes NO SENSE! He's acting like SHE did HIM wrong when HE'S the one who broke off with her to chase after Taylor. I don't buy the "nasty drunk" excuse, either. Being drunk doesn't tend to TURN people mean -- it just allows people to say what they REALLY think without the usual inhibitions. That is SO out of character for him to be nasty to her like that! I understand his anger toward David and toward his ex-wife who ran off with a trucker, but what did Amanda do to him other than give him GREAT sex? Yeah, she's too free and easy with sex for her own good, but so is HE!

Oh, it's about TIME someone said something about Krystal taking drugs!

Krystal testifies that Babe was an "angel on earth". OH BARF!

Speaking of barfing, Amanda suddenly has to make a run for the ladies room to puke, and we all know what THAT means. She's probably pregnant and she won't know if the father is David or JAR (or even JAKE, for that matter), and neither one of them is a prize, although it WOULD make for some nifty child-support ... until one or all of them tries to take the baby away from her and/or one of the four of them kidnaps the poor little thing.

Robin "it IS the law, after all" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 1/14/09

Frankie is being an ASS! He pushed Randi and pushed her and pushed her to make her feel safe and open up to him emotionally and let her know that he understands about her past and does not judge her for it. Then, at the first bump in the road he turns his back on her BECAUSE of her past.

What is Greenlee so upset about with that dream about the motorcycle? Ryan's crashed before and he'll crash again (many times, no doubt) -- it's what he DOES. And as I say every time he crashes, his head is made of titanium and his body will BOUNCE. I mean, REALLY -- are we supposed to be even REMOTELY concerned about him crashing his motorcycle? Or anything else, for that matter? He's clearly indestructible.

Why is Reese thanking Erica for brunch? She was only there for a couple of minutes before Bianca showed up and she didn't even EAT anything! Not that she or Erica have eaten anything since last year anyway ...

Why is Kendall's heart beating so fast? Is that a symptom of it "failing"? Does she have a fever? I mean, she's just LYING there (looking fresh as a daisy at a point where most people would be atrophying and their hands getting clawed). For that matter, why is the heart monitor beeping at ALL? They can turn that off and there's no reason for it to be annoyingly beeping 24 hours a day. What if Kendall can hear it and it's driving her CRAZY (even more crazy than she normally is)?

Robin "at least we aren't getting a non-stop jabberfest from inside her brain this time" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 1/13/09

As mentioned on R.A.T.S.A., that angular doorknob in Annie's room is a big no-no. That entire institution is a JOKE!

Does it ever occur to either David or Krystal for her to just take a damn pill rather than dissolving it in milk? It's not like she doesn't know she's being drugged at this point.

And speaking of the drugs, why is everyone focusing on Krystal having an affair with David as grounds to lose ALL custody of Jenny? That's ABSURD! Taking drugs, of her own volition, and continuing to do so, driving while intoxicated and behaving recklessly might factor into it, but I'm pretty sure that having sex with someone other than her husband is not grounds for anything but a divorce. Yet no one is mentioning the the drugs. Tad KNOWS she's taking them because she TOLD him.

Annie SHOT Aidan. Wouldn't the staff at the hospital (or at least Dr. Sinclair) have photos of the people Annie murdered and maimed, if only to familiarize themselves in order to work out a treatment plan?

Robin "wouldn't they at least know that Aidan had a nearly incomprehensible accent?" Coutellier

Thursday, January 15, 2009

BC - Mon, 1/12/09

I understand Tad shoving JAR out the door, considering Tad had other things on his mind. HOWEVER, since JAR is clearly inebriated, Tad really should have taken his car keys first.

This has come up before, but I wanted to mention it again. My sister pointed out that the fireplace at the Slater does not have any screens, despite the fact that there are small children (babies even) in the house! Fires are EASILY accessible from TWO sides! Then there's the matter of the ROUGH stone all around the fireplace (all around the entire living room, for that matter). WTF is WRONG with these people? That is NOT a kid-friendly house! The fireplace is nice but it should, at the very least, have been child/baby proofed even before they ever moved in with just Spike in tow, let alone now that there is Spike, Ian, Miranda and Gabrielle! I was thinking about that as I watched Reese swaying while holding Gabrielle -- with the long, trailing pink blanket swaying over and over again toward the open flame. Yeah, it's a fake flame on the set, but still ...

I LOVED seeing that scrunched-up little face the baby made right before it was decided that the baby should quickly exit the scene as she started crying. God, babies are SOOO expressive -- their emotions and reactions can change like lightning, but they ALL flit across their tiny little faces! Not that I'd want to deal with whatever was causing her outburst (based on the fleeting expressions on her little face, I'd say she was taking a dump), but it's entertaining to watch in brief instances :-) Of course, I was so entertained by it that I had to rewind to pay attention to what Reese and Zach were actually saying. Babies (and animals) are also notorious scene stealers.

I thought of my sister again when Reese made the Princess And The Pea comment about Bianca -- in that regard, *I'm* the princess :-)

Brianne Moncrief (Colby) really needs to stop "acting" by simply letting her mouth hang open. It doesn't seem to matter WHAT the scene calls for; she just stands there with her mouth hanging open (well, except for that time she splashed water on Petey's crotch in the pool, but her mouth was probably hanging open then, too). We used to call Dog-Boy/Gabriel Devane "GaPEriel" for the same reason (the Dog-Boy part was because he had been caged and was semi-wild). At The Pine Valley Podcast, they often refer to her as "dead behind the eyes". She's in serious need of acting lessons.

Did you notice in the scene where JAR tells Amanda that her coffee sucks they suddenly started piping in water noises to indicate that they were on a water vessel? I noticed it because I thought there was suddenly a loud, leaky faucet or that perhaps a dripping raccoon was climbing up the ladder out the water. There were also motor noises, which made me wonder if 007 was about to race up alongside the yacht on a jetski and ask for some Grey Poupon.

Tad "gives" Krystal to David. The skank is all YOURS, man. Have at it! Damn, David SOOOO wanted Tad to punch him ... again. I think having Tad lose control and punch him was MUCH more important to him than any other aspect of the whole scenario. Maybe I've been thinking about this all wrong -- he can't help himself -- he CRAVES Tad's touch!

Robin "the women are just fringe benefits" Coutellier

Monday, January 12, 2009

BC - Thu & Fri, 1/8-9/09

David, the world-reknowned cardiac surgeon, has an ANSWERING MACHINE instead of voice mail. Yeah, RIGHT!

WHOA! JAR trying not to punch David REALLY looked more like he was trying not to passionately KISS him! It was quite the intimate moment between the two of them!


Unanswered questions: Does Opal ever hear from her son Adrian Sword? Did he send her a Christmas present?

Shouldn't Opal have been getting vibes about Krystal and/or JAR and the gun? Krystal's sexual vibes over David must have been running interference, like in the old days when, if you ran the mixer in the kitchen to make cupcakes, the TV reception in the living room would go screwy.

Opal was so hellbent on finding Krystal that she didn't even ASK Tad about Jamie and Jeff. Oh, she's not acting suspicious, not in the least.

More unanswered questions: Has anyone told Brooke that Jamie is now safe? Has anyone even told her he was "missing" in the first place?

I swear I'm about to the point where I'm going to T-H-R-O-W U-P whenever I see Greenlee and Ryan on the screen! Poor little Emma is trying to adjust to all the MAJOR changes in her life and they just THROW her right into their wedding plans. Those two people are even more selfish, shallow and inconsiderate than Erica, and that's SAYING something.

Here's an idea for Krystal. She says that she needs to be with someone who UNDERSTANDS what it's like to lose a child. Here's a concept: how about attending a support group for parents whose children have died? They probably have an inkling. But nooooo, it has to be someone who lost BABE. David barely KNEW Babe, as everyone keeps pointing out, and Babe didn't even LIKE him, so that doesn't fly at ALL. Krystal just wants his magic milk.

Robin "not to mention his magic wand" Coutellier

Friday, January 9, 2009

BC - Wed, 1/7/09

Well, I guess we got our answer about Ryan and carpooling. He's taking Emma to a bus stop so he and Greenlee can have sex and go plan their wedding ... again. We certainly know where his priorities are. Ryan is fucking RICH! That means that he has a higher-than-average risk of him or his family being kidnapped. His daughter just was kidnapped (albeit by her own mother -- but he made it REAL easy). He can't take her to school himself or at least pay someone to take her to school? What an ASSHOLE! I am just DISGUSTED with these two selfish wastes of space! [I'm disgusted with a LOT of things right now, but Ryan and Greenlee make excellent targets for me because with them, the operative word (among others) is "EASY"]

Okay, here's what seems to be an eminently practical question: Bianca and Reese are bummed that they can't be legally married in PA and would have to go to another state. So why don't they do that? They can still have a ceremony in PA for their family and friends and be legally married elsewhere. They're acting like the two events are mutually exclusive. My son was legally married last September in Japan, but we had a lovely wedding here in California in November.

What if Ryan had returned from the bus stop (which must have been in the elevator) to the penthouse with Emma because they forgot something? Then they would have walked in on Greenlee in her slutty housewife getup. Again, Greenlee has a LOUSY sense of timing when it comes to not being caught in compromising positions by children. She may not have been caught yet, but she's really pushing the envelope. We're pretty much in countdown mode for Emma discovering them at this point.

Speaking of lousy, I don't use the word that often, but whenever I do I remember the snooty guy (a diction coach?) on an episode of I Love Lucy who haughtily informed her that are are two words that should never be used: "One is swell and the other is lousy." Lucy: "If you tell me the swell one, I bet I can guess the lousy one."

And considering how many people just barge on into the place, Ryan should really consider putting at least a chain on the door, if only to temporarily halt Opal and babysitters, not to mention ANNIE. Not that a chain would stop Annie, of course.

Is Chuck Pratt (new headwriter) still stuck on that moon crap? Is it supposed to be his signature or something? Give it a REST! And I wrote that before Ryan informed Greenlee that it's a "moonstone" ring. OFGS!

I can understand why Greenlee wouldn't want a Parisian garden theme for the wedding, given that she and Leo went to Paris and that's where she wanted to live happily ever after with him, her true "one true love".

Why doesn't Taylor ever wear anything but drab colors? I mean, it's okay occasionally, but it really doesn't help if they are trying to get us (well, ME anyway) to warm up to her considering her abrasive nature.

I know that, upon seeing David tied to the piano, a lot of people will flash back to David and Adam shipping each other around the world a few years back, but I have fond memories of Erica at Linden House hitting him over the head with a very small hand mirror which, of course, knocked him unconscious in her bathroom. She then (I kid you NOT for you newer watchers) lifted him up and dumped him down the laundry chute from the bathroom to the basement. Then she went down there, tied him up and put his hand in an exceptionally heavy antique cast-iron vise that just happened to be there and tortured him for quite a while (this was before they first had sex). He may or may not have also been tied or chained to something. That Erica sure knows how to throw a party, not to mention a man who weighs about twice as much as she does!

Robin "releasing a little more of my inner bitch than usual today" Coutellier

Thursday, January 8, 2009

BC - Mon, 1/5/09

I LOVE it when the children's behavior on the show doesn't even REMOTELY correspond to what the adults say about how the kids feel. Ryan gets Emma dressed in her coat and says she must be sooooo excited about going back to school to see her friends. Emma looks downright CONTEMPTUOUS. Uh, no she is not excited at ALL, although part of that impression is that she's got something BIG rolling around in her mouth. It reminded me of when I was a kid and we would eat "jawbreakers". Now THERE'S an old candy that can have deadly consequences! In any case, her eyes made it clear that she was NOT happy.

Ryan asks Greenlee not to come down until Emma leaves, so Greenlee waits ... but she starts coming down before the door even shuts behind Emma, who is shunted off to carpooling with Ashley and her Mom. Greenlee has a lousy sense of timing. Ryan doesn't want Emma to know that Greenlee is sleeping in Daddy's bed and after being a little hurt at first, Greenlee agrees to hide it from Emma. Because, Lord knows kids NEVER get up in the middle of the night or early in the morning to ask Mommy and/or Daddy for anything. Unanswered question: Does Ryan ever drive the carpool to bring kids to school?

If Krystal thought Opal was having ANOTHER heart attack, why did SHE drive her to the hospital? Paramedics would at least have oxygen and be able to take other measures and do some prep work on the way.

I had to cover up the crappy replacement seats in my car after it was stolen and then found, sans seats (among other things). I bought some seat covers off of eBay. I think Opal got her green and black ensemble from the same people who make the seat covers.

Ryan has a 7-yr-old -- how does the penthouse stay so neat and clean (other than the plethora of bodily fluids that have no doubt seeped into the floor in front of the fireplace)? Ryan has gotten a LOT of mileage out of that spot (so to speak) on the floor.

Krystal is persuaded by David to go out to the party at Zach's casino. Because that's what Babe would want, for her to have a good time. What about Tad? Tad is MISSING. His mother (who recently had a heart attack) just today had a panic attack over it. Call me crazy, but if I were missing in an African jungle in a wartorn region and I found out that my husband was out partying within hours of hearing about it, I'd be more than a little miffed ... and suspicious. I'm glad that JAR at least came right out and said as much to Krystal.

Okay, BOGUS faint by Krystal! As we have pointed out on many occasions, when someone faints, they fall like a sack of potatoes. They don't land and THEN lift their arm and place it up along the side of the body to look pretty.

Robin "and it STILL looked more natural than the way ERICA landed when Annie stabbed her" Coutellier

Saturday, January 3, 2009

BC - Fri, 1/2/09

If Aidan knows Annie's room is being recorded and he finally figures out where the camera is, why would he then say out loud, FACING THE CAMERA: "There! I found you"? It seems to me that if someone is savvy enough to record the room, they might be savvy enough to read lips. He's a lousy spy.

So Annie is being moved to Maximum Security tonight. I thought they just said it was a High Security facility. Is there a difference? If there is, given Annie's homicidal tendencies and the fact that Aidan keeps getting into her locked room, why wasn't she put into Maximum Security in the first place? For that matter, why don't they lock AIDAN up there, since he keeps getting into Annie's room? And why haven't they done a sexual assault exam on Annie, given that a "crazy" man keeps getting into her room and hovering around it day and night?

The doctor tells Ryan he can see Annie one last time before she "moves on" to Maximum Security. WTF? Given that Annie JUST THAT NIGHT tried to MURDER Greenlee and knocked Ryan out, why would the doctor suggest that Ryan do so? She doesn't know if Ryan might ALSO be harboring some homicidal tendencies, all things considered. And what possible good can it do Annie for Ryan to see her now, other than to agitate her, sedated or not? And after that, they just jumped ahead to moving Annie, so we don't even know if Ryan saw her or not because the next time we see him he's back at the penthouse.

I meant to mention this when the doctor was knocked unconscious on the dresser in Annie's room before Annie escaped, but I forgot: Why would they have a dresser with such pointy corners on it in a room that's used to house a variety of deranged and sometimes violent people? They should have Nerf furniture.

Poor Jill Larson! Obviously she is sick or recovering from being sick -- it makes her sound like a little old lady and she's really straining with all those lines!

When Opal said: "The cards don't lie -- your destiny is with Ryan", I CAN'T the the only one who immediately thought: "Please tell me that means they'll BOTH perish at the same time in a ball of hellfire!"

Looks like Dr. St. Clair took a page from St. Maria, tending to the sick in her push-up bra. Did you get a load of how low-cut her red top is under that white labcoat? She's practically falling out of it! Considering that every day she's around male patients with possible hormonal and impulse control issues, is that really a wise choice of attire?

Oh PUH-LEEZE! Their Maximum Security ward doesn't even have so much as a thumb-latch on its doors! It's just a pair of swinging doors with NO hardware other than handles! I thought maybe the sign was pointing to the Maximum Security area, but it's NOT -- it's announcing it.

Unanswered question: If several layers of paint are removed while remodeling at Oakhaven, will someone find graffiti written by Erica when she was sent to there after losing her baby while married to Phil Brent? (Susan Lucci took time off to have a REAL baby at the time) What would her graffiti say?

- Well, my goodness, here I sit all broken-hearted, tried to shit but only farted

- I'm going to be a STAR!

- For a good time, call Tara at 555-1234

- When I find my ONE TRUE LOVE, I'm going to MARRY him!

- Phoebe Tyler buys GENERIC toilet paper!

- Pine Valley is SOOOOOO provincial!

- Ma Bell does it for a dime -- after six the rates go down!

- Who do I have to blow to get some makeup around here?

Robin "any more?" Coutellier