Thursday, January 29, 2009

BC - Wed, 1/28/09

Why would Amanda want to give her baby to Ryan and Greenlee? That makes NO sense! Hasn't Amanda noticed that there's ALWAYS drama with these two people at the center of it? ALWAYS. That goes for most people on a soap, of course, but come ON! Not only that, but they'll be in her face with her baby everywhere she turns.

Dr. Sinclair tells Tad that it's her job to create a safe environment so that her patients feel like they can trust her. OH PUH-LEEZE!

Amanda tells JAR that, with Ryan and Greenlee, the baby would grow up with happy and SANE parents. SANE? Ryan joined a fight club to deal with his rage (due to being abused as a child and emotionally dealing with the fact that all his brothers were homicidal), nearly punched a pregnant Greenlee and then deliberately drove his bike off a cliff. When he unexpectedly (for him, anyway) lived through it, he pretended to be DEAD. FF a few years and he wakes up one day having forgotten the past four years of his life. And Greenlee ... well, Greenlee is simply and ultra-impulsive BITCH. She also kidnapped a baby and drove off a cliff (albeit accidentally) with it. She plots, she schemes, she's shallow, vain and arrogant and knows nothing about taking care of kids (Exhibit A: Emma's hands). And let's not forget that Annie is homicidally INSANE and she's already escaped and tried to kill Greenlee. She's tied to Emma for life, so she will be a factor, one way or another. What's to keep her from escaping again or being let out some day and coming back into their lives? Oh yeah, Ryan and Greenlee would make GREAT, sane, stable parents.

I don't like Jesse's mustache.

Ryan is pretty confident that Annie will never get out of Oakhaven. Has he ever met JaNut?

They've carried this charade with Aidan's interest in Annie WAY too long. Why won't they let US in on why he's doing it? If they want to hold our interest in that aspect, they have to give us a REASON for it because it makes NO sense. Why should we care? Why should AIDAN care?

Tad and Krystal have a baby and property. Their divorce CAN'T be as simple as just signing some papers in a bar.

Why was Greenlee looking so frumpy? Between the black dress and the sloppy bun of her hair she reminded me a Agnes Gooch.

Were Ryan and Greenlee in bed and asleep naked in front of a roaring and untended fire, or were they naked on the living room floor in front of a roaring and untended fire? Whichever room it is, they are sleeping on the floor. So are they are in the living room -- naked and just waiting to either catch on fire or be caught by Emma (or to be caught by Emma who burns yet another body part attempting to tend to the roaring, untended fire in the fireplace). On second look, I think they are on the bedroom floor (based on what looks like a mini-speaker to the right of the fireplace).

Robin "why they prefer to sleep on the floor with nothing to cushion them is totally beyond ME" Coutellier

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