Friday, January 16, 2009

BC - Wed, 1/14/09

Frankie is being an ASS! He pushed Randi and pushed her and pushed her to make her feel safe and open up to him emotionally and let her know that he understands about her past and does not judge her for it. Then, at the first bump in the road he turns his back on her BECAUSE of her past.

What is Greenlee so upset about with that dream about the motorcycle? Ryan's crashed before and he'll crash again (many times, no doubt) -- it's what he DOES. And as I say every time he crashes, his head is made of titanium and his body will BOUNCE. I mean, REALLY -- are we supposed to be even REMOTELY concerned about him crashing his motorcycle? Or anything else, for that matter? He's clearly indestructible.

Why is Reese thanking Erica for brunch? She was only there for a couple of minutes before Bianca showed up and she didn't even EAT anything! Not that she or Erica have eaten anything since last year anyway ...

Why is Kendall's heart beating so fast? Is that a symptom of it "failing"? Does she have a fever? I mean, she's just LYING there (looking fresh as a daisy at a point where most people would be atrophying and their hands getting clawed). For that matter, why is the heart monitor beeping at ALL? They can turn that off and there's no reason for it to be annoyingly beeping 24 hours a day. What if Kendall can hear it and it's driving her CRAZY (even more crazy than she normally is)?

Robin "at least we aren't getting a non-stop jabberfest from inside her brain this time" Coutellier

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