Monday, January 19, 2009

BC - Fri, 1/16.09

Angie looks MUCH better with a V-neckline rather than a squared one. The squared one makes her look kind of squat (kind of like me when I wear a hat).

The judge says she based her decision on what she had seen in court AND on the evaluations that had been submitted. Evaluations? WTF? TWO days had gone by since Tad returned (if THAT)! How could the court have POSSIBLY done any kind of "evaluation" on Krystal's mental state and ability to care for her child? How about drug testing? It doesn't sound like any of that was done for EITHER parent. For that matter, no testing was done on the pills that fell on the floor of the court, and Krystal never stated what they actually WERE (not that she even KNOWS) or how she obtained them. David looked shocked when he saw them spill to the floor (even though HE deliberately caused it to happen). No one asked HIM what they were, either. I can't believe NO ONE inquired as to the nature of the pills! That whole hearing was a total CROCK!

Robin "just another day in a PV courthouse" Coutellier

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